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锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation#

[鍏镐腑鐐筣2017鏄ヨ鐗堝叓鍏骇绾т笅鍐屽妗?7.銆婇唹閱変涵璁般€嬭璇捐祫鏂橠ownload銆愬吀涓偣銆?017鏄ヨ鐗堝叓骞寸骇璇█The next book of study 27. 'Drunkard Pavilion' said the lesson 'Drunkard Pavilion' said that the first lesson, the textbook (a) the position of the text in this unit and the unit teaching goal 'Drunkard Pavilion' is the eighth grade of Chinese The seventh unit of the book is an article in the class. This textbook begins with this volume, and the classical Chinese text uses a centralized arrangement. Most of the texts selected in this unit are ancient travel notes or scenic spots. They are famous masterpieces of the past, such as 'Little Stone Pond' and 'Yueyang Tower'.

'Drunkard Pavilion' is the work of Ouyang Xiu when he was enlisted in Zhangzhou.

The author was defamed for participating in political reforms, but showed optimistic feelings. He sentiments to the mountains and rivers, and enjoyed himself with the people. He practiced the social ideals of Confucian benevolence with his own actions, and poured his love for the people in the landscape into the words of the wine after the drink, as picturesque as poetry. The main teaching objectives of this module are: reading the texts with tips, notes and reference books, experiencing the characteristics of travel essays borrowing scenery and lyrics; learning to taste the thoughts and feelings of poetry and famous sentences, and deepen understanding with personal experience. (II) The design ideas, teaching objectives, and key points of the course are established. The 'course standard' stipulates the teaching content and requirements of the classical Chinese text. The key points should be on the familiar reading and memorization. On this basis, the content of the text is basically understood.

Based on this, the teaching of this article starts from the familiar reading of the text, and through repeated reading, the students have a preliminary perception of the text; then, the students are guided to form the four-person group and the whole class to unblock the full text.

Reciting a certain amount of famous articles is beneficial to students for life, and is also an important part of Chinese teaching.

The content and writing of this article have a lot of things worth studying or teaching, but considering the actual situation of students, it is necessary to determine the first focus of reading and backing this class.

At the same time, it does not neglect to guide students to understand the basic content of the full text, but only adopts a more concise idea in the process - grasp a 'le' word and appreciate the connotation of the author.

It should be said that students can understand this 'learn' and basically understand the full text.

Teaching Objectives: 1. Knowledge Objective: Accumulate vocabulary in classical Chinese and recite the full text.

2. Skills Objectives: Understand the way and function of the description of the scene and try to use it in writing; 3. Emotional goals: Guide students to correctly establish their own pursuit of interest by understanding the author's 'common with the people'.

Key points of teaching: (1) Accumulate vocabulary in classical Chinese and recite the full text.

(2) Understand the content and theme of the article.

Difficulties in teaching: Understand the way and role of the description of this article and try to use it in writing.

Teaching type: Reading time: Two hours of teaching methods: multimedia courseware II. Teaching method This course mainly uses reading methods such as reading method, discussion method, reading and writing combination method, and psychological theory tells us: Students' learning emotions directly affect the learning effect.

In addition, I also adopted the situational teaching method through multimedia as a teaching method, creating situations to help students understand the text, using pictures to consolidate the reciting, fully mobilize the students' enthusiasm for learning, and play the main position of the students.

Reading method: 'Three-point poems and seven-point readings'. From the perspective of the teaching process, the teaching will be carried out in the classroom, the teachers will demonstrate in aloud, and the students will be guided to read and read, so that students can understand the emotional meaning of the text. To alternate use of round reading, reading, reading and scatter.

Pay attention to the sense of language in reading, grasp the ideological connotation and artistic style of the work; to achieve the purpose of teaching.

Discussion of inquiry method: The main body of education and teaching is students. I combine the understanding of research learning theory and the optimization theory of teaching process. This class mainly uses discussion style for teaching.

Discussion is a problem-centered, teacher-led dialogue between teachers and students. It aims to encourage students to take the initiative in learning, learn to use their own minds to think, to analyze, to summarize, and therefore Combined with the problem exploration method.

In the discussion and inquiry, students can inspire each other, correct bias and make up for gaps; read and write combination method: pay attention to the combination of reading and writing, on the basis of familiar reading, let students use the imaginary writing method to carry out imaginary writing training on the passage of texts, not only It will help to deepen the understanding of understanding the lyricism of the text, and improve the students' writing ability.

Third, the students assume that the students in the regular class of the second grade have formed a certain learning method. They have mastered the steps of reading and learning the classical Chinese, and they have been easy to read through the previous reading training. Feel the uniqueness of the essay, that is, the use of 'also' and 'and', it is easy to get the joy and sense of accomplishment in learning classical Chinese from reading aloud, and then actively participate in learning activities such as reciting, translation, and creation.

But because this section of the text is the first to adopt a centralized arrangement, and all the texts have reciting requirements, it is necessary to constantly stimulate learning interest and sense of accomplishment.

In addition, the second-year students are the key period for the initial formation of outlook on life and values. It is also essential to guide students to correctly establish their own pursuits of interest. This is also what is said in the course standard to improve students' reading ability. Enhance students' emotional attitudes and values.' 4. Learning to learn the law: It mainly adopts the learning mode of 鈥渋ndependence, cooperation and inquiry鈥? According to the characteristics of the short and simple texts of this article, pre-study and self-study are necessary. The requirements of self-study guidance are the use of reference books and Comment on the meaning of the text. In the classroom, through reading and discussion to promote students to think, feel the content of the article, let students enter the text, read the feelings, find problems, discuss and solve problems through group cooperation and exchange, and give play to students' ability to learn and explore independently. In addition, there are reading methods, comparative methods, and experiential reflection methods. V. The first lesson of the teaching procedure (1) Introduce a new lesson (This lesson breaks through the teaching objectives in this lesson) Review the introduction of 'Eight Pai Xia', and the media show the natural scenery of the drunken pavilion, leading the author. The student introduced 'Ouyang Xiu, which I know', and the teacher added the background of the article. (Design Intent: Swiss psychologist Piaget pointed out that 鈥渁ll intellectual work depends on interest, and interest has a positive effect on student learning.鈥?Therefore, when designing the lead, try to attract students' interest in reading the text. This introduction to classroom learning not only reviews the ancient poems that require reciting, but also stimulates students' interest in texts and characters, and mobilizes students' thinking. The introduction of the author cultivates the students' ability to learn independently. (3) The overall perception, the students read aloud is a classical Chinese The important means of teaching should be repeated, guiding students to use a variety of readings such as round reading, reading, listening, group reading, etc., to read and promote the understanding of the text, so that students feel that reading is fun, within five minutes Read at least three times. When the students read aloud, the courseware will display a small reading reminder to help students better grasp the 21 'also' and 25 'and' characters. Because this is the literary and vocabulary that should be mastered in the junior high school stage, and it is also the focus of the examination. (4) Group cooperation, dredge the meaning of the text 1. Cooperative learning. The two cooperate, refer to the annotations, and dredge the full text. Unexplained statements, solved by using the learned common sense of common sense or consulted with the reference book; if they can't be solved, draw them down and wait for the whole class to discuss and solve them. Design Intent: Guide students to use the book annotations and reference books to learn independently, which is also to develop students' self-learning ability. The establishment of a two-person team to discuss the full text of the idea is to inspire each other and to facilitate the enthusiasm and initiative of learning. 2. Collectively solve problems. The groups put forward the problems encountered in the dredge of the text, brainstorming, and the teachers answered or gave answers in due course. Designed to develop students' collaborative inquiry skills. 3. Word summary. (Use multimedia courseware to summarize and ask students to implement the bookkeeping, dictation and combination, deepen the student's impression, avoid the enthusiasm in the class, and the situation under the class.) (5) Reread the text, students recite the students After repeated listening and reading, it is basically possible to do a rough understanding of the text. On this basis, students are required to immediately recite according to their own situation. The teacher guides the content of the short text according to the different situations of the students. This session can keep students enthusiasm and facilitate the occurrence and consolidation of short-term memory. (6) Arrangement: 1. Reciting the text 2. In the article, the characteristics of the 鈥淗ajj鈥?and 鈥淔our Hours鈥?written in the paragraph 鈥淲ufu鈥檚 Sunrise and the Forest is Endless...鈥?The specific description is written as an essay of about 300 words. The second class design intent: First, memorize the text, test the meaning of the word (design intent: the study of classical Chinese must be implemented in practice, this class design is aimed at the ordinary class under normal teaching, which is another excellent essay, It is a model for students to imitate writing. Therefore, it is implemented in a piecemeal learning manner to help students understand the theme and writing of the article. Of course, the four paragraphs are not on average, and the focus is on the second section, which is conducive to teaching difficulties. Breakthrough. American psychologist Bruner advocates problem-based teaching methods, and believes that this method can stimulate students' desire to learn, is conducive to the formation of students' ability to move, and is conducive to the creative cultivation of students. Therefore, I am learning in various stages. The students showed specific questions and guided the students to explore the text in depth.) What I want to highlight is that there are several highlights in this section: 1. Each section is equipped with corresponding beautiful pictures, and the situation is better created. Reproduce the people, things, and scenes in the text, fully mobilize the students' visual senses, promote the memory of the text content, and accelerate Reciting breakthrough teaching priorities. 2. The understanding and induction of idioms in the text is more realistic. The idioms are often derived from ancient poetry. This kind of inductive arrangement is more convenient for students to accumulate idioms, further improve students' language expression ability and improve writing level. Under the foundation. 3. Let the students separately describe the verses that describe the scenery of the four seasons. This will not only deepen the understanding of the description of the scenes in the text, but also expand the knowledge of the students and cultivate students' interest in learning and learning. 4, the classroom exchange training pen has cultivated students' writing and expression skills. On the basis of reading and understanding the article, students understand the way and function of the description of the subject, and learn to use the fragment writing, and then read aloud in the classroom, not only better combine the ability to read and write. And it stimulates students' writing and expression desires and enhances self-confidence. Third, grasp the main theme, summarize the full text of the article theme, and closely follow a 'le' word. This is one of the teaching objectives and one of the teaching priorities. In order to break through this goal, I have designed two questions: 1. What exactly is the author 鈥渓earning鈥? Find out about the statement and understand. 2. Where is the meaning of the drunkard in this article? Then through the board of books to summarize clearly, reflecting the idea of 鈥嬧€媍oming from the text to the text. The couplet is an important knowledge point of the second day of the second year, and it is also a lot of language use questions that have appeared in the middle school test in recent years. Therefore, I designed 'according to the contents of 'Drunkard Pavilion', complete the following couplets. Ouyang Xiu and the people have fun - Fan Zhongyan first and the world worry Yueyang upstairs Fan Zhongyan composition sentiment - drunk Weng Tingzhong Ouyang Xiu drinking meaning 'this link not only I reviewed the knowledge point of the couplet, and also compared this lesson with Yueyanglouji, making the learning of this unit a whole. Fourth, expand and extend, experience and reflect on the feudal society, many literati singers face their own lives and encounters, face social reality, or cynical, retreat to the rivers and lakes, transcendental; or 'in their position, seek their own politics; not in their place, Do not seek his own government; or both advance and retreat, take the world as their responsibility. For example, Ouyang Xiu, because of supporting Fan Zhongyan's reform politics, has been repeatedly hated, and has been envied by Zhangzhou, but he is able to send love to the mountains and rivers and enjoy the fun with the people; Fan Zhongyan, who is sad when he is sad, advocates 'not to be happy, not to be sad', 'innately Worry and worry, the world is happy and happy.' What is your opinion on the above attitudes towards life? What kind of attitude do you prefer? What inspired Ouyang Xiu and Fan Zhongyan's attitude towards life? (Design Intent: The new curriculum standard advocates multi-angle creative reading, and emphasizes the connection life, has its own emotional experience. So set this link, so that students can further understand the thoughts and feelings of the text through discussion of the problem and even debate. , initially establish the correct values.) Fifth, the arrangement of operations 1. Silent text 2. After the completion of the class 'discussion and practice' three (differentiated words and prose different writing, have a little experience of their own) 3. Compare the similarities and differences between the two ancient texts of 'Drunkard Pavilion' and 'Yueyang Tower' on the content of the thoughts (completed by students who have spare time).

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