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锘縶Keywords}#Title Segmentation#

About Inspirational Theme Classes Courseware Keywords: class meeting, inspirational, courseware, theme About inspirational theme class course course introduction: Lead: Encourage help students to understand their own pressure, get positive energy from it, below It is a motivational theme class courseware for everyone, I hope to help everyone! [Teaching Purpose] Through inspirational theme class sessions, help students to correctly understand the various pressures brought about by the college entrance examination.

Encourage them with the hands-on experience of the lecturers and the stories of some celebrities who are inspiring and talented, so that they can establish a correct attitude towards learning and develop a healthy test-taking mentality. [About inspirational theme class courseware details: [:] Lead: Encourage help students to understand their own pressure, get positive energy from them, the following is for everyone to organize the inspirational theme class courseware, I hope to help everyone! [Teaching Purpose] Through inspirational theme class sessions, help students to correctly understand the various pressures brought about by the college entrance examination. Encourage them with the hands-on experience of the lecturers and the stories of some celebrities who are inspiring and talented, so that they can establish a correct attitude towards learning and develop a healthy test-taking mentality. [Teaching Contents] 1. Briefly introduce the symptoms of the ups and downs of the middle school students during the senior high school period. Through the interaction with the students, share the method of decompression and relaxation of the college entrance examination (15 minutes).

Second, the group discussion session, through the display of two paragraphs, let students view the learning problems from the perspective of role change, integrate the emotions between students and parents, understand the parents' good intentions, and adjust the attitude towards family pressure. And the instructors combined their own efforts to close the teaching distance and advise students (15 minutes). Third, each student writes his own role to define the initial goal. Teachers use psychological suggestion to encourage students to prepare for the realization of their future dreams. From now on, start from scratch (5 minutes). [Difficulties in teaching] 1. Let students correctly understand the pressure and adjust the mentality of facing stress. 2. Through the communication with the students' minds, explore ways to release stress effectively when high school students face stress. 3. Encourage students to study in a planned way and learn happily. [Teaching methods] First, teaching methods; Second, case analysis method; Third, story exchange method; Fourth, psychological suggestion method. [Teaching class] One lesson (40 minutes) [Teaching design] An introduction link (simple self-introduction) Students, this class will break the fixed teaching mode of teachers and students. In just 40 minutes, we left the teacher's identity, acted as your friend, confidant, and shared the story of the gorgeous period of our third year of growth. Below, we will mobilize everyone's enthusiasm and activate the classroom atmosphere through a simple game. Second, the teaching link (A) preliminary exploration of pressure (teacher) Everyone will experience an important stage of life, each student should experience an important stage of learning, is the high school period you are now in. Speaking of the third year, I believe that many people who have experienced it will think that it is a time full of sweat, full of hardships, full of incitement, and full of passion and laughter. Whether you are in high school or in the list, people who have experienced this period seriously will generally attribute all the bits of the year to good memories. The people who are passing through Li Gaosan have not realized what this stage means for you, perhaps a more painful and more suffocating stage than Gao Yi and Er. However, those of us who have experienced this want to tell you that the third year of high school is definitely not a few workbooks, a few exams, nor the final college entrance examination. No matter what your record is, as long as you cross this stage, life will reach a new level, such as indifferent and fresh as new students. After clarifying that the third year is different from the previous nine years of study, let's discuss some of the typical symptoms that some three people will have, and the personal adjustment methods to deal with these symptoms. First of all, we look at the changes in the students who entered the high school period from a macro perspective. Most of the students entering the third year will bring pressure due to changes in the learning environment, and they will have anxiety and anxiety. Some students will be more fearful because of the arrival of the third year of high school. In the summer of the second year of high school, they have begun to appear distracted, overwhelmed by psychological tension and oppression. For students who are prone to anxiety, the best way to find the root cause of stress is to enrich their time and use their knowledge to arm themselves. Constantly inhaling ununderstood knowledge, people's psychology will produce satisfaction, and anxiety will be less. Some people know that they are anxious, but they don't know how to eliminate anxiety, or adopt a more passive way of escaping, such as watching TV, surfing the Internet, going out to play, etc. These students do not like to learn, but do not know how to start. For such situations, it is recommended that students set up an actual study plan, asking them to do what they do every day, how much to do, and to form a good habit. There are also some students who have only a slight anxiety. These students often turn external stress into motivation for learning. (2) Interaction with students So, now we can discuss whether you have just entered the third year of high school, can you feel subtle changes in your mental and emotional and external environment, such as sleep time, learning attitude, surrounding environment, parents teacher? (Questionate classmates) (3) Guide students to correctly understand the performance of high school pressure The pressure of college entrance examination comes from several aspects: 1. Insufficient confidence in the college entrance examination; 2. Worried that the test is not good enough to disappoint the parents; 3. Fear of not being able to test the usual level; I am afraid that I can't test my ideal university. Specific performance of the following states: Psychological aspects: 1. Attention is difficult to concentrate. For example, flustered, distracted, always distracted, thinking too much, and difficult to concentrate. 2. Forced phenomenon. I don鈥檛 think about it. I don鈥檛 want to do it. I don鈥檛 know it, but I can鈥檛 control it. It鈥檚 very uncomfortable. If some students do a lot of inspections after doing their homework, some students are always afraid of sleeping too much. 3. Hostile. Hostility is actually an extreme performance of rebellious psychology. For example, the teacher in the classroom said that he is going to the west; the teacher鈥檚 explanation is not to do it, but he also finds a reference book. Other students fell into books while doing homework, scribbling on tables and chairs, and so on. 4. Interpersonal relationship is sensitive. The main performance is: the relationship between the individual and the society cannot be handled correctly, and there is a strong alert, suspicion and jealousy when dealing with people, and the relationship with the classmates and teachers is tense. 5. Depression, anxiety. Depression and anxiety are characterized by low mood and have the following different manifestations: 1 The degree of depression is different, ranging from mild mood to sadness and pessimism. I often feel a heavy heart, I can鈥檛 be happy, I鈥檓 so depressed, I鈥檓 so busy, I鈥檓 suffering, I can鈥檛 help myself. Some students will be anxious, excited, and nervous. 2 Loss of interest is one of the common manifestations of depression. Losing the enthusiasm and fun of living and learning in the past, I am interested in everything and can't experience the fun of learning. 3 loss of energy, fatigue and weakness. Commonly used 'mental breakdown', 'defeated ball' to describe their situation. 4 Self-evaluation is too low: often over-depreciate your ability; there is also a strong sense of self-blame, guilt, uselessness, worthlessness, and helplessness. 5 showed significant, persistent, general depression, difficulty attention, memory loss, brain retardation, occlusion of mind, slow movement, but some people showed anxiety, anxiety, nervousness and agitation. 6. Emotional instability. Suddenly and sorrowful, sometimes I feel that the sun is shining and full of vitality, and from time to time I feel sluggish and decadent. In the mock exam, many students fluctuated greatly, and one of the key reasons was emotional instability. Physiological aspects: 1. Loss of appetite; 2. Poor sleep, even insomnia; 3. Lips are dry; 4. Heartbeat is faster, blood pressure is higher; 5. Tired; 6. Nervous. How do you view these issues? What is your attitude? Is it to avoid the problem or to face it positively? In fact, having these problems is normal. There are only two people in this world who do not have psychological problems, that is, 'sages' and 'fools.' We are neither 'sages' nor 'fools', so we have our own emotions. Ordinary people will have psychological problems, let alone the candidates who are facing the college entrance examination! (4) Guide students to treat stress correctly. Do self-decompression 1. Treat the test with a positive attitude, and believe that you will be able to test good grades.

Attitude is everything! The height of psychology is the height of life, the height of life is the height of life, and life must be pursued.

The college entrance examination is a step in your life. Through it, you can go to the glorious journey of life and realize your dream of life.

This is a person's pursuit, fighting for the realization of life's dreams, how happy it is! 2. Think of the exam as a challenge that will motivate you to enter the state.

As a person, you have to be brave enough to meet challenges, challenge yourself, and do things that are more stressful and difficult, and you can sharpen your will and strengthen your abilities.

Think of the exam as an opportunity to treat in a cherished mood.

3. Life can have a few strokes, youth is easy to die, and the age is easy to be old. We can't 'repent the book for a long time.' We must cherish the present, cherish every minute and a second, with our unremitting efforts. In exchange for tomorrow's success.

Correctly treating external pressures Family and society's excessive attention to candidates and exams will put psychological pressure on candidates.

If the candidate can properly handle the external pressure, it will help him to go light.

It is the candidate's own business. When others' opinions and ideas are correct, they will accept it, and vice versa.

Despite the good intentions of others, opinions may not be correct, and there is no need to be a psychological burden.

Be confident and optimize your mood 1. Enhance your learning ability.

Test confidence is based on the strength of the exam.

Therefore, strengthening review and improving strength are important measures to strengthen confidence.

2. The college entrance examination goal is expected to be appropriate.

Candidates should realistically determine their college entrance examination goals based on their usual learning strength and their mentality.

If the goal is too high, it will increase test anxiety for the difficulty of achieving the goal; if the target is too low, it will affect the potential.

3. Don't be superstitious.

For example, if a classmate falls to the ground and breaks when he is cooking, he will think that this year is definitely not a good test. There is no hope.

More classmates and parents go to find fortune tellers.

These superstitious behaviors will bring bad feelings to yourself.

4. Don't compare.

The starting point of everyone is different, the foundation is different, and it cannot be generalized.

Some candidates blindly compare with candidates who are stronger than their own, which will hurt their confidence.

You don't have to take the test of others. You just have to test your level and live up to your efforts.

5. Do more basic questions.

At present, most of the college entrance examinations are based on some basic questions. Doing some of the problems that you can do is conducive to enhancing your confidence in learning.

6. Use positive self-suggestion.

The self-sugges have amazing power.

Candidates can make positive self-suggesions based on their own mentality during the college entrance examination review process and in the examination room.

When the mood is too tight, you can meditate on 'relaxation, relaxation, relaxation'. When you are upset, you can meditate on 'calm, calm, calm'. When you are too lazy, you can meditate on 'I am, I am, I am.'

7. Learn to smile.

A hearty smile, a cheerful smile is a sign of mental health.

Laughter is the performance of a person's emotions at their best.

Laughter gives people confidence and strength, and sees smile as an important part of life.

8. Walk tall and walk.

The posture and pace of the person are closely related to the inner experience of the person. When people are full of confidence, they walk up the road and stand tall, the pace is strong and the speed is also slightly faster.

Walking up and raising your head, the pace is strong enough to cultivate your confidence.

9. Communicate with classmates, teachers and parents.

(1) Unleash your mood, don't let your troubles fall into your heart.

(2) Communicate and communicate with others, express your own thoughts, and enhance your confidence in communication.

(3) Look at past candidates' articles and books about the college entrance examination experience.

(4) Conduct self-communication.

Think about how you spent the past when you suffered setbacks. How did you turn from no confidence to confidence?

(5) Listen to music.

Listening to music, especially light music, helps to adjust people's nervousness.

Third, the conversion role, group discussion Description: Give two sets of dialogue (attached to the back), with four people as a group, two students act as parents, and two students act as students.

Let students see the issue from the perspective of the child and the perspective of the parent.

Discussion: (1) What kind of words of encouragement the students want the parents to say; (2) The performance of the parents' expectations of the children; Note: Fully integrate the role, listen to the students' voices; and understand the parents' mood.

Fourth, the future Before the class, send a note to each classmate and write down your goals.

Share beautiful dreams with students.

And use psychological incentives to motivate students to work hard to achieve their dreams from now on.

Ask the student's sticker on the wish board and wake up at all times.

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