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A life with love is happy, and living for love is dangerous. If love is a flower, then it can only be opened and bright in the fertile soil of the cause.

If you look at love above everything else, it will not only destroy love, but also easily ruin your life and career.

Love that is not understood is not true love. We can't love people we don't understand; if you don't understand but fall in love with someone, then it is not true love. We must understand and understand the needs, desires and pains of the people we love. If you want to understand and truly love someone, you should put yourself in his position and become one with him. Many contradictions born out of incomprehension will be easily relieved, and you will be happy! I can't hold a fist in my heart, but I can install any process of love. I can't hide myself in my heart, but I can fill it with the pain of perseverance. You said that I don't understand sweet words, but you forgot that from a certain day, you gave It hurts me to be too late for me. I always give you a sweet voice in my heart. I just can't face the damage and continue to do it. I have to lose my self-esteem to comfort you. Sometimes, I feel that love is just a matter of one person and has nothing to do with others. For example, if we fall in love with a person, but the other party does not know, then this love becomes a quiet thought and concern.

Love is always selfish.

We can share sunlight, air and water with others, but we cannot share love with anyone. Love is love, not omnipotence.

Life should be full of love, but love will fall to the ground in front of life. I used to think that as long as I persist, as long as I persist, all good love can last forever, and will flow through the torrent of life. However, life betrayed love.

Distance does not produce beauty.

Marriage without love is risky. However, if you feel that only love can marry, I am afraid the risk is greater.

If you feel right, get married. This is the attitude of countless mothers facing their daughter's lifelong events.

She didn't say love, but said it was appropriate, not because she couldn't say it because of the word love, but the mother who had experienced a long marriage life. It is no longer love, but appropriate.

Now, I still choose to believe in love, but I will never feel that love is the whole life, because I know that there is something more important than love that we need to face, that is, permanent feelings.

He includes the emotions that have been transformed after the brilliance of love, a feeling that we cannot describe in words, or a life that cannot be guessed.

Our love is far less romantic than written in the song, even if it is hurt, it is a state of happiness; we are just ordinary people, and then find an ordinary feeling, then ordinary life together, sitting in a rocking chair slowly Getting older, maybe this is the true meaning of love.

There are too many excuses to forget a lot of things, forgetting to eat, forgetting to sleep, forgetting about life, forgetting tolerance, forgetting to be considerate, forgetting to use your heart, forgetting to listen, and forgetting to tell.

We always know our own language. I think you can't say anything when you think you are in your throat.

Love someone, be sure to let him know, because you won't know if he is just in love with you. Although love can't be eaten, but can't help, love must always be the premise of marriage; although marriage is the grave of love, it is not marriage, but our mentality.

Despising lovers will inevitably be punished more or less in future life.

She and his love after breaking up for a long time, no connection for many years, she recently got his phone number, hit it and found that they are very close. The two chatted happily. He offered to meet each other. She hesitated and refused. He could hear his farewell disappointment. Putting down the phone, she remembered a poem: I don鈥檛 want to see you in this life. It鈥檚 not you who just want to see you again. You will not reappear and reappear in your heart. It鈥檚 just the vicissitudes of life and the dying.

In the dictionary of love, there are smiles, low-pitched, reincarnation, and old \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; I stay for love, reminisce for you, even if you are alone in the empty city, you still smile, you can鈥檛 tell. Is it a tearful smile, or a sad smile, will you stay because of my care? Love, it turns out that it is very easy, just put you in your heart, love, it is not easy, it is impossible to come to your heart, don't you think? I don't know what will happen in the future, but I know, today, I love you! If one day, when you think of someone who loves you, there must be one of them. If one day, no one loves you, it must be that I am dead.

Love is like adding sugar to coffee. Adding less is almost all the bitterness of coffee. If you add more, it will not reflect the taste of coffee.

Most smart women will keep some love for themselves, because they know that if they all pay to love each other, they will make the other person feel suffocated, but will make the other person escape from themselves faster, or the old saying, first love yourself, only have Ability to love others. Love is a gift from the world, whether you fall in love with someone or be loved by someone. It is bitter, and people can't let it go. There is no right or wrong in love, no reason, no antibodies.

Falling in love with someone is a kind of happiness that you will understand. Love is a gorgeous stage. Different actors perform different twists and turns of the story. The stage leaves them with a lot of laughter and sweetness. At the same time, they will leave them a lot of tears and hurts. The stage will always let them enjoy the stage. The conclusion depends mainly on whether laughter and tears can be directly proportional. I think, my love, my stage will be laughter more than tears, will not end.

Life cannot be used to prove love, just as we can't prove that we can no longer believe in love. In this city, as Rolex is a material luxury, love is a spiritual luxury.

But life is so fragile that there is no way to afford so much luxury. The main body of love is life, living together, you can accompany her for a while, but can you accompany her with all the pressure? You can give her body temperature, but can you give her the direction of life? You have imagined that when enthusiasm fades, hugs have no appeal to you.

Everyone, perhaps who has fallen in love with someone who doesn't love him, will never forget the tears and the grievances that have been lost.

After many years, looking back, what other point does he deserve? In the long distance race of life, I was much better than anyone I liked at the time, but he didn't understand me well.

How stupid! Why didn't you tell him at the time: You always have a day that loves me, but by that day, I already didn't love you. When we are ignorant, we love each other, that love is so pure, so true, so strong, so beautiful. The years are quiet, but the love disappears in the flow of the year; gradually, the heart has changed, the love has faded, and we have changed each other.

When we become more and more confused and more and more sophisticated, we inadvertently lost each other; when Huo Ran looked back at the love, it has already gone to the New Year; love, changed, scattered, forget \u0026hellip Love, I don鈥檛 know what to do, but I love it deeply; love, I don鈥檛 know what to rely on, but I die.

If you don't love, please let go, so that others have the opportunity to love; if you love, please love, never give up! Love is not a game because we can't afford it.

Ireland is not allowed to divorce, but can choose a period of 1 to 100 years. If the expiration is not renewed, it will be automatically separated. However, the shorter the time, the higher the cost. The registration fee for one year is equivalent to more than 20,000 yuan, 100 years. Just 6 yuan. One year of marriage, you do not understand marriage, so there is a very thick marriage book to see, and the choice of 100 years is only a piece of paper, which says: I wish you all the best. Love is not as long as two people you love me, I love you, those fairy-tale loves are living in the novel TV series, perfect love is created by two people, and those novels and TV shows will only be seen after Corruption of the brain; true love is like a pyramid, the bottom is food, then money, energy and emotional contributions, only to a certain extent to have a lover to become a genus.

[Love signature] 1. There is only one such person in the world, how can I not cherish it. 2. Suddenly remembered someone, a smirk, and then, lost. 3. Is there such a person, you have said that you have to give up countless times, but after all, it is still reluctant.

4. That is the only time you put my pigeons, and it is a lifetime.

5. Love is just a word, but no one can really understand it. Love is not a vanity, it must be shown to show off in front of everyone; love is not a beautiful clothes, to wear outside for everyone to appreciate; love is not a task, to have a confession to friends and family.

Love is your own thing, you are happy or not happy, only you know. Love is an onion head. When you peel it off, there is always a time for you to shed tears. Love is a cold, and people infected by love viruses can neither succumb to themselves nor others.

Love may be lonely alcohol, free lust, a quiet game, a dark shadow behind you, marriage is a way of life, not an ending, love is also a way of life, Not ideal, so for us, love can be replaced, and perhaps it is better to be replaced. A person who really deserves to love and knows how to love back will naturally make love simple.

In this way, there is no need to guess the mind between the two, no need to worry about whereabouts; not afraid to be irritated unintentionally, and do not doubt the motivation to do anything.

There is a little concern between the two, but they will not be entangled; there is a little miss between the two, but they will not be sad. Love is endless, and everyone's love will have an end. Some people's love ends with betrayal.

Some people's love is separated by quarrels.

More love is silent. What is the best ending of love? It is because of understanding and no longer disputes, because loyalty and mutual dependence, because of affection and tolerance.

A good man picks up a family, a good woman guards his lover, and never gives up until the end. Love, after all, is the most precious feeling in life. Those who can dedicate it to you are, after all, with the purest hope and innocent hope. I am used to talking to the night, used to describe her in the night, so I am happy. To love someone is not the honey word of the vows, it is the details in life, it is answered in a lifetime.

Cherish the people in front of you, manage your love, don't let the details defeat the love, don't think that everyone will wait for you in the same place, maybe you turned around, the people who once embraced, really become a stranger Now! ! Love is temptation, and only love can give you strength to resist temptation.

Love is loyal, but love can also betray you. A person is unwilling, perhaps because his memory is not good.

He forgot, so he can bear the heart; not because he is negative, so he forgot. In the past, he did not completely forget, but his memory was too bad, the past was no longer profound, and he was quickly replaced by new memories. He only remembered the laughter of the newcomers and forgot the smiles of the old people. About love] 1, love can be simple. But not casually. 2, a good man can withstand the temptation, a good woman can withstand loneliness.

3, proud women are mostly married to humble men, proud men are mostly humble women.

4. There are no beautiful angels in the world, only good women. 5. There are no two people who can't be together, only two hearts that are not close together.

In this life, there is only one love, and even if there is no more love, then it will not hurt. There is a person who teaches you how to love, but he does not love you. I won everyone, but I lost you.

When you look at everything, you know that the original loss is more practical than possession. I still believe in love, but I will never believe that love can last forever. Happiness is not waiting. If you love someone, you must boldly confess. As long as you work hard, you will not regret it later. If you miss a good love because of your silence, you may be dying for life. Huai. If you have love in your heart, you must say it out loud. Only if you bravely express your love, love will not have regrets.

True love, to know how to cherish, no one and who is born is destined together. It鈥檚 not a long time in my life, how lucky I am to meet someone I love, why not hold his hand tightly? A heart needs another heart to be honest, so that you can be happy. If you love me, no matter what I say or do, you will accept it with tolerance, even treating it as a wonderful thing; but if you don't love me, no matter what I say or do, you won't Care, even as annoying.

Love is a five-flavored bottle filled with sour, sweet, bitter and salty. It is sweet to the heart and bitter to the bottom of my heart. Sour is sweet, sweet is happiness, spicy is strong, bitter is hurt! I have never tried love, I don鈥檛 know it; only true love will understand that love is not only giving happiness, sweetness, but also physical and mental exhaustion, feeling hurt, in the ocean of love, crying pain, pain Silent, painful heart.

Original love can hurt people like this! If I miss you, I will take out my mobile phone and see if I have your text message. If I miss you, I will use my thumb to quickly make a series of greetings on my mobile phone, but I will not press the send button. If I miss you, I will think, will you miss me? If I miss you, dreaming of you at night is also a dream.

I think everyone in your heart has people who miss you.

Missing is something you can't control.

I miss you, do you know? Because of love, two strangers can suddenly get used to sleeping on the same bed. However, the same two people, when breaking up, said that I feel that you are becoming more and more strange. Love turns two people from strangers into familiarity, and from familiarity to strangeness. Love is a game that turns a stranger into a couple and turns a couple into strangers. At the beginning, I tried my best to fight for it, but I didn鈥檛 return it. Now you are remembering the constant, pessimistic, and inactive, is it a supplementary ceremony? What is left after humble is the ridiculous and unrepentant eve of the past.

Love is not cherished until you have time! 1. Love is a game that turns a stranger into a couple and turns a couple into strangers. 2, love is not complicated, come and go but three words, not I love you, I hate you, it is forget it. How are you? I am sorry. 3, the warmest in the world, is the body temperature of the lover. 4, love makes people forget time, time also makes people forget love.

5, love, the original is a laughing drink poison.

Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world, and the most fascinating desire in the world.

It is a blessing for a man to be loved by a woman. Love is equal to happiness, and love will be cherished for a long time. When a love is accompanied by the side, there is no reason for the man to turn a blind eye to this love, or to take it for granted, or to use an indifferent and perfunctory expression to dilute the existence of that emotion.

I can't leave you alone. A kind of dependence has become a lingering habit. Whenever and wherever, there is such a shadow in my heart. It is such a kind of heart and comfort, even a lonely heart. Hidden in that quiet corner, isolated alone, it also affects countless shadows and aftertaste.

Thank you for your presence, thank you for all the comforts that have brought me, and let my heart be forever moisturized! To love someone is not a jealous, not a retreat, not to let her cry alone. Don't believe in waiting for this word, don't believe that love sometimes can't be together. If you love someone, you can't lose her message for a minute. It is a matter of life and happiness. Don't believe in waiting for this word. If someone asks you to wait, then he doesn't love you at all. He only loves himself.

That is not love, it is just lying to yourself. The beginning of the beginning is always sweet. Then there was boredom, habit, abandonment, loneliness, despair and sneer. I was eager to stay with one person, and later, I was glad that I left. Once upon a time, in a short period of time, we thought we were deeply in love with someone. Later, we learned that it was not love, it was just lying to ourselves. Believing that love can make a person change is a young benefit and a young sorrow.

The prodigal son is always a prodigal son.

What makes a man change may be the love of God or the compassion of the Buddha, but it will never be a woman.

The most unsuitable marriage is the prodigal son. The most suitable marriage is the prodigal son.

Often it is not a woman who changes a prodigal son, but a woman who just happens when the prodigal son wants to change.

Love always makes people feel like walking in the clouds, but someone's wedding is really in the air. The wedding of Mike and Kate is in the air. They are fixed on the helicopter and staring at each other. There is no doubt that this wedding will make people unforgettable.

Love is a bit of accumulation, bit by bit, slowly cherished in the bottom of my heart, slowly brewing in my heart, two people come together to care.

Quietly, love has changed, and it has become something called happiness. It lingers between two people. Lifetime \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Only knowing each other, there will be no misunderstanding in love, there will be no Missed love.

Therefore, people in different places have the advantage of love. They haven't seen each other for a long time. When they have a heart, they talk on the phone when they are sad. Each of their conversations is equivalent to one heart.


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