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Family is the feeling between loved ones, it is caring.

Family is the most worthy of praise. What are the articles about celebrities written by celebrities? Answer today. The case. The small series has compiled a famous article about family, I hope it will be useful to you! A famous article about family. Part 1: Xiaohongmen Xi Murong There are many things in the world. You think that you can continue to do it tomorrow. There are many people, you think that you can see you again tomorrow; so, when you temporarily put down or temporarily turn around When you are in your body, all that is in your heart is just the hope that you will reunite tomorrow. Sometimes even this hope will not be felt.

Because, you think that since the day comes like this day, of course, it should be like this day by day. Yesterday, today and tomorrow should be no different.

But there will be one time: when you let go, the moment you turn around, something completely changes.

The sun is falling, and before it rises again, some people will stay with you forever. Just like that afternoon, when I waved away from the little red door.

There is a small yard behind the small red door, and there is a green window behind the small yard.

When I left, the window was open. It was the grandmother's bedroom. The grandmother sat on the bed, facing the window, facing the yard, facing the red door, crying out loud. Because the red door is far away, she is a granddaughter who has loved her grandfather for 20 years, and finally has to go abroad to study like other people. I don't know what my grandmother was thinking about at the time. I only remember that when I brought the little red door behind me, behind the open window, the tears on my grandmother's face were constantly flowing down.

And that was the first time I saw my grandmother excited, and I felt very sad. Although the grandparents and grandchildren were so strong and laughter before the farewell, at that moment, the strong grandmother who was as strong as usual had finally collapsed.

And I have to admit shamefully, at that time, although my heart is full of parting pain, the excitement of being able to 'go abroad' still exists. It is for this reason that the tears that flowed me did not flow much more than the old man, and that I was able to smile at the back of the window before I took the little red door. Although I also walked out of the alley with a hot eyes, after I got on the bus, the car started, I took a breath and could think of something else. Moreover, I think, anyway, I will be back soon, anyway, we will meet again soon. Moreover, I think, when I left, my brother was standing behind the grandmother, and there was a younger brother. The grandmother would not cry for a long time.

Grandma didn't really cry for a long time, and after that summer, it was another summer, far from the third summer.

Grandma is gone.

The people at home didn't tell me the news.

After almost a month, probably around the beginning of December, on a weekend afternoon, I went to teach overseas Chinese children's schools as usual.

I arrived early that day, the students had not come, and there was a stack of domestic newspapers in the aviation version. I sat down and slowly turned over. It seems that I saw a short article in the supplement of the second newspaper. At first glance, the first thing I saw was the name of my grandfather. I originally thought it was about his life. But look at the title carefully. It was written by Mr. Shi Bingxian: 'Take a tribute to Mr. Le Jingtao, the deputy Baoguang Princess.

鈥?And my only feeling at the time was that the hands and feet suddenly became extremely cold, and I realized why the old man was so excited on the day of the separation. Did she presage that when the red door was closed, Is it time to say goodbye? This time, it was my turn to cry out in an exotic night, infinitely remorseful.

A famous article about family affection 2: Recalling my mother Zhu De I was saddened by the news of my mother's death. I love my mother, especially her hard work, many things are worth remembering forever. My family is a tenant.

A native of Guangdong Shaoguan, a guest, moved to the saddleback of Yilong County, Sichuan Province when 鈥淗uguang filled Sichuan鈥? The generations have been farming for the landlords, the family is poor, and the friends we are dealing with are also honest and poor peasants.

Mother gave birth to a total of thirteen children. Because the family was poor, it was impossible to feed all of them. Only eight were left. After being reborn, they were forced to die. How sad and helpless this is in the mother's heart! The mother raised eight children in one hand. However, most of her time was taken up by housework and farming. She couldn鈥檛 take care of her children and had to let the children crawl in the ground. Mother is a good laborer.

From the time I can remember, I always get up when the sky is not bright.

There are more than 20 people in the family. Women cook meals on shifts and cook for one year.

Mother cooks the rice, but also farms, grows vegetables, feeds pigs, raises silkworms, and spins cotton. Because she is tall and strong, she can pick water and pick up the dung.

Mother is working like this all day. When I was four or five years old, I was very helpful to help her. When I was eight or nine years old, I could not only pick my back but also grow the land. I remember that when I went home from a private school, the common mother cooked rice in the stove, and I quietly put the book, picking water or letting the cow go.

In some seasons, I read in the morning and planted in the afternoon. When I was busy with farming, I worked with my mother all day in the field.

Mother taught me a lot of production knowledge during this period. The life of the Seto family is naturally difficult, but because of the mother's cleverness and ability, I can barely survive. We use the oil of Tongzi to light the lights, eat pea rice, risotto, sweet potato rice, miscellaneous rice, and put the oil extracted from the rapeseed into the rice for seasoning.

This type of landlord's rich family can't see the meals, but the mother can do it to make the family taste good.

In order to catch up with the harvest, you can sew some new clothes, and the clothes are also produced by yourself.

Mother hand-spun the line, ask people to weave it into cloth, dyed the color, we call it 'home weaving', as thick as copper coins. A set of clothes has passed through, and the second child is still wearing and wearing. Hardworking families are organized and organized. My grandfather is a Chinese specimen-type peasant. When he was eighty or ninety years old, he could not farm the fields. If he did not plow the fields, he would become ill, and he would still work in the fields until he died. Grandmother is the organizer of the family, and all production matters are managed by her, and every year on New Year's Eve, a year of work is assigned.

Every day before dawn, the mother got up first, then heard the voice of her grandfather, and then everyone left the bed, fed the pigs, chopped wood, and picked the water. Mothers are extremely hard-working in the family. Her character is awkward, she has not beaten us, and she has not quarreled with anyone. Therefore, although in such a big family, young and old, uncle, and aunt are very harmonious. The mother sympathizes with the poor people. This is a simple class consciousness. Although she is not rich, she also cares for her relatives who are poorer than herself. She is very saved.

Father sometimes smokes a little bit of smoke and drinks some wine; the mother controls us and does not allow us to get a little bit of it. The industrious and simple habits of the mother, the kind and kind attitude of the mother, still have a deep impression on my heart. But the disaster does not come to them because of the peace of Chinese peasants.

Before and after the Gengzi Year (190), Sichuan suffered from drought in recent years. Many farmers were hungry and bankrupt, and had to go to large groups in large groups. I saw with my own eyes that the six hundred and seven hundred ruined peasants and their wives and children were beaten and beaten by the so-called officers and men, and the blood splashed forty or fifty miles, crying. In such a year and year, my family has also suffered more difficulties. I only eat some small cabbage leaves and sorghum. I have never eaten white rice in the whole year.

Especially in the year of B (1895), the landlord bullied the tenants and rented the land on the rented land. Because he couldn鈥檛 do it, he would threaten my family to retreat and force it. We are moving.

In a tragic situation, our family wept and dispersed throughout the night. Since then my family has been forced to live in two places. There are fewer people, and there are natural disasters and crops are not harvested. This is the most tragic encounter of my family.

The mother is not discouraged, her sympathy for the poor peasants and the resentment against those who are infertile are even stronger.

My mother鈥檚 painful words and phrases and the many injustices I have seen with my own eyes have inspired my childhood anti-oppression pursuit of light and made me determined to find a new life. I soon left my mother because I was studying.

I am a child of a tenant family. I had no money to study. At that time, the bully of the landlord in the country, the savage of the squadron, forced the mother and father to decide to save a scholar to 'support the portal.' I have read the private school. In the 31st year of Guangxu (1905), I took the imperial examination, and later went to Shunqing and Chengdu to study further.

The tuition fees for this time were borrowed from East Norse. They used more than 200 yuan in total, until I later paid off when I was the guardian of the country.

In the thirty-fourth year of Guangxu (1908), I came back from Chengdu and went to the high school in Yilong County. I went home two or three times a year to see my mother.

At that time, old and new thoughts were in conflict. We embraced the idea of ??scientific democracy, wanted to do something in our hometown, and the old-fashioned tycoons came out against us.

I am determined to leave my hometown with my mother, go to Yunnan, and join the New Army and the Alliance.

After I went to Yunnan, I learned from my family letter that my mother not only did not object to this move, but also gave me a lot of condolences. From the first year of Xuantong (1909) to the present, I have never returned home once. In the eight years of the Republic of China (1919), I took my father and mother out. But they were used to labor, and they were uncomfortable when they left the land, so they returned home.

Father died on his way home.

Mother went home to continue working until the end.

The Chinese revolution continues to move forward and my thinking continues to move forward. When I discovered the correct path of the Chinese revolution, I joined the Chinese Communist Party. The Great Revolution failed, and I was completely isolated from the family. The mother relied on the 30 acres of land to support the family's life independently.

After the Anti-Japanese War, I was able to communicate with my family. Mother knows what I am doing and she looks forward to the success of Chinese national liberation. She knows the difficulties of our party and still lives a hard working peasant woman at home.

In the middle of seven years, I sent back a few hundred dollars and a few photos of my own to my mother.

My mother is old, but she always misses me, just as I always miss her. Last year, I received a letter from my nephew: 'The grandmother is 85 years old this year. The spirit is not as healthy as last year. The food and drink are not as good as before. I hope to see you and talk about the situation.

'But I dedicated myself to the cause of the national war of resistance and failed to repay my mother's hopes.

The biggest characteristic of a mother is that she has never left her labor. My mother gave me a cooking meal on the stove a minute before. Although old, still love production. Another family letter from a foreigner said last year: 'The grandmother is not older than the previous year because of her old age, but she still does not work hard, especially like spinning cotton.

鈥?I should thank my mother for teaching me the experience of fighting difficulties.

I have had a hard time in my family, which has made me feel no difficulty in my military life and revolutionary life for more than 30 years. I have not been intimidated by difficulties. My mother gave me a strong body, a hardworking habit, so that I never felt tired. I should thank my mother, who taught me the knowledge of production and the will of the revolution, and encouraged me to embark on the path of revolution.

On this road, I know more about it every day: only this kind of knowledge, this will, is the most valuable asset in the world. My mother is leaving me now, I will never see her again, this sorrow can not be remedied. The mother is an ordinary person. She is only one of the millions of working people in China, but it is this millions of people who created and created the history of China.

What method do I use to repay my mother's deep grace? I will continue to be loyal to our nation and people, to be loyal to our nation and the people's hopes of the Chinese Communist Party, so that people who live with their mothers can live a happy life. .

This is what I can do and I can do it.

May the mother rest in the ground! The famous article about family affection 3: Children, why do I beat you Bi Shumin one day to chat with friends, I said, is the red guard in the 'Cultural Revolution', I have not beaten . I also said that in my life, I have never beaten people \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; You suddenly interrupted: Mom, you often hit someone, that is, I \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; That moment the house is very quiet and quiet. I continued to talk a lot with the guests that day, but I was absent-minded about all the words. Child, your stubborn sentence, like the immense little tendrils of the ivy, fill my whole heart. In the face of your pure and innocent eyes, I have to admit: I have only played one person in this world. It is not accidental, but often, not an understatement, but an unforgettable one.

This person is you. I didn't beat you when you were the youngest. You are so young, like a green pea wrapped in a dish. I am afraid of any slight collision and will bruise your weak life.

I work hard for you day and night without regrets.

In the face of your forehead that is as quiet as a comfy, I swear to the swearing: I will protect all of you with the strength of a mother until the day I leave the planet.

You start growing up like bamboo shoots. You start naughty, start prank \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; break the bowl, tear down the toy, lose the coin, dirty clothes \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; I have never beaten you.

I think this should be forgiven for a normal and lively child who would fall like a walk.

The first time you hit your cause, you can't remember it.

People's memories of pain always tend to forget. All in all, you have gradually become sensible, and initially have the wisdom of childhood: it is chaotic and innocent and it is its own way, it is extremely flawed.

You are like a naughty little beast, letting you run innocently to the grasslands you yearn for, and I want you to accept the rules of human society \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; to let you remember and follow them for life, in All the bitterness of the heart has failed, and after all the praises, criticisms, intimidation, and rewards have worked, I was forced to come up with the last weapon, which was beaten. If you go to touch the fire, the flame burns your fingers, this experience will make you not touch the orange-red jittery elf in your life.

Children, I want the most filthy qualities of hypocrisy, cowardice, cruelty, and blackmail. When you first come into contact with them, you feel the pain of skin and never be isolated from them.

I know that people are breaking the law, but the world gives parents a special kind of forgiveness. It is love. The world gives this privilege to the mother. When I exercise it, my arm is a thousand.

I use beating carefully, as if a poor man used his last money.

Whenever I hit you, my heart was shaking. I ask myself again and again: Is it not time to hit him when I am not playing? I have no other way. Only when all efforts are defeated, children, I will raise my hand \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; every time After I have beaten you, I have to blame myself deeply. If you punish me, you can learn from it.

Child, I would rather be punished, even if it would be 10 times stronger.

But I know that punishment can't be replaced or transferred. It's like food in hunger. Only when you chew it and you will become part of your life experience. This may be esoteric, maybe to You will understand when you are a parent. Beating people is a heavy physical activity. It makes people shoulder pain and wrist pain. It seems to carry a thousand pieces of honeycomb coal to the 5th floor by hand. So people invented the tools to hit people: the ruler, the sole, the feather duster \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; I never use those tools. How much force is used by the beating person, and it is subject to the same reaction. This is a law of mechanics. I am willing to beat you at the same time, my fingers personally withstand the rebound, suffering the same pain as you.

This way I can accurately grasp the components.

Don't miss you and hit you too hard.

I almost didn't hesitate to think that every time you hit me, I feel the pain is much longer and longer than you. Because, the important thing is not tired, but tired \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; child, how reluctant to beat you, but I have to hit you! I don't want to hit you, but I must hit you! All this, just because I am your mother! Child, after listening to you, I finally decided not to hit you anymore.

Because you have grown up because you already know a lot. Unreasonable babies and adults who are already very sensible, I don't think I have to fight because it is useless. Only children who do not understand and understand, and who do not understand the truth, can fight to help them grow up quickly.

Children, playing and not playing are love, can you understand? People who read 'famous articles about family love' have also read: 1. Famous articles about family love 2. Articles about family articles 3. The famous article of autumn 4. The article of the family wrote the family 5. The article of the family written by the celebrity.


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