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锘?p> I feel that my legal quality has improved from the specific practice of learning the usage of law, and we must enhance the enthusiasm and consciousness of the usage of the method. The following is the experience of learning and law-abiding methods brought by learning, for reference only.

Studying the law, obeying the law, and understanding the experience of the party. The party clearly stated that it is necessary to carry out the publicity and education of the legal system in depth, carry forward the spirit of the rule of law, and form a social atmosphere of consciously learning the law.

I am a civil servant at the grassroots level. Therefore, since my work, under the correct leadership of the party committee, I have combined my own work, earnestly carried out the teaching and legal publicity and education work, and constantly improve the legal quality.

In practical work, I have become more aware of the need to really learn how to use the good law.

Through many years of studying the Fa-rectification method, I have the following thoughts and experiences: First, it is of great significance to learn the Fa-law well. First of all, the law is the foundation of the country, learning the use of the law, raising the awareness of the law of the whole people, promoting the administration of the country according to law and building a socialist country ruled by law is a major and long-term task. Building a socialist country ruled by law is the basic strategy of the party and the state. The core of governing the country according to law is the rule of law. It must rely on legal means to ensure the implementation of the law, the law must be enforced, the law enforcement must be strict, and the law must be corrected.

Second, the need for my job.

My job involves many laws and regulations. As an official of the agency, we must fully grasp the national laws and regulations in order to do a better job.

In recent years, in order to improve the legal level of the people and enhance the legal awareness of learning the law, knowing the law, understanding the law and obeying the law, and responding to the requirements of governing the country according to law and administering the district according to law, the Communist Youth League Committee and the Women鈥檚 Work Committee organized Legal publicity activities such as adult protection, the 38th Legal Rights Week, and the sending of the law to the countryside.

Third, the requirements of self-construction.

As a national civil servant, it should first be the national law leader and follower. The use of the head of the school law is not good, directly affecting the success or failure of the work.

The fourth is the wishes of the broad masses.

Through years of legal education, the masses demanded that the society be administered according to law, and the voice of equality before the law is becoming higher and higher. As a national staff member, studying law is not a matter of learning and learning, but not learning. No.

Second, we must learn the correct method, usage and general law.

First of all, we must realize what to learn, to have targeted learning, and not to learn blindly.

For my personal work, I have focused on strengthening the relevant laws and regulations such as the Civil Service Law, the Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests, the Law on the Protection of Minors, the Road Traffic Safety Law, and the Labor Law. Learning, a good grasp of the professional legal knowledge necessary for civil servants to perform their duties.

For the focus of the group work, I will learn relevant legal knowledge in time.

Professional classes and lectures on women's rights and interests, youth rights protection, etc., to improve their legal awareness.

Third, the use of legal knowledge is the guarantee for the management and promotion of all work.

Theory is the basis of practice, and practice is the embodiment of theory.

Only by combining the learning method with the usage can we promote the smooth and healthy development of all undertakings.

Therefore, we must adhere to the combination of learning and learning, and apply what we have learned, and strive to make major decisions in accordance with the law, work legally, and find problems.

To improve the effectiveness of legal learning.

The first step is to combine learning with law and decision-making by law.

It is recognized through learning that decision-making activities are the core content of leading cadres' work, and it is no longer possible to rely on subjective decision-making to determine major policies.

Secondly, the school law is combined with the rule of law.

By learning legal knowledge, I deeply realized that only by strengthening the legal system can we carry out relevant work well, which is also an important part of the rule of law.

The third is to adhere to the combination of self-study and popularization, and vigorously promote legal system learning.

On the one hand, through self-study, learning from books, on the other hand, through legal knowledge system training and learning, I obtained a bachelor's degree in law and laid the foundation for my own better work.

Although I have made some efforts and achieved some achievements in the past usage of the school, the law is constantly updated and the law is broad and wide.

In the future work, I will study harder, insist on applying what I have learned, constantly improve my legal quality, and do my own work.

Learn how to use the law and understand the usage of the law. From November 3rd to 4th, go to the town government to participate in the 2010 second civil servant law lectures organized by the District Personnel Bureau, and listen to the 'Legal Theory Knowledge'. The counseling on the three topics of the Regulations on Letters and Visits and the Issues to Be Addressed in Dealing with Labor Disputes and Enterprise Reform in the Financial Crisis is very rewarding.

The purpose of this special lecture is to improve the legal knowledge of civil servants and the public servant consciousness of governing for the people through theoretical study and case analysis, to promote social harmony and maintain social stability.

How to achieve this goal, I think we must do three things: First, we must properly handle the relationship between work and study.

The centralized learning of the superior organization is not a good chance, and the time is not long. It is not a three-day class to get through the spirit.

Legal knowledge is a compulsory course for civil servants. A hard political task is not a question of whether or not to learn, but must be used well.

The annual disciplinary education month activities carried out by our party include many typical cases of party members and cadres who violate the law and discipline. These cases all have a common feature, that is, they emphasize busy work, have no time to participate in learning, and do not pay attention to ideological reform. I don't know if I am in violation of the law.

Or, even if you know that you are breaking the law, you still have a lucky bet to take advantage of the opportunity to seize the opportunity to get a big profit. I hope that I can get away with it. As a result, I will get deeper and deeper in the mud of crime. Regrets! Therefore, each of our units should become a learning unit. Every civil servant should not neglect the role of learning. It is necessary to combine training and self-study in peacetime, and persist in perseverance and alarm. Political immunity, improve the level of governance.

The second is to treat the people鈥檚 petitions correctly.

Development and opening up Although the economy has developed, the social contradictions caused by the disparity between the rich and the poor are also constantly expanding and intensifying, especially the problems left over by history. Once they are not handled well, they will seriously affect the image and status of the ruling party.

There are many contradictions that can be solved without administrative means. The petition of the masses always has reasons for petitioning.

Lin Chong was originally an obedience-stricken person. He was forced to go to the impasse by step by step. He did not go to Liangshan where the people used to fight guerrillas with the Communist Party. Because the Kuomintang government was corrupt and incompetent, the officials forced the people to oppose the people. Not reverse.

In the same year, Emperor Qin Shihuang collected the weapons of the world into Xianyang, but the peasants still rose up. This shows that the water can carry a boat or a boat.

As a national civil servant, we must change our minds when doing anything: If I am a victim, what should I do? Only then can we master the sense of proportion, observe the people's feelings, and improve the efficiency of doing things for the people. The Civil Service Home The third is to lead by example and be a model for obeying the law. Our power is given by the people. The first article of the three representatives represents the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of the people. We can't just shout slogans and don't do things, and we can't be blind and know the law. The so-called selfless and fearless means that we must be able to live in the masses and be able to live in the conscience of the heavens and the earth, so that we can not be afraid of the shadows and the unselfishness of the heart. It is not easy for the country to train a civil servant. It is not easy to enter the civil service. Therefore, we must cherish the power given to us by the people, do our utmost to serve the society, serve the public, do things cleanly, and be clear and white. In order to be worthy of the glorious title of the national civil servant. Learning the law, obeying the law, and understanding the experience of the third chapter. With the continuous deepening of the strategy of governing the country according to law, administration by law has become an objective requirement for the development of socialist democracy. Auditing, administrative law enforcement personnel and civil servants are the staff of state organs that exercise government functions according to law and manage social public affairs. Whether we can use legal means to regulate and guide legal administration will directly affect the smooth development of socialist market economy and society. Harmony and stability. Therefore, in the new era, auditors, administrative law enforcement personnel and civil servants must enhance their legal awareness, improve the level of administration according to law, and truly realize the transition from management to service, in order to provide meticulous guidance and demonstration for economic development and the broad masses of the people. Learn the law first, follow the law in decision-making, solve the problem-based law, and act in accordance with the law to ensure the healthy development of the economy and society. In order to promote the in-depth development of the use of the auditors' academic methods, the legal level of auditors will be further improved, and the full implementation of the five-fifth general law planning will be promoted. Now I have the following experience in learning the use of law: First, actively participate in various types of legal studies, and promote legal administration. Since the April Fourth Law, I have actively participated in legal knowledge training for various laws, and participated in training audit law, civil service law, and administrative licensing. Legal training such as law, administrative litigation law, administrative punishment and administrative reconsideration law. By participating in rigorous training and examinations, I have strengthened my own legal awareness and legal concepts. It has improved the enthusiasm of the use of the school law and improved the ability and level of administration according to law. In the work, we must truly audit according to law and administration according to law. Second, earnestly study the audit law and adhere to the auditing of the successful experience and innovations achieved in the audit work of China over the past 10 years, especially in strengthening audit quality control and audit management. It needs to be concluded in legal form. Therefore, it is necessary to revise and improve some of the contents of the original 'Audit Law' that are not suitable for the socio-economic development situation and the development status and requirements of the audit work, so as to further improve the audit supervision system. The revision of the 'Audit Law' is of great significance for promoting audit institutions to fully perform audit duties according to law, further strengthen supervision, standardize audit behavior, improve the quality and level of audit work, and promote the long-term development of the audit cause. , building the spirit of the rule of law government. The revision of the Audit Law shows that China's auditing industry has entered a new stage. We must thoroughly study the 'Audit Law' and be able to fully grasp the application. We will earnestly perform our duties as stipulated by the Constitution and the law, boldly perform our duties, dare to touch hard, adhere to auditing according to law, standardize auditing behavior, strengthen audit quality control, ensure auditing results are objective and fair, seek truth from facts, and continuously improve the quality and level of audit work. Third, the combination of learning and use, improve their own legal level The ultimate goal of the school law is to consciously abide by and strictly enforce the legal provisions, in the areas of auditing according to law, decision-making according to law, administration according to law, and handling affairs according to law. First, the four-fifth general law and the five-five general law through a series of fruitful learning and education activities, let me realize that the law is the most powerful and effective weapon for managing economic society and dealing with various difficult and complex social problems. It has made me feel that my legal system quality has improved from the specific practice of learning the usage of the law, and the enthusiasm for learning the law is getting higher and higher, which makes me never take the initiative to learn the law and actively learn the law, which enhances the enthusiasm and consciousness of the usage of the method. Sex. Second, the administrative consciousness and level of law have been comprehensively improved. In the work, I formed a working idea to find an expert before I encountered the problem and decided to go to the expert. Fourth, the future direction of the use of learning the law First, in the use of learning methods, we must actively learn all kinds of laws, master all kinds of legal knowledge, in the audit work, we must have a sense of innovative learning, and effectively enhance the effectiveness of the school, Improve the ability and level of learning to use. It truly reflects legal auditing, strict law enforcement, standardizes auditing behavior, strengthens audit quality control, and continuously improves law enforcement capabilities and standards. Second, in the process of using the law, it is necessary to use the combination of learning and learning. I want to use usage as the focus and foothold of the study method, truly combine learning and learning, work hard on learning words, use effects in words, model constitutional and legal concepts, enhance legal literacy and professional quality, and improve the law. The ability and level of auditing, decision-making according to law, administration according to law, and management according to law. Efforts should be made to follow the principle of making major decisions according to law, carrying out work legally, and encountering problems and finding law. The legal consciousness is permeated throughout the audit work, so that law enforcement can be regulated and administration according to law. On the next page, more exciting ways to learn the law and use the experience.

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