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shot! ! ! Whispering

There will be a knack for understanding, and life will be thick and heavy. Years of innocence, impermanence, year after year, eternal reincarnation. The rain is fine, the flowers are blooming, the moon is missing, and the moon is coming back.

People are not grass, they can be ruthless, and ordinary people live in the world, and they can't escape the joys and sorrows.

There is a heaven outside, there are people outside, and there is a heart outside.

It is conceivable that no matter the sage of the mortal, there is a heaven in the heart and heart. The acrylic in April is warm in spring and has a scent of flowers. I am a singer of love, and the money is in life, carrying a bloody, through the neon of the city.

Spring full, strolling in the hustle and bustle, looking back and looking forward.

The drizzle of rain, a wonderful time.

Ran, a little bit of red, unconsciously, stunned the sorrow of the wanderer.

Explain the past with a sense of solitude, and embrace the future.

Among the 1.3 billion people, the three religions are nine, the odds are strange, who is wrong, and the reason.

Three raw stones, three thousand red dust.

If you don't have a step forward or a late step, it happens to be your life, and it happens to be your favorite icon.

The kind of unforgettable encounter, a bit of fate, and a few days are doomed.

When you hold your worries, pick up a thought and think twice.

The book struggles endlessly, and it looks like a bright future.

Take a song of Tang poetry and Song poetry.

Life is rampant and the roads are thorny.

The wise man, graceful.

Not sad, not guilty.

Flower smiles, flowers fall safely.

After listening to the years, sing and sing, and obey the obsessive mind.

Make that beautiful and eternal promise, and stick to the solidity of true love.

Don't suffer from loss of bitterness, don't worry about sorrow and joy.

I also believe that after the storm, I will always meet the rainbow. After the cloud opens, I will always see the sunny day.

The wooden bench in the room can also be as good as a mirror.

Rough tea and light meals can still be happy.

The end of the world is thinner, but the old days are drunk.

What is the passionate and persistent person who allows the slender arm to travel the ocean of knowledge again and again? Is it a famous teacher? Or is it because of a heart that does not want to sink.

I have always liked to write quietly and casually.

I like to be in the ocean, I like to see the weather in the sky of words, I like to pick up in the smart words.

On the stage of life, more or less will leave some traces of sadness and pain.

However, people who like words are mostly happy grandchildren.

If I like, I like to use the heart to sculpt the years, like to use the quiet and breath.

I like a word very much: I have a satin-like temperament, thin and cool, but not lost, but I am willing to keep my inner heart, happy, mournful, and not willing to succumb to the arrogant souls hidden by the secular world! The soft heart gradually precipitates.

Cinderella I don’t have a proud spirit, but I have an indifferent heart.

The time is light and the years are gone.

The temperament of a pulse is unwilling to be swallowed up by the world.

Shallow back and feel good.

Inside the heart, there is a sunny day.

Some people say that they fall in love with a city because they live in the city with their favorite people! What a beautiful kind of love! Yes, I firmly believe that this is the case.

Dear, if there is an afterlife, I will continue with you, with the end of the world.

If there is an afterlife, I still don't ask for wealth and prosperity. I just want to work hand in hand with you.

If there is an afterlife, I will still be with you until the end of time! I have you in my heart, and I still have you outside my heart.

The days are blue, no matter what you are inside.

The worms of the locusts screamed through the window, and they sang in the air.

The temperament seems to be from the Milky Way's scorpio, and it whirls around the ear.

Dear, you know? It is the love that you give, the frog frog, the warmth you gave, the bright summer, the sincerity you gave me so that I don’t want to be impressed.

Because I have you in my heart, I have been sitting in the paradise of words.

Love, thousands of love, true love, thousands of tender feelings.

Because of you, the depth of the soul is soft, and you will laugh with the summer wind.

Ningxin, elegant, static, safe, sweet, happy, happy! In this life, thank you! Thank you for interpreting the most simple true love with true feelings. Thank you for giving me every day that I can remember with sincerity. Thank you for letting me use my heart every minute to feel the possession of life. Thank you for letting me I met you in the most beautiful years, thank you for letting me smile in the flowery time! Swaying branches, quietly rowing the night sky.

Night, quiet and awkward! When I am physically and mentally exhausted, you are like my spring, flowing my soul and dancing the hometown of my heart.

Times are ups and downs, and the years are elegant and flowing.

Happy flowers, enjoying the rain, blooming, welcoming the sun, singing the bright summer.

Colorful, cozy, colorful and colorful.

One person, one computer, one cup of milk coffee, single song playback, Wenhao is in desperate need.

It’s a long way to go, no change in mind, heart and heart, blood blending.

Long days, silently back, like a song.

The long river, the water is gone, and a mood has nothing to do with the wind.

The age of swaying is like a landscape that fades.

And we are all the same, no matter how tired we are, we must continue to walk in this stormy life.

Standing at the intersection of time, look back at the beauty and gentleness that has passed.

Many people, many things, many past, whitened and thirsty.

Dear, at this time, I suddenly want to say to you: No matter whether you are born or not, you can’t live without death! In my heart and heart, there is a day to decorate you! Baby, it is alive, although we can't change the length of life, but we can change the width of life, face it together, let life have no regrets! Even if God makes you seriously injured, but you still have me.

Dear, I want to tell you that this life will be with you, and that I will be with you for the rest of my life.

I want to be gentle for you, warming up our meeting in this life.

I will let you suddenly discover that your empty heart has already been covered with the color of Cinderella Snow Rose.

Time flies like a gap, and it has long since passed away.

I have walked through the bleak and sorrowful, but I have never lost my gentleness and persistence.

After several winds and rains, the spring breeze gently flicks a sleeve of shallow summer rhyme, retreats the cold of winter, adding a graceful tone to our love.

So, no matter what color your life has in your life, I will not be lonely and will not be hurt.

Because, many of you have time to watch, all in the bottom of my heart, the imprint that can never be erased, warm and romantic and pleasant! The earth will give up the gorgeous dusk, and will usher in the dawn of the rising sun; the spring will give up the fragrant flowers, and then we will enter the golden autumn of the fruitful fruit; Meiju will give up the comfort and comfort to get the beauty of the snow. A safe harbor can harvest full fish and shrimp in the deep sea. My Cinderella has given up too many spring flowers and autumn months, but I only want to have one flower and one world. In the ignorant years, I used to walk alone. On the trajectory of life, you will carefully taste the passing time, and you will be surrounded by the bright morning sun, accompanied by the gorgeous sunset. In the deepest part of the soul, your shadow has been hovering in my mind, your name is deep in my heart, your voice and smile are always in my words. Now I am used to having the days you are with, the time with you. There are tears and laughter. You are always dancing in my soft eyes and swaying in my warm heart. Spend a few degrees, change the years, look back, how many people, how many things, some fate, some of the encounters are slowly dissipating in my sight. Thousands of miles of blue sky and a lot of red, watching it fluttering slowly disappeared in the last peak of the distant mountains. The setting sun is because I am in love, thinking, thinking, and thinking because of the blush of the maple leaf! Time is like a calm river, flowing slowly with a touch of fragrance. Let me be deeply intoxicated in April, which exudes fragrance. A touch of elegant feelings like a beautiful flower blooms in my life. If so, the passing of time is warm and poetic, flowing and beautiful. However, in the light and shadow of the passing years, a flower of the world is blooming in me, still so fragrant, still so clear, still so warm as ever! In fact, in our lives, there will always be some time, the source of our warmth, and our hearts. It lies in others, perhaps meaningless, but for me, you are the warmth that is integrated into my life, and will never go away. This life, life is like numbness. There are tangled thoughts and inextricable feelings. Straight and straight, there are sheep and intestines, there are spring scenery, and there is winter desolation. Outside the window, the leaves of the wind and the wind slowly fell down, without the graceful dance of the past with the wind, the clear and cool eyes are particularly eye-catching. Looking at Ye Er’s reluctant fall, what kind of helplessness? Her love for the tree! In me, watching these fluttering leaves, like the most beautiful encounters in my heart, are dissipating away. After the chaos of the world and the ebb and flow of life, life engraved the years on the face of people, but also in the hearts of people, the rolling red dust has been rounded up the delicate and soft heart. You will suddenly understand that life will not be too complete, and you will have to smile! The state of mind determines our life, what kind of mentality, what kind of life. Not everyone has a fate, and not everyone can grasp the edge. Or there is a fate, but the source is not easy to see at the end of the water; or no chance, the line is rushing away from the horizon. Simple life, more peace, less publicity, tolerance for family, friends, life, and society, in exchange for spiritual purity. Dedicated to work and family, although life needs to be persistent and tenacious, but more importantly, everything goes with it. The reason comes, and the fate goes with the wind. Such a person, the heart is a peaceful land, the body always exudes a faint fragrance, her eyes are as clear and transparent as water, will not blindly humble themselves, and will not forget my arrogance. Cinderella is kind, straightforward, open-minded, not unassuming, not arrogant, not glamorous. Plainly treat the gains and losses, look at the world with a cold eye, not arrogant when you are proud, not depressed when you are frustrated. She likes to enjoy the joy of life in the Wuzhishan of the text. In her world, there are no more illnesses when she is young, no more unrealistic fantasies, no more opportunistic tricks. This kind of consciousness is a kind of level, it is full and superficial, it is bleak and not noisy, it is rational and not blind. Cinderella always wanted to be a quiet woman, guarding herself in the deepest red dust, holding on to the original germination and joy. If you are well, I will be safe. If you are sunny, I will be happy. Maybe Cinderella's human feelings are not enough to practice, maybe she is still not clear about the world. However, she will sneak in the affliction of the world, modify herself to nourish herself, and use a bleak state of mind to present a fresh smile in the morning dew. Greed is born from the heart, and when you read it, you can read it. Dignified and profound cultivation. Giving up is a realm and a necessary way for the development of nature. It is worthwhile to be willing, willing, and have a house. If you want to cross the desert, you have to give up coffee and cola; if you want to take a bunch of fresh mountain flowers, you have to give up the comfort of the city; if you want to have forever applause, you have to give up the vanity. The ups and downs of vegetation have come together overnight. If the water is cold, it will freeze; if it is baked, it will disappear. This is the call of nature, the horn of the outside world, and the heart of life. The flowers and plants flourished, and they passed away with the autumn wind; the insect ants sleeped in the soil and waited for the spring. Everything in the world changes with the outside world. When did you learn to give up the wealth of wealth, when did you become a snow rose? Will bite people, do not keep walking will be covered with scars. Flowing lights into the hustle and bustle, Huajing first, a dream, a rhyme, a smile and a shallow sing. Walking alone in the ridiculous years, the sunset of the red wins fire always with sentimentality, not looking at the end of the horizon, not seeing the blue sadness. Time is like a cup of still water, I can't walk out of your dreams. The heart is trapped in a light and shadow year, looking at those old dreams, heart and heart, there is a day to decorate you! The road that is right is often not the best. Pick up your toes and touch the sun. Don't be afraid of being a man, you will be happy. Getting is not the end, fit is life. People who can't afford to lose can't win. Abandonment outside the heart, persistence in the heart. It is a kind of wisdom and a kind of repair. Everyone has their own day! Who is your passer-by? Who is the passer-by? If you want to play, there is a mountain outside the mountain. If you are serious, you have a heart. There is a fable: when the snow-capped mountains are a landscape, the snowflake enjoys the beauty; when the snow-capped mountains suddenly collapse, the snowflakes say nothing to do with them. In fact, it is the ever-increasing snowflake that has caused disaster. My Cinderella snow rose, will never be abandoned. The dark fragrance of true love is floating, my heart is instigating for you, and my heart is also attached to you. You have me in your heart, and I will always be the gorgeous snow rose. If you come to a leaf, Yunshui Zen heart, heart and heart, there is a day to decorate you! .

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