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★How did Qingdao Xiaosheng beginners successfully connect with junior high school English? Xiaosheng was the beginning of the transition from primary school students to middle school students. Because of the great differences in the learning life between junior high school and elementary school, it is necessary to make a good connection with Xiaoshengchu. The following small school education series will bring you the Qingdao junior high school students how to successfully connect the junior high school English content, I hope to help everyone.

From elementary school to junior high school, the increase in English learning content makes it impossible for some students with poor learning initiative to adapt.

The increase in junior high school English learning content is mainly reflected in the increase in vocabulary and the increase in the length of each article and the recognition and use of grammar. Because the number of class hours is relatively fixed, it is necessary for junior high school students to prepare for pre-study in vocabulary teaching. This is very different from the primary school students who have teachers in the class. Therefore, some students find it difficult to accept why the words have not been taught. In addition, the vocabulary of junior high school should not only remember the original form, but also remember the changed form, such as the plural form of the noun; the third person singular of the verb, the present participle, the past tense, the past participle; the adjective, The comparative and superlative of adverbs, as well as the conversion of various parts of speech.

For example, from the noun luck, the adjective lucky can be derived, the adverbs lukily and their antonyms are unlucky and unluckily, and the comparative level of luck is luccier, while the comparative level of lukily is moreluckily. Part of the grammar caused a lot of interference in later learning. For example, in the general and current past, students always like to use am, is, are, was, were to ask questions. For example, when the sentences such as ShelikesEnglish; Theywenttoschoolyesterday. are turned into interrogative sentences, the mistakes students often make are: IsshelikesEnglish; Weretheywenttoschoolyesterday is the reason that the primary school textbooks have arranged the verbs am, is, are too much in the beginner stage. The content of learning is also due to the enlightenment stage, which has a profound impact on students.

The first (upper) begoingtodo sentence can be said to be another enhancement of the usage of the be verb (am, isare). These enhancements affect the third person singularity, generally the past tense and other grammar learning. The above analysis of the difficulty in learning English for junior high school students, now briefly discuss the solution. Although I have learned phonetic symbols in elementary school, some students still have problems in spelling words. Therefore, the first thing to enter junior high school is to pass the phonetic mark. It is a key to vocabulary self-study. Junior high school students have been able to distinguish the difference between Chinese Pinyin and English International Phonetic Alphabet. The study of Chinese Pinyin can help the international phonetic alphabet. First learn the pronunciation of the long and short sounds of the five vowels, then learn the double vowels, and finally the consonants. The consonants can learn one-on-one according to the characteristics of the pronunciation, that is, a clear consonant, a voiced consonant, such as / p / / b / / t / / d / / k / / g / / tr / / dr / and so on. In spelling, you can read separately according to the syllable, one syllable and one syllable, then two syllables, three syllables, and finally all the syllables are connected to read. For example, it can be spelled in this order: /intE`nAFEnEl/:/i//n/-/in/, /t//E/-/tE/, /n//A/-/nA/, /F/ /E/-/FE/,/n//E//l/-/nEl/Accent Mastery I use the knowledge of music to teach. If the basic pitch of a word is Me(3), then the accented place can be So(5). When you read a new word for a while like this, the students can basically spell the words correctly. On this basis, I think that from the beginning of the first year, teachers should teach students the ability to read English dictionaries, and organize students to conduct a dictionary contest, and then slowly guide students to learn new in the process of learning and reading English. Words, teach students to use the method of association to remember words. If father thinks of mother, brother. When the students learn the word grandfather, grandmother, take the opportunity to lead the students to find the relevant words of grand-, grandchild, grandson, granddaughter, great-grandfather and so on. In the process of word teaching, teachers should tell some knowledge of word formation, such as prefix suffix, etc. This knowledge can help students improve the efficiency of remembering new words. At the same time, students should develop the habit of reading a book every day (here, reading aloud). Along with tape reading, on the one hand, you can have proper listening practice. On the other hand, it is more important to get in touch with the correct voice, intonation, first imitate, and then repeatedly read aloud, and finally become your own voice intonation. When training to a certain extent, even if students read a new article and read it themselves, they can read the pleasant tone and language. To some extent, Li Yang’s crazy English has similar ideas to me. I believe that only by reading correctly and fluently can you understand what others are saying more easily. Of course, if you have good communication and communication, you still need to improve your ability. A key question to improve the ability to say is that students must be bold, open-minded, and not afraid to make mistakes. Reciting sentences, dialogues, and articles can help students express themselves correctly. What you learn will only become your own thing if you apply it in practice. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the amount of reading outside the classroom. Extracurricular reading not only can consolidate the knowledge acquired in the class, but also avoid the disadvantages caused by excessive emphasis on certain grammar in the textbook, and also have a preliminary concept for what to learn in the future. Reading is the most important means of absorbing English language materials, increasing language knowledge and expanding vocabulary; and improving reading ability can lay a good foundation for the development of speaking ability and writing ability, and also enable students to understand English learning from English reading. Real meaning and value, experience the fun of learning English, and establish self-confidence to learn English well. English reading ability can only be cultivated through a large number of reading practices. The British linguist West pointed out that reading through reading. Therefore, teachers should not only study the interest of students in the classroom, but also enable them to read a large number, extensively and quickly consciously and happily. How to choose the appropriate reading materials, teachers in the choice of reading articles are often easy to start from the individual teaching experience, to provide the articles that they think are more suitable to the students. However, the results of this are often counterproductive, and the students do not necessarily meet the requirements and considerations of reading materials. In order to get out of this misunderstanding, the author introduces the demand analysis here. The rise of demand analysis in the field of teaching is mainly due to the advent of a student-centered teaching system. Learners are considered independent individuals with their own unique interests, styles, needs, and goals. Teachers should design teaching methods and select learning materials based on the specific requirements of the classes they teach, and fully consider the specific characteristics of the teaching objects. In this way, demand analysis becomes an indispensable first step in curriculum design and textbook selection. Many scholars have revealed the relationship between demand and teaching materials. One of the conditions for optimal language input proposed by Krashen is that language input is closely related to the learner's needs. Lunningsworth will be able to meet the learning needs of students as one of the criteria for judging the success of a textbook. It can be seen that exploring the learner's demand for reading materials is the basis for selecting appropriate reading materials, which is one of the fundamental ways to stimulate students' reading interest, enhance learning motivation and mobilize the best emotional state. The level of student satisfaction with the material depends on whether the material itself meets their standards or needs. This standard is generally determined by factors such as the student's learning objectives, learning expectations, language level, knowledge, and scope of interest. When reading materials are more in line with their situation in all aspects, reading will give them a very strong sense of satisfaction; on the contrary, when the material is incompatible with the learner in all aspects, the situation is very bad, not only can not stimulate reading interest, but instead Make them bored and have an undue resentment towards reading. Therefore, it is advisable that reading materials should be based on the students' reading needs and based on the student's selection criteria. This will enhance the students' interest in reading, and they will be able to participate in reading activities with full enthusiasm. Before reading and selecting materials, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth investigation on the student's learning objectives, learning expectations, language proficiency, and the requirements of the article's interest, difficulty, amount of information, and article type. Can follow, targeted. There are many English materials for students to read outside of class. I think that 'Bookworm' and 'Easy Reading Classic Series' published by Shanghai Foreign Languages ??Publishing House are all good. 'Bookworm' is suitable for extensive reading materials, and it has Chinese translation, avoiding the trouble of looking up the dictionary. Read at least three times for each book. You don't read Chinese for the first time. You can read Chinese when you don't understand the second time. You don't read Chinese for the last time. The reading speed was the slowest for the first time, and the second two times slowly accelerated. 'Easy to read the classic series' can watch for fifteen minutes before going to bed every day, and continue unremittingly, then the reading and reading of the students will be greatly improved and expanded, thus making the reading comprehension rate greatly reduce. I suggest that students can take a good sentence and paragraphs when they encounter good sentences and paragraphs, and then read them into awkwardness. In the process of extensive reading, it is best not to pause for individual words, because multiple pauses will interrupt the idea, affect the progress, and ultimately lose interest in reading. This way of reading does not deny the importance of expanding the vocabulary. In order to expand their vocabulary, some students often choose to go back to the vocabulary manual of the big head, and I think it is boring and not conducive to flexible use.

I think that the focus should be on reading, and the vocabulary and reading go hand in hand.

According to some foreign linguists' research, a new word appears in seven different sentences in different sentences, and it can basically grasp its part of speech, meaning and usage, including spelling.

Of course, in addition to the above countermeasures, I think that each classmate should write his own set of error-prone questions from the very beginning.

The specific method is: after each size test, you should copy the wrong questions of this exam, and be sure to make a mistake because you are careless or do not understand, and note the answer on another page. .

Before the next exam, do the wrong questions before. For the careless questions, remind yourself of the reasons for carelessness. For difficult topics, use your existing knowledge to find the entry point and use the exclusion method. Exclude irrelevant options and finally determine the answer based on the sense of language.

The sense of language is a direct and holistic feeling of the expression of language. It is an ability to grasp the language and characters. This ability is a kind of mental ability formed in long-term language practice.

In English teaching, it is especially important to develop students' sense of language.

Cultivating a sense of language can improve a student's ability to understand, accept, and speak English.

So, in the middle school English teaching, how to cultivate the students' sense of language? The language sense is a kind of language cultivation, which is a kind of relatively intuitive and quick feelings with a strong experience color after a long period of formal language training. The ability to speak words.

Therefore, the key to training the sense of language is to read a lot, to read well, and only through a lot of reading can consciously enhance the sense of language, improve the learning level of English language, and enhance the ability to understand English language; secondly, memorizing, memorizing can Make students accumulate a large number of words and sentence patterns.

Reciting is a result of proficiency and an accumulation of reading.

As the number of readings gradually increases, the students' understanding and sentiment will gradually deepen, thus reaching the book for a hundred times, and its meaning is self-existing.

Reading is an important way to develop and improve students' sense of language.

It is true that reading aloud is a process of re-creation. It converts silent words into vivid and colorful situations. This requires students to quickly judge words, sentences and sentence meanings during the process of reading. This process is actually The process of language internalization, which can cultivate students' keen sense of language.

Study reading exercises first require students to be accurate in pronunciation and language norms; secondly, they should focus on training students to grasp the speed, tone and rhythm; finally, they should guide students to read them emotionally.

In the classroom teaching, the forms of reading are diverse: teacher reading, random reading, collective reading, group reading, and role reading.

Reading should be carried out throughout the teaching. Not only should there be more reading methods, but also the reading should be wider, and the reading requirements should be gradually improved, so that students can read, read, and read in the process of repeated reading. God.

This will not only stimulate the enthusiasm of students to participate, improve the ability of students to read, but also cultivate and improve students' sense of language.

There are two main ways to use language.

One is to say, one time to write.

Speaking is the foundation and an important way to form a sense of language.

Therefore, in language teaching, students should be trained in a variety of forms.

For example, question and answer around the content of the conversation; retelling the content of the text; creating a certain teaching scene for the role performance, so that students can experience and feel, feel the sense of language.

Written expression is an activity that regulates the use of written language and is essential to promote the formation of a sense of language.

Therefore, we should pay more attention to written expression training in English teaching, and we must conceive, discuss and practice before writing. This combination can effectively improve students' verbal ability and even the whole language ability.

When we were teaching the Therebe structure, we did this written expression exercise: show a picture with a white house, a small garden behind the house, and a tree with green apples in the garden. Blooming safflower, yellow flower, bird perched on a tree branch and a big black cat in the grass.

I asked the students to carefully examine the questions, carefully observe the pictures, and then discuss the pictures. First, the group will practice, and finally the representatives from each group will communicate in the whole class. The teachers will dial in time and finally practice.

In this teaching activity, the students were enthusiastic and enthusiastic. They not only improved their verbal skills, but also cultivated a spirit of cooperation. On this basis, they strengthened the language training.

The development of language sense is not a one-off event, but a step-by-step, perseverance, and unremitting efforts.

The main thing about learning English well is initiative. Of course, the method is also very important.

This article analyzes the possible problems in the English transition period and provides corresponding solutions.

I hope this article can help a little bit in the process of learning English, especially in the hope that students can successfully pass the transition period from primary school to middle school in English learning.

How did Qingdao Xiaosheng beginners successfully connect with junior high school English? This content has been brought to you by everyone. I hope to bring help to Xiaosheng beginners. If you want to know more about Xiaoshengchu, please Login to the University Education Network!

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