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2017 Year of the Rooster Chinese New Year greetings, happy New Year blessing SMS Time: 2017-01-23 Source: Author finishing: ninety-nine net reading articles: 9 Rooster crowing, wish good luck go with you! Your wealth has earned a head, good luck just started, troubles are not overwhelmed, career goes to the top, heart on the head, have a head, taste sweet, endless! Happy Year of the Rooster! Immediately, the phone text message burst.

In order not to join in the fun, please say hello to you in advance. I wish you all a good meal, sleep well at night, get up early in the morning, raise your salary high, and the New Year's Fortune! The firecrackers sounded old and celebrated the festive season, and the guests and friends were full of smiles and toasted. Happy Spring, all kinds of text messages, blessings, happy Chinese New Year, Jiqing has more than a new year, I wish the Year of the Rooster a happy year! Shorten the distance, care to drive the cold, the young years to sweep the joy, bless the warmth of the heart, the happiness, the mentality Let's throw away the troubles, the stamps will be auspicious, and the New Year will be filled with good luck! The Year of the Rooster! Happy New Year! The business is smooth and smooth, the work is smooth, the love is sweet! The body has endless strength, and the money is growing. The body is awesome, eating a lot of flavors, teeth are good appetite, everything is happy, everything goes well! The Year of the Rooster is blessed with a blessing, and you will be sent a blessing, a blessing is a kind of fate; Send the source of your financial resources, I wish you a new year with financial resources; three to complete the 'round', may your family happy and happy! New Year's luck: rush as law! New Year's Eve is coming, I wish you optimism On, I will be a happy pioneer! I wish you good luck, all dreams come true! I wish you all the best, the Year of the Rooster is auspicious! Forward the good luck! I wish the body Kangjia Sai Mengniu, rejoice more Lenovo, life Fu Kang Le Bai, career Jetta backgammon, Caiyuan Qiangsheng Teng Sina, the stock Changhong is purple.

The Year of the Rooster is a good thing, safe and happy! Give you a bowl of honey, add some sugar inside, and finally add salt, the salt is salty, the meeting is sweet, and finally you know that everything is happy! Peaceful skin wrapped with wishful stuffing Cook with true feelings, eat a happy, two happy, three smooth, and then drink the whole family soup, the aftertaste is warm, Yu Xiang is a blessing. The Year of the Rooster is a good thing, safe and happy! The sound of firecrackers resigns from old age, taking away the troubles of the past; the fireworks are shining in the night sky, shining the glory of the future; the Spring Festival couplet is attached to the door wall, looking forward to the next year is better; the delicious dishes are served on the table. New Year reunion music Taotao. I wish you a Happy New Year reunion! White, down and no, this is also a New Year; home, back and not back, the heart is always hanging; the year, the rich and the poor, always have to eat; SMS, send and not send, I have always bless you! Year of the Rooster, good luck and happiness! On the third day of the first month, text messages to celebrate the birthday, I wish you: life is rich, longevity and longevity; full of spirit, good health; peace of mind, no Hang Shou; Life Longfeng, Fushou Shuangquan; Tianfu Tianshou, Fushou Mianmian! Newsletter New Year's weather forecast: large area will be banknotes before and after the Spring Festival, Northeast China North Banknotes, Northwest Ruble, Huazhong South China Sterling, Cheque in the southeastern part, There are gold bars in some areas.

Cut a paper window, cut off sadness; paste a couplet, stick auspicious; sip a glass of wine, full of happiness; hold a handful of snowflakes, hold sweet; send a text message to convey affection. I wish you a happy New Year! Thousands of heart and heart, I wish you a happy New Year; thousands of love, I wish you a happy New Year; thousands of flowers, I wish you a happy New Year! I wish you a good year, Great! Good luck! Because of you, deliberately give you care; at night, the quilt should be covered, so that the hands and feet are cold and cold; nothing to lick the roots, so that you can make up calcium; don't say that I am too bad, I wish you a happy New Year! I want New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, At this moment, the blink of an eye is New Year's Eve; say blessings to send blessings, and send you a lot of blessings. Thinking of friends and friends, the Year of the Snake is good luck with you; send a wish to pass on the wish, I wish you happy every day. New Year's Day blessings, family reunion and happiness; health and happiness, more happy friends, more blessings, good luck and good luck every day; good luck and good luck, I wish you more happiness in the Spring Festival! Usually less greetings, today Send auspiciousness; don't make a return, only wish you to be well-being; although you don't see each other, always in your heart; texting on the Spring Festival, affectionate than the sky! Happy Chinese New Year! The whole family is well-being. Yesterday, I met each other. It is a blessing to get along today. It is a love to reunite tomorrow. The ageing of friendship is a vintage. It is a talent to care for each other. New Year鈥檚 greetings are atmosphere, and friends are a part of life. I wish you a happy Spring Festival! Spring Festival gift: a pound of peanuts, two pounds of jujube, I hope you follow the good luck; three pounds of orange four pounds of bananas, financial resources rolled into your pockets; five pounds of grapes six pounds of orange, may you think about it; Eight pounds of mango ten pounds of melon, I hope you will bloom every day. New Year to send blessings, one to send family and two, to send business tiger, three to send pistachios, four to send wishful, five to send parents Kang, six to send wealth to enter, seven to send friendship, eight to send good luck, nine to send love honey Ten things are all right. I have you in life, I feel wonderful; I have you in the memory, I feel warm; I have you in the journey, I feel so tired; I have you in the loss, I feel warm; I have you in silence, I feel kind; I have you in my friends, I am no longer alone! Happy New Year! Dear leaders, thank you for your wise leadership and careful care. Thank you for your sincere blessings: May you have a good fortune, happy family, round, Pepsi, all the best. In the new year, new hopes are opened, and new blanks carry new dreams. Friends smashed the dust of the years, let laughter and tears, love and mourning in the heart to form a thick and crystal clear amber stay. I wish the best friend a happy new year! The ice and snow have not yet floated, the firecrackers have not yet sounded, the banquet has not yet opened, the god of wealth has not yet arrived, before the red envelope is not ready, I wish you a happy Chinese New Year! Good luck with the golden mouse with you One year, one year is sweeter than a year! The Spring Festival is over, the work is back to work; the spirit is a little excited, the body and mind are a little tired; the self-cultivation is self-satisfied, the work schedule is fixed; the work is concentrated, don't continue to indulge; Happy life! A pair of couplets to write festive, a paper window cut auspicious, a row of lanterns according to the future, a firecracker to welcome the spring breeze, a plate of dumplings hope, a bowl of rice dumplings reunion, a glass of wine and blessings, a blessing pass care. Happy New Year! The sun sets and changes, the mutual support is not bad, drink a cup of wine again, the New Year blessings inside, wishing each other good health, children and hearts are happy, you and I love sweet as honey, happy new year! It鈥檚 snowy and cold, and the greetings inside the house are warm. In the blink of an eye, the Lunar New Year is celebrated. The enthusiasm of the enthusiasm of the family, men and women, young and old. I wish my friends and relatives Antai. Happy life year after year! The bells of the zero hour resounded through the world, the train of the New Year departs on time, it carries an unforgettable time, and there is another red year, I wish you a happy new year, good luck, and wishful thinking. The New Year's bell is about to ring, and the New Year's Eve celebration is filled with courtyard halls. Please open the singer's mobile phone, collect my blessings, let sweetness go straight to the heart, be happy with you, happiness will follow you. Happy New Year! Jing re-beautiful, have a good mood to enjoy; more money, have a good body to spend; friends more, but only the real exchange; a dream of a flash, health is gold, happiness is a blessing; a new one In the year, I wish you happiness and well-being! Wind and soft rain and good moon, good morning beauty year after year, happy life every day, winter to spring like a hookah, the year is gone, life must be happy, say a treasure, say a word Peace! Wish you a happy new year! Love yourself, don't let troubles get close to you; hurt yourself, don't let the disease invade you; believe in yourself, don't let the fear of harassing you; persuade yourself, let more happiness embrace you; wish you rabbit Years are good, happiness belongs to you. My blessing is a treasure, lucky people can receive, the Year of the Snake is up, the gold and silver treasures are full, the love is sweet, the family is safe and happy, the health is golden bell, every day is good luck! . I miss you in the Spring Festival, and I am happy to come to the New Year: a good health, two less difficulties, three hundred troubles, four worships are not old, five worships are good, six worships auspicious, seven worships happiness, and eight worships have high income. , nine worship and one worship, to celebrate the Spring Festival is good! The smooth sailing of Ji Xingzhao, all the way back step by step. The four seasons are always in the spring, and the financial resources are rolling. Jinnius Yang whip resigned old, and the five tigers shouted in the spring. Add a few hi to the old age and take the New Year to the next level. I wish you all the best in my childhood! I hope this is the first blessing you received, and the blessings earlier than me are deleted, give me a sofa. If you are lyrical, keep it in your heart and keep a low profile. I am not sending a text message, it is a blessing. The Spring Festival needs happiness and does not explain. No one can change the past, and no one can grasp the future. So say goodbye to the past and say goodbye to tomorrow. Adjust your mindset and live happily now. The Spring Festival is coming, I hope that your life will be free and easy! In the beginning of February, eight hundred flowers and fragrances are everywhere. Don't be too busy with the girl, hurry up and hide the spring. During the Spring Festival, it is necessary to vent the feelings of Huaichun, and the god-given opportunity will send the gods to the harmony. In the days when the Spring Festival is coming, the bell is about to ring, and the fireworks are about to ignite, the text message will be sent to you with blessings. May you have a good time in the new year, and you will be happy. I wish you a happy Spring Festival! The Spring Festival is coming, I wish you all the best; the new year, the new starting point, the troubles are far away; new dreams, new hopes, galloping in the workplace; new goals, new life, happy every day; new planning, New prospects, good luck can't stop! New Year's Day, ask you a good, healthy body, especially good mood; good luck every day, tastes wonderful. Finally, I wish you good luck in the Year of the Monkey. The Year of the Monkey is coming! The New Year's Eve is a blessing, the family is happy and happy, the well-being is not changed, the fortune of wealth is fighting for you, and you are blowing auspicious style. All your sorrows and sorrows are thrown, happy and happy, you are all-powerful, happy Chinese New Year, and you want to make things happen! Put the golden money, wealth, and wealth into a wealthy family; use your vigor and enthusiasm to get a good spirit; give me the best wishes. Wishing a wish, I will give it to you: I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a rich future. Point the warm stove, illuminate the bright future; lift the sweet red wine, drink the peace and happiness; sing good wishes, step out the healthy dance steps; take the light footsteps and send out the Year of the Blessing; wish you family harmony, the Year of the Rooster The Spring Festival is good, the blessings are early: I hope that you will never be old, the salary will rise to new heights, the life will be laughter every day, the beautiful people will be accompanied by the evening and the dynasty, the number of friends will not decrease, the good luck of the Year will find you! The Spring Festival is here! Send you some money and find that you can earn more than I can; I want to send you some clothes and find that you are more beautiful than me; I want to send you something to eat and find that you are worse than me; I want to send you some happiness and find that you can laugh than me. I have to send you four words: Do you want to do it! The New Year is not aware, the firecrackers are everywhere. The night is coming, and the blessings know how much. Ankang greets the diligent, happiness knocks on the door. Warm reminders, happy visits often. I hope that everything will be happy and happy for the New Year. New Year, blessing; SMS greetings, friends can be safe; Wishing friends, financial resources rolling; good fortune, good fortune; happiness around, healthy companion; life is safe, everything goes smoothly; smile is always open, happy Chinese New Year! Home is forever Harbor, home is always a place to accommodate you, in this family celebration, a happy moment of reunion, I greet the most intimate friends and relatives for the Spring Festival. Happy New Year! The moment of fireworks is happiness; the moment of the meteor is a pledge; the moment of thought is. And I just want you to see the short message to understand: no matter your horizon, you will deeply wish you a happy Chinese New Year! There are always some friends in your life that are hard to forget. There are always some festivals in the year that are most treasured, from spring to spring. Xia, from strangers to familiarity, although you can't think of it from time to time, you will gently ask for it on a special day: Happy Chinese New Year! The most expensive and precious, the best and the best, the best and the most beautiful. Shun Wanshun is the most smooth, and the best fortune is the best for you! New Year wishes you peace, joy, happiness, wishfulness, health! The wine glass that holds the blessings, the happy wine, accompanied by the sound of guns, sends greetings to the New Year. May the peace and health, good fortune, happy life, happy career, sweet and warm love, smooth work! Happy flashing firecrackers, welcoming the festive Spring Festival, affixed with the red Spring Festival couplet, hanging auspicious lanterns. The Spring Festival is coming, may you have a happy mood, a happy smile, a fiery life, an auspicious year! Happiness is what is a smile on your face; you are driving home safely at home; it is a family that is happy; when someone shares joy Someone is relieved when they are frustrated. The Spring Festival is coming, I wish you: peace, happiness, happiness! Together with the front, a piece of rain and boat together. The same kind of pains and glory sharing, a total of holding a large rowing boat. Create a career and beautify your homeland, and work together to fight hard. Blessing the Spring Festival is a happy and complete! It is you who rescued me from the fire. You are sent to the hospital for treatment. It is your meticulous care. Spring Festival sincerely thank all the masters, I wish you all: happy new year, harmonious and auspicious, good life for a safe life. Spring Festival weather forecast: You will encounter money rain, lucky wind, friendship fog, love shower, health Xia, happiness cloud, smooth frost, beautiful thunder, safe 闆? happy flash, they will accompany you all year! New Year, Early in the morning. One worships the whole family, the second worship is less difficult, the three worships are troublesome, the four worships are not old, the five worship children are filial, the six worships happiness, the seven worships the sad, the eight worships the high income, the nine worships the peace cover, and the ten worships the happy . The grass spreads, the spring is full; the fragrance is young, the innocent; the flowers are fragrant, the years are long; the greetings are like Fang, the blessing is like spring. Fangchun Festival, I hope you will be happy with happiness, enjoy happiness and enjoy a beautiful life. Smile is a group fire, happiness is dry wood, life is ribs, happiness is a pot. Ignite the happy firewood with a smiling fire, and burn the red happy pot to scent the ribs soup. This is the blessing of the Year of the Tiger that I gave you. Happy Chinese New Year! The Spring Festival is coming soon, and the text message is bursting. In order not to join in the fun, say hello to you in advance. I wish you all a good meal, sleep well at night, get up early in the morning, raise your salary high, and the New Year's Fortune! The Spring Festival is coming soon, the photo is attached to the door; the fireworks are shining in the night sky, and the joy is lively; The family laughs and laughs; health surrounds wealth, and happy life often embraces. Happy Chinese New Year! Spring Festival is coming soon, phone text message burst; in order not to join in the fun, say hello to you in advance; I wish you a full meal, sleep well at night, get up early in the morning, wages are high, New Year's Fortune! During the Spring Festival, I have a lot of fun, friends and family, and I am happy. When I go to work the first day of the year, I will send a text message to ask you, work hard, work hard, and work hard to make a new chapter. I wish you a good career in the new year. After a year! You don't send me a message during the Spring Festival, I am very angry. I once wanted to kill you with a red envelope, sweeten you with candy, and die with flowers, and finally I feel that it is not feasible. I still send a text message to death, forget it, Happy Chinese New Year! You must relax in the Spring Festival, leisurely and happy. In the chest, like a green onion in the pot, it is indifferent to the troubles, and the sorrow is not in your heart. The luck of the next year is all-passed! The feelings of friends can always be in the heart! The Chinese New Year is over, the text messages are sent annually, and the greetings are made every year. New, friendship is older. A text message, a friendship; a greeting, a lifetime friend! Wishing family and people, good luck, happy Chinese New Year! Spring Festival is over, every year is full of fun; years and months are growing, years old are wonderful; good luck every year Accompanied by the age of peace and happiness paint; I wish you a Year of the Snake: happy and healthy! Healthy and happy! Happy! Happy Valentine's Day seven days, one word: eat. Eat on the wine table; eat on the table; eat and laugh on the trip; eat on the body; red packets are very popular; economically 'eat'. In short, eat and drink, everything is good! During the Spring Festival, the weather is changing, carefully watching the cold, and caring for you again: to undress, second ring late, three ring cold drink, four ring picky food, five ring cold bath, six ring Alcoholism, seven rings, quilt, eight rings, do you understand? Happy Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival is full of fun, and the holidays are short and short. The seven-day holiday is about to pass, and after work, I will work hard to start a new year and a new life. I wish you good health and happiness, a happy and happy life, a smooth and successful career, and a prosperous career! The Spring Festival is a festival, I wish you a sesame flower festival. High; the Spring Festival is 'Justice', I wish you to quit the ring and worry about troubles; the Spring Festival is 'knot', I wish you a happy friend and friends; the Spring Festival is 'connected', I wish you a lot of gold and silver.

The Spring Festival is a beautiful summary, just like a full stop; the Spring Festival is the opening of the future, like a colon; the Spring Festival is a blessing of surprise, like an exclamation mark; the Spring Festival is an unknown of happiness, like an ellipsis.

May you be happy with the punctuation of the New Year! Four great blessings for the Spring Festival: New Year's Eve booked the New Year's Eve, went out to the taxi, got the lucky money, and took the holiday to the fifteenth; I wish you a fortune, partial wealth, and windfall The financial resources are rolling; family, friendship, personal feelings, affectionate! Spring Festival to send money! Kong Fangxiong is your cousin, God of Wealth is your backing, money tree is your brand, cornucopia is your patent, high wealth is Your capital, financial is your profession, making a fortune is your future! Spring Festival gift: a pound of peanuts, two pounds of jujube, I hope you follow the good luck; three pounds of orange, four pounds of banana, financial resources rolled into your pocket; five Jin grape six pounds of orange, I hope you will think of things; eight pounds of mango ten pounds melon, may you flower every day.

Zero Tigers come to the next place, a Chinese New Year, a reunion of the compatriots on both sides of the strait, a new face in 30 years, a group of four-door friends and a five-ring, a six-day birthday of the six-year-old, eight-day spring to nine days, a perfect year The zero-bell bell rang through the world, the New Year's train departed on time, it took an unforgettable time, and it was another flaming year. I wish you a happy new year, good luck, and a wish! Mr. Lu Xun said There is no way at the foot, and there are more people who have gone.

I also want to say that friendship does not exist, but often contact has a friendship.

I wish you a happy Spring Festival, don't forget to contact me often! The stars of the sky, the prayers of my Christmas Eve; the beating candlelight, the wish of Christmas Eve; the long bell, conveying my New Year's blessing, light Lightly give you a greeting: I wish you happiness, peace, happiness.

At this time of the year, blessings are like the ocean rushing to you. I hope my blessings are like a boat, and the wind and the waves will reach the other side of success! I wish you all a happy new year! Everything is good! Family fun! Rich in money! Congratulations! Life is happy with friends, proud of achievements, warmth with family, happiness with lover, stirring with hope, and fulfilling with health.

In short, I wish you all the best, the Spring Festival is happy! The fame is given by everyone, the status is brothers fight, the Spring Festival is over, I wish you a happy holiday on behalf of the friends on the rivers and lakes! The text messages you receive in the future are I arranged for them to send.

I am low-key, don't be polite to me. I won't be angry tomorrow; I won't frown; I won't cry because I am so sad; I don't want to be sad; I am lonely to find friends, I am troubled to find happiness; don't ask me why, Spring Festival is to be happy.

Happy Chinese New Year! Tomorrow is a brand new beginning. No matter how the world changes, no matter how time and space flow, my blessing will never change: in the new year, happiness, health and happiness! Oh, happy Chinese New Year! The thoughts are deep, silently missing the hardships, silently blessing the most true, silently concerned with the heart forever, silently waiting for the Spring Festival to come, silently wishing the Spring Festival a happy, reunion, joyful! The ugly tiger is coming, The red Chinese New Year is coming, the text message is coming, the greeting is coming, the full blessing is coming, the bright smile is coming! Happy New Year! The Year of the Tiger is auspicious! Happy every day! So cold It鈥檚 so long, so busy, so long, I haven鈥檛 seen you so much, I miss you, I want to use so many gifts to give you such a big surprise, so poor, I can only wish you with such a long text message: Spring Festival is so happy! Can block The sky is high, but it can't stop being deeply missed.

The latitude and longitude can be pulled apart, but it can't stop the truth.

The years can pass the Chinese New Year, and friends will be intimate.

The Chinese New Year is coming to send me a blessing film! You will make the wealth, wealth, and wealth of the money, and make it into a wealthy family. Use your vigor and enthusiasm to get a good spirit. Put my best wishes to wish you a wish. And to you: I wish you a happy Spring Festival, wealth and years.

You don't want to see my gorgeous rhetoric, you don't want me to listen to the sound of people.

My simple words are worth a thousand words, but you can be happy with your heart: happy Chinese New Year, life is getting better and better! You are my winter cotton jacket, light bulb in the night, bread in hunger , the ice cream in the summer.

You are not around me during this Spring Festival, I have nothing.

You can only make your New Year happy by texting your thoughts.

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