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Iron General Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangdong Famous Brand, Vice Chairman of China Security Industry Association, high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in automobile/motorcycle burglar alarm/car reversing radar/car GPS navigation/car audio and other electronic products R\u0026D, manufacturing and sales business concept Iron General has 45 modern production lines, manufacturing products using international standards, and introducing world-class manufacturing equipment, such as Germany's Siemens (SMT) high-speed placement machine group, Japan YAMAHA placement machine, Germany ERSA hot air turbulence Welding, UK DEK company has a fully automatic printing machine with servo pressure control system, Japan MAZAK, MAKINO, SODICK and other high-precision mold processing center equipment. There is a dedicated metering room for the calibration and maintenance of all equipment. PRTDT (Punuo) driving recorder, Taiwan's leading brand of high-end original design.

Taiwanese design, made in Taiwan. For many years, we have been striving to provide our customers with ultra-clear driving recorders.

Entered the mainland market in 2014. However, the origin of the driving recorder is still in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Master Wang recommended the model PRTDTR601. The PRTDTR601 is a high-definition night vision driving recorder that works well.

Recommendation 7, DOD driving recorder quality monitoring Royal Netherlands Philips, Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd., a world-renowned multinational electronic brand, founded in 1891 for the production of light bulbs, the world's top 500, focusing on health care, The world's electronics industry giants in the field of quality life and lighting are famous for their strong technological innovation and product design. 3. The Jetit D600S-GD driving recorder is recommended. 2. The marking recorder is used. 鈼?Smart mobile application software-CityGo Now I believe that many car friends have a clear understanding of the role of the driving recorder, including a good understanding of what brand of driving recorder, the driving recorder has become no stranger! But it is relatively difficult to choose a better quality driving recorder. What brand of driving recorder is good? At present, the driving recorders on the market have a single function, and also have a four-in-one function. Is the driving recorder a single function or a four-in-one function? 1. The advanced 3D rapid prototyping machine can print a 1:1 new product stereo model in a few hours, greatly shortening the development cycle. Therefore, new products can be delivered to customers faster.

Philips is an internationally recognized global leader in design and receives numerous international awards each year. For example: The staring shooter is a company that wants to establish a 鈥減rofessional WiFi smart driving recorder brand鈥? It was founded in 2013 by the former Huawei employees and was launched in December 2016. Tiejunjun Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of electronic products such as automobile, motorcycle anti-theft alarm, car reversing radar, car GPS navigation and car audio. Ruiyi Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to the technology type company. Since its establishment, the company has included the series of GPS and radar detection warnings such as CONQUEROR Conqueror/BLINDER Masker/Radar Eye RADAREYE/God, and the only low power telecom in the country. Radio frequency equipment quality inspection and certification qualified radar warning device, and obtained multi-national product patent certificate.

Historically, Philips has made significant contributions to the development of the world's home appliance industry.

More than 50 years ago, Philips invented the electric razor. Invented the cassette tape recorder in the early 1960s. The Philips cassette tape standard became the world standard. Later, the video recorder was invented. In the early 1980s, it was jointly developed with SONY Japan. Out of the CD player, and later combined with SONY to launch DVD and Blu-ray DVD.

2. The RoHs laboratory monitors our products at all times to ensure compliance with the RoHs and WEEE directives.

DEC Zhongheng has a strong marketing network covering all parts of the country, mainly promoting, promoting, marketing and serving products through offline sales, online sales and TV shopping. The channels are specifically through the country's major computer cities, digital electronics city, auto parts city and 4S stores, etc., online channels through Tmall, Jingdong, Gome Online, Suning Tesco, Tencent Yixun, Amazon, Dangdang and No. 1 stores, etc. The online sales platform, TV shopping through the medium-vision shopping, Yangguang shopping, Oriental shopping and IKEA shopping, in addition to has a close and close cooperation with Changchun FAW.

Iron General has a large-scale industrial park of 100 acres, equipped with Siemens, Yamaha high-speed automatic placement machine, high-precision mold processing equipment, Japan ICT computer automatic detector and other advanced equipment and first-class laboratory equipment, through German TV ISO9001 and the automotive industry strict TS16949 quality management system certification, and a number of European and American first-class car companies have a cooperative relationship. The Iron General series products have a considerable market share in the country and are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and won the title of China's well-known trademarks. DEC Zhongheng has a sophisticated research team and advanced production and processing technology. It has been focusing on the research and development of the digital field. It has launched a series of technology products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as touch screens, dynamic video and pluggable cards. Adopting world-class chip technology and independent research and development solutions, and integrating advanced technologies such as communication and navigation, it has strong advantages in technological advancement, performance stability, functional practicability and quality reliability. Among them, the multimedia GPS navigator, which is the main research and development project of Zhongheng, has launched a series of navigation products that meet the needs of the current car owners. The mobile speed GPS integrated machine has become the first brand of mobile speed GPS; the world's first research and development The zinc alloy data automatically upgrades the frequency conversion radar electronic dog, becoming the only electronic safety early warning instrument certified by the Ministry of Public Security to ensure consumers can purchase with confidence; the self-developed smart phone, powerful, luxurious configuration, cost-effective, among many well-known smart phone brands Highlighting the encirclement and establishing the leading position of domestic smartphones.

Becoming a global automotive electronics market leader is the goal of General Iron. To this end, a large number of elite automotive electronics experts, excellent management talents and solid technical research and development strengths, combined with modern scientific management mode, professionalism, concentration and focus In the research and development of automotive and motorcycle electronic products, we have established a sound market network and a quality service system.

Shanghai Yanya Software Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional driving recorder and navigation software research and development company. It focuses on software products with independent intellectual property rights. It integrates full HD driving recorder development, navigation software development, map integration, and LBS. Service as one of the high-tech enterprises. After years of rapid development, Yanya Software has become the leading provider of driving recorders and navigation software related services in the domestic market. The PAPAGO! brand consists of four major segments: It has a high market share and brand awareness in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and is also a leading local brand.

PAPAGO!'s R\u0026D team is constantly innovating and changing. Navigation technology crosses regional and cross-platform, leading the world to launch dynamic 3D landmarks (Animation3DLandmark), real road height (elevatedroad), true terrain map (Terrainelevation), 3D real scene Engine technology such as 3Dcitymaps.

In addition, in Taiwan and most Southeast Asian countries, Attendance Technology also has a 100% map database, and the goal is to develop a comprehensive LBS service (LocationBasedService). ICP Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed company listed in the Taiwan Securities Counter Trading Center (Listing Company) with stock code 3632. 3, advanced X-ray CT scanner, can scan the internal lines and components of the product within 1 minute, greatly shortening the quality inspection cycle and easier to find problems, so we can improve product quality faster.

R \u0026 D capabilities The above is the [2017 driving recorder ranking] driving information recorder what brand of good information, I hope to help you. Xiamen Ruiyi Technology Co., Ltd., the conqueror Radareeye, the top ten brands of GPS navigation equipment, was established in 1993. The technology-based company specializing in the development of GPS and radar warning devices strictly controls the quality of the entire production process. IQC to PQC and FQC.

Unique design, high quality components, experienced staff, and first class equipment. Philips promotes an open innovation strategy that leverages the innovative power of partners and researchers to deliver more innovative products to the market faster and more efficiently.

In 2007, Philips invested 1.6 billion euros in research and development. ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 system are the guarantee of high-quality products of Iron General. The company's products are CE, E-MARK, FCC and 3C certified. Recommended 3, 360 driving recorders Philips is Europe's largest electronic multinational company, with hundreds of branches or factories in 150 countries and regions, including more than 100 in the United States.

In line with the tenet of integrity management, Iron General listens to the voice of customers, listens to the voices of customers, continuously optimizes products, enhances services, and continuously creates brilliant achievements! All the core technologies and designs of General Iron are developed in-house. Domestically and globally, the Iron General has obtained nearly 400 patents. Shanghai Yanya Software Information Technology Co., Ltd., PAPAGO, originated from Taiwan, the top ten brands of driving recorders, set high-definition driving recorder development, navigation software development, map integration, LBS services as one of the high-tech enterprises, professional driving records And navigation software R \u0026 D company's top ten driving recorder brand list-PAPAGO Beijing Zhongheng Xingye Technology Group Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of GPS navigation equipment, was established in 1996, zinc alloy data automatically upgraded frequency radar electronic dog visibility, the main Yanya Software, a technology company that produces automotive safety electronics and digital communication electronics, was established by Taiwan Research Institute of Technology Co., Ltd. (PAPAGO, Inc.), which was founded in 2001 in Taiwan, China.

Currently, there are locations in Taipei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Under the leadership of Chairman Jianliangyi, who has a background in GIS, ICP Technology utilizes long-term experience in the field of navigation with solid technology and steady and honest operation, enabling ICP to quickly enter the international software arena. The management team has more than 10 years of experience, which enables all the research and development customers to trust each other without any worries. Philips produces 2.4 billion energy-saving light sources every year. Each year, approximately 2.5 million cardiac procedures (including scanning and interference procedures) using X-ray equipment are used in the world to apply our technology. One out of every seven TV sets in the world uses Philips' color display devices, and 60% of the world's phones contain Philips products.

30% of the world's offices use Philips lighting products, and Philips also provides lighting for 65% of the world's major airports, 55% of football fields and 30% of hospitals.

Philips, a global leader in healthcare, quality living and lighting.

Philips integrates technology and design into people-centric solutions based on an understanding of customer needs and a commitment to simplicity. Ruiyi Technology's business philosophy: towards internationalization, is also the chairman's business belief, the technical service team of ultra-high standard microwave radar, is the proud object of Ruiyi Technology, the world's highest quality, Taiwan's first brand, all in In addition to a number of technologies and a number of patents, Ruiyi Technology has long-term technical cooperation with foreign countries and has far surpassed any brand of microwave receivers. All employees of the company have a common vision, unite into a strong development drive, and exert the spirit of teamwork to become a superior enterprise.

Top Ten Driving Recorder Brands List - Zhongheng DEC 鈼?Life Sharing - GoLive Philips has also introduced two new products, digital cassette and laser audio and video. The company also plans to promote ultra-widescreen high-definition color TV systems in Europe. Philips has been a leader in these areas and its products have become household names. As a technology company with more than a century of technological innovation tradition, Philips is convinced that the only purpose of technological innovation is to improve people's quality of life. To this end, the company has launched a new brand positioning in the path of transformation to a true market-driven enterprise, which is based on sense andsimplicity. The new brand positioning commitment is based on three specific criteria: Designaroundyou, Easytoexperience, and Advanced.

As a result, Philips products will provide a better experience for people, Philips technology will be more convenient to complete the work, Philips' organizational structure will be more transparent and efficient.

Top 10 Travel Recorder Brands - Condaughter Radareeye 鈼?Eight-way navigation series 鈥?WayGo Manufacturing Capabilities Philips Electronics is one of the world's largest electronics companies, ranking first in Europe. Founded for centuries, the company has been committed to innovation, contributing to the world of recording cassettes, CDs, rewritable DVDs, 100 Hz color TVs, and many other inventions in color TVs, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitors, and single-chips. The world leader in TV products. Philips is known for producing home appliances, military and civilian communications equipment, medical equipment, computers, instrumentation and display systems.

It is also one of the largest arms companies in Western Europe, with satellites from satellites, Apollo moon landings and the latest space shuttles. US warships also use Philips' radar. General Iron has invested heavily in research and development, especially in research equipment, to improve the overall quality and standards of products.

Since its establishment ten years ago, the company has deeply felt its responsibility and obligation for driving safety. In 2010, it officially entered the field of driving recorders with the PAPAGO! brand. Its specifications and quality are the same indicators, replacing the majority of drivers. Protect their driving safety. Recommended model: Puno PRTDTR601 driving recorder, Puno PRTDTR601 is a high-definition night vision driving recorder worthy of purchase, equipped with 157 掳 wide angle, 1200w pixels, 1080P ultra HD technology, night vision effect is also very good. Very worth buying. Lingdu is also a brand of driving recorder that sells quite well in China. Compared with Anba, the performance of the chip is relatively poor. It must be known that the domestic high-end driving recorders are all used. Anba series chips, Lingdu's BL950 word of mouth and sales are still very optimistic. The real operation of Ruiyi Technology is obvious to everyone. Its market share is currently popularized in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the mainland market. It is represented by regional distributors, Ruiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and the industry. The technical cooperation of the original equipment of police equipment has various radar system agency rights. We also provide various radar and laser speed warning system to the relevant authorities in mainland China and Taiwan, and cooperate closely with agents of many radar systems. At present, a few laser speed measuring systems have also been introduced to enter the Chinese market, actively cooperate with relevant industries, and obtain advanced foreign technology products, which will have potential for development in the future. We are more welcoming to the support and support of our friends in the relevant industries. We will do our best to serve you.

Ruiyi Technology has a strong product development team. We regularly communicate face-to-face with our customers to turn our customers' needs into physical products. We require relevant personnel to review the company's challenges and future goals on a regular basis. The participation of colleagues in the brainstorming and cohesiveness to stimulate and accelerate the development and prosperity of Ruiyi Technology Co., Ltd., and become the best example of automotive peripheral products and services.

In terms of usage, it is compared with the Puno PRTDT driving recorder from Taiwan.

PAPAGO is not as sharp as Puno PRTDT, and the repair rate is much higher than Puno PRTDT.

In General Iron, the development of all products, such as product design, PCB layout, product testing and packaging design, is done internally. DEC Zhongheng has always guided the product quality standard, always adheres to the business philosophy of standardization, standardization and refinement, taking technology as the guide, taking the market as the foundation, focusing on product quality and safety, guiding quality consumption, ensuring consumer quality and service sharing. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, constantly create and meet the increasing demands of consumers, and strictly implement the international standards of quality system, and passed the 3C certification, ISO9000 certification and the Ministry of Public Security certification, and DEC Zhongheng also relies on the excellent quality and advanced products. The technology, good after-sales service and user reputation have won the national quality integrity commitment outstanding enterprises and the national quality inspection stable qualified products double excellent certification, deserved to be the most comprehensive, leading and most powerful enterprises in the GPS field.

Beijing Zhongheng Xunshi Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of automotive safety electronics and digital communication electronics. In 2001, it established its own brand DEC Zhongheng, and in the same year set up research and development in Shenzhen. The center's main research and development products include electronic dog, driving recorder, GPS navigator, car Bluetooth, car air purifier, location tracker, tablet, network camera, smart phone, music player, educational products and energy products. Car power and mobile power.

鈼?Black Box Driving Recorder 鈥?GoSafe has started to expand its product path, and has achieved rapid development and praise among its peers with its reliable product quality and rapid development and perfect sales system. At present, the sales area of ??products covers Taiwan, except for Taiwan. The overseas markets include sales in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China. And actively participate in the research and development of new products, in the future will produce radar interference signals, laser jammers, GPS global satellite positioning radar related products, important information through the satellite positioning warning perfect interpretation.

Through the four-dimensional display of constant speed, distance, orientation and positioning, users can clearly understand their own position and understand the corresponding position distance of the target, so that they can easily grasp more and more complicated road conditions, stay away from the ticket, and safe. Driving! Innovative Top Ten Driving Recorder Brands List - PHILIPS Philips Ruiyi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, located in one of the most dynamic cities on the Jianan Plain in Taiwan Province, near the South Palace of the Forbidden City and the Chiayi Station of the High Speed ??Rail; A series of products specializing in GPS and radar warning devices/laser shields (laser interceptors/satellite locators and coordinate collection systems/automobile internal and external anti-theft monitoring precision electronics) coordinate collection, etc., and gradually increase the production quantity The annual goal, and began to develop a series of OEM and ODM development and design companies in the field of wide-area related products! Top 10 driving recorder brand rankings - iron general steel-mate Original title: 2017 driving recorder brand list TOP15.


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