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锘?p>eight numbers three in three groups: R \u0026 F coach: 1 to 5 results are unexpected, the next will win Fan Wuchen / China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small R \u0026 F coach Attracted by the beauty of Hangzhou: I really want to stay here for a few more days. 'Haha, I am in Huddersfield, change the day.

鍛?, I got married in July this year, come and join us. '.

In front of the mirror in the bathroom, he patted his face and thought about Elizabeth, and his mood improved slightly.


The first volume of the low-level league road Chapter 26 Beach football Elizabeth will also fly back to the United States on the 26th, the company arranged for her to receive a training.

Drazic was added a technical prisoner, a fine of 2,000 dollars, and Rocky took him. Mysterious smile: 'Hey, haven't you seen Chris recently? The boy called me yesterday, saying yesterday. I went to see him with a very beautiful lady. Yesterday was the day he was discharged from the hospital. 'As the player he introduced, Gilles was the first to leave. Paul felt a little embarrassed. Gilles, who likes money, has no big problems, and he is obedient. Paul is still impressed with him. The first show of Gongtang combination, Suning, Shanggang, activated Liu Jianye to restrict Kongka. 'Paul, I am not leaving, I am with you. I will always be with you,' Chen Yu said. . Italian media: Naples is concerned about Milan defender De Silio. Charles Gayno smiled behind her and said loudly: 'Remember the date of the evening, Elizabeth!' Andre Blatche returned to the Filipino men's basketball team. Italian media: Juventus packaged the acquisition of Damian and Matalion to see Paul did not speak, continued: 'Now I have a solution, is to take out 5 million to kick Ken Bates out of Leeds, and then will get The stock and the bank mortgage, so the club will get new funds. 'Demedia: the pharmaceutical factory Zhongwei replaced Rydiger into the German list of Gilles think the head coach is right, said: 'I need to go back and consider, Hall Sir, but I think you are right.鈥?Curry talks about the Thunder鈥檚 shooting: I know where to shoot 鈥淐ohen, Gilles, Ingram, all three of you will go to my office. Others are disbanded. Song Tao: Very optimistic about Zhao Yan's future. Paul hangs up and looks at some data on the computer. Now the hottest goalkeeper is Manchester United's De Gea, Bayern's Neuer, 28-year-old Spanish substitute goalkeeper Augustine Navas (Agustinnavas). Among the new generation of goalkeepers, the best is Newcastle's 24-year-old England substitute goalkeeper Jay Lee (Jylee), AC Milan's 25-year-old Italian goalkeeper Francisco Pendi (francescobindi), and the Argentine national gate for Parma Danielmoreno, 24 years old. The new star goalkeeper is Manchester United's 18-year-old cookandy, Liverpool's 17-year-old James Jason (Jamesjason), Birmingham's 17-year-old Stevewhite. Little Thomas: I will play the sixth game. Carrera pointed to the two Brazilians on the field and said: 'How is the progress of the labor certificate of Serginho and Anderson?' Guanggong, the history of the team, first entered the country Race. Paul did not say with a good spirit: 'nonsense, analysis of the video of the game, what to do with the lights?' Enbid to the fans: Don't say that our data is the same. Although the transfer operation was not smooth, Paul still cleaned a large number of players, they were told to find their own home, or stay in the reserve team to maintain the state. In a word, they are not in the first team plan.

The list is as follows: Defenders: Marvinmoran, Andy Griffin, Iancook.

Midfield: Glamb, Nedge, paulpoole, davidwatts.

Striker: Andrew Bowler, 1neilsadler.

Italian media: Bayern's 40 million purchase of Coulibaly was rejected.

'Look at you,' Paul said with a smile. 'Hey, if you marry me, you see that my family is tens of millions, and people are good.'

'Leon smiled and took a sigh of relief: 'You are a good smoke.

Why did it happen, it was 30,000 pounds, and the little gambling was good! '.

Carrera waved his hand and said, 'No, it will weaken our attack power.


Hengda vs. Hong Kong starting: Zhang Linyi returned, Sun Xiang battled the old master.

'coming' A tall, healthy, brown-skinned youth came from afar.

The German team arrived at the Swiss training camp and the European Cup began preparations.

Cohen sees the head coach seem to have no signs of getting angry, and scalping said: 'I will return to Spain's plane tomorrow' Official: Dalian beyond the announcement of the former Shide meritorious foreign aid coaching team, but what if you want to see you in the dream? Paul doesn't know! Official: Evergrande Football Club announced that the new chairman has taken office.

Paul looked at her charming smile and smiled happily.

A thousand gold laughs, since ancient times.

Conley: The decision will be made based on the team's summer operations.

Ashton left the document after leaving the document.

Paul鈥檚 life has been very comfortable recently, and the team is working well. It is very difficult for the B team to cause great trouble to him if the main lineup does not cause injuries.

Official: Flores is the new coach of the Spanish. 'No problem, Mr. Hall' Serginho showed his white teeth, happy to say.

This year, 19 years old and 8 months old, he was actually taken by a British team.

Haha! Eight numbers, three, three, three groups, DeRozan: Only Ciping can be stronger than James. 'Do you want to change clothes first?' Paul asked the media: Rome interested Polish striker Milick 'You played really deflated, Paul. 'Official: Empoli promoted the assistant coach as the coach.

Barbosa looks much darker than he is reading, and he has suffered a lot during this time.

In addition to football or football every day, he feels like he has returned to the day of the exam at the end of the semester.

His partner, Rocky, did not have the slightest slack, and he was trained every day, and he only insisted on his teeth.

Your parents also called him yesterday, and the good-end degree is not taken, he has to play.

He stalked his neck and slammed back: 'I am 19 years old and have the right to make my own decision.

'The waves of waves came in, and Paul waved his hand and went back to the stadium lounge.

Upgrading is a logical thing for Paul. It is not worthy of his excitement, because this season is very smooth, and finally Paul only needs to sit on the coach seat. No one can stop Leeds from winning. .

Dirk: Are we proud of our team? Paul spread his hand: 'Then you see, we only have one person in Barbosa.'


'Jon, you are only 23 years old, so engaged soon?' Bashuay: Good players are attracted to the Premier League too 'very early, you know, when I graduated, the school often invited I went back to the ball, and I met Elizabeth at a dance.

This Christmas we determined the relationship.

'Hengda vs Sydney starting: Gao Laite leads, Yulin.'p>

'Do you know how I feel at that moment? Elizabeth, how deep I love you, at that time, how much damage I suffered.

My heart is pierced by a knife.


'Oh, I don't care about you!' Elizabeth jumped into the bed and lay flat on her back.

Battle decompresses Zhou Qi: After all, he is still young. 'Hello, here is Tim Ashton.

'Three numbers, three, three, three, a group of Paul smiled, took up the mood, and continued to look at the newspaper, which read 'Waya Company held the latest clothing conference in London.'

Official: Mencius coach Faufal coached Nice 'You have a lot of words,' Paul said coldly. 'You can roll.'


Because Peter Bourne was not valued in the youth team, and the player鈥檚 contract expired, after a nominal payment of 锟?0,000, Portsmouth agreed to let Peter Bourne leave.

Soon Peter Bourne and Leeds signed a formal contract to become a member of Leeds United, and Paul confessed to Powell's arrangement of Berne's business in Leeds.

Butler: I always want to know how to get better. The scene is gradually getting hot. Leeds United players can't hold their own fire and move a lot.

The referee had to take a yellow card several times. First, Cohen retaliated with a tackle, smashed Matthias and ate a yellow card.

Rocky was tackled by the opponent's midfielder and the opponent got a yellow card.

Barbosa found the referee theory and got a yellow card. Fortunately, he was pushed away by captain Butler.


Paul鈥檚 hand trembled and called: 鈥淭he conscience of heaven and earth, Comrade Chen Yu, there is no right to speak without investigation.

' 'Okay,' Irene cheered and lay down.

At this moment, she accurately shows her age of 19, a little girl.

Italian media: Rome interested Polish striker Milic Carrera shrugged and said: 'Our players are too good, Paul.

'Paul smiled smugly. This is the team he formed. Of course, he is very good.


19 years old, playing for the Palmeiras team in the Brazilian second division, playing in the middle of the game.

Looking at his full name, Paul didn't seem to have this person in his impression.

This shows that this player is likely to not kick out in the future.


'He is a bit silly!'.

'I believe in your ability, Holmes.

Do your job well, don't think about other things, concentrate on the court, understand? Otherwise I don't mind switching to you.

'The interesting report does not have the name of Holmes. It is obvious that Harrison is higher than Holmes.

Stoneman did not mention it in the report, who said that foreign devils are unreasonable.

This obviously understands it! Paul took the opportunity to leave.

The dance has not yet started, but has already entered a lot of people.

There are mostly suits and dresses, and the ladies are more beautifully dressed.

It鈥檚 good to have air conditioning, otherwise you have to die.

Paul walked over from the parking lot for a while and felt sweat on his forehead.

'WhoTM stipulates that the ball is going to be dressed, and next time I wear T妗?

It鈥檚 really hot.鈥???Paul stretched his hand and twisted his collar.

'If you get cheap, you won't sell it.

'Paul said.

End the call, and after a while, Carrera walked in with a report and his face was gloomy.

'Happy Christmas, Paul? If you have time, call me back at night.' Listening to Chen Yu鈥檚 voice, Paul panicked and felt a little guilty.

It is necessary to talk to Chen Yu.

But how do you say it, 'Girl, I have a sweetheart.






'In the words below, Paul scratched his head and couldn't think of it. It felt like she was sorry for her.

'Try it out!' Paul said, you must buy a guard now, otherwise there will be problems in the middle of the season.

Fortunately, the transfer period in the English lower league is long enough, and it will not end until the end of March next year. There is still time to operate.

. He smiled at Chen Yu who was watching him. . A few days after Paul comforted several players, Paul received a call from Gilles' agent. : The sky is noisy, a few friends get together and have a good time. Jon said in a slightly drunken tone: 'There is still a Kevin one. We had friends at Huddersfield at that time. I really hope that he will come to see us with his girlfriend. You have seen him.' Friend?'. 'Oh, it鈥檚 rare to see you humor once. How, work found, or the head coach?' 'Hello, Mr. Lorimer' Paul dialed a phone call to Lorimer in the afternoon, he explained the current situation of Anderson A moment, he emphasized his talent. . 'I warn you again, Banks, don't mention my mother.' Paul slaps the coffee table. When he returned to the team, Captain Butler officially expressed his welcome to him on behalf of the team: 'Welcome back, Anderson!' Ingram scratched his head and left with the closing. (Official: Southampton cancels three players) Eight numbers three in three groups.

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