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锘?p>1 Sima Qian survived after being sentenced to death, and completed the 'Historical Records' with the rest of his life. Liu Wei burned his books.

Liu Daishi Pengcheng people Liu Wei, early in poverty, the lamp is difficult to do, often buys a fortune, burns as a lamp, and studies hard.

Su Ting blows a book.

There is no father, often with the servant, and I am not tired of learning.

Every time you want to study, there is no lamp or candle. You taste it in the stables.

Changlin belt is cultivated. Changlin in the late Han Dynasty, good sex, with training. His wife often feeds her, and although Lin is in the field, she respects each other.

Li Mi horns hanging books.

Sui Dynasty Li Mi, when he was a teenager, he was sent to be a guard in the court of Emperor Sui.

He was flexible and flexible. When he was on duty, he looked around and was discovered by Emperor Sui. He thought that this child was not honest, and he was relieved of his difference.

Li Mi is not lost. After returning home, he went to school and decided to be a learned person. One time, Li Mi rode a cow and went out to see a friend. On the way, he hung the 'Han Book' on the horn and took time to study. The matter was passed down as a story. Dong Zhongshu did not glimpse the garden for three years. Dong Zhongshu concentrates on studying and is tireless. Although he had a garden after his study, he devoted himself to studying and studying. He did not enter the park for a three-year period. Dong Zhongshu was so devoted to his study and made him a famous thinker in the Western Han Dynasty. Guan Ning cut off the seat. In Han Shi, Guan Ning and Hua Wei were friends of the same class. One day, the two of them were reading at the same time. There was a dignitary passing by, and Guan Ning was not disturbed. Reading was as it was, but Hua Tuo went out to watch and envy. Guan Ning sees Hua Wei and his friends who are not really like-minded, and they sit down and sit down. Afterwards, Guan Ning finally succeeded in his career! During the Western Han Dynasty, there was a particularly learned person called Yu Heng. When he was a child, he was poor in family life. In order to study, he cut through the wall of the neighbors who did not know the family. After reading a candlelight, he finally moved. Neighbors don't know, and with the help of everyone, Xiaoxie Hengxue has achieved success. At the time of the Han Dynasty Emperor, it was recommended by the big Sima and the generals of the car rider. The car sac is scanned at night. Car 鑳? word 姝﹀瓙, Jinping Nanping (now Hubei Public Security City) people, from a small family is poor, but reading is very hard work, the family is poor often do not get oil, Xia Yue is practicing a bag of dozens of fireflies to take the book, to The night is after the sun. The story of the sacred sacs of the car sacs has been passed down as a beautiful talk in history, stimulating generations of scholars from generation to generation. Chen Ping is insulting to study. Chen Ping, the name of the West Han Dynasty, was poor when he was a family. He lived with his brother. In order to inherit his father's life, he was glory, not producing, and reading in closed doors, but he was not allowed to do so. In order to eliminate the contradictions of brothers and sisters, he faced repeated humiliation and forbearance. Hair, with the increase of the amnesty, finally can not bear it, left home, want to wander the world, after being recovered by his brother, and do not care about the suspicion, blocking the brothers to rest, in the local pass for beauty. There is always a veteran, admiring the name, free admission to teach, after learning, assisted Liu Bang, achieved a hegemony. Lu Yu abandoned the Buddha from the text. Lu Yu, a famous scholar of the Tang Dynasty, was an orphan from childhood and was raised by the Zen Master. Although Lu Yu is in the temple, he does not want to recite the Buddha all the time, but likes to read poetry. Lu Yu insisted on going down to school and was opposed by the Zen master. In order to give Lu Yu a problem and to better educate him, the Zen master told him to learn tea. In the process of delving into tea art, Lu Yu met a kind old wife, not only learned the complicated tea-making skills, but also learned a lot of reading and living. When Lu Yu finally brought a steaming Kudingcha to the Zen master, the Zen master finally agreed to his request to go down the mountain. Later, Lu Yu wrote a widely circulated 'Tea Classic' to carry forward the tea culture of the motherland! Juvenile Bao Zheng Xue case. Bao Zheng Bao Qingtian, since childhood, intelligent, good to ask, especially hi reasoning, his father and the county are close, Bao Zheng has learned a lot from the small ears, learned a lot of case-breaking knowledge, especially in the case of burning temples, Bao Zheng According to the clues and traces of the scene, after stripping and smashing, and sorting out the suspects, they pretend to be the king of the king, clearing the truth and helping the magistrate to take the murderer and kill the people. He worked hard to learn the criminal knowledge of the law, and for the sake of growing up, he was a god, and he made a deep knowledge base for the people. Vance studied hard with closed doors. Wan Si, a famous scholar and historian in the early Qing Dynasty, participated in the compilation of the important history book of China's Twenty-four History. But when Vance was a child, he was also a naughty child. Vance lost his face in front of the guests because of his playfulness, which was criticized by the guests. With the anger, Vance flipped the guests' tables and was taken to the bookstore by his father. Vance was angry with, disgusted with reading, and thought about it after closing the door. He was inspired by the 'Tea Classics' and began to study hard. In a blink of an eye, more than a year passed, and Wans read a lot of books in the bookstore. His father forgave his son, and Vance understood his father's good intentions. After a long period of hard work and hard study, Vance finally became a famous scholar who knew the history of the group and participated in the compilation of the Ming History in the Twenty-four History. Tang Bohu concentrated on learning to paint. Tang Bohu was a famous painter and writer of the Ming Dynasty. When he was a child, he showed the talent of Superman in painting. Tang Bohu, a teacher, worshipped under the great painter Shen Zhoumen, studied nature more hard and diligent, mastered the painting skills quickly, and was deeply praised by Shen Zhou. Unexpectedly, due to Shen Zhou鈥檚 praise, Tang Bohu, who has always been modest, gradually developed complacency. Shen Zhou looked in his eyes and remembered it. When he was eating, Shen Zhou asked Tang Bohu to open the window. Tang Bohu found that his window was actually A painting by the teacher Shen Zhou, Tang Bohu was very embarrassed, and since then he has concentrated on painting. Qu Yuandong is studying hard. Qu Yuan Hou Hou disregarded the opposition of the elders, regardless of the wind and rain, freezing cold, hiding in the cave to read the Book of Songs. After three years, he familiarized himself with 305 pieces of the Book of Songs, absorbed rich nutrition from these folk songs, and finally became a great poet. Fan Zhongyan broke the porridge. Fan Zhongyan was poor from a small family. In order to study, he saved money. Finally, his hard work and good education touched the elders of the temple, and the elders sent him to study at Nandu School. Fan Zhongyan still insists on simple living habits and does not accept gifts from rich children to sharpen his will. After hard work, he finally became a great writer. Sima Guangbao pillow inspirational. Sima Guang is a child who is sleepy and sleepy. For this reason, he is not blamed by his husband and his ridicule. With his martyrdom, he is determined to get rid of the bad things of snooze. In order to get up early, he drank before going to bed. Filled with a stomach, the result was not awakened in the morning, but urinating the bed, so the smart Sima Guang made a police pillow with the garden wood. When he turned over in the morning, his head slipped on the bed board and he woke up naturally. From then on, he went early every day. Getting up and studying, persisting, and finally became a knowledgeable person, and wrote the great writer of Zi Zhi Tong Jian. Xuan Zang studied Buddhism. The Xuan Award is a sorghum in the Tang Dynasty. In order to obtain the original text of the Buddhist scriptures, Xuanzang left Chang'an in August and August in Wanguan. He traveled westward and finally arrived in India. It lasted for seventeen years and was written in the Great Tang Dynasty. Made great contributions to Buddhism and human progress and world civilization. Yue Fei learned art. The national hero Yue Feisheng was in a troubled world. Since his childhood, he was poor. Under the support of his neighbors, he worshipped Zhou Tong, a famous teacher in Shaanxi Province. During the period, he witnessed the fragmentation of the mountains and rivers, the displacement of the people, and the ambition of studying and reporting the country, overcoming the feeling of pride and complacency. During the winter and summer, the winter and summer, hard training and not embellishment, under the careful guidance of the famous teacher Zhou Tong, finally became a Yue family to grab, and led Wang Gui, Tang Xian and other partners, joined the patriotic flood of anti-gold rescue. Li Guizhen learns to draw tigers. The five generations of paintings of the famous family of tigers like to paint since childhood, especially like to paint tigers, but since they have never seen a real tiger, they always painted tigers into sick cats, so he decided to enter the deep forest and explore the real tigers and experienced thousands of lives. Suffering, with the help of the uncle of the Orion, I finally saw the real tiger. Through a lot of sketching, the technique of painting tigers leaps forward, and the tigers in the pen are vivid and can be chaotic. Since then, he has traveled many famous mountains and rivers for most of his life, and has seen more birds and beasts, and finally became a master of painting. Shen Kuo went up the mountain to see the peach blossoms. In the April of the world, the fragrant fragrant flower, the mountain temple peach blossom began to bloom, when reading this poem, Shen Kui's brow condensed into a knot, why are we all defeated here, the peach blossoms on the mountain began to bloom? In order to understand this mystery, Shen Kuo made a few small partners to go up the mountain for a field trip. On the mountain in April, the warmth was cold, the cool breeze hit, the frozen people shivered, and the Shenqi spears opened, the temperature ratio on the mountain The mountain is much lower, so the flower season is coming late than the mountain. With this spirit of seeking and empirical methods, Shen Kuo, who grew up, wrote 'Meng Xi Bi Tan'. 2 Xu Xia is in the world. One day, there was a strange thing on the riverside. Many people were salvaging the stone lions that fell into the water, but they could not find them. At this time, a child named Xu Xiake said that as long as the river is up, the stone lion can be found. Sure enough, the stone lion was found, and everyone praised this smart child. It turned out that he was Xu Xiake who became a great geographer and traveler when he grew up. Li Yu was trained as a archer. Li Wei鈥檚 father is a mighty general, and Li Wei hopes to grow up to be the same person as his father. However, the father always said that he was young and could not practice martial arts. Li Yan was not reconciled, secretly studied archery, and finally became a godsman in the hundreds of ways, let his father look at each other. Lu Youshu nest diligent. Lu You, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, was hardworking, sensitive and eager to learn since he was a child. In his house, there are books on the table, books in the cabinet, and books on the bed, called the book nest. He was diligent in his creation, leaving more than 9,000 poems in his life and becoming an outstanding great writer in the history of our country. Liu Yu Buddha Temple borrowed to read. Late at night, suddenly the sound of reading was heard in the temple. The little monks were frightened and thought that there were ghosts inside and they immediately reported to the old monk. Therefore, the old monk led the little monk to catch the ghost. I didn't expect the ghost to be a poor child named Liu Wei. He was studying with a Buddha lamp. After studying hard, Liu Wei finally became a great writer. If you eat it into a big device. The well-known texturist, Ruo Ruojun, was a stuttering child when he was a child. He was often ridiculed and bullied by everyone. With the encouragement of his mother and teacher, Ruo Ruoyi studied hard with the spirit of diligence, and paid several times the efforts of others to catch up with normal. Classmates, since then, Ruo Ruoxuan has become a famous scholar with this spirit of hard work and hard work. Gu Yanwu read a million books. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Gu Yanwu鈥檚 childhood was very unfortunate, and smallpox almost took his life. Although he was weak and sick, with the guidance and encouragement of his mother, Gu Yanwu worked diligently, and copied the 'Zi Zhi Tong Jian' with extraordinary perseverance, and finally became a generation of university students.

Ouyang Xiu borrows books.

The Northern Song Dynasty writer Ouyang Xiu was born with great talents, but because of his poor family, the family had no money to buy paper to buy a pen. Ouyang Xiu鈥檚 mother, Zheng, came up with a clever way to let his son Xiwen practice the words. Instead of a brush to teach small Ouyang repair writing.

Ouyang Xiu worked diligently and hard, and became a good-looking child prodigy. This kind of hard work also affected his small partner Li Yufu and brought Li Yufu to the road of learning.

Asked by Pu Songling Cao Ting Road.

The Qing Dynasty writer Pu Songling built a thatched pavilion on the side of the road to record the stories told by the pedestrians. After decades of hard work, and his own sleepless nights, he finally completed the epoch-making history of ancient Chinese literature. Brilliant masterpiece 'Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio'.

Jia Wei intercepted the school.

Jia Wei, the word Jingbo, was born in 30 AD, is a famous scholar and astronomer.

He is the ninth grandson of Jia Han, a famous Western Han Dynasty.

Father Jia Hui is also a university.

Jia Wei was deeply influenced by the family and was very talented.

In order to be able to read, Jia Wei was listening to the story of the teacher鈥檚 lecture through a bamboo fence.

Meng Ke changed his studies.

Mengzi was a famous thinker and politician in the Warring States Period.

However, Mencius is not a person who is born to learn. He was very playful when he was a child, and he did not like to study.

Later, in order to educate him, Mengmu moved three times and cut off the cloth to guide him.

Finally, Mencius understands that if you want to be a talent, you must work hard and be truthful.

Song Yu is a snow visitor.

The famous literary writer and scholar of the Ming Dynasty Song Yi was very eager to learn. He was not only knowledgeable, but also wrote a good article. He was praised by the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang as the first of the founding ministers.

Song Song loves reading very much, and when he encounters something he doesn鈥檛 understand, he always has to ask questions.

This time, in order to figure out a problem, Song Yu walked for dozens of miles in snow and went to ask Mengji, who did not accept students, but the teacher was not at home.

Song was not discouraged, but visited the teacher again a few days later, but the teacher did not meet him.

Because of the cold weather, Song Yu and his companions were all frozen enough, and Song Yu鈥檚 toes were frostbitten.

When Song Yi visited for the third time alone, he fell into the snow pit and was rescued.

When Song Hao almost fainted at the teacher's door, the teacher was touched by his sincerity and patiently answered the question of Song Yu.

Later, in order to seek more knowledge, not afraid of hardships and difficulties, Song Yu visited many teachers and eventually became a famous essayist! Tao Hongjing vegetable garden to study.

In ancient times, there were many misunderstandings about the natural world. People believed that the win was a ridiculous legend that turned 铻熻泬 into his own son. He also called the son he was a scorpion.

Tao Hongjing expressed doubts about this.

He found a nest in the vegetable garden near the village, and he concentrated on the vegetable field and watched it all day.

Tao Hongjing found that they have both males and females. After many days of careful observation, Tao Hongjing finally exposed the secret of the 铚捐爟 : :: the original 铚捐爟 also has its own descendants, who are brought to the nest to feed the larvae as food. There is no such thing as a child! Since then, Tao Hongjing feels that it is best to observe everything in person, and it must not be clouded.

3 When Edison invented the electric light, he did thousands of tests for the selection of the filament, spent a lot of sleepless nights, and even whimsical experiments with hair.

Kungfu did not bear the pains of the people. In the end, he succeeded in making the world's first electric light with a treated carbon wire.

Edison uses the focus to bring light to the world, and also uses action to explain what is concentration.

The same example is that Nobel invented explosives. Nobel risked his life to carry out an explosion test. Finally, he successfully solved the problem of overworked quarrying and liberated the hands of mining workers.

The Nobel Prize he established inspired many generations of future generations to make progress, and let Nobel's dedication to continue for generations. \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Newton once thought about the problem, and at lunch time, he went to cook eggs.

When the water in the pot boiled, he was surprised to find out: Where is the egg cooked in the pot, but his own pocket watch.

Newton鈥檚 attitude towards learning makes me admire. It is this unremitting exploration of science and perseverance in seeking truth that makes Newton a leader among countless scientists in modern times.

Einstein often forgets to eat when he does experiments.

One time he did the experiment, he had to eat. He went to the restaurant, but his mind was full of chemical equations. Suddenly, he understood that he understood the key to playing, and he found himself in the restaurant.

What am I doing? He asked himself, oh, yes, I have already eaten.

After finishing, he rushed back to do the experiment.

Ask, if there is no such focus on sleepless nights, why can Einstein become the smartest person in the world? Focus is the attitude that all great people must have when they become famous. Because of their focus, the talents can be called great people.

4 Li Hongzhang took three people to see Zeng Guofan, and asked Zeng Guofan to assign them to their posts. Unfortunately, Zeng Guofan went for a walk. Li Hongzhang indicated that the three people were waiting outside the court. Soon, Zeng Guofan walked back, Li Hongzhang explained his intention, and asked Zeng Guofan to inspect. The three people. Zeng Guofan said: No, the person facing the door, standing on the left is a loyal person, careful, reassuring, can send him to do the logistics supply; the middle is a man who is guilty of yin and two sides It is not worth trusting. It is only appropriate to assign some insignificant work, and it is not a big responsibility. The right one is a talented person. It can be used alone. In the future, it should not be used. Li Hongzhang is very surprised. Q: I haven鈥檛 examined them yet. How are you? When I came to the conclusion, Zeng Guofan said with a smile: I just walked back and saw three people outside the hall. When I walked past them, the left side looked down and couldn鈥檛 look up. It was an honest and cautious person, so it was suitable for some logistics supply. The class only needs to be practical and does not require much machine change. The middle one, on the surface respectfully, can wait for me to go, then look around and see, it is a person who is guilty of yin and yin. This is not reusable. The right one is always tall and straight, like a pillar, looking straight ahead, not humble, is a great general. The great general of Zeng Guofan is the Huaijun brave, later served as Taiwan. The governor and the well-known Liu Mingchuan. If you use the tricks to dig wells, you can't find a number of wells and you can't find the wells. If you keep a well, try to keep the spring, and use it! Zeng Guofan 5 famous social behaviorist Malcolm \u0026middot; Gladwell's 10,000-hour law mentioned in the book 'Different Classes', he said that the reason why genius is extraordinary, not born, but continued for 10,000 hours of continuous practice From ordinary to extraordinary.

There are countless examples like this.

Mrs. Curie devoted her life to the research of radium and won the Nobel Prize twice. Levinhok polished the mirror for 60 years and finally invented the fine microscope. Cao Xueqin worked hard for a lifetime, and a book 'Dream of Red Mansions' wrote about life. Margaret Chier wrote only one novel, 'Gone with the Wind', but he is a world-famous love classic; Xu Beihong painted horses in his life; Qi Baishi focused on painting shrimp; basketball god Jordan, practicing 500 shots a day The golf god Tiger Woods, swinging 500 times a day, still sticks to the swing bed \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; Our time and energy is limited, only focus on one area, intensive work in a certain field, in order to There is something in the field.

The professional division of labor in all walks of life is becoming more and more detailed, and the social economy has shifted from extensive to lean, and the requirements for professionalism are getting higher and higher.

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