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Referrer: Source: Member recommended time: 2012-03-2508:44 Read: 鈻?[Do you don't mind too much] In this life, how many words have you heard 'don't mind'? At that time, you said to him: 'I already have it.

He said: 'I don't mind.

'You said: 'I can't give you all the love. He said: 'I don't mind.

'You ask: 'Don't you mind my past? He said with great certainty: 'I don't mind.

鈥濃€斺€?-- Then, one day, he began to mind all the things he had said that he didn鈥檛 mind. Didn鈥檛 he ever say so deeply that he didn鈥檛 mind? At that moment, you have to hold him in tears. .

Who knows, when the time passed, he forgot everything he said. 鈥斺€?-- Next time, when you hear the words 鈥渄on't mind鈥? you know that when people can't get it, they can't mind anything. After getting it, everything is a bit of a mind. 鈥斺€?-- This is, I hope you don't mind too much.

============鈻瞇What I did wrong] There is a saying, we hope that we will not say it for a lifetime, that is: What am I doing wrong? When the other party raised it, we asked with tears: What have I done wrong, you told me, I will change.

Have you said such a sentence in the past or today? When you give up, you usually don't get a return. This sentence is nothing but glorious to see off the other side.

He waved his sleeve and said: You didn't do anything wrong, it was my fault. You really didn't do anything wrong, I don't love you, it's my fault, what do you do with you? If you just want to say that you are doing something wrong, then your only fault is that you don't love me first.

============ 鈻?[Sometimes stupid, sometimes not stupid] Men are sometimes stupid, they often do not understand the mind. When you broke up, you cried and said: I will not see you again in the future, you will give me a roll! As a result, he really rolled.

He is holding you, you push him away and say: Don't touch me again! As a result, he is real.

In fact, when you say that you broke up, it seems to be decided. It is not so decisive. As long as he asks you, you may be soft.

However, when he went back down, he stopped looking for you. He thought you really wanted to break up. 鈥斺€?--Because he refuses to look for you, you are not willing to find him, you really broke up.

If he is not so stupid, the result may be different.

In the face of his beloved woman, can't he see that there is room for recovery? 鈥斺€?--Of course they are not too stupid, when you say: Go to hell! They will not die.

At this time, they are very smart, knowing that you are not telling the truth. ============鈻瞇Love in a pair of socks] We all thought that we loved one person very much.

Many years later, we asked ourselves: Do I love him? I don鈥檛 love at all, I can鈥檛 even say love.

We are just such a deep-seated self. When we break up, we are not sad, but pity ourselves. It鈥檚 good to live. If you live, you will find out that you didn't have a person so you loved someone so much.

============鈻瞇Emergency Breakup] When a person wants to break up with you, you promise him.

He is so urgent, it is not an insult to you.

鈥斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€?Some people are always not awake enough to see the other party so urgent, but they still want to stay, want to ask the other party to think clearly. If you don鈥檛 think clearly enough, you will not be so determined. 鈥斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€?Some people want to retaliate, it is so urgent to break up with me, I just do not agree, I just want to delay and torture him. Wait, wait until I think, I will give up, the watch is in my hands! This is not tormenting each other, it is an insult to yourself.

鈥斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€? He forced you to move away, you have to find a truck immediately, and move all the things that belong to you overnight, so that he can not imagine. Urgent people can't keep it.

He didn't love you at all, only to trample on your dignity. ============鈻瞇There was no] Someone asked, when the separation is in the end, is it better to leave the person, or is the person left behind more painful? It should be said that the person who loves the deepest is more painful.

鈥斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€? A couple of couples, one of whom has to go out alone, this short separation, naturally the one that stays is more painful. The person outside is busy playing or working, colorful, and the person who stays, but has to face it alone.

At that moment, he only knew that he was the other. It is better to abandon others than to be abandoned. The so-called, always one to leave, the one to go is of course less than the pain left behind. After a long time, the person who left the discovery found that he could forget the person who left, then it is no longer painful, and the one who deviates from the opening finds that he still loves the former person. At that moment, he realized that he was the one he left behind.

============鈻瞇Love, always conditional] Don't say that you will love someone unconditionally, love is always conditional.

You can do nothing, but you want him to love you. Isn't this a condition? Each of us is conditionally loved, and we are also in love with others, and we do not have to be disheartened.

Since you know that there is no unconditional love in this world, you should make yourself more qualified to be loved, and you should learn to forget some conditions to love someone.

============鈻瞇And far away] Are you, two loved ones can rule out all odds? There is no such belief that you have never been young. However, if you have always believed, prove that you are too naive, you have not grown up.

If two people who love each other will never grow up, never progress, never meet better people, and their thoughts will always be the same, then there is no difficulty between them, but unfortunately, This is not easy.

鈥斺€?--You believe that love can rule out all the hardships, that you believe that love can do everything, can only be in the memory of that beautiful and distant belief.

============鈻瞇Old love in the transition period] After breaking up with my boyfriend, I know that he still loves you very much, I want you to change your mind, so when you are, you will find him. You don't love him anymore, you don't want to compound, just you are too stuffy. And he is accompanying.

Is this practice very selfish? Already with him.

Although he has many shortcomings, he is very lonely. Ming knows that he may be bleeding in his heart. 鈥斺€?--Be aware that there is still a glimmer of hope in his heart. When you are willing to see him, he will think that he still has a chance.

He would think that if you take you to the bed again, you will come back to him, at least, not leaving him for the time being.

He is your transition with this idea. If you have the deepest love for this person, how can you bear to use your dignity to send your loneliness? One day, when he is awake, he will hate you.

鈥斺€?--If you can choose, don鈥檛 end your love with hate.

============鈻瞇Hungry food choices] Buy the food, feel bad, don't throw it away, just put it aside.

One day, when your stomach is very hungry, there is only one pack of food at home, and at that time you will find it delicious. When it's your only choice, you'll find that it's not as delicious as it is, but it's not as bad as it used to be. Sometimes, hunger and food are worthy of sympathy.

It鈥檚 too lonely. That person is not very good. He didn鈥檛 like him at all. However, when he was hungry, he suddenly became better.

That is not a helpless choice, but a chance to finally discover your strengths.

How can we know that we are not the choice of people who are hungry? ============鈻瞇If you don't have time, please leave] Who says time is not a problem? A man is in good condition, he has no time to accompany you, it is superfluous. Love can not hope for thirst, holding his photos, holding memories, can you spend every day? How much time a man is willing to give a woman is how much he loves him.

If you love me, you can squeeze out a little time. You can't squeeze the time, you have made a choice. Since there is no time, I will release you. When you release you, you are also releasing yourself.

============鈻瞇Poor] Don't be angry when you are hated for no reason, maybe, you did a good thing. The objects he hates are usually around them, those they can't get. People who are hated are not suffering. Those who hate are scarred. Hate is a poor escape. When you are hated, you are more than someone who hates you. ============鈻瞇Wandering reunion] Time will make you awake or ruthless.

You ask hard: How can you forget someone? I said: How can you not forget a person? ============鈻瞇Just one] How many things we have thought we would love for a lifetime, the covenant of a lifetime, always made when we most want to have each other, at that time, I really think so... When we meet that person, we think we will love him forever. He is already so good, how can I fall in love with others? However, the years will let you know that the wish of a lifetime is really just a wish.

============鈻瞇Unchanging] We often ask our loved ones: Will you change? We are afraid that he will change his mind and fear that love will change. The first change is not the heart of one person, but his view of things.

鈥斺€?--Looking at the lover will never change, you must constantly re-recognize the changed partner and re-appreciate the changed partner. ============鈻?[Deadly Hug] The most effective way to kill a woman is to hug her hard until she suffocates and is not willing to let go. ============ 鈻?[Promise is too far away] The promise between two people, if one party can not keep it, it is helpless.

He can't do it, not that he forgot, and he didn't need to scream to remind him once.

When a person decides to leave you, there is no need to remind him again: You said you will not leave me! What did he say? When he said, you wouldn't believe it, but when he was leaving, you were recovering.

鈥斺€?-- Take the promise as part of love.

We have really made a wish to do something for one person, but the world of tomorrow is not within my control.

Do it, I will, can't do it, I will. I will also learn, not to recover. 鈥斺€?--The love that has promised is more beautiful than the promised beauty. Once it is going to be recovered, the promise has become too far away. ============ 鈻?[Men breakfast said] is a woman's love to make women loyal, but not a man's love makes men heartfelt.

Make men heartfelt, not love, but righteousness. Therefore, if you want to keep a man, you must not only love him, but also make him feel that he is losing to you.

============鈻瞇Men's love words] If a man says to you: I will not fall in love with another woman. You should understand that he means temporary, at present, at this moment, he will not fall in love with other women. 鈥斺€?--If a man says to you: I only loved a woman in my life. That means her.

鈥斺€?--The man said: I have to take care of you forever.

The result is that you take care of his daily diet, take care of his family, ... ----- Men's love is inseparable from the pledge of the mountains, but men are best at forgetting their promises.

Only women who have been stunned by love believe in love. However, is there a woman who has never been stunned by love? Therefore, the man's love words will always be effective. ============鈻瞇We are separated by the end of the world] Many people say: the end of the world.

Is Tianya really close? The distance is always the distance. You went to a very distant place, although we can chat and write emails, but we are separated by the end of the world.

When I need to hug, where are you? When I need comfort, where are you? What can I do for you when you are helpless? 鈥斺€?--A couple is a gamble when they decide each side of the day.

At first, I will meet you, but all my thoughts need to be comforted at the right time, and endless thoughts are a torment. I can wait for you, but you better not ask me if I will fall in love with others during this time.

All of them have a price. If you want me to wait, you can't take possession of me. If I want you to wait for me, I will do the same.

鈥斺€?--I know that you will come back to me, this is enough.

You can love anyone before the day we agree to meet again. If you still feel that I am the best, come back to me. I never believe that the world is close, I have only seen men and women who are next to each other.

============ 鈻?[Women are good] The most acceptable is to accept people who have betrayed themselves, tear the past and forget the past, just ask him to come back, but ask him to stay.

Women always try to forget the past.

But men don鈥檛. 鈥斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€? A woman who betrayed him, it is not easy to return to him. Even if she loves her too much, she can't help accepting her again, and there will always be a thorn in the man's heart. Men hate than women, especially men and women love hate.

They would rather accept a fortune-seeking partner than a negative woman.

Is a man more emotional than a woman, unable to accept this betrayal? Or is a woman more emotional than a man, willing to forget betrayal? To betray, or to betray a woman. =============[The record is kept] In fact, crying and slamming, especially hanging, is effective for men, not for men, but for their masculinity. They thought in their hearts that he must love my love so much. Without me, she would die.

鈥斺€?--I just imagined that if I was a doctor on duty, I saw a wrist and blood, and the woman who was in pain was pushed to me. When I asked her who was a child, she raised a weak finger. Pointing outside.

Then, I saw a man who was ugly and had nothing to do. He crossed his hands and leaned against the door. He couldn鈥檛 hide his proud look. He couldn鈥檛 help but be smug, and I would spray it! Want a woman to be alive for you, but also to see you worthy! =============[Love me or love my body] Before they go to bed, they are 100% sure that this man likes her.

But once the relationship occurs, she immediately suspects him: Does he love her, or love her body? Men never doubt whether a woman loves him or loves his body.

If she only loves him and does not love his body, he is really.

鈥斺€?--Whether it is loved, everyone has different feelings.

However, a man who has disappeared after a relationship must not love you. He only loves your body. ============鈻?[Love in the rain] Good love makes your world vast, like walking on an endless grassland. Bad love makes your world narrower and narrower, and only the square under the eaves can shelter from the rain.

Good love is when you see the world through one person. Bad love is when you abandon the world for one person. Good love makes you always reflect on yourself enough, so that you are not afraid to grow old, because even if you are old, you will not be each other.

You won't worry about your inconsistency after ten years, because you walk together on the grassland instead of sheltering from the rain. When the rain stops, there is no need to follow it.

============鈻瞇Uncertain love] Unsure love is also a torture.

When will he become affirmative? Why is he always letting you when you are eager? Make you sad when you look forward to it? When you are full of ambition, let you lose your senselessly? Is this love? ============鈻瞇Do not ask for a long time or have it ever] Maybe everyone has a role in another person.

When the effect is over, the merits are perfect, and the breakup is also completed. He is just a passer in her life, a springboard, but it has affected her for a lifetime. Is this ever owned, or is it forever? Don't ask for longer or ever. Everything is always in different forms for a long time.

When you broke up on the same day, you were very sad. When you look back today, you wake up and he leaves because its role is over.

Where is there no parting? What matters is what you have played in each other's lives.

============鈻瞇Don't eat forgetful drugs] The painful memories will eventually become power.

You have paid a heavy price. Once you have no eyes, whenever you think of the insults of the time, you will become more wise and more self-loving. ============鈻瞇Three gifts for men] Originally, only three copies of a man's favorite gift: a high hat.

From time to time, send him a high hat with a top, praise him, admire him. Admired.

Even if he did something stupid, you still have to give him such a look.

The comfort of life.

Let him know that you will share with him, you are the comfort of his life.

When he receives these three gifts, he will give you lots of gifts. ==============[Talking about a vigorous] true love, so that you can stand with one person, no matter what the outside world becomes, no matter how many temptations around you, you have Commitment and commitment, even with moments of weakness and suspicion, you will become more determined. 鈥斺€?-- You will do your best to protect her and make her happy. You can't bear to move her hair, and I won't let someone move her hair.

You are so aggressive and have overcome the time. ============鈻瞇You believe it] Why don't you believe in yourself and believe that you have been loved, it is better to believe that you are being played with people, which is more happy? You believe it, this love is yours, you have the right to hold the memories to insist that he once loved you, but he loves too short. Today, although you believe, wait for you to be a little bigger, maybe you will begin to wonder if he ever really loved you.

But what does it matter? At that time you have not loved him. Love is always more than imagination, and it is like saying goodbye.

============ Love is always more beautiful than reality.

Meet each other. Say goodbye to it.

I hope you don't mind too much.

Author: Zhang Xiaoxian.


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