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Jiangshan is like a painting, not as good as a raging sand in Tengger, subverting the world, but it is only a bustling. ............ Inscription Some people say that 'travel is a romantic love, love is a romantic trip.'

If you don't have faith, then think of travel as a belief.

Not for the pursuit of fame and fortune, only to find a quiet in the earthly world; not for the grass and wood, only for the love of people in the plain life to find a romantic agreement, not indulging in landscapes, Just to bring those beautiful and happy times together forever... The Buddha said, 'There are five hundred times in the past, only in exchange for the passing of this life,' and those who pass by, those things, those The scenery, I think is a fate.

Going to a place doesn't necessarily show you the scenery you want. Maybe we are not fighting for character, but the heart that loves nature and loves nature! Once, I was thinking, one day I will take you to travel, to find the vast world in my heart, to look at the snow-capped mountains, to listen to the sea, to ride the grasslands, to indulge in the desert... I used to think that there will be Then a place that will make you and I fall in love until you are obsessed! However, when we have such a desire, the world is no longer far away from us, so a trip that says to go, I take you, you bring money (haha), and it starts.

This is the morning of late autumn, and Yinchuan seems to be still sleeping in a thin mist, making a dream of holding a veil. Uniform breathing is emitted from the sputum, and the layers of mist are dancing and dancing. It seems that the fairy scorpion is fluttering and wanting to dance. This kind of sleepiness is inconvenient, so I have to go quietly. It takes more than two hours to get there by train from Yinchuan to Zhongwei.

As the sky gradually brightens, through the window, the distant green and the near yellow, accompanied by the vast expanse of the wilderness, the contours of Helan Mountain are clearer, and the majestic is also a bit more playful and cute.

Adding a row of high-rise and tall protective forests, it鈥檚 really unbelievable.

When I was immersed in the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River, the time passed quickly, and in a short while, I was already in Zhongwei.

In the downtown area of ??Zhongwei, take a break and lunch, and then set off for the long-awaited Great Tengger Desert.

The car flew on the straight and wide asphalt road. The driver introduced us on the way. He said that the Tengger Desert is in the southeast of the Alashan Plateau in Inner Mongolia, about forty-five liters from Zhongwei City in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is the fourth largest desert in China.

In Mongolian, 'Tengger' means 'day' and describes the desert as 'high and wide as the sky.' He also said: 'Come on Tengri, three feet from the sky', the locals are extremely awed by the Tengger Desert, but they are very attached. Since ancient times, Mongolian herders have established in the oasis of the Tengger Desert. Homeland, they migrate between oasis.

The Tengger Desert is also the habitat of many birds and beasts. Humans and all things are here to complete the reproduction of life.

Leaving the asphalt road, the car bumped on the uneven dirt road, looking up, and the distant sand dunes in the distance. There are also white yurts that are looming. We all took photos with our mobile phones. The master told us that it is only on the edge of the desert. Let's save some electricity and shoot again. So we are even more excited. The sand dunes in front of us are already beautiful. It is not even better to go in! In the bumps of talking and laughing, I realized the end of the car.... In the desert, there were several tall desert surf cars parked in the courtyard. In curiosity and cheers, we rushed to the desert by surf car. We are flying in the vast desert. The uncle who drives does not know whether it is intentional or unintentional. It is like challenging our courage. Sometimes it is designed to exercise the steep slopes that are close to the right angle. Every big ups and downs will cause us to point. The cry, the uncle heard our reaction, my heart must be dark, not silent, silently said: black uncle. But still can't help but admire the technology they drive, and our courage, actually will challenge such a dangerous activity, but how can young youth have no passion? How can you not be crazy? When the bumps are tense, sitting next to me, even more scared and screaming, holding my hand tightly, the surf car suddenly goes up and down in the desert, suddenly left and right, the engine bangs, The wind blew in the air and always felt that there was a danger of falling at any time.

Then the hands clasped the front of the chair tightly, for fear that when they let go, they would fall and be buried in the sand. Some people have begun to faint, it is no exaggeration to say that if the body is not good, it will definitely turn the stomach out, and we still do not forget to capture, to freeze our eternal.

Finally, after the surf car crossed the eighteenth corner, it stopped in a flat place. When you got off the bus, you saw a crescent moon lake. There was a small island in the lake. There was a wooden raft at the lake. When I was the name of Crescent Lake, I didn't expect it to be related to the desert. I thought it would be a quiet and magical place, and it was worthy of such an elegant and unique name. Crescent Lake, who can think of it as the most beautiful landscape in the Tengger Desert, has imagined the appearance of the desert countless times, imagine riding a camel in the desert, imagine that you are the wind, I am sand The beautiful picture, although the erosion of sand and sand is extremely harmful, it can undoubtedly decorate the landscape of this earth and paint a beautiful picture for us! So we held a small wooden raft in the Moon Lake, one in the direction of control, another Qi Li holding the raft to advance, and the hands still need to use snacks to supplement energy.

Turn left, turn right, move forward for a while, and 'reverse' for a while.

There are grasses on the small island in the lake. It looks like there are sleeping birds in the grass. The sound of the splashing water seems to disturb the birds' dreams and scare them away.

The desert in the fall retreats from the heat of summer, avoiding the cold of winter, and running around in the desert with bare feet, making people feel infinitely comfortable and comfortable.

Since the first time I saw the desert, the joy of everyone鈥檚 heart is beyond words. It has no tranquility in the snow-capped mountains and no prairie, but it has its own unique enthusiasm, despite the lake basin and mountains in the desert. The landscapes of the mounds and plains are staggered, but the sand dunes are still the protagonists. Under the impetus of the wind, these sand dunes are wavy. They rise and fall indefinitely. It is not that there is no end, but we prefer to watch it meet the horizon. Until it disappears into the sky, then leave an endless reverie! Looking at it, the rolling sand dunes can't be seen at the side. People standing under the sand dunes are just as small as rice grains. Even the sheds for tourists to rest are insignificant. However, the slippery slides are particularly prominent. . Therefore, our desire to climb the sand at the top of the hill is getting stronger and stronger. The preparations are beginning, we are eager to try one by one, and the quick movements have already started to climb and use the ground.

I am not willing to show weakness. Although the speed is comparable to others at first, I can climb to half and see that I am weak and some are unclear. The people around me are more than me, farther and farther away from the front, but when I see the people who have already reached the summit, they are crying.

So the body seemed to be full of strength, and the air climbed to the end. Standing at the top of the sand dunes, looking at the blue sky in the distance, the feeling of 'will be the top of the mountain, the view of the mountains is small' suddenly filled the heart, because the slope of the hundred meters is too steep, when I carefully sit on the skateboard, someone is fierce At the moment when I pushed down, the wind blew in my face, and I watched the yellow sand flying in the sky, the sound of the rumble of the rumble in my ears, and I remembered the first moment in my mind, 'You are the wind, I am the sand.' There are countless beautiful pictures, so that when it comes to the bottom of the slope, it is still unfinished.

Since the 1960s, the vegetation in the Tengger Desert has been severely damaged by the double stress of drought and overgrazing. From then on, the endless sand dunes began to become the dominant landscape of the land.

But the desert does not mean that it is a restricted area of ??life. Look, is this camel lying under the leeward sand dunes not a powerful life? In the desert, it seems that the camel is very embarrassed, quietly listening to the camel commander, in the same pace.

Does it really understand that there needs to be unity in the desert to survive. For the camel riding, I was the first one to kneel on the camel's back. The camel man pulled a camel rope, and a dozen camels lined up one by one to get up in order. Each camel reacted in a few seconds when I sat. The first camel stood up and slammed, and the line of sight suddenly reached two meters high. I was scared by the camel. Its legs are so long? Looking back, the curved camel team slowly walked in the desert, and the footprints in the desert reminded me of a poem, the horseshoe shattered, no! It should be a hoofed hoof.

With a camel ringing sound. Sitting between the two humps seems to feel a sense of security. In fact, when the camel was on the ground, the drop of a few meters made me scared. I slammed on the sand and dumped 30 degrees forward. The heart beats faster, absolutely exciting! It uses endless enthusiasm to welcome our strangers who are not far away. For it, we are just passing by in a row. For us, it will remain in our memory for a lifetime or a lifetime. The setting sun is always a visual feast for not enjoying enough. The sunset in the desert is even more so. The sunset is reflected in the fine sand. The whole desert is bathed in the afterglow of the pink sky, and the clear blue sky floats. The blossoming clouds, like cotton candy, are white and soft, and in the setting sun, they change into a flame-like, colorful and flamboyant color. The clouds are gradually floating in the sky, like a gauze spread out. Adding a bit of beauty to this vast and deep sky adds a bit of mystery to this fascinating desert. In this mystery, have you ever experienced a go-kart? Maybe you have played land karts, beach karts, but have you ever felt a kart in the desert? One foot of the accelerator pedaled to the end, accompanied by the rumbling engine sound, whistling, galloping in the hustle and bustle of the yellow sand, flying in the middle of the desert hills, the desert kart is very powerful, running fast, very Enjoyable, but in order to be safe, it is required to take the prescribed route and cannot open it everywhere. The only fly in the ointment is that the time is too short, and if it is not playing well, it will be over! Every time I travel, I like to take pictures of jumping, just want to leave the surface of the earth at that moment, closer to the pure blue sky, just like the pure soul, even if it is only a moment! Every time I travel, I also like the photo of the back. Under the glory of the sunset, no one can see the hole in the eyes, the tears in the eyes and the smile of the faint smile. The scenery waiting for it is still wonderful, just can't see clearly. It is joy, moving, or quiet and deep... Perhaps, at some point we lost ourselves not for forgetting but to find a habitat on the horizon of the innocent, unloading the burden and regaining our joy! As the setting sun fell, the cold wind began to scream, and the body could not help but shudder. I looked at the desert that was gradually darkening, and bowed to it with the thoughts of flying, and then reached out. Grab a yellow sand bag, take the last surf car, and drive out of the desert in the cheers of reluctance but still screaming, then take a taxi to the center.

In the bumps of the road, you fell asleep, breathing evenly with hot air, warm face, a quiet and bleak expression.

But I still look at the increasingly blurred Tengger Desert with tired eyes. It is enough to perform a stunning visual feast. Although the sky is dark, the calm and elegant has changed into enthusiasm. And rough, here, will leave our footprints and a beautiful moment, maybe this time in life, maybe I will come, and you, will you always accompany me? I thought a lot on the way, life, flattening my heart, is a calm water; lightening my heart is a free cloud, life is a journey, and we meet everyone who is beautiful on the way. Unexpectedly, 'If you are in full bloom, the butterfly is coming.' The happiness we have been pursuing is like a butterfly. You are chasing it hard, but you can only watch it drift away, tired, and inhabit the sun. It flies toward you, inadvertently docked on you, meets, walks, and then is irreplaceable in each other's life... With young, how high can fly, how high can fly How far it will go, maybe there is no end, work, life or travel.

Be a simple person, harvest simple happiness, and laugh from the bottom of my heart. The tears from the bottom of my heart should not be a game. We can鈥檛 predict the future. What we can do is to live well today, not everyone鈥檚. Life can shine with a dazzling aura, but everyone has the right and the obligation to make their life full of excitement! Thank God, let me meet you in the most beautiful years, in the Tengger Desert, have you, have me, have a dream! I will spend your whole life with you for a hundred years, keep your eyes clear and water, and see you smile.

With you, you will be with you.

If you are a wind, I would like to be sand, lingering away from the horizon! .


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