casino campione architekt:casino,campione,architekt,锘縶,K:锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation# In the 1980s, our village and neighboring villages jointly built a primary school in order to solve the problem of difficult schooling for dolls. The well-known old horse in the local area became the first

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锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation#

In the 1980s, our village and neighboring villages jointly built a primary school in order to solve the problem of difficult schooling for dolls. The well-known old horse in the local area became the first batch of private teachers in the new school.

At that time, the primary school held twenty or more exams each year.

The examination papers from the county, township, and school districts are printed, oil-printed, and the quality is often not very good. It smells like a strong ink, and it is also black. During the exam, the distance between the adjacent tables should be separated by tens of centimeters. Before the exam, prepare for the examination room. The classroom is full of the sound of dragging the table and dragging the chair. At this time, the old horse likes to stand at the door and look at us with a slap in the face.

Maybe he thinks that what we dragged and dropped is 'acting' because the old horse has been cheating with us. There are a variety of ways, specifically can be divided into two categories: First, the hands and feet of the candidates. When he is arranging the position of the examination room, he is always a 'good student' with a 'poor student.' At that time, we used long tables. If a table sits on a person, we can't sit at all. We can only arrange two people on a table. For such a layout, there is no good solution for the invigilator sent above. It was the answer on the spot 鈥?it sounded ridiculous, but the old horse was doing a good job at the time. In the same year, the examinations were set up according to the class. The superiors sent an examiner, and the class teacher cooperated with the invigilator. When the old horse invigiled, he always desperately poured water on the examiner. When the water was too much, he had to run very far to go to the toilet. The old horse took the opportunity and announced the answer slowly and slowly. Old horses do this, but they also have difficulties. There is a 鈥渆arth policy鈥?in our school district鈥攖he average score of a class does not reach the passing line. In addition to the teacher鈥檚 suspension of the class, the students will also be split. The old horse can't bear us, we can't bear the old horse. 2 Old horses are different from other teachers. He taught us that knowledge is never meant to cope with the exams that are more than twenty times a year. On the contrary, he is even particularly disgusted with the test. 'A paper, a pen, a student is good or bad in a few minutes?' Old horse likes to do this. The old horse in the class is very cute. Many times the class bell was knocked three times, but he was still standing on the podium, motionless - that is what he was pondering. When he pondered, and shouted 'on class,' he began to talk about it. When to call, he had to look at his mood. Sometimes the time spent by the old horse is a bit long. When we waited impatiently, we left the position to chase and play, and played 'pai stickers' on the open space behind the classroom. On several occasions, the old horse watched us have a good time and participated in it. [attach]11090[/attach] Occasionally, individual students are not correctly pronounced, but they read it out loud and hard, and they are highlighted in the collective pronunciation, often attracting smirk. (Network diagram) When he was teaching, he always put the lesson plans and textbooks aside, and he could talk for dozens of minutes with one mouth. He likes to talk to us about history, and also teaches us to read and write. At the beginning of the semester, the old horse wrote hundreds of words in the back of the textbook on the blackboard, let us copy it, we copied it once a week, and also practiced calligraphy while learning the word. In order to encourage the most serious classmates in the class, Lao Ma will use his own collection as a reward. So far, my bookcase also contains three books that he has awarded me - 'One Hundred Years of Solitude', the Taiwan version of 'Golden Age' and 'Preliminary Study of Chess in the Middle'. I went to school from elementary school, went to college in the field, and then moved to many provinces after work. I moved several times in the middle, but I have not lost these three books. Old horses occasionally teach us English. In the 1990s, English was definitely a new thing in the education of primary school. We had a bunch of broken dolls, and I followed him: 'mother-mother', 'nice-good', 'sky- - Sky'... The children's voice is crisp, and the English class is like a music lesson. Occasionally, individual students are not correctly pronounced, but they read it out loud and hard, and they are highlighted in the collective pronunciation, often attracting smirk. In the age of shortage of teachers, the old horse often has several positions. The labor class set up by the school, in most cases, organizes the classes to pull the grass together. The old horse takes us to the class health responsibility zone, but unlike other teachers, it only mobilizes students to pull out and pull out. He took us, one by one, and each one, and explained the name and growth habits of this grass... Sometimes he was so excited that he would sit on the grass and sing with us. Soon, there were people in the village who rumored to be old horses. 'I am a teacher, I am going to class in the South China Sea and the North China!', 'If you don't have a good class, you will play with your children. Everything is wild.' What foreign language is taught, the child is not serious at home!' The village is only so big, and it was passed to the old horse's ear. But the old horse does not care, how should he teach, or how to teach. 3 The teachings and deeds of the old horse finally reached the ears of the leaders of the town's education committee. In one lesson, the old horse is taking our full house to throw a paper plane to see who's paper plane can pass through the double beam and then insert it on the top of the straw shed. At this time, the headmaster walked in with a gloomy face. 'Mr. Ma, the Board of Education has just come, and said a few words about the way you lecture. They have to listen to your class in two days, a section of Chinese language, the head of the education team to listen, very valued, you Is it convenient to prepare a little?' This polite young principal was once a student of the old horse. In the private horse, let us call him 'master brother.' After a few days, the education team leader wearing black-rimmed glasses took several teachers from the school district and walked into the classroom. They came to the class, but the teacher who was able to teach the class had not arrived yet, because it was not yet in class. The classmates met a few serious and unfamiliar teachers, and they no longer whispered. Everyone raised a book on the table and hid behind. The second bell was ringing in the class, and the figure of the old horse was not seen. The 'black-rimmed glasses' stepped in the classroom, flipping through the student's pencil case from time to time, and in the quiet classroom, the friction of the iron was heard. The door finally opened, and the old horse broke into the classroom with the book, followed by the panting principal. The language class is still relatively smooth, and the old horse has a whole class, and the impression is also in the textbook. In the math class, the old horse told everyone about a case in the textbook. It is said that 'the pool has a water inlet, a water outlet, how much water is injected into the water inlet every minute, and how much water is produced every minute at the water outlet...' The horse made it clear that we learned very seriously. Forty minutes in a class, the old horse was finished in 10 minutes. For the rest of the time, the old horse let us read the book ourselves, and we strolled through the aisles in the classroom. The atmosphere in the classroom was a bit embarrassing. The headmaster who was sitting with the leader sitting behind the class got up and walked to the old horse. He pressed the scorpion and said, 'Mr. Ma, can you talk about the next few exercises?' 'When I finished, the next question is a bear-like one. I changed the number and said something?' said the old horse. 'In the classroom, the teacher talks more, the students learn more. You don't usually have such classes in class?' The principal's voice improved a little and helped the old horse to play round. 'One class and one topic, the students can digest it is not bad, it is not a duck, fill it!' The old horse's voice is even louder. At this moment, I don鈥檛 know which teacher I was listening to, and I laughed when I rushed. At that time, we were already in the fifth grade. It was also a big child and I knew a lot. We obviously felt that the atmosphere at the scene was not right, and everyone began to worry about the old horse. Unexpectedly, at this time, the old horse quickly walked onto the podium and took the chalk and copied the previous question on the blackboard again. He wrote very hard and pressed the chalk several times. The old horse sounded loud, and said to the class: 'Students, there is a problem with the topic. We jumped out of the question and said, whoever puts water in the pool and opened the water outlet? The fool will do this! We are not fools, This topic should be solved in this way. The first step is to close the water outlet...' Hula, the education team leader left with a group of teachers. 4 The old horse was suspended, and we have not seen him for a long time. The rumors about him spread in several villages near the school. They said that the old horse would not teach at all, and they would lead the students to play, and they should be told by others. We also changed a teacher named Han, who is my third master. After three months, Sanye taught me that the summer vacation was over. After the summer vacation, I left the elementary school and went to the middle school where I had a four-story school building. There are a lot of junior high school courses, and the light work can press people's shoulders and hurt. Take seven lessons a day, with less than five minutes of rest between classes. Everyone didn't dare to drink water, because the toilet was too far away, and it took 10 minutes to walk back and forth. It was too late, and the late students had to take a class. The toilet in the teaching building can only be used by teachers. At the new school, we have at least one exam every half month. At that time, in addition to the half-day leave after each major exam, what I was most looking forward to at school was the monthly physical education class. Because when I was in the first physical education class, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the teacher in the class turned out to be an old horse. The old horse came to junior high school half a month ago. The education team believes that the teaching method of Lao Ma will only be misunderstood. They discuss it and discuss it. When it is finally decided, he decides to transfer him to junior high school to teach sports. Cultural subjects must be tested. They do not trust Lao Ma. . Junior high school entrance is the focus, and the teacher is under great pressure. Teaching sports means that there is no pressure to go to school. As long as the class is mixed, it will pass, which makes some teachers with the main class very envious. The old horse did not agree. He was in the wilderness. He wrote the letter to the county education bureau more than once, and went to the principal to quarrel and asked the students to reduce the burden. He feels that students are under great pressure to study. When they are long, they should have sufficient physical exercise time every day. So they go to the principal and try to add classes to the physical education class. Old horse has made all kinds of efforts, but our bag weight Nothing has been alleviated at all, and the class time of physical education classes has not increased. There is an open space in front of our teaching building, and there is a row of bungalows in the front. The two buildings near the main road are the sports team's office. Every three and a half, we can see the old horse standing on the side of the road and quarreling with other teachers and even the principal. The theme of their quarrels will almost never change - the physical education class of the old horse is occupied again. 'That class is a physical education class in a month. You have to, want, want, do chemical experiments. If you have been in this forty minutes, can you finish the experiment?' He didn't know if he was sunburned or excited. , red and red. The teacher standing opposite the old horse surnamed Wang, he was whispering something, and then came the old horse slamming the door. 'If you can't finish the experiment, you won't teach, don't want to take my physical education class!' I can't teach, what is like you, I want to teach and still can't teach!' Teacher Wang was angry. Since then, there are teachers who want to take up the physical education class, and they all talk directly to the grade leader. They are no longer taking care of the old horse, and will not inform him. Many times, the old horse alone moved two basketballs, one shot putter and two broken spring mats to the playground for a long time, and did not see the students coming to class. The students were surrounded by teachers from other subjects in the classroom and immersed in hard work. I have been a representative of a semester of the old horse, but it was not a 'glory'. Only those who have a simple mind and a well-developed body are suitable for the representatives of the physical education class. The students think that the teachers think so. What's more, the old horses who teach sports are not to be seen by the principals and other teachers! 5 Teacher Wang said that the old horse wants to teach and still can't teach, which makes the old horse difficult. So in the later physical education class, he couldn't help but have to add a book to addiction. In the physical education class, taking advantage of everyone's rest, Lao Ma always likes to talk about something.

History, Geography, and Politics News. When the old horse catches it, he will talk about it. Everyone feels fresh and willing to listen.

Remember that in a physical education class, the old horse organizes everyone to run.

A few laps ran down, a girl in the class fell on her stomach, and there was a good thing, pointing at the bright red scream of the girl, a group of people surrounded the past, stunned, squatting The report was given to the old horse.

Old horse is not in a hurry, he first let a few boys drag the spring cushion to the wall, and arranged a few girls to help her sit and rest.

Next, the old horses gathered together and gave us a physical hygiene class on the open-air playground.

He talked for less than 30 minutes, and we listened quietly, red-faced.

We have biology classes, but the biology teachers in each class seem to be colluding, talking about the most critical pages, or skipping roughly, or letting us learn by ourselves.

In the face of classmates, we are also embarrassed to look at it. Finally, it is the old teacher of physical education, who has filled up the knowledge that we should know during adolescence.

It was an ordinary afternoon in early September. I thought that it would be Teacher's Day in a few days, and I begged my father to buy me a football.

I want to give the old horse on Teacher's Day and ask him to teach us to play.

But this gift has no chance to be sent out.

6 Teacher's Day has passed, and it has been a long time since the old horse has not come to school.

They said that the old horse is crazy.

After half a year after he came back, the spirit did have a problem. The character became very weird, and the teachers were far away from him.

The school did not even teach him in the physical education class, and arranged him in the boiler room of the logistics department.

There are many rumors about the reasons why the old horse is 'mad.'

Someone said that he had offended someone and was beaten up and broke his mind; some people said that his family had a hereditary mental illness, no wonder others; some people said that he would not teach at all, still Tian Yuyan鈥檚 'unreasonable education system' is that he is mad at himself. The crazy old horse always feels that he is a teacher.

He has taken out his own hundred books and turned the boiler room into a small reading room, allowing students to borrow and enjoy it. If they like it, they can take it away.

The school leaders believe that 'looking at leisure books delays children's learning and affects test scores.'

Finally, the school also organized a check-out activity to collect the 'small books' of each class, and all the free books, together with all the surplus in the boiler room, were thrown into the fire.

After that, the old horse became more and more ill. When I was admitted to high school, he left the school.

[attach]11091[/attach] I went to high school, farther away from home, and the task of learning is more arduous.

When I was studying the hardest time, I began to miss my elementary school time. At that time, the old horse taught us to read, taught us to write, taught us to know the flowers and plants in various natures... Later, I went up. The university has met many well-known lecturer professors and has contacted many well-known experts and scholars. However, only rural teachers and old horses remind me of my time and unforgettable.

After a few days ago, I went back to my hometown, and my childhood companions got together, and I was inadvertently mentioning the old horse.

'It鈥檚 crazy, wearing a pair of underwear in the winter to sweep the snow on the road, who advises not to listen.

''I taught me at the time of the old horse, so that I couldn鈥檛 even take the middle school, and I would never be able to live forever! 'The old horse is more than sixty.'

' Everyone talks about it, I listen quietly, but my mind is constantly showing my old horse naked, clinging to the snow sweeping scene.

Mr. Ma, everyone said that you are crazy.

But why is it now, you still mourn, there are no snow on the road, good pedestrians.

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