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Xiaobian meticulously recommended reading inaugural speeches|Student competitions|competitions|competition village chiefs| campaign cadres| campaign squad leaders|bank competitions|office directors hiring school office directors bear important responsibilities, the following is by the book page The organizer of the school office is competing for a speech, and welcome to read.

The head of the school office is competing for a speech. (1) Dear leaders, teachers: Good afternoon, I experienced the initial timidity and embarrassment. With the encouragement of colleagues and family, today, I finally have the courage to stand here. Participate in the competition for the middle-level deputy. I, xx years x months assigned to xx primary school, teaching age xx years, this year xx years old, full of color xx years old, I realized several jumps in my life. Today, my position for the competition is the head of the office.

Regardless of the outcome, it will definitely add the brightest touch to my xx years.

I think this competition is a sacred choice.

Who is the best person in your mind as the deputy director of the office, I believe that every teacher here has his own choice. What to do is a good office director. I don鈥檛 have any work experience yet.

However, one thing I know very well is that when the administration is not for its own career and self-interest, it is only by realizing the awareness of serving the teachers that it can win understanding and respect. In the memory of my growth, there are too many unforgettable fragments: when my thesis is still so tender and shallow, Director Zhang used precious rest time for my papers.

When I was disheartened by the disrespect of the students, President Zhang touched the child in warm language and touched me. With the heart to change the truth, what the teacher thinks, and what the teacher thinks, I think this is what I must do to become a middle-level cadre.

Office work includes administrative, office, text, logistics and many other tasks. As the deputy director of the office, it must have a certain level of policy theory, comprehensive writing ability, organizational coordination and management ability. In contrast to the duties of the director of our school office, I think I have the following three advantages. First, the correct political ethics orthodox family education has given me a straightforward and upward heart. Whether working or studying, I can actively ask for progress.

In today's materialistic and complicated society, in my heart, I always agree with Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and resolutely implement the party's line policy and policies.

Since I joined the work, I have always been responsible for my work, diligent and diligent, and have a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and mission.

Correct political literacy can lead me to distinguish between right and wrong, keep secrets, and treat people and things equally and fairly in the work of the office director.

Second, solid writing skills remember that from the second grade of primary school, my mother asked me and my sister to write a diary every day, long-term exercise and accumulation formed my solid writing skills.

In the middle school entrance examination, my composition has received a perfect score. In my work, I use my writing expertise. I actively write teaching papers. Every paper I send can be awarded, and every paper sent can be published.

To develop my writing expertise, I assisted the director and principal in writing the annual summary of school education and contributed to the school. In addition, I have also assisted the teaching and research team leader and grade leader to write summary materials. Every time I see the teachers being attracted by the summary I wrote, my heart is also very happy.

Through my work, faithfully reflecting the school's work status, it is beneficial to publicize the school, establish a good external image of the school, and further expand the school's reputation in society.

Third, a positive and enterprising spirit In order to do one thing, we must do a good job attitude. For every job that I undertake, whether it is big or small, I can take it seriously. Whether it is mathematics teaching work, or the school red-collar TV station editing work and the work of the class teacher and counselor, I can do some results. Whether it is a leader or a colleague, I am particularly reassured about everything I have done for me.

As a young person, while completing the task, I can still be diligent, innovative, and actively explore new fields and methods. The positive and enterprising spirit can inspire my work enthusiasm and potential as the deputy director of the office, inject young vitality and new ideas into the school's leadership, and lay a solid foundation for me to adapt to the trivial and busy work of the administrative cadres as soon as possible.

Examine yourself, and I have my own disadvantages for the position of office director.

As a window of communication between the school and the inside, good communication skills are very important for this position, and I need to further exercise and cultivate in this area.

If I am competing for the office director, I will definitely give full play to my strengths, correct my own deficiencies, and adapt to the work requirements of the office director as soon as possible with practical and positive work.

Try to be a third person at work. First, the legs are diligent, and they are willing to work hard to make the work fine. The management of school files should be cautious and prevent any mistakes; for the hot issues that teachers are particularly concerned about, such as job title evaluation, salary adjustment, etc., run as much as possible, accurately understand relevant information, and promptly The message is communicated to the teacher and the work is done as far as possible. The second is brain diligence, diligent learning and good thinking.

Respect the core position of the director of the office, maintain the prestige of the leadership, and do the following: to ensure that the position is not offside.

Focus on research and analysis of contradictions, solve difficult problems in the work, and give more ideas to the leaders. The third is to be diligent and to learn from other administrative studies, especially with the principals and office directors, and to be familiar with the rules and principles of office work as soon as possible.

Ask the teachers to understand the voices of the teachers and adjust their working methods and methods in a timely manner. Contact and communicate with the various departments and relevant departments to report the situation to the leaders in a timely manner. Strengthen collaboration with other administrators and teachers.

Today I finally stood on this young battlefield, please applaud me proudly; today, I am going to the far side of the challenge, I want the world to stir for me. Dear leaders and teachers, standing on the stage of this challenge, I have the confidence and determination to do a good job in the school office. As a younger generation of xxx, I am willing to carry the glory and dream of this school! Draft Fan Wen (2) Leaders, teachers, Hello everyone: At this time, I stood in front of the stage, and it was difficult to calm down in my heart. I came to the scene when I was in the presidential election of the student union at the university. Although it was no longer the year. The fearless little boy, but also feels the preciousness of the opportunity, feels the enthusiasm and passion that every Chinese person has poured into when they climb the slopes. In the face of the crisis and pressure of competition, I also appreciate I have a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission. Time flies, I have been here since graduation. I have been in charge of the work of the Youth League Committee in the year to the end. I have won various awards at various levels during the year. I participated in the competition, served as a middle school, and worked as a master. The application of modern educational technology and the practice of junior high school new curriculum reform have made certain efforts, and have been recognized by teachers and students. They have been rated as excellent educators at the annual level;

The hero does not mention the courage of the past. The success or failure of the past cannot determine what is going on, but the experience and accumulation of the past is a kind of learning and exercise. It can really summarize certain experiences and lessons from it and lay the foundation for future work. The position of my competition is the director of the office. The basic situation of the individual is: now, CCP members, and middle school teachers. In the face of this new position of the office director, I am confident: First, continue to learn, enrich and improve themselves.

Since joining the work, he has participated in the training class for the year; he has obtained the master's degree in university education in the year; he has participated in the training class for primary and secondary school principals. Second, take root at the grassroots level and share prosperity with the CCP. Since he became a secretary of the Youth League Committee in the middle of the year, he has been in the middle management position. He has been honed for nearly 9 years, and with the focus of the province, he has been reformed into a storm, and he has a certain understanding of the situation of the school and various departments. Not completely out of the classroom.

Third, clearly understand who is doing things, and really do things to strengthen individual and party spirit. As a 13-year-old ordinary party member, words and deeds are highly consistent with party organizations at all levels, doing things honestly, treating others honestly, and having a sense of service. Public servant consciousness.

Fourth, university, grade group secretary, school radio station announcer, deputy director, school student association propaganda minister, student council president, post-work group secretary, school party general branch propaganda committee experience, for their own writing, propaganda Organization and coordination lay a certain foundation, but also master certain computer application technology.

V. I am energetic and innovative.

Therefore, if I can compete for employment, I will try my best to: do my job in a scientific and standardized manner, do a good job in comprehensive coordination, ensure the smooth flow of school decrees, timely convey and implement school decisions, strengthen supervision and inspection, and promote the implementation of various decisions. .

Ensure that the school is centered on education and teaching, and all aspects work together, tacit cooperation, timely and accurate grasp of all aspects of school work, feedback and collection of information, and provide a reliable basis for leadership decision-making.

Extensive publicity, increase awareness, establish a new image, strengthen individual cultivation, refine internal strength, strengthen party spirit, take care of the overall situation, unite comrades, improve service quality, strive to show strength in service, and form motivation in work. Increase vitality in innovation and build cohesion in communication.

However, all of this requires everyone's understanding, trust, support and help. If you leave everyone, it will be a passive water and a wood without a foundation. Dear leaders, teachers, I am confident, I am determined to do the work of the office director. I will spare no effort to do my best. I will do my best to create a better future and meet the brilliant future! Thank you! Speech draft essay (3) Dear leaders and teachers, standing on the stage of this challenge, I have the confidence and determination to do a good job in the school office. As a young generation of xx, I am willing to carry the glory and dream of this school. Hello everyone! My name is xxx, from xx elementary school. I am very honored to participate in today's competitive speech and hope to realize my life value in the tide of teaching reform.

I grew up in education. I can be a teacher. Apart from the influence of my family, my enlightenment teacher has a particularly profound influence on me. Since there was no preschool education in the town at the time, I wrote a bird like a flying bird when I wrote the pinyin letter x.

The teacher taught me how to teach, just like my mother, I couldn't help but scream: Mom. Since then, I have planted the seeds of being a teacher in my heart.

xx years ago, I set foot on this hot land from the xx Normal School and embarked on the sacred pulpit. Since then, education has become a part of my life.

In this precious xx year, I have taught subjects such as language, mathematics, art, sports, labor, thinking, information technology, etc., when I have been a class teacher, grade leader, deputy director of the teaching department for many years, It was rated as a town-level advanced teacher and an excellent class teacher.

I want to realize my life value in teaching. The above life experience has laid a solid foundation for my future education and teaching management.

I have a hundred times of confidence as a good assistant to the principal, to help him run a good school, to make the school upscale, to the upper level, to add brilliance to the creation of a strong education school. At present, the education front is ushered in the spring of reform, various reform measures are gradually introduced, and the implementation of quality education is in the ascendant.

Facing the whole, comprehensive development, and cultivating students' innovative spirit and practical ability.

Facing the whole is to promote the development of each student. Teachers help each student to develop, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and pay attention to cultivating students' individuality.

Comprehensive development is the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor, and improving their overall quality.

If you are lucky enough to be the vice president, I will assist the principal to do the work in charge and implement a transformation, three reforms. One transformation is to transform our view of talents: the task of our primary school is to train children into teenagers with primary viability, and to provide students with a comprehensive quality of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor for junior high school.

(1) Changing the teaching method There are many educators I admire: Carnegie, Confucius, Tao Xingzhi, etc. However, what I admire most is the modern educator Wei Shusheng. He became an idol of my study. From him, I learned a lot of truths about how to live, and learned a lot of education and teaching experience. I especially admire his teachings. As a middle school principal, he is not only a class teacher, but also a language class, and he often reports outside. It is reasonable to say that the class he teaches must be a poor class, not a bad class and must be a late class. But the facts speak louder than words. The class he brought is not only a late class, but an advanced class. The students' language scores are among the best. I think about it differently. He is different from our traditional methods of education. He has fully utilized the initiative of students and greatly explored the potential ability of students to learn and discover in their discovery. He divided the students into voice groups, word groups, sentence groups, paragraph groups, writing groups, and so on.

When students have problems in the self-study process, they will go to the members of the group to solve them.

Of course, students can learn freely.

I also played their initiative in primary school students and achieved good teaching results. My students in the third grade of elementary school are afraid of writing and diary. They are required to personally plant beans and record the progress of labor and the germination of beans. One semester, students not only like writing, but also write well, improve their writing skills. (2) Reforming the teaching materials The new round of curriculum reform has long been set: the state implements the national, local and school curriculum system; implements a series of multiple books; breaks the unified situation of publishing and distribution.

This is an in-depth study of China's education reform. As educators at the grassroots level, we are happy with this reform. First, we have the right to use textbooks; second, we can write school-based textbooks; third, after the implementation of comprehensive courses, our textbooks can be greatly reduced, students' schoolbags will be really reduced, and quality education can be carried out in depth. Teachers can take some time to study to meet the requirements of the times. (3) Changing the evaluation criteria The evaluation criteria are direction indicators and have a strong guiding role.

One is the evaluation of a school by a higher-level government department; the second is the evaluation of the teacher's work by the school itself; the third is the evaluation of the students. I will assist the principal to build and manage xx primary schools according to the standards of supervision and evaluation, and strive to achieve the goal of five-year planning as soon as possible to make the school a provincial-level school.

The school鈥檚 evaluation of the work of teachers has always been a headache for principals, because the work of teachers is a work of conscience and difficult to measure.

I think that we can formulate corresponding quantitative evaluation criteria, implement quantitative assessment, combine process and results, and combine qualitative and quantitative. It is conducive to the overall work of the school; it is conducive to the mobilization of teachers; it is conducive to the improvement of students' comprehensive quality. Be fair, just and open.

As a school leader, it is absolutely impossible to use the class average or pass rate as the sole criterion for teacher job evaluation.

If this is the case, the teacher who received the post-entry class will be serious and responsible, and the first year may not be able to judge anything.

The evaluation of teacher work is done very well in xx primary school.

There have never been teachers who have passed the annual assessment, evaluation, and evaluation of opinions, and have truly tested their performance, advanced their evaluation, and motivated themselves. The evaluation of the overall quality of students is very important. The criteria for evaluating the quality of a comprehensive student are what you think needs to be cultivated.

The purpose of our primary school training is to train our students into a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor. There are ideals, ethics, culture, discipline, individuality and talents.

The assessment of students should be based on comprehensive assessment, taking into account special circumstances, otherwise it will stifle students' creative ability, and special students will be hit.

It does not mean that the students we train do not develop in an all-round way, but that we want to give priority to the development of certain aspects of a certain part of our students, so that our primary education can be better and better based on the popularization. Potential ability to truly cultivate their creative spirit and practical ability.

Secondly, establish the concept of lifelong education, live to learn old, update knowledge, and optimize knowledge structure. We should bravely meet up, make ourselves advancing with the times, constantly strive to forge ahead, and become a famous teacher in the city and the whole country in the future, and wish our own peach and plum fragrance.

I can contribute to the greatest tide of education in the tide of education reform, and realize my greatest value. It is my greatest happiness! Finally, I want to say that whether or not I can be a vice president, but for my life journey: My past belongs to xx education, and now belongs to xx education, and will still belong to xx education in the future.

Thank you! The head of the school office is competing for a speech. Fan Wen (4) Dear leaders, teachers: Hello, everyone! First of all, I would like to thank the leaders and comrades for their trust and support, and give me this opportunity to participate in the competition speech. I am very excited and excited today. My name is ***. I am 31 years old. I am a member of the Communist Party of China. I have a bachelor's degree and a lecturer title.

In August 1996, he served as the director of the Office of the Adult Education Center. In September 1999, he transferred to the third senior high school in Gucheng County. The position I am hiring is the head of the office. I am competing for this position because I have the following four advantages: First, I have more solid professional knowledge.

Since I joined the work, I have never forgotten to study, diligently study, think hard, study more, constantly enrich myself and improve myself, and now I have participated in the postgraduate course. I have undertaken the 'Marxist Philosophy', 'Political Economics', 'Deng Xiaoping Theory', the political, philosophical and economic common sense of the secondary school classes, the Marxist theory of the training class, the power class, the self-study class, the correspondence class, the junior college. The teaching task of education theory and other courses was awarded the second prize of the city's faculty teaching pentathlon competition in 1995. In 1997, it won the first prize of the provincial middle school political quality course. Three teaching and research papers were published in provincial and municipal magazines. He has published and participated in the preparation of the book 'Selection of Political Tests for Middle School Teachers'.

Second, there is a wealth of practical experience. He has been working in the school office since 1996. He knows the position and role of the office in the work of the school, knows the duties, tasks and norms of the office, understands the qualities and requirements of the office staff, and realizes some good offices. The methodological strategy of the work has done some work within the areas of propaganda school, staff decision-making, daily service, communication and coordination, and information transmission, and has achieved certain results. For example, the experience of party building in the original teacher training school was published in the party building monograph of 'Party Life'. The experience materials of dry training and secondary education have had certain influences in the provinces and cities, and the construction of school archives has been advanced by the provincial level.

Third, there is a strong ability to work.

In my daily life and work, I pay attention to continually strengthen personal cultivation and party spirit, to clearly understand who I am, to be a creed, to maintain a high degree of consistency with the party committees at all levels, to be practical and to treat others honestly. After years of study and exercise, my writing ability, organizational coordination ability, judgment and analysis ability, and leadership deployment ability have been greatly improved, and I am qualified for office work.

Fourth, there is a good age advantage. I am in the middle of my life, healthy, energetic, and professional, able to devote myself to the work I love. If I can compete for the job, I plan to improve the office work and improve the office work level from the following aspects. (1) Doing a good job in daily affairs in a scientific and standardized manner.

The school office is responsible for party affairs, secretarial affairs, personnel affairs, publicity and reporting, file management, documents, reception, vehicle management, etc. It is a window for information transmission, policy implementation, communication between internal and external, and plays an auxiliary role in school teaching. The comprehensive department must undertake both trivial matters and participate in government affairs. Based on the actual situation, I will carry out a reasonable division of labor, rational dispatch, and conscientiously implement the post responsibility system to ensure that the office affairs work is in order.

(2) Do a good job in comprehensive coordination to ensure the smooth flow of school decrees. Timely communication and implementation of school decisions, strengthening supervision and inspection, and promoting the implementation of school decisions.

Seriously and scientifically do a good job of communication and coordination between leaders and leaders, offices and offices, avoiding mutual suspicion, pushing committees, creating work gaps, ensuring that schools are centered on teaching, and all aspects work together. Cooperate, step by step, and jointly complete the construction of the school. (3) Be a good staff assistant and serve the principal to make decisions.

Timely and accurate grasp of all aspects of the school's work, timely feedback to the school leaders on all aspects of information, focus on investigation and analysis, take the initiative to provide advice and suggestions for the leadership, scientific analysis and judgment of various situations, provide leadership decision-making Reliable basis.

Extensively publicize schools to raise awareness and establish a good image.

(4) Strengthen personal cultivation and practice basic skills. Engaging in office work is glorious and hard, requires a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and requires a strong work ability and work art. I will continue to strengthen party spirit and resolutely obey organizational arrangements. Words and deeds are highly consistent with party committees at all levels, consciously speaking, politics, righteousness, discipline, taking care of the overall situation, maintaining the unity of the school team, maintaining the leadership image, and mobilizing the entire office. The enthusiasm of the staff, unite the office staff to work together to improve the quality of service, strive to show strength in the service, create momentum in the work, increase pressure in innovation, and consolidate in the interaction with people. Leaders, teachers, the above is my competitive report.

Whether this competition is successful or not, I will not disappoint the expectations of the organization, do my best to do my job well, and be a competent director. I am confident and determined to do a good job in the school office. I am willing to work with you to create a better future and welcome the brilliant future of our school.

Thank you all! Recommended reading: competitive speeches, sample essays (10 articles) 'From': link address: http:///show/.


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