scr888 malaysia apk:scr888,malaysia,apk,锘,Educatio:锘?p>Educational interest activities promote the number of views: Font Size: [] Our school is a century-old school, currently has 24 classes, 1048 students, 62 class teachers. In recent years, under the leadership of the higher authorities,

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锘?p>Educational interest activities promote the number of views: Font Size: [] Our school is a century-old school, currently has 24 classes, 1048 students, 62 class teachers. In recent years, under the leadership of the higher authorities, the school has conscientiously implemented the key points of the Municipal Education Bureau and the Municipal Education and Research Center, and firmly established the concept of 鈥渄eveloping each teacher and building each discipline鈥?to comprehensively improve education. Quality as the goal, to enhance students' comprehensive quality as the core, through the school calligraphy, dance interest activities, reading activities, etc., strive to allow students to learn while learning tasks. 1. School-based curriculum features.

Our school is a calligraphy school.

The school-based curriculum of the school takes 'calligraphy' as the entrance, scientific research as the support, teachers as the guarantee, and classroom as the position. According to this idea, the school-based curriculum 'Building the 'Moxiang Campus to Create a Characteristic Brand' is planned. At the same time, it also constructed the comprehensive practical activity curriculum planning of our school, 'developing school-based art curriculum to highlight the characteristics of students' personality', including calligraphy in the activity content of the comprehensive practical activity research class, and formulating the 'Calligraphy Research Course Content Selection'. The column kite school magazine opened a column for calligraphy works. (1) With the support of 鈥渟cientific research鈥? create a cultural atmosphere.

When we develop our characteristics, we are also looking for the theoretical basis of characteristic education and using theory to guide practice. The practice and research of the 鈥淓lectrical Campus Construction Strategy鈥?of the 11th Five-Year Rolling Project in Suzhou, which we have applied for, is now closed.

Our school not only uses the humanistic spirit and humanistic qualities of the ancient calligraphers to cultivate the students' sentiments, but also pays more attention to the students' skill training.

Infiltrate the Chinese classic culture through the selection of textbook materials, and combine the actual situation of low, medium and high grades, and edit the school-based curriculum 'hard pen calligraphy' suitable for students to practice, and edited the 'Sand a small teacher and student' Calligraphy collection.

We make full use of all favorable conditions to infiltrate the study of the characteristics of calligraphy culture into every teacher in the school. Every corner and every link, to explore the connotation of writing and educating people, and to improve the taste of calligraphy culture.

The last building was named 'Mo Xianglou' by the nomination of all teachers, and the excellent calligraphy works of previous students were arranged.

The east wall of the school building is a corridor of paintings and calligraphy works. In front of each class classroom, the works of famous calligraphy masters are arranged in front of each class. The calligraphy works of each class show the students, and the students are deeply influenced by the profound art of Chinese calligraphy.

(2) Building a cultural brand with the guarantee of 鈥渢eacher鈥?

A faculty with high faculty, excellent business, and innovation is the most powerful guarantee for special education.

The school has a team of teachers with excellent calligraphy. In the national examination and calligraphy examination, 44 teachers of our school participated in the calligraphy level examination. One of the teachers also became a member of the Jiangsu Calligraphers Association.

The school will organize the second phase of the calligraphy test for nearly 20 teachers in the next semester.

In the past seven or eight years, student works have won group first and second prizes in the hard pen calligraphy competition in Suzhou.

Named the National Calligraphy and Painting Education Experimental Base by the Calligraphy Newspaper, and named the Chinese Calligraphy (writing) special school by the Calligraphy Professional Committee of the Jiangsu Education Society, and won the Excellent Organization Award for Calligraphy (writing) in the Primary and Secondary Schools of Jiangsu Province in 2008.

(3) Features 'calligraphy' and 'dance' to strengthen the art education of the school.

We arrange a weekly activity class for each class to carry out calligraphy activities. Each class counselor is a part-time teacher, allowing 100% of the students to participate in calligraphy training.

At the same time, we also selected a group of top students, set up a calligraphy and interest group for the 'Little Stars' calligraphy and hard pen school, and established a training and selection system for the top students of calligraphy.

In November of the 10th, after the preliminary competition organized by the Taicang City Education and Research Center, the Provincial Department of Education selected and sent the second National Student Standard Chinese Character Writing Competition sponsored by the Department of Education and Languages ??of the Ministry of Education, our school six (3) Under the guidance of Chen Hongying, a classmate of calligraphy, Mr. Wu Jinda was awarded the first prize of the National Primary School Group II. The Municipal Education and Research Center recommended that our school declare the Jiangsu Provincial Standard Chinese Character Writing School.

Shaxi Town is the hometown of Mr. Wu Xiaobang, and Shaxi Town was awarded the title of 鈥淣ational Mass Dance Training Base鈥?by the Chinese Dancers Association.

The school makes full use of this resource. With the support of Zhenwenguang Station, the school dance features have already formed, and fruitful results have been achieved.

This semester, the dance dance rehearsal of the school dance team won the first prize of the Suzhou Children's Art Festival, and the flower blossoming to the motherland won the first prize of the 鈥淏roadcasting System of the Radio and TV System鈥?in Taicang City.

In addition, in recent years, the school has been awarded the title of 鈥淭he Third Batch of School Characteristic Cultural Schools鈥?named by Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Art, the first prize of 2007 Taicang Xiaobang Cup Dance Competition, in Taicang City in 2008. The first prize of the primary school dance competition, the school dance team won the title of outstanding art group named by the Youth Activity Center in 2009.

The first prize of the Suzhou Children's Art Festival in the 10th year, the first prize of the Taicang City Group Dance Competition.

One of the projects of the school's major class activities is to organize students to dance together. The school was also awarded the Excellent School of Art Education in Suzhou Primary and Secondary Schools in 2007.

In addition, the school also provided opportunities for students with other hobbies to show their interest. The school鈥檚 chess team kept the top four in the Taicang primary school chess competition for many years, and sent a lot of chess seedlings to the higher school. .

The school chorus team won the first prize of the 4th Primary and Secondary School Art Festival Song Competition in Taicang City. The students' men's and women's volleyball team, women's basketball team and Go team also won the group rankings and went to Suzhou in the Taicang City team competition. Participate in the competition.

2. 'Reading activities' are normalized.

The school holds a 鈥淩eading Festival鈥?every academic year, carefully organizes each reading activity, guides the teachers and students of the whole school to make friends with books, and strives to create a good reading atmosphere for teachers and students, and improve their cultivation through reading knowledge.

(1) Conducting teacher reading activities.

Ask the teacher to enter the reading room at least once a month.

Intensive reading of a theoretical monograph; reading a book that is conducive to improving the theoretical literacy of education and teaching; reading an educational and teaching magazine, writing a good reading experience.

In the first reading festival of Taicang City, three teachers from our school won the second and third prizes.

Six (1) classes received the honorary title of 鈥淪chool Class鈥?(2) Organized student reading activities: Ensure that students have a certain reading time (not less than 30 minutes) every day, and read at least one book per month.

Improve the class library corner.

A language class is arranged into the library every semester.

Schedule a reading assignment for each shift at the three specified times.

In addition, I also organized the 'I like the famous quotes' bookmark making competition, the red scarf book market, reading notes evaluation exhibition.

In the first half of the year, Xia Chunyi won the first prize of the 'Reading with Me' text in Taicang City. Hou Yuting was awarded the second prize in the first primary and secondary school reading festival storytelling competition. Since January 10, there have been 20 A number of students published articles in the Taicang Daily under the guidance of the school language teacher.

The school鈥檚 basket kite school magazine also provides an opportunity for students to showcase their literary talents.

3. 'Learn to learn' is deep.

(1) Develop a plan.

The school formulated 'Sand a small in-depth promotion of the 'learning to learn' classroom teaching reform implementation plan', and carried out the 'learning to learn' promotion activities in a planned and step-by-step manner.

There is a clear definition of the meaning and characteristics of 'learning to learn', the basic requirements of classroom teaching, and the implementation steps and tasks.

(2) Conduct teacher training.

We used the teaching and research activities and the collective lesson activities to watch Professor Guo Sile鈥檚 鈥淪tudent Education鈥?lecture, watched the 鈥淪entence Education鈥?course of the Ministry of Education鈥檚 key scientific research project, and watched some of the students鈥?education classes in Taicang City. And made a comment.

At the same time, we recommend that teachers read books such as 'Education Goes to Students' and 'How to Improve Students' Autonomous Learning Ability' and expand their horizons.

(3) Conduct exchange activities.

In the teaching and research group, the exchange activities of 鈥渓earning to learn and guiding students to self-study seminars鈥?were carried out.

In the exchange, all the teachers have fully expressed their thoughts and practices in teaching.

There were outstanding teachers who learned to learn, including one in Suzhou and three in Taicang.

(4) Conduct a 'good class standard' discussion.

Through discussion, change the concept of teachers, guide teachers to clear a good class should abandon the cumbersome analysis and explanation, to give full play to the role of students, to implement the 'life-oriented' to the teacher, 'learn first and then teach', 'to Learn to teach and other methods and concepts, let students gradually 'learn to learn.'

To the quality of the classroom, improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, directly point to the improvement of teaching quality.

In the semester, our school won the second prize of Taicang City in the 'Learning to Learn' evaluation class in the language and elementary school mathematics of Taicang City Primary School (5) to carry out classroom practice activities.

In addition to the in-depth lectures, the teaching and research group routinely inspects, conducts lectures, and conducts grade-level supervision and evaluation courses.

The supervision is mainly arranged in the first half of each academic year, and the grade-level supervision activities are carried out in one grade per week. It has been completed for 6 consecutive weeks, and all grades are supervised. The grade supervisors emphasize 'guidance' because the first half of the semester has new developments. Transferring and changing teachers, the teaching office focuses on investigating changes in teacher and student adaptation.

After supervision, conduct an appropriate analysis and promptly report the situation to the teacher.

This semester coincides with the second round of comprehensive supervision in the school. We have further deepened the arrangement of the supervision in the school. After the evaluation of the teaching and research group, the teaching department will teach each teacher, prepare lessons, score the homework and give feedback. Opinions; each teacher writes a reflection of not less than 800 words on his own reporting class, and listens to other teachers' lesson writing less than 800 words; after the school supervision is over, exchange teaching reflection or listening to the class Follow-up after the supervision.

The Department of Education and the Department of Moral Education go hand in hand to the grades of the six major courses and regular management inspections.


In the next semester, the evaluation course for young teachers of the half-day activity school for parents will be carried out, focusing on 鈥渟howing鈥? aiming to show the teaching and test results through the first half of the semester.

The main reason is to carry out the 'Chun Li Cup' young teacher evaluation class, the class teacher's basic skills competition; the half-day activities of parents of all grades are not only to the parents.

The first and second grade oral calculation competitions for students, the third and fourth grade essay competitions, and the fifth and sixth grade English word competitions.

(6) Strengthen the guidance of the ability of the three sessions.

We have formulated the 'Three Meetings' program for the summer students of Shaxi Town First Primary School according to the requirements of the Education Bureau, and convened a teacher conference for the whole school. Our purpose is to let the students rest, be healthy and learn.

At the beginning of the semester, we organized all the fifth and sixth grade students to participate in the school-level self-learning ability exchange activities, and awarded outstanding students, and commended them, and published the list of award-winning students on the school honor column and the school website.

The three students in the Taicang Student Self-study Competition have won the first, second and third prizes respectively and won the eighth place in the Taicang City Group.

4. Problems in current development: (1) The campus area is cramped, and the average living area is about square meters. Compared with the Suzhou Education Modernization Primary School, the size of our school's 4 tracks should be no less than square meters. There are 5 dedicated classrooms, and at least 16 special rooms and corresponding preparation rooms of our school standard are required.

There was a large gap in the dedicated room, the toilet was crowded, the event venue was small, the school gate was crowded, the school was closed management, the students were out of school, the students鈥?inter-class activities were carried out, the students鈥?classroom environment and practical activities brought Many limitations and impacts.

(2) Existing teaching facilities cannot keep up with the development of the school.

If a computer room can only accommodate 40 computers, and they are all old computers equipped in 2002; the school sports ground is small, and there is a big disturbance in physical education classes; there are 32 science classes every week, but there is only one science laboratory. The student science experiment class can't guarantee to go on; there is only one music classroom, and the lower grade music class can only be in the class, which is very disturbing to the class next to it.

The first primary school in Shaxi Town, Taicang City, January 2011.

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