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锘?p>Computer Exit Clear History: Xiao Xiaochuan uses the 'McDi Moment' to encourage candidates Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard Thorn-Markel: They call me mysterious person' I have a research direction on the economic impact of financial derivatives.

You are looking for the right person, Mr. Hall! '.

'Oh---' The players made a good laugh.

Darren Vaughan smiled reluctantly, his expression was ugly than crying. It is also a striker, which means he is the sixth forward of Leeds United. He doesn't think the 6th striker can get any chance to play.

Is it abandoned by the head coach, but did I play a few games in Leeds? .

'Poor bachelor' Carrera yelled at her head coach and said, 'Goodbye, Paul!' As the team's training began, the team's renewal work was also carried out in an orderly manner.

The main purpose of this renewal is to give players a salary increase and pay back their last season.

Rare! The referee crunched to stop the America's Cup game Paraguay team rescue Ryan asked: 'What are you doing in the afternoon, Paul, I originally planned to invite me to swim at home.

'Paul held a coaching group meeting, he needed to modify the team's tactics, a battle with Watford, let him realize that Leeds has a lot of problems.

Fast, not only requires a fast shot, but runs fast.

In essence, it should mean that the attack is faster. When Leeds decided to attack, the personnel of each line should be in accordance with the form of the field, and the football should be fast in a few seconds. Passed to the opponent's restricted area, the striker completed the shot.

But if you don't launch an offense, you don't have to be fast, you can even slow down.

High-pitched offense and defense can bring good returns, but it also means constant failure. It is necessary to solve these methods in training and to practice some routines.

The Seahawks receiver Baldwin is looking forward to the renewal of the negotiations soon.

Paul smiled and said: 'This is also an old tradition in English football.

' Tony Brown's face showed a look of memories: 'Yeah, this is what my teacher told me a long time ago. How did you know that?' '.

Cole: I feel that Clay will play this kind of performance.

'Brian, you are not raising your salary, why are you sullen?' Lisa Butler, Mrs. Butler, took the dinner to the table.

Butler is still so bitter and deep in the chair.

If you let Paul see it, I don鈥檛 think he has anything wrong with it. Butler has always been this image! Only the wife who lived with him day and night understands that the husband has a mind.

Vallane: It鈥檚 a great disappointment to miss the European Cup.

Wang Dalei: The difficulty is temporary! There are no more peaks. This is Bradford's defense. There is no confusion. They are still parallel standings of the 4 defenders. The main central defender Kevin O'Brien is sticking to Cohen and constantly harassing him with small moves.

Cole wrote to inspire the fans: the battle is awesome, but he is not a big mouth, nor a news maker, so he is not red, but I heard that the British coach team Watford head coach 40-year-old Tony Brown (tonibrown) is a big mouth, and news will happen in the post-match press conference of each game.

Wang Yongpo: Luneng will tide over the difficulties. The difficulties make us more united. Paul really wants to shoot him a slap and shake his head. 'Man, this is not a question of helping or not helping. It is a problem that you can't do.' p>

You are now borrowing 锟?0 million from me without any problems, but winning, buddy, I really can't do anything about it.

Incompetent' broker confirmed that Lewan has negotiated with Real Madrid. According to Paul's instructions, the coaching staff began to adjust the training program, consciously training the players to quickly pass the ball, because the form of the field is changing rapidly, which requires There is a core player on the court to lead the team to achieve the coach's intentions and to bring the players together.

But this does not mean that Leeds United will give up the personal breakthrough of this sharp weapon. In fact, the skills of some players in Leeds United can be said to be good in the entire British League.

For example, like Anderson, very few guards can wrap around him in one-on-one situations.

And in the penalty area, defensive players rarely use foul action, which increases the success rate of his breakthrough.

Real Madrid official online weekly visit volume innovation record 'should be' Carrera said.

Cole: There is no need for the league to announce a mistake.

'Keira, agree to practice, but stay with her after the season.

She always wanted to go to Italy.

'Two years away from Shanghai, Liu Wei fell in love with Xinjiang.'

'Call---' Paul took a sip of cold, and it was cold outside.

He saw Jon鈥檚 car parked in front of his house.

The men鈥檚 basketball team leader: The palace director never asked for a high salary.

Williamden's Stephen Walsh opened the left corner, and a Wimbledon player in a yellow jersey in front of the door leaped high and slammed the ball into the door of Leeds United.

' Wimbledon's starting lineup is also a 442 formation.

Their list is as follows: 'The commentator continues to name some names that Leeds United fans are not familiar with.


John Baker dismissively said, 'What are you?' He turned and left.

Scully will let him go, he hasn't finished yet.

. American coach praised Guoqing: very competitive. 'Thank you, Paul, let's go.' Carrie Bell. Warm-up review: Uzbekistan lost, Iran has 6 goals. According to the odds offered by the bookmakers, 24 teams are divided into 3 grades. The team that is expected to rush into the Premier League, the middle team and the relegation team. The biggest favorites are the wolves, the hornet Watford, the black cat Sunderland, and Birmingham, which was downgraded from the Premier League last season. Not surprisingly, the league title will be created between the four teams. Cole clarified: I mean Curry may miss the ball after the Leeds United began to storm, they played against Potford, this is also Paul's pre-match arrangement, against Watford. Because he wants to win. It is more difficult to attack now. The Raptors crossed the river! After fifteen years, the Raptors once again reached the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Ryan smiled and said: 'They didn't hear it, what are you afraid of?' Paul said: 'How do you know, who is not sure who is listening in secret, and yelling at you?' Cole: The main responsibility for yesterday's defeat was with me. 'Yes, you lead the way.' The two directly negotiated to go there to be happy at night, just as they skipped classes and discussed where to play. Hong Kong Star Ren Dahua: I am a loyal fan of Ah Lian: johnscully, Chrisingram, leeroach, stephenhill, simonpiper, Solomon Solomanbarbosa, Serginho. The computer quits clearing the history. The Raptors trailed by 17 points and created a team history. Paul Haha laughed and filled with joy for a long time. Cole: Curry has a small chance to play in the second game. 'Bradford replaced 17-year-old striker Richard Nelson with Tony Hall, who is 23-year-old central defender Andy Parker. Andyparker) replaced the central defender American Peterson (justinpetersen) 'Old Thompson did not see yesterday's tie-breaking battle because of tension. 'Goodbye, Chris, my girlfriend is not here, what am I going to do? Don't go, have fun!' Garley reached out and took the phone in the back, and looked at it for a while, and had to admit that the girl on the photo was no worse than her. Even slightly better than her. She fiddled with Paul's cell phone and then called her cell phone. Not too long, her exquisite lv bag sounded a burst of exciting metal music. Cole: I am the luckiest coach in the world? 'Haha---' The fans in the stands are laughing, this time no matter whether it is the fans of Leeds United or the fans of Preston, they are all happy. The football game has seen a lot, I can't think of the scene where the ball was kicked. . 'My Day,' Paul said. Wang Xingjiang regrouped, and Huo Nan will be the coach. 'Are our goal for this season still be promoted to the Premier League?' Carrera asked the America's Cup - Dempsey broke the door and made 10 Americans to advance 1-0 Paraguay. Cohen is best able to understand in the training for the best shooter. Brazilian Anderson is so serious, it is a bit strange. In Paul's impression, the Brazilians have reached a very high level in football with their own talents and excellent physical conditions. They are generally lively, active, like nightclubs, and love music and dance. Like the Brazilian superstar Romario in Barcelona, ??the night before the game, he dared to go out and find a woman. . David Weilan looked down and thought about it. The British crown team Leeds United, he thought the invitation was very funny. Jones: The Cavaliers are the best team I have ever shot. In the remaining two games in September, Leeds scored one win and one draw, which put them in the standings in the top 10. The fast pass that Paul has been demanding has begun to slowly form a style of Leeds United. Players are gradually adapting to such fast pass and pass, as long as the opponent does not have the same defense as a tortoise shell. Still very effective. The computer exits the clearing history. Leeds United's right-back Peter Bourne calmly holds the ball and waits for changes in the formation. 'Give me the ball --- Peter' Rocky is asking for the ball, and Peter immediately handed the ball to him. In the absence of Ingram, Lee Lodge has full possession of the ball. Pique: Batra has my shadow. He wants to conquer the world. Carrera glanced at him. He said, 'Child, I have been in the coaching industry for many years. Do you know? I have enough qualifications to sit. it's here.'. Paul really wanted to shoot him a slap and shook his head. 'Buddy, this is not a question of helping or not helping. It is a problem that you can't do. You are now borrowing 锟?0 million from me without any problems, but winning, buddy, I really can't do anything. I can't help.' Wang Zhelin Guo Ailun shrugged with Moore today and the national team: 'Hopefully.' He is not arrogant enough to think that the team can upgrade this level, which has nothing to do with whether it is a Leeds fan. But arguing with drunk fans is meaningless. . Paul left Powell's phone for the two to let them handle the matter in Manchester and rushed to Leeds. Paul returned to Leeds alone, and he still has things to deal with. 鈥淎re you free to have a drink?鈥?Billy Davis invited. After the game, the head coaches of both sides had a drink, which was a tradition in English football. Of course, many traditions are now breaking. Overview of the America's Cup: Venezuela 1-0 Jamaica Jon is still the same, he has a little fat before marriage, with his not too tall body, it is a bit funny. Several people who had eaten dinner chatted casually, and they were ready to go out and go home. . Paul shook his enthusiasm with him: 'Thank you, thank you, everyone, thank you for your support of Leeds United. Hey -- the second half is about to start, I have to go back.' Paul pointed to the court. A group of fans who had chatted around had to stop and return to their positions. They came to see the ball, not the head coach. . Ingram sat on the sofa and licked his face. He was 20 years old and had left his parents alone. There was still leftover noodles on the table. He just broke up with his girlfriend, the two had a big fight in front of him, his girlfriend did not accept that he could not accompany her life every day. But Ingram decided that the focus of life should be on football, and spending time to please his girlfriend would only make his state worse. It's like playing against Birmingham. He doesn't think how strong the opponent's strength is. Under normal conditions, he can definitely find some opportunities. After joining the Lexmark League, he and Leeds' team members were somewhat smug, forgetting the coach's advice. . Paul lit a cigarette and said: 'Leon, I am talking about you, not us. I have little interest in holding most of the stocks of the Leeds United Club for a long time. Maybe I will leave the Leeds United coach on that day. Location. I know your love for Leeds United, so I have this proposal.' 'Well, it's settled.' Paul sipped a sip of wine and looked at the gloomy sky outside the window, meditating. At this moment, he missed Elizabeth, who was far from the other side of the ocean. Loneliness, loneliness, love, sorrow, sweetness, cold wind, hot heart, all kinds of emotions mixed in his mind, in this rainy afternoon, constantly fermenting in his mind. Paul remembered the cold snow, the hand and Elizabeth holding hands, the gravel path that walked together, the snow in the sky is as beautiful as in the fairy tale world. Think of her tenderness when she was in Arms in Los Angeles, remembering her crying when she was separated. Inexplicable sly, inexplicable sadness, his beautiful figure floated in his memory: 'Paul, I am not leaving, I am with you. I will always be with you.' Two tears of true love on the face of a beautiful woman. It is enough to make the soft place of Paul's heart touched by shackles. The ear seems to remember the piano music of Beethoven's 'To Alice', praising the angelic beauty of the girl, and the cheerful emotions are coming through the music, 'Hey--your tea is cool!'. In the past, the words of the Iraqi people have flowed eastward with the tide, and then the past has been with the maple leaves. 'That is, Skaly did a good job. This is a smart practice, isn't it?' Paul was so bad that the sudden large-scale injury in the team made him a headache. The strength and confrontation of the Champions League are much larger than the League One, and the physical requirements of the players are more stringent. Paul has always disliked the rotation, and the pre-match training obviously did not make the players meet the long-term requirements of the British crown. The number of Leeds United first team is not very abundant, which is a big trouble. There was silence in the locker room. No one dared to speak at this time. In fact, the head coach did not need their answer. He started to name the monks again. The starting line was 11 people, including three people who came off the bench. . Paul was so shocked that he couldn't speak, and the half rang whispered: 'No, Ryan, you are so crazy. Have you lost all?'. At the end, Ryan, who drank 3 bottles of red wine, was drunk. Anyone who has something in his heart, no matter what wine, he will be drunk. :Paul puts his hand in the hand: 'I didn't say that I am leaving now, I won't leave without winning the Champions League.

But you have to consider my proposal, the ownership structure of the investment company of Limoff Investment Company remains unchanged, but you can acquire the equity of Leeds United as an individual.

I hope that you can personally hold at least 51% of Leeds United's shares and become the major shareholder of Leeds United Club.

What is the valuation of Leeds United now? '.

Paul didn't know why he had to agree to Garley and went to the Radisson Hotel to find her.

What is the use of her, she is just being entangled in the pursuit of the inability to get out, and there is no danger, what is so rushing to run.

Friends, the two of them only got a little bit of understanding in the morning. They didn't see Professor Butler's office. Jiali Yang couldn't name Paul.


'The players shouted in unison.

There is a gossip in the team that the head coach Mr. Hall has set a goal for Leeds this season to win the Champions League.

But all the coaches didn't mention this in public.


Paul said with a sullen face: 'I don't have a opinion, you can go out, Mr. Reporter, I want to conduct closed training.

' 'Oh, thank you, Mr. Hall! 鈥淛ia used his unique voice to thank him and said, 鈥淧rofessor Butler is still waiting for me, see you, Mr. Hall.

'The next round of the league, Leeds United 2:1 small win.

When Paul thought everything was on the right track, the team lost to the Wolves at 1:3 away.

Wolves' midfielder Martin Thompson (martinthompson), who completed two assists, forward Paul Howard played well, scored three goals and scored a hat trick.

Martin Thompson is also one of England's top ten stars. In the first round of the league's tie with Leeds, he played well and didn't expect a sudden outbreak in the second round.

Paul did not pay attention to this kid in the tactics before the game, and he was won again by the wolf's Mark Hughes.


(The men's basketball training list has been reported for approval) The computer exits the clear history.

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