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Nan Zen ancestral source?????, the sacred place of the sacred land, refers to the grinding mirror table? It is not only a holy place in the history of Chinese Buddhism, but also a holy land of resistance in South China. ?? It is located at the top of the ruined peak, 650 meters above sea level, and is opposite to Banshan Pavilion. It is a scenic spot that integrates religious culture, human history and natural scenery. Is it a brief history of China? ??, the famous Buddhist ruins in the history of Chinese Buddhism, is the place where people trace the history of the war of resistance, and worship the source of the ancestors of the South, attracting countless Chinese and foreign tourists, literati, and dignitaries Come to visit? The forest here is dense, the scenery is beautiful????, the ancient trees are towering?????, the annual maximum temperature is around 25 °C?????, is a natural oxygen bar????, summer resort. As early as the 1930s, some of the party and government officials of the National Government, Daguan Xiangui built 13 villas here??????? Gu Zhao Straw 10.??, the National Government Military Committee once moved to Nanyue????, Mojingtai became a temporary official of the military and political officials, and Chiang Kai-shek held four senior military meetings in Nanyue. During the period, you are staying here.

After liberation, some villas have been converted into hotels???, becoming an important foreign reception place in Hunan Province. They have received Hu Yaobang????, Hu Jintao????, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, Qiao Shi?????, Wu Guanzheng, Li Changchun, He Guoqiang and other party and state leaders and well-known figures from all walks of life. The grinding mirror is derived from a classic story of Zen Buddhism: it is a story of the ancestor of the Seventh Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, the ancestor of the Zen Emperor and the Mazu Road. After Buddhism was introduced to China, during the Tang Dynasty, Buddhism Zen was divided into two major schools: Nanzong and Beizong. Bei Zong advocates the realization of becoming a Buddha: the meaning is to continue to accumulate practice through strict procedures and levels, in order to achieve the goal of becoming a ancestor. The Southern Sect advocates the realization of the Buddha: it means that as long as there is a Buddha in the heart, through the correct practice method, you can quickly understand the essentials of the Dharma, and achieve a clear-mindedness. purpose????. In the second year of Tang Xiantian, the Zen ancestors of the seven ancestors of the Zen ancestors gathered in the prajna temple (now Fuyan Temple) not far from here, and vigorously promoted the teachings of Nanzong Dengwumen. Big vibration????. During the Tang Kaiyuan period, there was a monk from Sichuan who was in the court of the court to sue for the blasphemy, and to practice the martial arts of the Northern sect. High savvy?????, decided to lead to the squatting of the door, to the Minnan Zen law pulse ??????; orange appearance 捎 氖瞧舴 氖瞧舴 . 13. escape the pepper. On the first day, he took a piece of blue bricks and smashed it on the stone near the meditation. There was a grindstone sound in the quiet mountain forest. Still meditating?, ignore it????. The next day, Huai Ling still grinds the bricks on the stone, and squeaks, but the Tao still ignores it. On the third day, Huai Liang was still grinding the stone on the stone. At this time, the road opened his eyes????, I was very curious?????, I asked the master????, What do you grind bricks??? Huairang replied: Grinding bricks for mirroring??. The road asked inexplicably: Can the bricks be mirrored?? Huairang asked: The bricks can't be mirrored, can you become a Buddha? After listening to the road, I have a little understanding, so I asked the hand: I ask the master? How can I become a Buddha???? Huai Ran said: The heart contains the Buddha species, and the encounter with Ze Ze is all Meng?, San Yuhua has no phase????, He Bad Fu Hecheng????. Then he said: If you drive with a cow, the car doesn’t go? It’s a fight; ??, the correct way should be to fight cattle, not to take a taxi?. After listening to the Tao, I realized that I was so convinced that I was so convinced. So I would like to be a teacher, and practice the Nanzong Zen Sense????. After ten years of service as a teacher, Daoyi left Nanyue to go to Jiangxi to open a church saying that he had promoted the South Religious Righteousness, created Hong Zhouzong, and became the sovereign of the party. 139 people?, the disciples are all over the world, and they have won the honor of Jiangxi Mazu. The words of Zu Yuan, which were engraved on the big stone that made the bricks mirrored, were the disciples of Daoyi coming to the ceremony. It means to say ???, the road is a tribute to the South Zen and the Buddha is starting from here, and the grinding mirror is therefore known as the history book????. Tang Tianbao three years (744 years) August 11th????, after the masters let the masters die, build a tomb tower in the grinding mirror????; orange Mei Gu Yuxia escape ldquo; the most wins round tower four scorpion words ????, for the Tang Dynasty prime minister, the book of rest. There are three white marble monuments in the middle of the tomb tower. The main monument is engraved with the tomb tower of the Tang dynasty of the seven ancestors of the Zen ancestors, and the story of the stone on both sides is engraved with the story of the mirror. The development of the Chinese Zen Buddhism is extremely far-reaching. The disciples of the five sects founded by Zen are spread all over the country, especially the disciples of the Linjizong and Caodong sects, and the rumors of Linji’s sacredness, Cao Cao’s half-day saying? Zhao Puchu, the late president of the Chinese Buddhist Association, spoke highly of the prominent position of the Grinding Table in the history of Chinese Buddhism: talking about Chinese Buddhism, can not be separated from Zen, talking about Zen, can not be separated from Nan Zen? Talk about Nanchan?????, can not be separated from Nanyue ???, Nanyue is the place where the ancestors of the ancestors?????. And inscribed the grinding mirror Taiwan treasure??, is now engraved on the Chuanpingping stone?????. In 2002, the famous Taiwanese monk Sheng Yan Master led a disciple of 500 to make a special trip to the ancestral temple. From October 6th to 8th, 2003, the China (Nanyue) Millennium Buddhist Forum and the Court of Reconciliation (Mazuyu) re-established the completion ceremony and the Buddha Image Opening Ceremony were held in the Grinding Table. More than 2,000 people from Japan, South Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland, experts, scholars and good faith more than 2,000 people gathered here. The large-scale Buddhist forum like this is the first time in the country. At that time, Ye Xiaowen, the director of the State Bureau of Religious Affairs, pointed out at the forum that the history of Zen is a history that is proud and proud of the Chinese Buddhist community. The Vice-President of the Chinese Buddhist Association, Mr. Sheng Hui, affirmed that Nanyue (Grind Terrace) is the place where Indian Buddhism completed the process of Chineseization. It is the book of the court of the Chinese Buddhist Association, the master of the Chinese Buddhist Association. The architectural form of the court is very unique. There is a gate in the East and West sides, two hot stamping cards, the west is the court, and the east is the Mazu.

There are three Buddha statues in the throne of the court. The middle is the Buddha Sakyamuni, the left is the seven ancestors, and the right is the Mazudao one???? ??

The Dongmen Temple is dedicated to the rescue and relief of the people, and the great compassionate Guanyin Tudor.

The entire court of passage from the temple to the statue is restored according to the historical appearance.

Historically, many celebrities scholars have participated in the ancestral ancestors of the Mirrors, such as the Song Dynasty Dali scholars Zhu Xi??, Zhang Wei?, the Ming Dynasty's Zhang Juzheng?, the Qing Dynasty's Zeng Guozhen?, Peng Yulin, etc. ???.

The most interesting thing is????, November 24, 1938?????, before the Nanyue military conference?, Chiang Kai-shek was accompanied by He Jian and Zhang Zhizhong to the court. I took a sign (fourty-fourths), and the signing was for the opponents. The black and white is still pending. Is it because of the win? ??.

Mage explained that ???, this sign is signed, meaning that the current war can be turned into a victory?, Chiang Kai-shek dazzle, and in front of the court door.????.

Eight years of hard-fought anti-war? Hunan has been holding on for five years? Especially, the Hengyang defending battle has been even more tragic and fierce. It has made a great contribution to the war of resistance.

The incense of the court is thus more vigorous.

From 1930 to 1944????????, Chiang Kai-shek had eight on the Nanyue Hengshan?????, five on the He Mansion.

In 1938, after the fall of Wuhan, the National Government Military Committee once moved to Nanyue.

From November 1938 to February 1944, Chiang Kai-shek held four high-level military conferences in Nanyue to discuss the anti-Japanese strategy and the Jiangnan battlefield issue, and mobilize the national army and civilians to resist the war.

And as the official residence of Chiang Kai-shek’s official residence in Nanyue, it was the commanding center of the Kuomintang at that time.

Comprehensive anti-war?? Chiang Kai-shek built a military here????; Changsha battle?? Chiang Kai-shek summed up the gains and losses here?? Inspecting the Jiangnan battlefield, Jiang is here to summon a large number of senior generals.

During the military conference??, Chiang Kai-shek in the secret air-raid shelter behind the villa, avoiding the bombing of the Japanese plane.

Jiang Jieshi can be described as a special liking for Nanyue Mojingtai?? During the military conference, he also repeatedly passed the court ceremony to worship Buddha, burning incense and wishing????, lottery The same is true of his wife, Song Meiling, who not only has a special liking for the beautiful scenery here, but also remembers his profound Zen culture.

In the crisis of the war of resistance, in order to win the support of the US ruling and opposition to China's war of resistance, she delivered a passionate speech in the US Congress on February 18, 1943.

It uses a lot of space to explain the Zen philosophy contained in the ceremonial ceremonial ceremonies, which inspired the sympathy and support of US congressmen for the Chinese war of resistance. The grinding table is therefore more vocal.

The Ho Villa was built in 1933. It is a two-storey masonry board, glazed tile structure, covering an area of ??260 square meters. It was built by He Jian, the former chairman of the Kuomintang Hunan Province. .

Because Chiang Kai-shek is on the Nanyue Wulin Hegong Pavilion, it is also known as the Chiang Kai-shek official residence?????.

There is a couplet on the door of the villa: the pines are inserted into the ground, and the yellow dragonfly is flying????.

The Henglian writes about He's villa? This couplet is the title of the Kuomintang senior general.

This is a copy of the Mingzhi Mingzhilian. It is a metaphor for the arrogance and ambition of the Chinese people to fight against Japan.

The furnishings in Ho's villa were restored when Chiang Kai-shek stayed at the Ho Mansion for many times? There are military conference halls, Jiang Song bedroom, living room and military conference hall. According to the scene of the summit of the Central Military Commission before Chiang Kai-shek’s military meeting, the center was the round table used for the summit meeting. The opposite row of sofas was the original one, and the rest were replicas. The military map is the operational map of the ninth theater.

The main battlefields in the ninth theater are Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi.

The blue arrow represents the direction of the Japanese army's attack. The red arrow represents the resistance of the national army.

At that time, the Japanese army had occupied the eastern part of Jiangxi, Hubei, and the northern part of Anhui, and attempted to attack the south, so there were several famous battles: three times in Changsha. Hengyang defending the war?????, the Xiangbei battle, etc., sacrificed many KMT soldiers????.

So, when Chiang Kai-shek held the first military meeting in Nanyue, he specially listened to the report of the commander of the major battlefields and decided to build the tomb of Martyrs and Martyrs in Nanyue to commemorate the death of the Japanese. The soldiers and heroes will be buried in the loyalty of the anti-Japanese warriors.

Jiang??, Song bedroom is the place where Chiang Kai-shek stayed at the office of He Gongguan.

The indoor pear wood desk, sofa and telephone are the originals of the year?????.

Top hats, crutches, and robes are collected from Nanjing and other places.

The hollow copper bed in the bedroom was specially made for the Jiang Song couple?????.

Multiple sets of hollow copper pipes are installed under the copper bed. One inlet and outlet water pipes are installed on both sides of the bed. The cold water is poured in the summer, and the hot water is poured in the winter. The water circulates continuously inside, which becomes the most original air-conditioned bed at that time. On the г 魇 魇 ???, the whereabouts are still unknown????.

The bedside is hanged by Jiang’s and Song’s life photos. This photo was taken in 1941 when they visited the Nanyue Tibetan Buddhist Temple.

The bamboo hangs on the wall, Mei yue, Lan yue?, and Ju Xiang embroidered figure are the most popular Hunan Xiangxiu at that time.

Why is bamboo in the first place? It means that the festival is smooth?????.

A photo of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father, is hanging in the middle of the living room wall outside the bedroom.

The revolution proposed by Mr. Sun Yat-sen on both sides of the photo has not been successful yet. The comrades still need to work hard to testify.

Sun Yat-sen reminds every of our comrades: Before the revolution has succeeded, it still has to step up its efforts to complete the revolutionary cause????

The left and right sides are the Kuomintang flag and the Republic of China flag????.

There is a picture of Jiang’s and Song’s precious photos on the wall. When Chiang Kai-shek held a military meeting here in 1938, the couples were hiding from the cave when they were hiding from the Japanese plane.

Upstairs is the exhibition hall of the Nanyue Military Conference during the War of Resistance Against Japan. The pictures on display are some of the senior generals who participated in the military conference that year and some historical materials of the Chiang and Song couples during the Nanyue event????? There are also valuable historical materials of the guerrilla cadre training classes jointly organized by the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and the combat experience of some senior generals of the Kuomintang.

Zhou Enlai?, Ye Jianying was dispatched by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to participate in the first Nanyue Military Conference in November 1938, and agreed with Chiang Kai-shek to jointly organize the Nanyue guerrilla cadre training class.

From January 1939 to July 1940, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party jointly organized three training courses for guerrilla cadres in Nanyue.

Jiang Jieshi is the director?, Bai Chongzhen?????, Chen Chengren is the deputy director, Tang Enbo is the education chief????, Ye Jianying is the deputy education chief.

Zhou Enlai?????, Ye Jianying, the life of Mao Zedong, led the CPC delegation to promote the Communist Party’s anti-Japanese proposition and Mao Zedong’s 'On the Protracted War' and 'Guerrilla Warfare' strategic thinking.

Zhou Enlai made a report on 'The Political and Strategic Issues of the Sino-Japanese War' in the tour class, calling on everyone to persist in the long-lasting war of resistance.

Bai Chongzhen?????, Tang Enbo and other Kuomintang????, senior generals learned guerrilla strategy and tactics in this system.

Trained more than 3,000 anti-Japanese guerrillas for the frontal battlefield.

So the grinding mirror at that time was not only the activity center of the Kuomintang military and political dignitaries, but also an important position for the Kuomintang and the Communist Party to join hands in resisting Japan.

He's villa was built in the era of wars and horses? In order to prevent air raids, in the autumn of 1934, He Jian built a bomb shelter, and there was a tunnel leading to the shelter in the living room. The secret channel??, as its important supporting facilities? This is the first hole in South China's anti-Japanese war???? The first road of the mysterious cave is the bullet-proof door????, the former is the guard post? ??, here is a communication phone????, so that you can keep in touch with the outside world at any time? After passing the guard post, it is the second iron gate??? It is used for bulletproof and anti-gas. ?, to maintain the original appearance of the year ???, the central hall in the iron gate is used to avoid the bombing of the Japanese machine????, the telephone in the hall, communication package????, leather chairs are The original material of the year, there are three round holes on both sides of the hole for exhaust ventilation.

The whole cave is made of rails and concrete. It is extremely strong. People will be safe and secure when they hide inside.

The cave is not very big?????, but as in the 1930s, our country still has no cement. This is already a high-tech building.

In November 1938, when Chiang Kai-shek held a military and political summit here, the Japanese army learned the information and sent nine planes to bombard Nanyue.

Jiang Jieshi?, Song Meiling and some senior generals evaded the bombing of enemy planes in the cave. Therefore, the cave was praised as the first hole in South China's anti-Japanese war. This cave was closed after Chiang Kai-shek left Nanyue. ?? At that time, there was no text to record??, so it left a lot of mysterious guesses?????.

In Nanyue??, many local people only know that there is a cave near Hegongguan?????, some say that there is a lot of arms in it????; some say that there is gold in it?? After all, it’s just a legend.

Because it was a military site in the past, it is difficult for outsiders to know the details?

As the years passed, the cave was gradually forgotten.

Until 1996, the person in charge of the Mojingtai Hotel found a specific location of the mysterious cave called the bomb shelter through a well-known old man in the local area. At this point, the mysterious cave was developed. And unveil the mysterious veil opening to the outside world?????.

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