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Now you can only listen to my instructions

Consolation of the lonely old man in the nursing home, giving them a love and warmth.

What is the experience of visiting a nursing home? The following is the experience of visiting the nursing home brought by learning, I hope to help everyone.

Part 1: Visiting the Experience of the Nursing Home Experience the purpose of this trip to the Nursing Home. It aims to realistically and objectively interpret the meaning of harmony. Let more elderly people in the twilight experience the simplest warmth in the society and make us more profound. The understanding is the responsibility and obligation of young volunteers.

It is true that the creation of a harmonious society is inseparable from the harmonious growth of the social economy and the natural environment, and it is inseparable from the harmonious construction of the relationship between people.

This group activity has taught me a lot, and I have also got a lot of profound truths. The school regards society as a place of practice, let us participate in society, and has some inspiration in the practice of public welfare labor. Through volunteer service, we have inspired us to find highlights in public welfare work that enable us to be educated and have some insights, and guide us to understand the society and feel the society. These have made us realize the loneliness of the older generation and our happiness.

Although we were sweating during the event, we were very happy because we all had a sense of pride in our hearts.

And this pride can't be felt at school.

Public welfare labor does not remember remuneration, does not seek personal gain, and does not care about it. It is also the starting point for cultivating our enthusiasm for public welfare.

This group of living labor made me realize the collective strength, warmth and lack of oneself.

Also let me experience the glory of labor.

These have helped me to try to correct my mistakes and get to know myself correctly.

We have personally experienced the hardships of labor and the truth of labor in the early world, resisting the erosion of our ignorance of labor and unemployed thoughts, and avoiding the bad habits of our formation of good and evil.

Public welfare labor also strengthens our labor concept and helps us establish a correct outlook on life and values.

This group activity made me understand that public welfare labor can not only benefit the society, but also cultivate the sentiment and beautify the soul.

And we should voluntarily participate in volunteer activities for the public good, because that is a feature of our college students' labor attitude.

Community practices have improved our social practice.

Guided us to reach out and understand the society and enhance our sense of social responsibility and social adaptability.

The labor organized by the school makes us understand the importance of learning to be independent.

In today's fierce competition, how important it is for us college students to be independent and socially baptized.

I think that every young person can't bear to let the older generation live in an endless emptiness.

Let us join hands and give up our due power.

The condolence activity is over. I think that after returning to school, more students will be involved in the activities of giving love, further improve their practical ability, cultivate good love for caring for life and serving others, and contribute to building a harmonious society. and strength.

Part 2: Experience in visiting the nursing home The first activity to join the community went into the welfare home, and today I really feel a lot.

First of all, with the purpose of serving the society, the students went to the Welfare Institute of Cangzhou City with great interest.

The moment we stepped into the welfare home, the hearts were very excited and happy, which can be seen from the smiling faces of the students.

With the leadership of the Minister and the seniors, we started our event.

As soon as we came to the house, we first got to know the situation of the welfare home. Our male volunteers first helped the staff here to move the sundries, and the girls went to the old man to chat.

We helped Auntie to start the team and go to the room to chat with the old man after moving the sundries.

Chat with our group, the old man has a 96-year-old grandmother and her son. We talked to her for a long time and found that the grandmother is really healthy, but when talking with her son, we learned that most of them are old people. Really lonely.

When the three of us sang for her, the grandmother was really happy. She kept applauding us. This may be because she rarely had such an opportunity. After that, we went to the two rooms to chat with the old man.

We found in other rooms that they usually have few opportunities to meet their loved ones. In the exchange of students, we learned that many elderly people are very happy to talk to them, which means that they are very Lonely.

I think these elderly people living here are really poor.

Although their lives are good, they are empty and lonely in spirit.

I think the activities of our community today are really meaningful.

From this event, I got the love I couldn’t get at home and at school. This is a kind of unselfish love of volunteer service. It makes the cold heart in the heart of the old man get a little warmth. I will continue to keep this heart, this positive, and continue to carry forward the cause of our volunteer service, so that more volunteers in the society and the university can contribute their own warmth.

Part 3: Visiting the Experience of the Nursing Home In order to actively respond to the pioneering role played by the Party School, and to call for the theme of the party flag, let the students understand the life of the elderly in the nursing home, our School of Chemistry, Chemical and Food Safety The probationary party member held a visit to the elderly apartment.

On April 25th, we went to the Sunshine Senior Apartment to send love to the elderly and send warmth.

Before that, we did a lot of preparation work.

Including collective purchase of condolences, as well as asking the responsible person for the location, scheduling the visit, and so on.

At 13 o'clock, more than 30 students who participated in the preparatory party members gathered at the school gate.

The noon of the early spring, the sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the spring is full of lively atmosphere.

The warm sunshine makes our hearts extraordinarily refreshing.

We took the bus to the sunny old apartment with excitement.

After more than 40 minutes' drive, we successfully arrived at the destination. Under the leadership of the senior apartment owner, we approached the courtyard.

In front of us is a yard, next to the left hand of the door is a residential building, the old people live on the first and second floors.

When we arrived, several old people walked in the garden. The person in charge of the hospital told us about the situation of these old people. Most of them were busy because their children were working outside, and they didn’t have time to take care of them before they were sent here. There are also no children, no children, living alone here.

The eyes of the lonely, the face that has been run over by the years, and the back of the camel have made our hearts tighten.

Because some elderly people are inconvenient to walk, they are always in a wheelchair, so our members went to their rooms and carefully lifted them out to the lobby on the first floor, and moved to the bench to let the old people sit.

We sat around with the old man, and the heart was very warm and moving.

The head of the nursing home then gave a speech, introduced the situation of the nursing home, and explained to the old people the purpose of our visit.

In the process of chatting with the old people, our more than 30 members brought them one after another wonderful program, singing and jumping. Although it is improvised, there are some Xu Wei, but from The faces of the old people can still see their joy. The little actors sang a lot of nostalgic songs and a few red songs. The old people listened and listened to us while listening to us. The harmonious atmosphere made us all intoxicated. The old man's face slowly overflowed with a happy smile, and the feeling of happiness rippled in his heart. After the performance, we chatted with the old people to talk about daily life. Everyone's impromptu performance not only improved the interest of the elderly, but also made the trip more perfect. At the end of the event, we wish the old people good health, happy life, long lives, and promise the elderly that we will go to see them often. The members then helped the old man to return to the room one by one. After that, I left with reluctance, and we are very happy that the event has achieved great success. In fact, we all know that these elderly people are not lacking in material resources, but in the inner spirit. They don't ask much, just hope that our children can go to see them often and chat with them so that they don't feel lonely. But relying on our meager strength is definitely not able to solve all the things that need to be concerned in the society. Therefore, we hope and appeal to people from all walks of life to extend their hands and give their love so that the old people will no longer feel lonely and let them truly enjoy their old age. , build our harmonious family. As a contemporary college student, we should understand that respecting the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. However, with the rapid development of social economy and the increasingly fierce competition, more and more old people have been left out. It is the old people's home that allows those who need help to find their home again and get the warmth and love of their home. Each of us must walk through the path of life for teenagers, youth, youth, and old age. This is a natural law that no one can resist. Respect the old man and respect the old man. In the end, it is to respect yourself and love yourself. We will know how to be filial to our parents. We should open our hearts to accept the lonely old people in the nursing home, give them joy, bless them and accompany them to a better life. Consoling the lonely old people in the nursing home and sending them a love and warmth. Let them feel the warmth of the big family. After this time we walked into the nursing home activities, the life of the old people and the personal experience made us feel moved and shocked, making our body and mind more clear, and understanding that the sun is not in every corner. This time, we will go to the old people's home, send them a love and warmth, help them do something they can, and call on each of us to start from the little things around us, to dedicate one's love, to make our society change. Be more harmonious. Part 4: Visiting the Experience of the Nursing Home This is the first time in my life to volunteer for the elderly. I always wanted to go, but always because I have other things to do. This time, I finally have the opportunity to work with senior members of our volunteer union to meet and communicate with many elderly people. The trip to the volunteer service for the elderly is aimed at welcoming the elderly in the old people's homes, letting them feel the warmth of the social family and sending them a love and warmth. Respecting the old and respecting the old is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. However, the social economy has developed by leaps and bounds. Today, more and more old people are being left out. It is a place for elderly people and elderly apartments, so that those who need help can find it again. Home, got the warmth of home, the care of love. Looking at the old and lonely old people, the first feeling in my heart is: uncomfortable! Although I was ready in my heart before I went there, when I saw it with my own eyes, it was still difficult to suppress the sadness in my heart, and I worked hard for my children for most of my life. Now I am coming to the nursing home when I should enjoy my old age. The most important thing for the elderly is to respect them. Maybe they don't care about us. Maybe they are not familiar with the accent of our speech. Maybe they are distracted in the conversation. Maybe their ears are not good. We must patiently say to them and ask them with concern. The living conditions, affectionately called them a grandfather, grandmother. Long-term loneliness makes them have some closure, it takes time and care to melt this gap. Through the volunteer service activities of the elderly, the students' mind and body are more clear, understand that the sun is not in every corner, open the heart to accept the lonely old people in the nursing home, give them joy, bless them, and accompany them to a better life. At the same time, we appeal to each of us to start from the small things around us, to dedicate our own love, to serve the society, and to fulfill our volunteer service tenet. Part 5: Experience in visiting the nursing home Today we went to the township neighborhood committee to participate in the activities of the nursing home they organized. To be honest, the old people's homes here are very old and can't be compared with the ** homes. And the staff asked is really not enough, so that the aunts there must be alone to do the work of two people. Then a few of us went to help clean up. In particular, some railings are covered with thick dust. Then we went to fetch water, and each person took a rag and began to wipe it up. We are a group of two people, one floor is divided into three. Auntie, we have two copies. After cleaning for half an hour, several younger grandmothers actually started working for us. Although we just did a little work, we were touched. The event took a total of one and a half hours. It should be because of the hot weather, so we sweated. But I believe that every student who participates in this event is definitely a good day today. It is always good to help others. Everyone has benefited from this event. After the last activity, some students and the grandmother there can be regarded as the same, but for the total reason, there is no opportunity to communicate with the grandmother. So we went to the nursing home again. Still a group of two, responsible for talking to an old man. Perhaps the daily life of the old people in the nursing home is relatively monotonous, so at first we only chatted with an old man. Later, more and more old people spontaneously joined us in the chat. They have an aftertaste for their own youth, a description of their family, and of course a complaint about their current life. Especially an uncle who is only 48 years old. He was sent here because of illness. He has been here for almost half a year. In addition to eating, watching TV, it is sleeping. He used to be a person who likes to climb the mountain to visit the scenery. Plus his age is the smallest here, and the old man can't talk at all, so his face always has a kind of faint loneliness. Then we promise to see them often afterwards. I always feel that the uncle's children are always bad at doing this. I don’t care if I put it here, and my uncle is still so young. Out of the nursing home, the classmates who chatted with the uncle said with some emotion: I have to treat my parents well. The nursing home is really a lonely place. So I hope that everyone can think about their parents and think about their kindness to their own. Guess you are interested: 1. Visit the nursing home to experience the experience of Fan Wen 2. Visit the nursing home experience 3. Visit the nursing home experience 4. Visit the nursing home experience 5. About the experience of going to the nursing home social practice.

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