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The ancients diligently read allusions 30. 1. Stolen the wall to describe the allusion of the poor people who read the night. From Han Liuxuan, 'Xijing Miscellanies' Volume 2: 'Yu Heng Zi Jiu Gui, diligent and without candle, neighbors have a candle and not catch, Heng is wearing the wall to lead its light, read it with the book.'

'This code can also be written as 'sheltered by the wall', 'sheltered by the wall', 'through the wall to borrow light', 'stealing the wall', or simply 'cutting the wall', 'stealing light', 'wall' 'etc.

2. Yingyue Reading The metaphor is an allusion to insist on reading under the conditions of very difficult life. The story of 'Nan Qi Shu Xiao Yi Chuan Jiang Bi': '(Jiang) secrets poor, squats (shoes), night reading, with the moonlight holding the room (on the roof).

' This code is widely spread, mainly in the form of 'Yingyue', 'Yu Moon', 'Reading under the Moon', 'Shadowing the Moon', etc.

3. The sacred sacred snow is the allusion to the hardships of the poor. 'Sacred Firefly' is a code for 'Arts and Literatures, and Continued Jinyangqiu': 'The car is a martial art, and it is not tireless. The family is poor and often does not get oil. In summer, it is used to practice dozens of fireflies. 'Sunshine'. 'Ying Xue' coded 'Beginners' volume II cited 'Song Qi language': 'Sun Kang is poor, often Ying Xue reading. The main forms of the two codes are 'sacred firefly', 'poly firefly', 'lighting firefly' 'Reading Firefly', 'Yingxue', 'Snow Snow', 'Window Snow', etc., and the two codes are combined with 'Snow Window Firefly' and 'Snow Snow'. 4. The hanging beam thorns describe the anger reading Allusions. Cantilever beam, see the 'Tai Ping Yu Lan' volume 61 lead Jin Zhang Fang 'Chu Xian Xian Xian Biography': 'Sun Jing is a good student, when you want to squat (snoring), hanging head to the beam to self-study'; In the language of 'Warring States policy, Qin policy one': '(Su Qin) is a night book. Chen Yu dozens, got the Taigong 'Yin Fu' lesson. Volt. Concise thinking that trying to figure out. Reading to sleep, lead the cone to stab its stock (thigh), blood flow to the foot. 5. The horns of the book describe the allusion to diligent study. 'New Tang Book 路 Li Mi Chuan': '(Li Mi) Wen Baohan in Lushan, from which. Take the cow in Pu'er, hang the 'Han Shu' on the corner, and read. Yue Guogong Yang Su is suitable for seeing the Tao, and then he slammed it: He Shushengqin is so close, and worships. Asked what I read, 鏇? 'Xiang Yu Chuan'. 鈥楤ecause the language is strange. The categorization of the sub-sense: I am not familiar with the degree of understanding. 鈥榅uan Sense鈥檚 heart and soul. 'The descendants of the later generations read 'diligent horns', 'corner hanging scriptures', 'sui hangs Han Shu', 'shushu horns', 'book hanging (cow) corners', 'hanging of the horns' to describe diligent reading. Or 'the talent of hanging up', 'the horny scholar' refers to the students who study diligently and think about Zhuojie. 6. Wei Zhuang describes the allusion to study hard and earnestly. In the language of 'Historical Records Confucius Family': '(Confucius) Read 'Easy', Wei is the best. Hey: I have been a few years off, if it is, I am in the 'easy', and I am very timid (study is almost the same). ''Wei Bian, is used to connect the bamboo slips of the mature cowhide; three musts, it is broken three times. The other forms of this code are: 'exclusive', 'three edits', 'Wei three must', 'Jianwei Edited, 'Three Musts', etc. 7. Xia's reading describes the allusion of closed-door thank you and concentrate on reading and learning. The language is 'Shi Ji路Li Lin Bi Chuan路Dong Xuan Shu': 'Dong Zhongshu, Guangchuan people also, Governing 'Spring and Autumn', when he was a doctor in Xiaojing, he squatted (put down the curtain of the indoor suspension), and the disciples passed through the industry for a long time, or they could not see each other. The three-year-old Dong Zhongshu did not look at the garden, and it was so fine. Other forms of this code include: '涓嬪阜(甯?', '涓嬩功甯?, 'closed coveted', 'coveted and closed', etc. 8. More than three readings describe the allusion to learn time. 'The Three Kingdoms, Wei Shu, Zhong Yu, Hua Wei, Wang Lang Chuan', 'The Wei Lu' was quoted by Yu Songzhi's annotation: '(Dong) met the good governance 'Laozi' and made a training note for Laozi. Also good 'Zuo Shi Chuan', people from scholars, willing to teach, and the cloud must be read a hundred times first, and read a hundred times and righteousness. From the scholars cloud is thirsty and no day. When you meet, you should be more than three. Or ask for more than three meanings, those who meet the winter, the rest of the year; the night, the rest of the day; the rainy, the time is also. 鈥樷€?9. 鎸?璇讳功 姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣?姣? If you ask anecdote, then you will study and ask the story of the valley, then Bosse will swim. 'Policy, bamboo slips to write a book. Bo Han, a game of ancient times. Later generations expressed their dedication with 'study policy', 'reporting', 'study for reading', 'selling for the sheep', 'reading the sheep' Diligent study. 10. Gao Fengliu Mai describes the allusion to concentrate on diligent study. The language is 'Han Han Yi Yi Chuan Gao Feng': 'Gao Feng Zi Wen Tong, Nan Yang Ye Ren also. Less scholars, the family is farming, and specializing in reading, staying up all night. The wife tasted the field, exposed Mai Yuting, and ordered the chicken to protect the chicken. When the rain is heavy, and the phoenix is 鈥嬧€媍hanting, I don鈥檛 feel the water flowing. The wife also blamed, Feng Fangwuzhi. Later, he became a famous Confucian scholar, and his professor was in the West Tangshan. 'The descendants used to describe 'Liu Mai', 'Milk Flow', 'Abandoned Wheat', 'Mai Fei', 'Atrium Mai', 'Gao Feng' and so on to describe the study. Allusions. The story of 'Han Jia Jia Zou Lu Chuan': 'Lu Wenshu word Changjun, Julu Dongli people also. The father is the prisoner. Make Wenshu shepherd, Wenshu take Zezhong Pu, cut it into a beggar, compile and write a book. 'Wang Yu's Wang Yu was also a student at the time of herding, and finally the history of Botong. The other forms of this code include 'Editing Pu', 'Cutting Pu', 'Putting Pu', 'Proof', and 'Editing'. 12. The negative salary reading describes the allusion of diligence. The story of 'Han Shu路Zhu Zhuqiu's father, Xu Yan, Wang Jia Chuan': 'Buying the word Wengzi, Wu Ren also. Poor family, good reading, no industry, often a salary, selling to feed, paying a salary, and writing. His wife is also wearing a sneak peek.

The buyer is more singer, the wife is ashamed, and asks to go.

The buyer鈥檚 smile: The year 50 is rich, and today it is more than forty.

The woman has been suffering for a long time, waiting for me to report to the woman.

鈥欌€?This code generally appears as 鈥渘egative salary鈥?or 鈥渘egative鈥?

Sometimes, this code is also used to describe the poor life in the absence of time.

13. It is a story that describes the poor life and persists in learning.

Language 'Han Shu Gonghong, Bu Shi, Ni Kuan Chuan': '(Ni Kuan) is influenced by Kong Anguo, who is a disciple who raises (cooks for disciples), and works by time (sometimes Going to work in the ground, with the passage of the shackles, rest and read, and so fine.

'This code often appears in the form of 'with prayers.'

14. Burning the sputum, describing the diligent study day and night.

Languhan Han Chang, 'Chang Li Ji路Study Solution': 'Mr.'s mouth is inextricably written in the six arts, and the hands are kept in the series of hundreds.

Notes must mention their rumors, and the rumor must hook up their mystery (the idiom 'the hook of the hook').

There is more greed, don't donate, and burn the oil to follow the slogan (point the lights to continue the daytime study), and Hengyi has a poor year (this has been done for many years).

Mr.'s career can be described as diligent.

' 15. Under the window of ten years, describe the allusion to long-term closed-door reading.

The language of Liu Yuan, 'Returning to the latent': 'After the Nandu, the territory is narrow, and Henan, Shaanxi, and the official officials are not allowed to squat.

The person or the defender for more than ten years, the number is repeated, often returning to farming or teaching primary school health.

There was a cloud at the time: the ancients said that no one asked under the window of ten years, and they became famous in the world. Today, they became famous in the world, and no one asked under the window of ten years.

''The descendants will describe the long-term poverty and self-defense with the words 'under the window of ten years', 'the ten years of the cold window', 'under the cold window', 'the ten-year-old window' and 'the ten-year-old window'. The door is hard to read.

16. Xuefu Five Cars Description of the book or the rich knowledge of the allusions.

Language 'Zhuangzi Miscellaneous 路 The Thirty-third of the World': 'Hui Shi Duo Fang (Fang Shu), its book five cars, its way to refute (his theory is more mistakes and messy), its words are not (justified).

'The descendants will use the 'five cars', 'five cars', 'book five cars', 'five cars and bamboo slips', 'Hui Shi car', etc. to express more books; use 'learning five cars', ' Learn to be rich in five cars, etc. to indicate that there is more reading or learning.

17. Thirty-seven books describe a rich collection of books or knowledgeable allusions.

Language 'Jin Shu路Zhang Hua Chuan': '(Zhang Hua) Ya love books, on the day of death, there is no wealth in the family, only the history of literature overflows with the machine.

Taste the residence, thirty times the book.

The secretary-in-chief is the author of the book, and all of them are based on the righteousness.

'Because of the influence of this code, the richness of later generations is also the number of 'Thirty', not necessarily 'multiply' or 'car'.

If there is less description, use 'no book.'

18. Pillow in the pillow Describe the precious books that are not willing to show people.

The 'Liu Xiang' article attached to 'Han Chu路Wu Yuan Wang Chuan': 'Upper (Han Xuan Emperor) revival of the fairy tales, and Huainan has a pillow in the 'Hong Bao', 'The Secretary of the Court', book The gods make the ghosts the golden technique, and the Zou Yanzhong road is extended to the fate of the world.

'The descendants are such as 'Hongbao', 'Secret', 'Secret Book', 'Pillow Letter', 'Secret in the Secret', 'Secret in the Pillow', 'Secretary in the Pillow', etc. Refer to a book or a book that is precious and unwilling to show people.

19. Open book is useful for encouraging people to read books.

The Song Dynasty Wang Bianzhi's 'Lishui Yan Tan Lu Wen Lu': 'Tai Zong Daily Reading 'The Royal View' (referred to as 'Tai Ping Yu Lan', the book was originally called 'Tai Ping,' which was renamed because Song Taizong once read it. Three volumes, due to the flaws, the next day to catch up.

Taste: It鈥檚 good to open the book, don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 work.

鈥欌€漈ao Yuanming also has the sentence 鈥淲hen you have an open book, you are happy to forget鈥?(鈥淪parse with Zixiao鈥?.

The descendants also wrote that 'the exhibition volume is beneficial.'

20. Reading Seeds It is a metaphor for the generations of scholars to spread like seeds.

The language is well-known 'Qidong wild language 路 book species': 'The degree of regular training is its son cloud: all my generation can make the language endless, but during the period has the function to become the body of the Wancheng, then the day Also.

The valley (Huang Tingjian, No. Valley Taoist) Cloud: The four people are all in the world, and the children of the scholars can know the loyalty and filial piety, and the singer.

There is no way to cut off the reading seeds.

If you are talented, you will be a famous person.

Like ancestor (effect) slang, special (only) Yi Wen is a book ear.

'The other forms of this book are 'book species' and 'reading species'.

21. The bundle of high-profiles is a metaphor for filling the unused ones.

The book 'Shi Shuo Xin Yu路Bao Shuang 13th' Liu Xiao's annotation refers to 'Han Jin Chun Qiu': 'Yesy Liu Yu (y矛), Yin Hao people are famous for the world, (搴? wing is not expensive Also, Chang Hao: 'This generation should be put on the shelf, 淇?(wait until) the world is cleared, and then discuss its ears.

鈥欌€?This book does not refer to books, but people often use this code to throw the book aside and stop reading or no longer use it.

There are forms of 'Baogege', 'Baoge', and 'Blocking High Court'.

22. Three Tombs and Five Codes Allusions to the ancient Chinese cultural books.

Language 'Zuo Chuan Zhaogong Twelve Years': 'Zuo Shiyixiang (Zuo Shi, official title, leaning phase, name) has tended to pass (walking fast), Wang Hao is a good history, son good (to treat him well).

It is possible to read 'Three Tombs', 'Five Codes', 'Eight Cables' and 'Nine Hills'.

鈥欌€漈he posterity refers to the ancient cultural classics with the words 鈥渢hree graves and five rituals鈥? 鈥渃lass graves鈥? 鈥済rave鈥? 鈥済rave鈥? 鈥渜iu grave鈥?

23. Finding chapters and excerpts Describes that reading only considers the words in the text and does not delve into its spiritual essence.

Language 'Three Kingdoms, Wu Shu, Wu Zhuan Chuan', Song Songzhi's 'Wu Shu': '(Zhao Bian) makes Wei, Wei Wendi good, taunts: Wu Wang knows how to consult': Wu Wang Fujiang Wan Wan, with a million, Ren Xian enables, Zhi Cun Jingluo, although there is leisure, the history of the book is published, borrowing strange, not effective in finding chapters and sentences.

鈥欌€?24. Out of context often refers to the random extraction of part of the poem for its own use regardless of the author鈥檚 willingness.

The code 'Zuo Chuan路Yonggong路28 Years': 'Fu' 'Poetry' is broken, and the rest is taken.

When the various vassal states conduct diplomatic activities during the Spring and Autumn Period, the envoys often use 'Poetry' as a means of expressing their wishes.

The poet and the poet can have their own understanding of the poetry, not the original meaning of the poem.

The form of this code often includes: 'out of context', 'disengaged chapters (Jiyi Tongyi)', 'broken chapters'.

It is still used today, but it has been turned into a derogatory statement.

25. Dream pens and flowers The metaphor of the humanities is great, and the writing is beautiful and elegant.

The five generations of Wang Renyu's 'Kaiyuan Tianbao's Relics, Dreams and Flowers': 'When Li Taibai was young, the flowers used in the dreams were born, and the day after tomorrow was known as the world.

' Therefore, future generations often use the metaphor of 'dream flower', 'dream flower', 'color pen flower', 'pen flower into dream', 'flower from pen' and so on.

26. The text does not add a point to describe the article in one go, without any modification.

Language Zhang Heng 'Bao Shi Chuan' (Tang Xujian and other editors of 'Beginners' cited): 'Wu Jun Zhang Chun rarely has a name, taste the town of South General Zhu, according to the order to give a thing and then sit, pure sound Sit, the text does not add points.

'The main forms of this code are: 'The text does not add points', 'Do not add points', 'Do not add points', 'Do not add points', etc.

27. The book describes the allusion to read or write a lot.

The Dictionary 'Song History路Jia Huang Zhong Chuan': 'Huang Zhongyou Congwu, Fang Wusui, 鐜?(the name of the young and middle-aged father) is erected every time, the exhibition book is compared to it, that is, the book of the same class, class Its reading.

' Later generations used 'equivalent books' to describe a lot of reading, but later said that the book was picked up and had a high body, which is different from the reference in the source.

can also be used to describe the richness of the writings, and more of the 'writing and other body', 'equal works.'

28. A Word of Gold Describes the ingenious creation of poetry and works of great value.

The story of 'Historical Records Lu Weiwei Biography': 'Lv Weiwei has made his guests feel what they are saying, and they have thought that eight 'views', six 'theories', and twelve 'Ji', more than 200,000 words.

Thinking that everything in the world is a matter of ancient and modern things, the number of 'Lv's Spring and Autumn', the door of Xianyang City, hanging on the top of the gold, the Yanju Houyou guest has the ability to increase the word of a thousand dollars.

'The main forms of this code are: 'one word, thousands of gold', 'thousands of gold', 'golden hanging Qin', 'hanging gold', etc.

29. Luoyang Paper Gui Describes the allusion that works are popular and everyone rushes to copy.

The book 'Jin Shu路Zuo Si Chuan': 'And Fu Cheng, when people are not heavy.

...There is a high reputation for the stability of the emperor, and it is shown by thinking (visiting).

璋?is called good, and it is ordered.

Zhang Zai is the note of 'Wei Du', Liu Wei notes 'Wu' and '铚€' and prefaces it.

......Shang Zhang Zhang sees and sighs: Class, Zhang Zhiliu also, so that the readers are spared, and updated for a long time.

'There is a luxury home to compete and write, Luoyang is expensive.

''Shi Shuo Xin Yu路Literature' also has: 'Yu Zhongchu's 'Yangdu Fu' is made into a bright, bright-hearted family, big name for it, Yun Kesan 'Two Jing', four 'Three Capitals' (with 'Two Beijing Fu' and three, and 'Sandu Fu' tied for four).

This person is competing for writing, and all of them are expensive.

鈥?30. The famous mountain of Tibet describes the works as valuable and therefore worthy of cherished allusions.

The language of Han Shima moved to 'reporting Anshu': 'The servant takes this book, the famous mountain of Tibet, and the person who passed it, and the servant is responsible for the humiliation of the former humiliation. The main forms of this code include 'Tibetan Mountain', 'Tibetan Mountain', 'Tibetan Mountain', 'Mingshan', 'Tibetan', 'Tibetan' and so on.

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