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The candle on the table burned

Where is the channel clear, it is the source of living water.

In the past two years, Macheng Experimental High School has strengthened the ideological construction under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government, and the leadership team is strong and strong; paying attention to the work and real work, and achieving remarkable results in business operations; adhering to activities leading, creating a solid and effective work; strengthening moral construction The ideological and moral style is good; advocating cultural governance, cultural construction is in full swing; advocating humanistic care, democratic management and scientific norms; implementing environmental education, harmonious internal and external environment; participating in public welfare activities, actively supporting the construction of new countryside, and initially forming its own characteristics : Pay attention to spiritual civilization, keep in mind the improvement of hardware; guide the course to change the way, strengthen the school of physical education; culture the school, educate the environment; lead the moral education, quality first. The work of civilized creation in recent years is summarized as follows: First, strengthen the ideological construction, the leadership team is strong and strong. Before August 2013, Macheng Teachers and Macheng Experimental High School were two brands and a team. The school leaders have always paid attention to ideological construction and won five The title of the civilized unit of the province.

In August 2013, the city government of Macheng implemented two norms and two adjustments. The Macheng teacher was merged into the principle of the vocational education group, and the Macheng Experimental High School independently operated. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government dispatched members of the Party Committee of the Municipal Education Bureau. Comrade Wu Hongwen, the president of the Academy of Sciences, was appointed as the head of the college of Macheng. The former vice president of the Second Middle School, Mr. Xiang Zifeng, was in charge of teaching. The former vice president of the three middle schools, Mr. He Zaosong, was in charge of politics.

The new leadership team took office, immediately established Wu Hongwen as the team leader, and the vice-principal as the deputy leader, and the middle-level cadres as the team members to create the leading group of civilized units in Huanggang City.

The leadership team has a detailed and comprehensive plan of ideological and political work.

Meet the meeting once a week, retreat once every two weeks, at least two joint meetings of the party and government work groups every month, special studies to deploy the spirit of spiritual civilization, and put forward countermeasures against the problems that arise. There are plans and measures for theoretical study. The school has also established a democratic science leadership decision-making mechanism, a responsibility investigation mechanism, a decision-making error-correcting mechanism, and a party-style and honest government system. The major events are discussed and studied collectively by the school party committee and then implemented. Comrade Sun Lizhen is responsible for the construction of party style and clean government. In terms of the eight regulations and the compliance of the six sections of the provincial party committee, the school leaders took responsibility for their duties, supervised at any time, and the cases were vigilant, fully demonstrating the role of the fighting fortress and the vanguard model. Second, pay attention to the real work, the business performance is significant. Before August 2013, due to the coexistence of secondary school high school, poor quality of students, the results of experimental high school education and teaching are not ideal. After the new leadership team took office, they will be diligent and solid. In particular, President Wu Hongwen, when he is not bright every day, arrives at the school and returns home at 11:00. He insists on inspections throughout the day, finds problems, and promptly rectifies. Comrade Wu Hongwen started from grasping the style of teaching, set an example, spurs backwardness, establishes a system, rewards and punishes the inferiority, and quickly corrects the style of study and the school spirit. Xiangzi Fengxie points to the third year, emphasizes fine and fine refinement, and the volume is red, timely feedback, and correction False exercise; He Zaosong intends to write first, moral education work is micro-management, fine and solid; Comrade Zeng Guiwen is the main party building, Zhang corresponding comrades focus on logistics, Comrade Ding Yingjin focuses on personnel, and Comrade Wang Daming is in charge of the trade unions. They are united and innovative. Make the school look new. In the 2014 college entrance examination, under the premise that the internal and external conditions of our school were similar to those of 2013, the school's college entrance examination scores were excellent, and a 14-person, two-two, and three-three 333 people were selected. In particular, the surgery became a highlight, this college entrance examination, our school has 24 undergraduate courses, becoming the crown of Macheng. In the 2014 college entrance examination, the school won the Huanggang City College Entrance Examination Excellence Award. Teaching quality is the lifeline of the school. The quality of teaching has gone up, the people are satisfied, and the reputation of the school naturally rises. In 2014, the number of candidates enrolled in the experimental high school in the city was 1,700, a record high. The school fees are strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant documents of the provinces and municipalities. The supervisory post is established next to the school administrative building. The responsible person of the school is Comrade Xiang Zifeng. The leaders of the Education Bureau and the social staff are also invited to return to the clinic to ensure that there are no problems. The construction measures are strong. The school effectively implements quality education, not only paying attention to the college entrance examination, but also paying attention to the improvement of the overall quality of students, so that every student can become an adult. Third, adhere to the activities leading, create a solid and effective work to implement the civilized creation work, Macheng Experimental High School through the implementation of the project team plan, so that the period has tasks, the season has arrangements, the implementation of the month, Zhou Zhou has feedback to ensure The creation work is implemented. The division of project management is clear, the task is specific, everything is caught, and it is always managed. The Ministry of Political Affairs and Education, the Youth League Committee, and the trade unions carried out a series of activities to carry out civilized campuses, adult ceremonies, legal lectures, mental health consultations, and civilized online education among students, and conducted reading competitions, faculty exercises, and evening parties among faculty and staff. Ball games and various training activities have greatly improved the enthusiasm of teachers and students. The school often conducts evaluation activities of civilized offices, civilized windows, civilized classes, and civilized families. In 2013, a total of 2 civilized offices, 2 civilized residential buildings, and 10 civilized families were selected. The project management office conducts a monthly selection of meritorious groups and individuals, including meritorious teachers, meritorious teaching and research groups, meritorious classes, meritorious groups, and meritorious students. The selection of these projects has prompted all cadres and workers to participate in the creation of civilization. Fourth, strengthen moral construction, good morality and style The school leaders know that if we want to return the school to a pure land, we must strengthen moral construction. The school promptly opened up a moral lecture hall. The moral lecture hall is based on the socialist core value system and guides teachers and students to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. The moral lecture hall not only pays attention to the normative process, self-reflection, singing songs, learning model, 颂 classic, sending kindness, sending auspiciousness, going to virtue, doing good deeds, etc., but also paying attention to self-selected movements, please let the famous moral model come out, such as He Zhicheng was invited to make a special report on the red memory, and many times he touched the deeds of Chinese characters. For example, he invited the Chinese advanced figure Chen Jungui to report to the school in 2014, which was a sensation. Warnings and reminders of the uncivilized behaviors in the society, comparison with their own behaviors to check and improve, civilized Internet access, CD-ROM operations, etc., to form a unique moral style of Macheng Shigao. In recent years, our school's moral construction measures are strong, and the civilized fashion is good. There are more than 50 people, such as the Dedication Model (Huanggang City Labor Model) represented by Xiang Zifeng, and more than 10 households represented by Wang Daming. With more than 80 person-times of moral advanced workers (models of Huanggang City) represented by He Zao-song, Macheng Experimental High School adhered to spiritual holiness and guarded a pure blue sky. Fifth, advocating cultural governance, cultural construction is in full swing, and schools attach great importance to cultural construction. In September 2013, the values ??that all teachers and students of Macheng Experimental High School must bear in mind were introduced. Let all the teachers and students feel their ears and form a conscious cultural behavior. In addition to opening the library and reading the outdoors, the school also purchased more than a dozen ancient and modern Chinese and foreign educational masterpieces such as 'School Transformation', 'Thirty-six Days of My American Journey', 'Miracle of Classroom No. 56' and 'The Analects of Confucius'. Ask the teacher to study hard, and write the experience in combination with the actual work. Reading, so that the high-level people introspection; reading, so that the high-level people are profound; reading, so that the high-level people are elegant. The school attaches importance to traditional festivals and allows the colorful cultural hall to be stationed on campus. As an advanced high school that created the advanced unit of poetry in the country, every major festival, the school organized poetry associations to sing each other and promote traditional culture. In the Ching Ming Festival, teachers and students were organized to sweep the tombs for the revolutionary martyrs, and they carefully pursued the future; the May Fourth Youth Day organized a group ceremony, and the Women's Day on March 8th carried out the activities of the Women's Day, and the Teacher's Day commended the advanced teachers. In the Double Ninth Festival, the trade unions organized old teachers to participate in the forum and make suggestions for the development of the school. The school pays great attention to the training of the staff. In 2013, I first organized a teacher to study a new curriculum reform in Nanchang, then went to Jingzhou Beimen Middle School to study physical and artistic characteristics, the third was to learn a new education model at Beijing Eleventh School, and the fourth was to study at Golden Sun Headquarters. The concept and process of the new curriculum reform, the fifth is to learn the implementation and management of the new curriculum reform in Fujian Fuan No.1 Middle School. The school leaders are not afraid of spending money on this piece and strive to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the workers. In addition to these, the school educators project regularly organizes teacher training, such as the Blue Blue Project, the Amoy Bay Study, and the Whiteboard Training. The purpose is to use the stone of other mountains to excel in the high beauty jade. Into the real high, the campus culture atmosphere is rich, all kinds of signs are elegant and eye-catching, the publicity column is in the air, the efficient classroom is orderly, the dormitory culture is simple and civilized, the environment is beautiful and clean, and it becomes the paradise of the students, the spiritual home of the teachers and students. Sixth, advocate humanistic care, democratic management, scientific and standardized school trade unions, and the new trade union committee was elected in 2014. The trade union consists of financial and economic committee members, women workers committee members, organization committee members, propaganda committee members, and life committee members. Trade union activities are frequent. In the school, if there are major personnel arrangements, large funds are in and out, and important systems are abolished, they must be discussed and passed through the Staff Representative Conference. The Staff Representative Conference has two regular meetings in one semester. It is a common practice for school leaders and cadres to have a heart-to-heart relationship. Each school-level leader talks with the faculty and staff for no less than six times a month. School leaders care about the lives of employees and actively solve the practical difficulties of cadres and retirees. If the family of the teacher Li Mingqing is suffering from cancer, the school raises 10,000 yuan to solve its difficulties. There are also teachers such as Lin Jigui, Qiu Dongcheng, Chen Ming'an, etc. The school also provides financial support, adjustment of posts, and reduction of benefits. For retired teachers or teachers who cannot work because of illness, the school also takes care of all aspects. In order to solve some teachers' life problems, the school also built a teacher canteen, which is nutritious and hygienic, and the teachers are good. The School Security Division and the police station in the area cooperated with each other to pay close attention to comprehensive treatment, stability, and letters and visits. Leaders attach importance to responsibility, implement responsibility, and organize well. The full-time and part-time personnel are responsible for the project. The public security of the unit is awarded annually. The school attaches importance to population planning and family planning, and promotes birth civilization. Eliminate gender discrimination and pay a certain amount of health care to families with only one child each year. Actively implement preferential policies for single female and double female households. The family planning information column will send the national family planning information in a timely manner. The school's family planning work has repeatedly won awards and recognitions from Longchi Prefecture and Macheng City. Seventh, the implementation of environmental education, the internal and external environment is harmonious and beautiful. People around the Macheng Experimental High School feel that day after day, the Macheng Experimental High School has changed very much in the past two years, and it has become more and more beautiful. It can be said that the spring of the park can not be closed. The school leaders actively ran the project, and strived for more than 17 million yuan of various project funds, rebuilt three school dormitory rooms, built a new student canteen, built a four-meter track and field stadium with the highest standard in the county, and three silicon PU basketball courts. There is one volleyball court, one tennis court and one badminton court, and one sports complex. School leaders organize teachers and students to actively carry out patriotic movements and smoke-free school creation activities. Strictly implement the health management system. Every semester, the city's epidemic prevention experts will come to the school to inspect and guide the work. The whole school will be disinfected regularly every quarter, the canteen will be closed, and the food sample retention system will be resolutely implemented. The campus implements a sanitation responsibility system. The unit environment is good, the garbage is produced daily, the garbage is not scattered, and there is no messy doodles. The school's greening work meets the standards, and the ancient trees are everywhere, green and fragrant, and the flowers are everywhere. The teacher's living area is well-ordered, and there is no chaos, chaos, chaos, and chaos. The environmental quality is up to standard and the environmental pollution indicators are up to standard. It can be said that the harmonious and beautiful environment inside and outside the experimental high school also makes the surrounding people feel happy.

8. Participate in public welfare activities and actively support the new rural construction schools to organize teachers and students to actively participate in poverty alleviation and provide love activities.

In 2013, donations and donations of more than 10,000 yuan; in the first 10 months of 2014, according to incomplete statistics, donated more than 15,000 yuan.

The school set up a volunteer service team to go to the City Glory Institute, the Martyrs Cemetery every month or help the elderly, or participate in labor, clean and clean.

The school went to Zhangjiatun, Yujiahe and the two villages to help each other.

One is to carry out intellectual assistance, and to make suggestions. The second is to provide financial assistance. The school allocated more than 10,000 yuan in 2013 and 2014 to help these villages solve some practical difficulties.

The school actively supports and participates in public welfare activities in the garden community.

The roads in the garden community are hardened, the environmental sanitation inspection, the school takes the initiative to participate; the two flower ponds in front of the school are actually garbage pools, the school is artificially cleared, and now the school is very spacious and bright; Severe, the school leaders patiently do ideological work, and the order in front of the school is better.

In order to give full play to the leading and radiating role of the model school, our school has also formed a counterpart with Macheng Wuzhong.

First, teacher training has been carried out, curriculum reform training, study planning, and study group construction have been carried out.

The second is to carry out material adjustment, and the third is to arrange five teachers to go to our school to study.

The two sides of the tidal flat are wide and the wind is sailing. In the process of creating the best civilized unit in Huanggang City, our school has achieved some results, but there is still a distance from the requirements of the higher authorities, the hopes of the party and the people; Efforts should be made at the level of commendation or provincial and ministerial level commendation. There is always potential in education and teaching. The ideological and moral style can continue to work hard. Can it be within the community, but Wu Dexin still needs to struggle.

We will take the Dongfeng created by the civilized unit. We are willing to take the long wind and break the waves, and hang the clouds and sail the sea!

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