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All are said to be officials, not for the benefit of the people. It is better to buy sweet potatoes.

In fact, not only as a collective right, reputation and an official, but should lead by example, honest and self-discipline, ordinary people should have this quality. Self-discipline is a treasure, let us look at the classic clean and self-discipline motto! 1. The heart of the law has been cultivated and the virtue of the official.

2, the gentleman is the way to be self-cultivation. 3, when the official often bears the responsibility of the people to stand upright. 4, the human heart is bright and clean.

Cheng Hao 5, multiple lines of injustice will be self-defeating.

'Zuo Zhuan' 6. The ruling principle of seeking common enrichment and the people is calm. 7, the beginning of the festival, difficult to protect the night. Song Zhu Yu 8, Li Lingzhi faint.

'Ancient and Modern Maxims' 9. Skynet is restored, and it does not leak 'Laozi' 10. Stop drinking and quit greed; 11, drizzle wet clothes, a little bit of greed for the name of the festival. 12, the famous festival is Taishan Zhengdao is clean. Wang Dahe 13, first to be a man, to be an official; Ning lost the official, not shameful. 14, a newspaper reported that the country has died, and the two people are no longer green.

15, there is a law in the heart of evil devils.

The Hong Kong ICAC 16. Anti-corruption must be done first, and it is necessary to work together to promote honesty.

17, public is a good medicine for anti-corrosion, black box is a hotbed of crime.

18, the heart can be clear, the heart is turbid, and the air is short. Yu Mingkang 19, the power of the rule of law is always safe and stable.

Zhou Xiaotong 20, the shame of the minister, that is, the fashion of the world.

Mingshi can be law 21, people stand in good faith, and the industry is prosperous because of the people. Tan Fujin 22, speaking heavily in the letter, doing things in the real thing.

閮?瀹?瀹?23, for the choice of officials to chaos, for the choice of officials to rule. Zhuge Liang 24, life is not enough for good, once it is more than evil. Song He Tan 25, sin is greater than more than desire, the evil is greater than not satisfied.

Han Tao 26, the sludge is not dyed, and it is clear and not demon.

Song Zhou Dun 棰?27, Haina Baichuan, there is a large capacity; the wall stands for thousands of miles, no desire is just. 28, the integrity of the character honed the magnificent life to do.

Li New Year 29, the inferior, the table of the people also; the greedy, the thief of the people also.

Bao Zheng 30, taking people as good, being good with others; worrying about life and enjoying life.

31. Greed and greed, no annihilation; for the country for the people, the history of the Qing. 32. If you are greedy and succumb to civil affairs, then the beasts are not.

Qian Yong 33, corruption and bribery, this drawback does not go, for the deep into the suffering.

Song Baozheng 34, the heavenly bird died in the buzzard water and the fish died in the bait. Wang Zhengyu 35, do not greedy for the fortune, do not drink too much alcohol. Ming Zhu Bozhen 36, the greed of material anger is getting heavier.

Hong Fuqiang 37. When the official is not the owner of the people, it is better to go home and sell sweet potatoes.

Xu Jiujing 38, the evil is greater than the lack of content, and the 鍜?is greater than the desire.

Spring and Autumn Laozi 39, the law is like a tightrope walk, step by step must be careful.

Chen Lijuan 40, Mo is not far from near financial power, and will be of high quality.

Shen Xiuchen 41, persuaded Jun Mo to be a loss of heart, who has been let go since ancient times. Feng Menglong 42, for the official life does not ask for a name, from the political world is not profitable. Shao Changsheng 43. Being in charge of honesty is the first priority for the officials and the honesty for the people. 44, out of the public heart, self-confidence and insults, the two sleeves of the breeze can be upright.

45. Officials can't give private people, and people can't take private officials. 'Book of Jin' 46, before the history of the country and the home, the success of the success and failure.

Tang Li Shangyin 47, money network love network, have thought about the French network to restore? Su Jinjian 48, the right is like a river, clear and turbid to see the official virtue.

'Modern Guohonghe Zuo' 49, persuaded the monarch to do something wrong, who has been let go since ancient times.

Ming Feng Menglong 50, do not be evil and small, do not be small and not. Liu Bei of the Three Kingdoms 51, the worries of the world, and the joy of the world. Song Fan Zhongyan 52, the ant colony oversight will break the dam and will not be determined to become a huge greed.

Sun Yanming 53, his body is right, he does not order; his body is not correct, although he does not.

Confucius 54 can be a positive thing and can be governed by self-government. Song Yuefei 55, taking advantage of the world's public interest, the first benefit, is a national thief. Qing Huang Zongxi 56, heart is like water, do not make a grievance; law enforcement is like a mountain, do not have something unfair. 57, the name can not be false, expensive can not be false.

'Yuan Zizheng Shuzheng' 58, the political requirements, the public and the Qing; the way to become a family, and the diligence. Lin Biao 59, the ear of the forgotten home, the public ear to forget the private, the benefits are not worthwhile.

Han Jiayi 60. The party style of the ruling party is related to the survival of the party.

Chen Yun 61. The rewards for the rewards are all the people鈥檚 blood and sweat. Liu Guowen 62. Where the land of fame and fortune is taken, it will be stable after taking a step back, and it is dangerous to move forward.

Song Zhuyu 63, Jishan three years, less knowing; for the evil day, smell the world.

'Book of Jin' 64, for politics must be weathered and morality first, weathering must be based on honesty. Song Hu Anguo 65, the heart is selfish, naturally will be, the heart is innocent, naturally will be positive. Minglu is close to its 66, although the text can slightly smear the whites, and the price of the 10,000 yuan is hard to collect justice.

Zhou Jinlong 67, the combination of selfishness and greed, will hatch many poisonous snakes that harm others. Ai Qing 68, can keep the poor and win like a blessing, can withstand the loneliness and hold the festival, resist the temptation to keep peace.

69. Absolute power is the root cause of rot-corruption; restricting power is a sword to curb corruption and defeat. 70, clean and clean can gather people, the law has been able to serve people, the body can bring people, selfless can touch people.

71. Integrity and publicity, the people praised the greedy innocence and stayed in the name of the rat. Zhang Lixin 72, Ming morality to solidify, rebuild to raise the soul, know the integrity of shame to cleanse, go to greed to keep the festival.

73, wealth can not be lascivious, infertile can not move, might not be able to bend, this is called a big husband. Mencius 74, seeing people evil and introspection, there is no change to police; see people admire, outside is respected.

Wang Shuai 75, the foundation of the honesty, is the four-dimensional of the country, the grand festival of the people, the great virtue of the official. Mencius 76, when people see the profit and not see the harm, they will be greedy; the fish will see the food and not see the hook, and will die.

Shi Axiao 77, an official, for the benefit of one party.

Being an official first, everyone is the first Zheng Peimin 78, the music of the people, the people are happy; the people who worry about the people, the people are also worried. 'Mencius' 79. If the successful cause is a circle, then honesty is the center of the circle, and discipline is the radius. 80, the hand is stretched, and the hand will be caught.

The party and the people are supervising, and it is hard to escape.

Chen Yi 81, can hold his heart, can manage his skills, resist the temptation and temptation, and stand the test. Xi Jinping 82, first go to selfishness, and then can rule public affairs; first flattened, and then can listen to people. Jin Hao 83, to take the lead in being a model of clean government and diligence, to be the model responsible for the fight against corruption and defeat.

Su Rong 84, knowing the time and keeping the service hard and honest, the official is hard and sturdy, and the overall situation is awkward.

Liu Weidong 85, the greedy to take the counter, regardless of the non-righteous and not tired; the cheaper to take, get the points and often. Ming Chen Yu 86, the husband and wife are the same forest birds, do not want to escape the big disaster.

Only the wives and wives have little trouble, and the joy of the family is always happy. 87. As a public servant of the people, the heart of the people is suffering, not to miss the difference, and embark on the road of no return.

Qingshan 88, the moon is hazy, the wind is running, the rain should be seen, and the micro-intelligence of the mouse hole is destroyed. Zhang Zongfu 89, the wise man, warns himself with the painful lessons of others; the fools wake up others with their own heavy price.

90. After suffering hardships and enjoying happiness, this is the basic condition for gaining the trust of the party and the people.

Liu Shaoqi 91. The value of a person should depend on what he contributes and not what he gets. Einstein 92, I am not afraid of my strict and ignorant, and the people are not convinced that I can serve my public.

Public officials don鈥檛 dare to be slow, but they don鈥檛 dare to bully.

93, Lian is not afraid to slow, the public is not afraid to bully, public health, good life, honest and faithful, effective.

Li Wei 94, two sleeves clear wind and peace of mind, why have a knock on the door; a body of arrogance and arrogance from the fingers of the ridge. Peng Qin 95, when the official is not in love with utilitarianism, corruption is due to selfish desires, for the people to think twice, the use of power will be self-defeating. Su test 96, slamming the sea to drink and hurt the body, public funds to eat and drink is a violation of discipline, violation of the regulations of the party is difficult, sober and regretted late.

Xing Dongjian 97, be sure to continue to be modest and cautious, not arrogant, and must continue to maintain the style of hard work.

Mao Zedong 98, the residence of the four defeated: stunned to lose the next, proud of the defeat, greedy and unscrupulous defeat, repeated multiple fraud.

Zeng Guofan 99, the official is not greedy is the highest, one heart for the people is the hero, the unjust money is not taken, the integrity and self-discipline is self-discipline. The Huguang inspection provided 100 and rigorous greed, without asking the Shangguan, Fa Yijun, greed, political and chaotic, and the people benefited and died. Qing Wangfu 101, self-discipline is treasure, his law is love, law is his responsibility.

The ruler must be strict with self-discipline, but also happy with the law, but also dare to discipline him. 102, eat the people's rice and wear the people Yixing people to do the public servants of the people, Shun Limin, and Li Minfu reported that Li Minen was the son of Li Min.

Cao Shiyu 103, don't be greedy for money, don't stick to the wildflowers on the roadside, don't climb false political achievements, don't drill the reputation of squid fishing. Liaobei 104, the position of serving as the service for the people, the power to serve the people.

Wang Taihua 105. Being a public servant of the people, and avoiding self-proclaimed people鈥檚 parents, doing the testimony of the officials and industrious people, and commenting on the merits of the people. Yu'an Silver 106, the ancients have a saying: Dafa is cheap.

Ministers can be cheap, only half of them. It鈥檚 not cheap, it鈥檚 illegal, it鈥檚 illegal.

Chen Hongmou 107, not cheap, not dirty.

If there is no clean cover, there will be no new ones, and no shame will be nothing new.

The source of indecentness is born without shame.

Gu Yanwu 108, leading cadres should be four regulars: often repairing the virtues of politics, often self-discipline, always thinking about greed, often abandoning the idea.

Chen Xinjin 109, to be strict with self-discipline, not to seek self-interest, to be able to stand up to the ruling, to withstand hardships, to resist the lure and confusion, to manage the section.

Qiao Haiming 110, the reason for not giving others a gift, do not give yourself a little bit of rot-successful thoughts, for your family happiness, please be clean and political.

Wang Haijing 111, TV, the picture is clear, in order to experience the truth; to be a human being, to be clear-headed, to experience enrichment; to be political and self-clean, to experience practicality.

112. Human greed is infinite, and human life is limited. The limited life to pursue infinite greed is the most stupid and sad.

Huang Renyu 113, the power of closure will inevitably lead to corruption - the evil fruit, the sun is the best preservative, the open power will be able to build a brilliant building. Fengfeng 114, poverty alleviation and wealth itself are not worthy of praise. It is commendable that in the face of poverty and wealth, they can stand up straight and maintain dignity.

Zhang Xiaoqiao 115, for the political integrity of the people from ancient times to the present, the servant of the public servants of the bright festival continued to open to the former sage, the grass rides the wall because of the wind and the official is not righteous because of the death of Germany. Yang Peide 116, don't listen to how much he said, depending on how much he contributed to the people; don't look at the medals hanging on his chest and listen to the people's measurement of him.

Zou Dexue 117. Honesty is the support of human behavior. Trustworthiness is the moral cornerstone of the establishment of the profession; integrity is the core of the quality of politics, and integrity is the yardstick for the conduct of officials.

Zhang Xianrong 118. A politician with a reputation for life is more likely to be strict with his own history; a person with a desire to be more than moral will be slipped into the trap. Hu Yi sprinkle 119, the catastrophe comes, this is difficult to reverse, but the only greed is not good, not arrogant, not arrogant and surplus, the poor can be sewed one or two. Man is dead for money, not greedy and less evil.

Qing Zeng Guofan 120, when you are an official, you have to think about it the day before: I was not an official; I have to think about it later: I can鈥檛 always have this official. Looking for the true self, the party has fallen. Qing Shenju 121, shame, and the big festival.

If you don鈥檛 cover it, you can do everything; if you are not ashamed, you can do everything.

For people, it is ruined and ruined.

Chen Hongmou 122, Lao Fu Fu Xi, aiming for a thousand miles.

The martyrs are young and full of heart.

The journey of a gentleman, quietly to cultivate, to cultivate morality, not indifferent to Mingzhi, non-quiet and far-reaching. Zhuge Liang 123, integrity is the life of every party member leading cadre, is the minimum requirement for his political affairs, possessing it, although it is poor, but peace of mind, lost it is rich but sleepy. Yang Wei 124, the matter and then knows the truth, knowing the truth and then sincerity, sincere and then heart, the heart is right and then repaired, after the repair and then the family, the family Qi and then the national rule, the national rule and then the world Pinghan 'Book of Rites University' 125. Leading cadres should always remind themselves that we are only one of the people and not the lord of the people; power can only be used to serve the people and must not be used for personal gains. Zhang Youping 126, flowers said to the weeds, do not block the line of sight, I want to see the sun; clean and honest against the corruption - defeat, do not block the way, I want to be the people; justice to evil - evil, do not block the pace, I want to go to the truth.

127. A good feeling is that you don鈥檛 care for the world. After all, what I caught was a minority. I felt that I would never be discovered. Besides self-deception, I would not bully anyone. Highly satirical 128. I only feel that I can drink the whole sea when I am thirsty. This is called greed. When I drink it, I only drink a glass of water of my own. This is called self-discipline.

A clear distinction can be made between the boundaries of greed and self-discipline. 129. If the husband receives money and does not work with the clerk, then the ghosts and gods will blame and must be the dog and the horse. The law is strict and the law is strict, and it is determined to be a wife and a wife. Introspection in the night, can not help but sweat, is a must.

Yu Chenglong 130, for the official time, to maintain four distances to treat fame and fortune, to maintain a long distance; to treat the people, to maintain close distance; to treat leaders, to maintain equal distance; to work, to maintain zero distance.

Wang Yuliang.


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