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锘?p> Clean, quiet, yet dynamic; modest, restrained, but with a strong heart.

In the eyes of the classmates, she is the figure that helps people to solve doubts after class; in the teacher's mind, she is a smile that wipes away tears after failure. This is the awarding ceremony awarded to Wu Wen鈥檚 top ten campus by Xuanwu District Foreign Language School this year.

Wu Wen is 15 years old and lives in Nanjing Forestry University. His parents are teachers and his father is a returning person. Influenced by the family, Wu Wen is a very diligent, self-disciplined, modest, restrained and energetic child. At the beginning of the third year, the academic performance has always ranked in the forefront of the grade. He has won the first prize of the 'English for Learning' Cup English Essay Contest for the national primary and middle school students, the second prize of the junior high school group of the national middle school students' English proficiency competition, and the good parents cup composition of Xuanwu District of Nanjing. The third prize of the competition, the third prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Mathematics Competition, the top ten campus of Xuanwu Foreign School, the outstanding cadres and the three good students of Xuanwu District. She usually likes sports and insists on comprehensive development. When she learned that the province had publicly selected the Beijing Olympic torchbearers, she was very excited to fill out the registration form, saying that she would contribute to the hometown of Nanjing, the motherland, and the Olympic Games. Recently, when she received a telephone interview with the author, she said: In school life, I can continue to study hard, care about the collective, and actively contribute to the class, school construction and honor.

Having won many awards such as various awards in schools, provinces, cities, national English, essays, and mathematics competitions.

In normal times, I also like sports, especially when many girls are complaining about physical education classes. I will secretly sneak up on it because I like it. I like to run on the plastic track and look at the blue sky. I like the light feeling when I fly. I like to spend time with my classmates in volleyball matches, and I love it all the time. \u0026hellip; maybe everything is due to love, so I can win the first double-double in the winter three-jump competition and sports meeting, also because sports let me With a healthy body, you can score a high score of 707 on the battlefield. Grandfather often said that the body is the capital of the revolution. Indeed, without a healthy body, there will be no good results or good works. And a healthy body is derived from exercise. In my opinion, exercise is not only the relaxation of learning, but also the motivation of learning. There was a time when my academic performance was in the trough. During this period, I participated in the winter three-jump competition organized by the school and won the first place in the double-jumping rope. At that time, holding the certificate, I was thinking: my sports can do the best, why can't I learn? In this way, I began to study harder and harder, and finally kept my academic performance at the peak. Through the Yangzi Evening News, I learned about the news that the torch of the Beijing Olympic Games was transmitted in Jiangsu Province. Once upon a time, when Beijing successfully applied for the Olympics, I was very young and wanted to go to Beijing to be an Olympic volunteer. But at the beginning of this year, I discovered that I can't go to Beijing, and I am not old enough. Therefore, when the news of the open selection of the Olympic torchbearers in the province is presented to me, the excitement in my heart is beyond words. I have always thought of this in my mind: I finally have the opportunity to offer my own for the Beijing Olympics. power! I finally have the opportunity to round my Olympic dream! Wu Wen said: I know that the selection of the Olympic torchbearer is strict, even almost harsh. This article focuses on the spirit of participation, I applied to be an Olympic torchbearer. If you can't choose, I will bless every Olympic torchbearer, Olympic athlete, and other ways to support the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games! If you can realize your dream, I will be very grateful to everyone for your affirmation, and work harder to learn and actively fight for the revival of the motherland tomorrow! Zhuang Yuyang, a student at Quanzhou Experimental Middle School. He obtained the first place in the total score of this year's senior high school entrance examination in Quanzhou with the total score (language score, the city's first; mathematics score, 150 points; English score). Xiaozhuang said that when the results were announced, he was still traveling in Hong Kong. Yesterday, Xiaozhuang told reporters that he usually loves sports and loves to play the piano and listen to songs. As for many online games that young people love, Xiaozhuang smiled and said that he has some mental retardation in the game, but only occasionally play small games, but never play online online games. I don鈥檛 know how to play. I think it鈥檚 a waste of time and a waste of money when playing games. It鈥檚 better to play more. When it comes to learning methods, Xiaozhuang introduces his own experience: As long as the class is carefully listened to, according to the teacher's request, keep up with the teacher's review progress, it will not take too much time outside the classroom. Learning should be targeted. The basis of each person is not the same. It is necessary to arrange a learning plan according to your own situation and review the weak links in a targeted manner so as to achieve better results. China Xuzhou Net-City Morning News (Reporter Zhang Minling) Yesterday's Xuzhou senior high school entrance examination results announced that the junior high school students in the junior high school (2) class of the University of Mines with a total score of 697 points (language 114 points, mathematics 114 points, English 120 points, physical chemistry 134 points, 119 points in historical politics, 78 points in geographic biology, 18 points in sports, and 718 points in the entrance examination.) The crown of the champion of Xuzhou City was won. Yang Lan, who achieved remarkable results, sat in front of the reporter and let the reporter shine. She wore a ponytail, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, a pink top, white skin, and always had a sweet smile. She was a cute, generous girl. Yang Lan accepted an interview with the Morning News reporter yesterday to talk about successful experience. Reporter: When did your study habits develop? Yang Lan: My study habits were formed by the influence of my parents. My father and mother are teachers of Xuzhou Normal University. My father is at the School of Computer Science. My mother is at the School of Management. They love reading books very much. They go home every day. After doing housework, they study and read books. On them, I have been influenced by subtle influences. I like to read books and learn to think independently. Reporter: Have you learned the Olympics since childhood? What are the skills in the Olympics? Yang Lan: When I was eight years old, my mother started to guide me and let me learn the Olympics, but the award is not important. The important thing is that learning the Olympics can exercise the logical thinking of the brain. Of course, the effort is more important. Learning should be regarded as a happy thing. It is necessary to be good at summing up the commonality of the questions and the questions. I can study a book in a year, and my mother often tells me that I should read a book from a thick book into a thin book, and then read a thin book into a thick book, so that I can understand the program in the book. It is. Learning is not as long as possible, but the higher the efficiency, the better. Topic Learning Method Reporter: Do you often participate in social counseling classes? Do you stay up late? Yang Wei: Basically, I don't have a training class. Because the counseling classes in the society are faced with different students, it will not be tailor-made for you, and may not be suitable for you. I like to do my own problems and can actually find my weaknesses. To ask the teacher more, the teacher can help you find your deficiencies, and can also help you find a suitable learning method. It is most important to use the classroom and digest the classroom. In addition, the atmosphere of learning is very important. Students can communicate with each other. Everyone rushes to learn. Compared with learning, helping others learn and improve themselves. I have never stayed up late, and my work schedule is very regular. Reporter: Do you like to study? Yang Lan: I like to study, but I don't study for the exam, but study for knowledge. I like to travel, so I can relax and broaden my horizons. Travel can help me see what I don't have in my textbooks. Reporter: Is there any pressure in your study? Are parents expecting you high? Yang Lan: I have always lived in an environment without stress. My mother told me that learning is my own thing from an early age. Scores are not the most important. The ability of a person is not reflected in the test. My parents have high expectations for me, but they are not too much. They gave me a very free space, often used the holidays to take me out to travel, give me a relaxed mood; I never put pressure on myself, occasionally relax playing the piano, especially like Beethoven's songs, often playing a song Self appreciation. I especially like sports. I participated in the school's track and field team in elementary school. I insisted on running for 10 minutes every afternoon. I also wanted to climb the Wencang Mountain on campus, listen to the birds, and breathe fresh air to relax myself. Reporter: Talk about your own successful experience. Yang Wei: Class teacher and English teacher Zhang Meiling: Success depends on her diligence Yang Lan's success is inseparable from her having a good family environment. Her parents gave her a relaxed learning environment. From the beginning of the first year, I found that she has a strong ability to work, has a strong independence, and has her own opinions. First and foremost is due to diligence, followed by a good family environment, and once again she has super strength. She is a very smart student, but I think success depends on her hard work. Yang Lan, this child is very stable, his character is very good, and his popularity among the classmates is very good. She has strong work ability, strong independence, and her own opinion. She has been a squad leader since she entered junior high school. In her study, she developed a good habit and was fully engaged in her studies. The time spent in her spare time was scientifically and reasonably arranged. The basic skills of each homework are solid, even if it is an associate class, it is also an outstanding student of comprehensive balance and development. This time she was able to score a high score of 697 points, and we are not surprised at all. Chinese teacher Han Shuwen: She is good at drawing on the experience of others. She is not a partial subject. Yang Yu is better at science, and the composition in the language is slightly weaker. She will learn from other people's experiences and grasp the key points of study. Therefore, she can read a lot of books, find the shortcomings of her study from the book, find the key points in reading, and improve herself faster. My most profound impression of her is her atmosphere. She has the natural beauty of the girl, but she does not lose the boy's decisive and resolute character. Yang Hao has a great feature, that is, the class is very serious, and, as long as you don鈥檛 understand the things in the class, you can ask the teacher immediately, and you must make it clear at a time. Not being partial is one of the factors in her acquisition of the champion. Yang Lan is very stable, has personality, and has his own thoughts. Can properly coordinate the relationship between class and class, and be good at learning from their classmates to find out their own gaps. In mathematics learning, we can firmly grasp the basics, like to study exploratory questions, take the initiative to ask questions, conduct detailed analysis, be good at summing up on the questions, and constantly evolve the types of questions. Yang Hao's scores in all subjects are average, there is no partiality, which is not unrelated to her wide interest. Yang Lan is very interested in any subject. Although there is no specific study plan, she knows how to learn. Language and English need to be accumulated in peacetime. Science is the key to mastering principles. Politics and other subjects need memory and understanding. \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; When reporters contact Yang Yu鈥檚 parents for interviews, her parents told reporters in a low-key manner that we think children The test scores only played her normal level, and as parents only played a guiding role, so we also do not want to publicize, hoping to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for children. Yang Lan likes to read and think, take the initiative to follow the teacher's thinking, be able to understand the teacher's thoughts more seriously, and often sort out their own mistakes, to summarize and reflect, this is the key to her success. It鈥檚 never been arrogant, but it鈥檚 more frustrating. This kind of mentality is very valuable. In the face of setbacks, the mentality can be adjusted quickly, so the results are very stable. She is by no means a nerd! Learning flexibility, potential, learning habits, method-oriented application, she has a wide range of hobbies, likes to help classmates, have love, in her body, can not find the selfishness and pride of some top students. She is also a good helper for the teacher, helping the teacher to urge other students to learn. It is a child who can't forget at a glance. Yang Lan is a student with pursuit, goal and understanding. This is the main factor of her success. She has a strong motivation to learn, and her motivation comes from a strong desire for knowledge. She is a child who is diligent in thinking and good at research. In his studies, Yang Lan is able to grasp the learning methods and learn all the subjects. She is able to strengthen her memory because she knows that memory is a treasure trove of knowledge.

The other point is that she listens to the teacher's words. She will do the homework carefully for the teacher. She will never give up when she encounters problems. She will study with her classmates first, but she will not ask for help.

For each knowledge point, Yang Lan understands it with heart, until he has complete knowledge.

Yang Lan is an intimate big sister.

Yang Yu鈥檚 character is more mature and he knows how to take care of others.

At the time of the exam, if the classmate in the class is not too good, when she is sad, she will actively find the classmates, help him analyze the reasons for the test mistakes, and actively help him review, until the classmates The mood is getting better.

From the beginning of the first year, our relationship was very good. At the beginning, my mathematics scores were not very good. Yang Lan took the initiative to help me and guided me how to learn mathematics.

According to her approach, my math scores have improved a lot.

She can take the champion and take it for granted.

The results of the middle school entrance examination in Harbin were officially announced. Wang Jin, the seventh class of the 69th Middle School of Harbin City, took the score of 513 points (out of 530 points) with a total score of 513 points (out of 530 points).

Wang Jin, who has always been in the top three in the school and has won many Olympic awards, said that there is no secret in learning. It is essential to improve classroom efficiency and lay a solid foundation.

On Wang Jin鈥檚 transcript of the senior high school entrance examination, 110 points in language, 117 points in mathematics, 119 points in English (120 points for all subjects), 137 points for physical and chemical synthesis (out of 140 points), 30 points for politics (out of 30 points) ), it can be said that Wang Jin's various subjects have excellent results, no partiality and weakness.

What is the trick of Wang Jin鈥檚 study? She said that the idea of ??keeping up with the teacher in class is the most important reason for her to achieve good results.

No matter what class, the content of the class is simple, she keeps up with the teacher's ideas, not missing every word and every link of the teacher.

Classroom efficiency has improved. The content of the class has been digested. It is much more effective than summing up and doing exercises after class. Therefore, until the junior high school graduation review stage, Wang Jin also sleeps before 10:00 every night.

For after-school review, Wang Jin summed up a unique learning method, which is to self-edit the test.

In the face of a variety of workbooks and review materials, Wang Jin never bought blindly, but she was very familiar with the exercises in the book.

To do math problems, after completing a math problem, she is not eager to do the next one, but to think deeply, sum up the types, sum up the methods, and then change the questions and answers, and they are in the original On the basis of the question, we will compile a test to test ourselves, and to do a problem, we will have a class of questions.

In 69 Middle School, Wang Jin is a celebrity. She has made many outstanding achievements in the junior high school Olympic competition: the first prize of the National Mathematical Olympiad, the first prize of the National Physics Olympiad, and the National Chemical Olympiad. Second prize and so on.

After experiencing various examinations, Wang Jin believes that the Olympic competition is fundamentally different from the senior high school entrance examination. Winning the competition does not mean that the senior high school entrance examination can win.

In the mock exam before the senior high school entrance examination, Wang Jin鈥檚 grades were not very satisfactory and fluctuated greatly.

She immediately found out the reason and found that she often ignored the basic knowledge in the Olympic competition. So she based her foundation and reorganized the exercises on the textbook. After a period of review, Wang Jin鈥檚 performance improved.

After the entrance examination, Wang Jin intends to pick up the violin that he loved to play since he was a child, let his holiday spend in the beautiful music, and meet the high school life with a relaxed attitude.

The two champions of the Guangzhou senior high school entrance examination are all Jianglong. The Guangzhou senior high school entrance examination was released yesterday. Who is the champion? This year's total score is not from a prestigious school, but from the 6-year-old Qiaocheng Middle School in Panyu District. The school's Zhong Yijun students ranked first in the city with a total score of 759.

Lu Danyi, a student of Guangdong Experimental Middle School, also obtained a good comprehensive quality and won the Guangzhou Sanhao student in 2006. He added 10 points to the total score of 756 points and became the first place in the Guangzhou City Entrance Examination.

Among them, Zhong Yizhen came from Hunan, and the sixth grade of primary school went to Panyu, and Lu Danyi was a Zhaoqing person. The two became veritable cross-governants.

Very natural, he talked to reporters when he was a child.

Starting playing computer games from my kindergarten.

That was in 1996, the family spent 10,000 yuan to buy a computer.

Before going to elementary school, I can play for four or five hours a day on my computer.

Zhong Yiwei said that this situation continued until 11 years old.

In that year, I was deceived by all online game equipment. From then on, I feel that the network is not reliable, or return to reality to find another point of interest.

So mathematics became my second hobby.

He said that since the fourth grade, Dad has become his personal math trainer.

Dad teaches mathematics usually from the most basic and interesting places, so he never rejects mathematics, but instead likes to feel refreshed after thinking hard.

In April of this year, he won the first prize of the third national mathematics competition and the second place in Guangzhou.

Zhong Dad said that Xiao Zhong was born in Hunan and went to Panyu in the sixth grade of primary school.

The family did not deliberately choose a school for their children. The primary school was a new school in the community. It was only 6 years since the junior high school was established. It is not afraid of spending money, but it is considered that the guidance is the most important in the primary and secondary schools.

He doesn't always take the first place, but his performance has always been at the top. I think this is inseparable from his good study habits.

The teacher of the class, Mr. Chen, said that Zhong Yijun respected the teacher very much, but he never believed in the teacher.

The teacher's method of solving problems in the classroom, he sometimes only for reference, more often, he will propose another method to the teacher, sometimes even more concise than the teacher.

Zhong Yizhen admits that his personality is introverted and he does not know how to interact with his classmates. After going to high school, I want to consciously strengthen my interpersonal skills. Studying mathematics also requires cooperating with others.

Zhong Dad especially supports this idea of ??his son.

Lu Danwei: Grade: A total score of 766 points (including the three good students in Guangzhou in the 2006 school year, plus 10 points), Guangzhou City, the first place in the middle school entrance examination is very unexpected, I never took the first grade, I never thought about it. Can win the championship.

I learned that I was the top pick in this year's exam, which was completely unexpected.

Last Dan, who was rushed back from Zhaoqing yesterday, said that she can only enter the top 20 of the grade when she is well tested. In the year-round 627 students, the worst time has passed more than 100.

I think the test is so good, the main reason is that the mentality is good.

Dan Yu said that because his grades are not particularly top-notch, the pressure is not great. In the usual exams, some of the losses are not particularly valued in the mind.

When it comes to learning experience, she feels that it is very important to listen to the class. In the classroom, try to digest the knowledge of the teacher, take notes, and mark the important knowledge points to facilitate the after-school study.

After all, the teacher's explanation is more instructive.

The graceful and graceful Dan Hao is an active literary artist in the eyes of the teacher.

The teacher of the class, Mr. Liang, said that in his impression, Tanjung has always been a student with excellent academic performance. Her pen is very beautiful and loves to recite. She has served as the host of some large-scale events in the school, and she sang the song of Liang Jingru. Singing very well.

Dan Yan said frankly that she likes to listen to popular songs, especially Liang Jingru and SHE, and also likes to read novels.

According to my mother's introduction, Tanjung can enter the province to study, with a little luck.

When he graduated from elementary school, Tanjung just took the provincial innovation class.

Although from Zhaoqing to Guangzhou, studying far away from home, but combining various factors, it is decided to send her to save.

Dan Yu said that when he first came to Guangzhou, he was very homesick. When he went home on holiday, he deliberately went to the door of his alma mater, hoping to meet familiar classmates or teachers.

Although I need to go home by car alone every week, I have been independent since I was a child. I have also made new friends here and I am getting used to it.

Staying at school allows you to allocate time and calm down to do what you want to do.

The two middle school students in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, tied the first short-selling hair of the first middle school student. In a simple sports costume, like her name, Xie Wenting, who scored 624 points in the just finished middle school entrance examination, gave the impression that it was a Quiet girl.

I heard that there was some accident at the highest score. At 18 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, Xie Wenting met her physics teacher on the way to buy something. The teacher told her that you took the first place in Shijiazhuang, 624 points, she thought the teacher was with her. Just kidding, hurry home and call to check points.

Good at listening to others. Like her appearance, Wen Ting is a quiet child who is good at listening to anyone's opinions.

Xie Wenting鈥檚 class teacher and Qian Yinping鈥檚 teacher from Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School said that regardless of the class, Wen Ting鈥檚 eyes always keep on the teacher, capturing every word of the teacher; Let me first say that she listened quietly to the side, summing up the bright spots of each student's problem-solving ideas.

She usually studies efficiency, and she is very calm after entering the third grade. Every time period is well organized.

Inspirational language on the table Like many junior high school students, Xie Wenting's junior high school is not a smooth one.

The most impressive setback was the final exam for the first half of the semester. She usually scored one in the class and slipped to 50.

At that time, I was a little discouraged. I didn鈥檛 know how to learn. Later, Wen Ting quietly cheered on himself. On the desk, on the wall of the room, and on the pencil case, I was filled with inspirational language to be the best myself. To compete with yourself to surpass yourself, you can get back to the state, and finally re-take the class first in the second day.

/DIV hobbies like singing. Xie Wenting is a member of the class. She usually participates in many activities in the class. She participates in the long jump in the sports meeting and achieves the fourth grade in the school. She likes to listen to songs and sing, even in the middle school. Before, I can often hear her humming songs.

In the past few days, Wen Ting has been practicing the song 'Always Quiet', ready to perform at the graduation party.

Xie Wenting's mother is a professor at the Shijiazhuang School of Economics. His father is an engineer. His parents rarely counsel her, but they will try to create a democratic and relaxed family atmosphere for her to make her entire junior high school full and happy.

The son has been learning very well, and the most important thing is that he has developed a good habit.

Mother Li Shenghua said that parents never gave Shiwu any pressure and demands, but the first thing he did after returning home was definitely to write homework.

The three courses of English for exams, mathematics, and numeracy are almost all Shi Wu. His secrets of learning are very surprising: just listen to the class.

Shi Wu said that every time you attend classes, you should talk about efficiency, listen carefully, and take notes at any time, so that all content can be digested in the classroom.

When Mr. Lu called to ask us for the score, Shi Wu was watching 'Functional Logic'.

Father Shi Shouli said that Shi Wu likes to read books, likes to go online, has a wide range of knowledge, and has a high level of comprehension and self-learning ability.

Plan, and do everything in his power. The arrangements are very organized.

Mr. Lu said that once the planned things are done, Shi Wu will fully implement it.

Mr. Lu said that after the end of the senior high school entrance examination, Shi Wu鈥檚 third grade (8) class also practiced collective aerobics at school and prepared to participate in the competition.

On June 30th, heavy rain and inconvenient transportation, many students did not come, but Shi Wu, who lives in the Yintong Community near the East Second Ring Road, arrived at the school on time.

Other parents don鈥檛 dare to let their children go online and go out to play, but Shi Wu鈥檚 parents don鈥檛 care.

The father said that Shi Wu himself has a plan, and the Internet has always been studying, and going out to play is also going home on time.

Yangzhou senior high school champion Dong Anqi: Happy as an angel self-evaluation: no mother's supervision, the results will not be so good Teacher: An Qi became the champion, reasonable, unexpectedly, Dong Anqi likes to play basketball, play tennis, will play The keyboard has also learned Japanese, but she doesn't really like reading books. She admits that I haven't even finished reading the four famous books. I heard that last year's senior high school entrance exam finished 'Zi Zhi Tong Jian', I was really shocked. ,so amazing! However, I really like this sentence, especially the English advertisements JUSTDOIT and Nothingisimpossible4 of Adi and Nike, which are too classic! She believes that as long as she works hard, there is nothing impossible.

Self-evaluation mother supervision, the results are so good Dong Anqi's parents are working in Yangzhou Diesel Engine Factory. When talking about their parents' discipline, she especially thanked her mother for her long-term companionship.

Maybe the daughter is still young, the mother is not at ease, so she gave up a lot of fun to accompany her daughter.

Dong Anqi said: My mother urged me to study very tightly. On Saturdays and Sundays, my friends asked her to go out to play, but she never went because she knew me best. When she was away, I would watch TV, sometimes She loves to be clever, so she always stays with me to read at home; Dad sometimes takes me out to play, let me relax and relax. However, the logistics work I have studied is mainly done by my mother. She is really not easy. Without the supervision of my mother, my grades will definitely not be so good. Dong Anqi said that Dad is very good at science, especially mathematics and physics. She usually encounters some problems and she will ask her father for advice. Shantou middle school entrance examination female champion Zhang Qiqi: love questioning diligent learning to ask for the exam in the middle of the exam Wenjing Zhang Yiqi knows that he became a champion in the exam, very surprised. She told reporters: I listened to my classmates at noon and then called to find the results, but I don't know the highest score in the city. This score is three or fifty times higher than my original estimate. The achievements of Zhang Qiqi鈥檚 senior high school entrance examination did envy many students: she lost only 2 points, 7 points and 4 points in language, mathematics and English with a score of 150 points. The physical and historical scores were 120 and 80 respectively. Politics also lost only a few points. With this achievement, she will successfully take the gold in accordance with her wishes. Speaking of the embarrassment in the study, she smiled and said: My original performance is not particularly good, the first day is very general, the second test before the entrance examination is not well tested. To say that there is something wrong with learning, it is to study hard. If you encounter something you don't understand, you must dare to ask, ask questions, and ask teachers and classmates more, so that you will continue to improve. Zhang Qiqi recalled that she had asked the teacher four times for a topic. From the review stage, she develops a plan for herself at every other stage, and sets the goal to constantly digest doubts and difficulties; and when she is doing the problem, she not only finishes the task, but actively summarizes the difficulties in the various types of questions. Thoughts, usually read some books about learning methods, and repeatedly think about the shortcomings in learning. Learn the top or the etiquette model. In the interview, the reporter learned that Zhang Yiqi not only learns well, but also is an excellent student in all-round development in the school: she has been a three-year English department representative and a two-year deputy squad leader in junior high school. She is also a student cadre, a good student, and a ceremonial model. \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; At home, she used her spare time to learn to play the piano and passed the 7th level. The class teacher gave her the evaluation: being modest, not loving, not studying. Every time there is something wrong after the test, she will promptly ask the teacher. In the first day, Zhang Qiqi's grades were still very general, but by the end of the second year, she had reached the first place in the whole year. In the third day of junior high school, her grades have been consistently ranked in the top 20 among more than 700 people in the whole year. Vice-president Zhou, who is in charge of teaching at Chenghai Experimental School, believes that it is important to train students in an all-round way. In the teaching, the teacher advocates students to pay attention to the learning method and develop in an all-round way. The school will take the night self-study every night until 21:30, and the graduating class can not exceed 22:30 at the latest. There are more than 30 special classes in the school. Class activities have been very active. This year's graduates are the first graduates after the curriculum reform. This year, 17 students in the school have scored more than 800 points.

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