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A piece of Dan Xinyu Tao Li three-footed podium casts the soul of the soul--2014 national teaching and educating model advanced deeds [attach]7297[/attach] Li Guang: For the happy growth of Shanwa [Introduction Li Guang, male, Manchu, born in May 1958, member of the Communist Party of China, teacher of Morimo kindergarten in Qipanshan School District, Weichang County, Chengde City, Hebei Province. He has rooted in remote mountain villages for decades, turning a hundred acres of barren hills into a 'school hill' that can continue to create economic value, and built a garden-style kindergarten with his hardworking hands.

He asked Shan Liwa to have his own paradise.

In March 1977, Li Guanghuai dreamed of education and embarked on a three-foot platform. In the 38-year teaching career, from youth to youth, he has been adhering to the Mori Mo Village in Hariha Township, Weichang Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County, Hebei Province, a remote and poor deep mountain ditch that is more than 50 kilometers away from the county.

There is only one winding village road connected to the outside of the mountain.

Traffic occlusion leads to poverty and backwardness in the countryside, and everyone wants to leave.

And he is here for 38 years. In 2004, with the adjustment of the layout of rural schools, the original village primary school was converted into a kindergarten. The conditions at the time were very poor, and the campus was ruined. When it was raining, the sand was everywhere. Li Guang took the school as his home and waited for it to improve the conditions behind the running of the village. He is good at carpentry and masonry work. He uses shoulder blades and hands to move. He builds a wall for the school, a platform, a step, a courtyard, and a hardened activity venue. He used his own tools to make cabinets, remodeled tables and benches, and welded safety guardrails. Under the condition of no remuneration and no help, he squeezed time and rushed to work. He was busy at school year after year, day after day... He designed the campus, and he followed the hospital and went down. Green areas, botanical gardens, gardens, orchards. Every day, just after the day, Li Guang appeared on the construction site. When he was hungry, he ate a dry food brought from his home. When he was sleepy, he would drink cold water to refresh himself. If he had a headache, he would take some painkillers. When the family saw his exhausted appearance, he said with distress: 'Hire, how old are you, don't be embarrassed.' After many years of work, he finally built a garden-style kindergarten with mountain village characteristics. Nowadays, the spring trees are shaded, the summer flowers and plants are fragrant, and the autumn is fruitful and full of vitality. The most difficult thing to do in a rural kindergarten is that there is no money. In order to improve the conditions for running a school, he negotiated with the village and placed 100 acres of barren hills in the school. Do your own tree planting and forestry, and replace it with money to subsidize the campus. For more than 30 years since then, he has been weeding, pruning, snoring and perennial care regardless of the heat and cold. However, such a large mountain, a person is always busy. He racked his brains and, after a few sleepless nights, finally came up with a trick: au pair with the village. He used the summer to undertake the census of the village, abandoned the morning and evening and weekend breaks to help the village to organize archives and manuscripts; and the village paid money to hire workers to complete the ploughing and planting of 30 acres of forest. Today, this hundred acres of 'school hill' has become the eternal wealth of kindergarten. In 2007, he harvested some of his trees and earned more than 30,000 yuan. He used the money to renovate school buildings, improve drinking water facilities, weld safety fences, and add toddler beds to make children feel comfortable and have fun. Every time I went out to visit, I saw that there were a lot of kindergarten toys in the city. He was so envious that he always felt embarrassed about the children in the garden. After returning, he took a magical look around to collect all kinds of waste materials and plates of scraps, using his own hoe, chisel, axe, saw, while trying to make a variety of toys, learning tools. Later, he also launched a child to collect waste materials with him and teach the children to make their own toys. In a few years, it has saved a lot of money and developed the intelligence of children. Now, inside and outside the kindergarten, you can see the beautiful teaching aids he and the children have made together. Since he started his early childhood classes, he has played many roles such as heads, teachers, babysitters, gardeners, and cleaners. Every winter, he warms up the school boiler early, encounters snowy days, cleans up the snow in the courtyard; at noon in the summer, he will give the children a good mung bean soup and make delicious side dishes. When the parents are too busy to pick up the children, he personally sends the child to the parents; when the child is sick, he will take the child with his bicycle to the village clinic where he is more than a dozen miles away. Li Guang has no earth-shattering performance, but he has a magnificent life - that is, let these mountains have their own paradise. (Reporter Zhang Ting) [attach]7298[/attach] Wulan: The life on the podium [Introduction] Wulan, female, Mongolian, born in December 1970, member of the Communist Party of China, Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol League inlaid Huangqi Mongolian Middle School Vice-Chancellor. She boldly carried out the teaching of historical law for the psychological characteristics of students, which is the five-in-one history, language, grammar, nationality and patience, which greatly improved the quality of teaching. He has won honors such as national outstanding teachers and national excellent class teachers. In 1989, Wulan, who graduated from the Mongolian Normal School of Xilin Gol League, devoted himself to teaching in the inlaid Huangqi New Baoli Sumu School with a love of education. Although the grassroots is bitter, she has no complaints. This is 5 years, she has been rated as 'excellent teachers', 'excellent young pioneers counselors', 'three eight red flag bearers' and so on. Due to her outstanding work, she was transferred to the Inlaid Huangqi Vocational Middle School in 1993 and was transferred to the Inlaid Huangqi Mongolian Middle School in 1998. In the inlaid Huangqi Mongolian Middle School, Wulan is recognized as a model for diligent study, good at learning, self-cultivation, learning to be ethical, learning to increase intelligence, and learning to use it. In order to enhance students' interest in learning Mongolian language, and focusing on the psychological characteristics of students, she boldly carried out 'history law teaching', which is to use the five-in-one education method of history, language, grammar, nationality and patience to cultivate students' learning of national language. Enthusiasm has greatly improved the quality of teaching. For example, she often incorporates some historical allusions into Mongolian texts, or incorporates some language formation processes into the grammar to teach students, focusing on the attention of students and enhancing the memory effect, making boring learning more interesting. The consequent difficulties are the aggravation of the teacher's preparation tasks, because such lectures require teachers to be familiar with the text, but also to incorporate relevant content into the text content. Carrying forward the specialty of students and giving full play to the characteristics of students is the principle that she has consistently adhered to in teaching. She targeted the students with different characteristics, targeted teaching, encouraged students to read a large number of books, newspapers and magazines, and founded the school newspaper with the support of the school leaders, personally served as editor-in-chief, guided students to literary creation, organize students to participate Literary association activities, publishing literary works. In recent years, her students have published more than 30 works in newspapers and magazines such as Inner Mongolia Daily, Inner Mongolia Youth Daily, and Middle School Student Composition. She has deep feelings for every student she has taught. In the spring of 2006, a sudden large-scale student influenza caused schools to order suspensions to prevent the spread of the flu epidemic. In the face of this situation, Ulan took the initiative to ask the school, to guard more than 100 students with flu, to go out early and stay late, one guard is a week.

The children in the home school and the 70-year-old mother are all cared for by their lover. For this reason, the lover complains a lot.

Ulan did not retreat because of this. She patiently said to her lover: 'More than 100 students have influenza, they are living in school. I am the head teacher. If I don't look after it, is it a teacher?' There are still many such things in the years of Ulan鈥檚 teaching.

Ulan is like this. With decades of action, everyone has realized the true meaning of family and love.

She warms her heart and helps every student. She is a good teacher in the minds of students.

She has received countless love rewards: every time she celebrates the holidays, she will receive a lot of blessings and greetings from all students.

The children regarded Ulan as their mother and said in the letter: 'Teacher, thank you for your hard work, you are like my mother, care about me, help me, educate me, no matter where I go, I don't. I will forget the teachings and blessings that you have given me!鈥?A little bit of work, a few gains.

In her 25 years of teaching, she has won awards at the flag level, league level, district level, and national level.

The junior high school 'Mongol Grammar Handbook' she wrote was adopted in many middle schools.

But in the face of the results, she did not meet, and did not stop.

No matter what position she held, she never left the stage and struggled to teach.

Whenever she talks about this, she just smiles: 'The past achievements have become history. People should do something to do something...' (Reporter Zhang Ting) [attach]7299[/attach ] Zhong Weiping: In the teaching point, keep the loneliness [Introduction] Zhong Weiping, female, Han nationality, born in October 1966, teacher of the Central Primary School of Workers and Peas Township, Teli City, Heilongjiang Province.

In order not to let the children out of school, she walked nearly 100,000 kilometers of 'send to school' road, in order to teach her children, she explored a unique combination of 'motion and static' teaching method.

Xiaoxing'anling Nanxun is home to an ordinary small village, Lanhe Village, Tieli City, Gongli Township. There is an obscure teacher here. Under the condition of 'one person, one school', it is more than 20 years.

More than 20 colds and summers, nearly 20 kilometers of rural dirt roads every day, more than ten children have created a person who is willing to be lonely, willing to sacrifice, and will do his best to plant hope for the future.

Her name is Zhong Weiping.

Since he joined the work in 1987, Zhong Weiping has been a teacher at the Lanhe Teaching Center of the School of Workers and Peasants in Tieli City, Heilongjiang Province.

This remote teaching point has a maximum of ten students, and at least four.

In order not to let the children out of school, Zhongwei is unimpeded and rides a bicycle to and from the country road every day.

For more than 20 years, Zhong Weiping has traveled nearly 100,000 kilometers to 鈥渟end to school鈥?

In these 20 years, not only the hardships of the road, but also many things that are scary.

She has encountered many difficulties, but she has never made any demands to the leader, and she has always decided to take the house.

She believes in: a child, a family, a family, and a whole society.

In fact, there are primary schools less than two miles away from Zhongweiping. In more than 20 years, she has had several opportunities to mobilize, but she always said that she would not want these children.

Zhong Weiping is often plagued by illness due to excessive physical exertion and improper eating and eating all year round.

Because I have lunch at school all the year round, the school has no drinking water. She uses some water from the bottle every day. In the winter, the water forms ice. When it comes to school, the ice is turned into water. Three dry foods are water, hungry. After a meal, she got a very serious stomach and rheumatism.

In 2003, Zhong Weiping was ill with surgery.

If you have surgery, it will take a month or two to rest. In order not to throw the children, when the pain is serious, Zhong Weiping will take a drip while attending classes.

The children took a vacation before she went to surgery.

Zhong Weiping鈥檚 mother suffers from severe diabetes and heart disease. On the morning of the summer of 2007, the old man said to his daughter: 鈥淒on鈥檛 go to work today, stay with me at home, I am not feeling well.

' But in order not to affect the students in class, she is still not willing to take time off.

As the saying goes, since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety have been difficult.

When I went to the second class, Zhong Weiping learned that the mother had died of the news, and she burst into tears. She rode her car and went home in madness... For the children of Lanhe Village, Zhong Weiping did not put more The time was left to the son. In the process of his son's growth, he did not go to accompany him more. As a result, his son did not get into the ideal university because of a few points, and he only read the TV University.

And Zhong鈥檚 lover and son have always understood her and supported her silently.

Zhong Weiping has won awards and awards from organizations at all levels for his selfless dedication. He has been rated as an excellent teacher of Teli City, a model worker of Yichun City, an excellent class teacher of Heilongjiang Province, a provincial rural teacher award, and a moving force. Impressed by Yichun's annual figures; in 2009, he was awarded the National Excellent Teacher, won the Heilongjiang Province May 1st Labor Medal, and the Provincial May 1st Women's Award; won the National Wuyi Women's Award and the National May 1st Labor Medal, and served as the representative of Heilongjiang. The Great Hall of the People made a speech report; in 2013, it was named the most beautiful rural teacher in the country.

She has not given up on the care of poor, single parents and left-behind children. With the support of leaders at all levels, in June 2013, she set up a love workstation named after Zhong Weiping. The purpose of the workstation is: Concentrate on the strength of social love, care for the group of left-behind children in rural areas, care about the health of left-behind children in rural areas, care about the emotional needs of left-behind children in rural areas, pay attention to the life assistance of rural poor, single-parent and disabled children, and implement love transmission.

According to the general situation, Zhong Weiping, who has more than 20 years of teaching experience, should be 'three thousand disciples, Tao Li Tianxia', but the number of students who graduated from Lanhe has so far been less than 100. This is the whole cause of her career and the value she has paid for many years. Return.

As one song sang, 'I will be you when I grow up, the hope that the classroom is flying, and the one who keeps the nest is always you.'

(Reporter Wan Yufeng)[attach]7300[/attach]Ge Huaqin: Intoxicating and special education without complaints and remorse [Introduction] Ge Huaqin, male, Han nationality, born in December 1954, member of the Communist Party of China, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Principal of the Special Education School of Lishui District.

In 1986, he founded the Deaf School. In the past 28 years, he has developed a single deaf education school into a special education school that integrates hearing-impaired education, mental retardation education, rehabilitation education, and vocational education.

The Special Education School of Lishui District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province was founded in 1986. It was originally called 鈥淟ishui County Deaf School鈥? At first, there were only 18 deaf-mute children and 3 teachers.

This was the earliest one in Nanjing's suburbs.

In 1997, the school moved to the county town and became a boarding special education school integrating hearing-impaired education, mentally retarded education and rehabilitation education. This is the earliest one in Nanjing.

In 2001, the school opened 800 acres of barren hills, carried out self-rescue for the disabled to produce, and built the experimental base of the Lishui Special School, which is the earliest in the province.

In 2008, the school established an agricultural vocational secondary school to form an 鈥渆ducation-training-employment鈥?integrated school-running model. Currently, 27 disabled graduates are employed here, which is the earliest in the country.

In 2014, the school base was identified as the first batch of 鈥渘ational vocational training bases for the disabled鈥? which is currently the largest among the national vocational training bases for the disabled.

...... Ge Huaqin, 60 years old, delicate and elegant, with strong grief and great love, seems to live for special education.

He is the pioneer of the special education in Surabaya, and he is the 'old ox' who has been working hard on the special line.

He led the Lishui special education to write a glorious history of the Lishui special school with faith, and created a blue sky with the top of the disabled with great love.

'Every family of deaf children is a history of sadness.

' Ge Huaqin said, 'If the deaf-mute children in the family can't accept good education, this family really has no hope.

' In the eyes of ordinary people, it seems that there is no need to be so serious about those children with disabilities. There is food to eat and nothing to do.

'The special school is also a school. It is necessary to teach like a model, to report results, to talk about quality, and to be responsible to students.

' Ge Huaqin said, 'Children are physically disabled, but our education should be complete.

' In 2000, a letter from a deaf-mute graduate touched Ge Huaqin's heart.

Although this group of children graduated, due to social prejudice and discrimination, it is difficult for them to find a job and it is difficult to support themselves.

Ge Huaqin looked in his eyes and was in a hurry.

'If you can achieve self-sufficiency through education and training, life is down, it is equivalent to saving their family.

' Ge Huaqin said, 'We must change the traditional school thinking, self-improvement, and serve the lifelong development of students with disabilities.

' In February 2001, he applied to the local government to allocate (or lease) 300 acres of barren hills in the southern suburbs of Lishui County as an education and training employment base.

There are piles of stone, tombs, and weeds. There are no people, no smoke, and there are no sheds for sheltering from the wind.

Here, Ge Huaqin and his colleagues use their hands to create a better future for children with disabilities.

13 years have passed, including renting land. The base has grown to more than 800 acres today. There are 3 gardens (peony, grape, bonsai) and 4 districts (aquaculture, seedling breeding, fruit chicken stocking, no Public pollution vegetables, flower supermarkets, vegetable greenhouses and seedling bases, and more than 2,000 square meters of modern glass greenhouses.

The students here are fortunate. After receiving 9 years of compulsory education, they can also extend the base for another 3 years, focusing on strengthening cultivation and farming technology learning and completing 12 years of education. The school has also added a vocational secondary school for hearing impaired students. It specializes in modern agricultural technology and offers two courses of 鈥減lanting鈥?and 鈥渂reeding鈥?to fill the gap in agricultural vocational education in the special education field in Nanjing.

28 years of long roads, Ge Huaqin embraces the loyalty to the special education cause, the true love for disabled children, walks in the front line of special education without regrets, and makes the special education career flourish and prosperous. .

Liye is a pioneer, and the fragrance of Germany is flourishing. People admire his 'business' and respect his 'de'.

'Nothing, I just did what I should do.

'In the face of repeated honors, Ge Huaqin is grateful to the leaders at all levels, the support of the community and the selfless dedication of all colleagues. The most simple and simple sentence he said is: 'Thank you, thank you for your concern!' '(Reporter Wan Yufeng) [attach]7301[/attach] Pan Yiyuan: People do not stop pommel horses [Introduction] Pan Yiyuan, male, Han nationality, born on September 20, 1920, member of the Communist Party of China, professor of Xiamen University.

He began to teach at the age of 15, and in his nearly 80 years of teaching and educating career, countless students have received his grace.

He founded the discipline of higher education, and almost all of the country's major higher education research units have his students, putting his education and school thinking into practice.

Pan Maoyuan began teaching at the age of 15 and has been teaching in primary schools and secondary schools until the university. He has served as a primary school principal, a secondary school academic director, a university academic director, and a university vice president.

He devoted his life to his students and made great contributions to the research and practice of Chinese education.

He once said, 'The most gratifying thing in my life is that my name is in the ranks of teachers.' 'If I choose once again, I will choose the profession of teachers.'

In the decades of research in higher education, Pan Yiyuan always adhered to the concept of 'higher education research should serve the reform and development of higher education'. At the forefront of the times, in keeping with the needs of higher education reform and development, The pulse, the pioneer of the times.

In the 1950s, Pan Yiyuan was keenly aware that 鈥渃annot treat college students as primary school students鈥?and advocated the establishment of a new discipline of higher education to promote the reform and improvement of higher education and to train specialized socialist modernization. Talent.

In 1978, Pan Yiyuan stated in his published paper that 'the study of higher education theory is not only to solve the special problems of higher education, but also to enrich the research content of the entire educational science and promote the development and improvement of the entire educational science. It has profound significance, which unveiled the prelude of scientific research in higher education in China.

In 1983, Pan Yiyuan published the 'Higher Education Lecture', which laid a solid foundation for the birth of the first 'Higher Education' and the establishment of China's higher education discipline. After unremitting efforts, the first ' The Higher Education was published in 1984, marking the birth of a new discipline. In the same year, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council officially listed higher education as a secondary discipline.

As the advocate and founder of China's higher education discipline, Mr. Pan Yiyuan is on the one hand for the establishment of China's higher education discipline, and he is personally involved in the Xiamen University Education Research Institute.

At the same time, he put his academic vision to the whole country, plans the construction of higher education disciplines from the overall situation of the country and the overall development of the discipline, and actively promotes and encourages other universities and higher education research institutions to carry out higher education research and discipline construction. .

In 1986, after Xiamen University established the first doctoral degree in higher education in China, Pan Yiyuan paid attention to the construction and development of higher education and institutions across the country, and actively planned and promoted the construction of doctoral programs for higher education in other universities.

Before the mid-1990s, the competition for the construction of doctoral programs in China's educational disciplines was extremely fierce. With his personal academic influence and wisdom, Pan Yiyuan effectively promoted the establishment of the first four doctoral programs in higher education in China. And actively create a platform and space for their development of disciplines.

On the basis of years of higher education theory and practice, Pan Yiyuan also explored a set of postgraduate course teaching methods suitable for postgraduate training in the 'learning-research-teaching practice' trinity.

In addition to paying attention to student study, it also emphasizes the academic activities, essay writing and ideological cultivation of doctoral students.

He actively creates a good academic environment for students, and students are deeply immersed in it.

He actively encourages students to make academic reports and participate in academic discussions at academic conferences, and also supports them to give lectures on campus.

At the same time, he contacted academic organizations outside the school to allow students to write essays with quality questions to participate in off-campus academic conferences.

Students have been active in academic thinking and expanded their academic horizons. In the eyes of every student of the Xiamen University Education Research Institute, Pan Maoyuan is not only a mentor of 'teaching and confession', but also a navigation mark and role model for himself. He often said: 'The specific help of the tutor on the professional knowledge of the students is not the most important. The important thing is the direction of the guidance, the method of the point and the influence of personality.' He always used his own body to tell Students 'want to learn, to be a man first.' (Reporter Wang Qiang) [attach]7302[/attach]Wang Zude: Rural vocational school writing youth [Introduction] Wang Zude, male, Han nationality, born in May 1972, Party Secretary of Wugongshan Vocational Secondary Professional School, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province . After engaging in rural secondary vocational education for 17 years, he wrote a poem about the magnificent secondary vocational education in rural areas with his loyalty to rural secondary vocational education and his affection for mountain students. Wang Zude loves his career, loves his own students, and loves the rural middle school to raise his hot soil. He often warns students that they also need to work hard to attend secondary vocational schools. They can't adapt to the needs of modern society without painstaking research and unremitting pursuit. At work, he spends a lot of time in sleep and sleep. The working hours are more than ten hours a day. Most of the holidays are also used in teaching and research. For more than a decade, he has given up the good opportunity to go out and develop, and worked hard and hard in the land of rural vocational education. Wang Zude treats each student sincerely and pays attention to cultivating their interest in learning. There is no bad concept in his eyes. He believes that students can't be distinguished by good or bad, but their hobbies and specialties are different. With broad vision, advanced ideas and flexible methods, he guides students to explore problems, solve their difficulties and doubts in learning, and bring students the motivation to learn, the fresh knowledge and the ability to become talents, so that students can be confident and self-reliant. Successful success. His educational theory is solid and solid, and he is good at creatively selecting and organizing teaching content, designing teaching process, and forming his own unique style in teaching. He incorporates people-oriented educational thoughts into the teaching process, and follows the teachings of good deception, like Ganquan, like rain dew, nourishing the heart of every student. Everyone gave him a kind nickname - 'Wang Yi Mo', which is full of people's admiration for his profound knowledge and unremitting exploration spirit. There used to be a teacher complaining to Wang Zude: The student moral education work is really annoying. Some things are reasonable. Yesterday, I only talked to the students and talked again. Today, I have repeated the crime... Does Wang Zude have such troubles? As the saying goes, 'Long illness becomes a doctor', the method is always more difficult than the difficulty! Wang Zude proposed the model of 鈥渆stablishing a student moral education bank鈥? The school establishes a 鈥渕oral bank鈥?for each student, prepares two 鈥渃redit cards鈥? and divides into 鈥渄eposits鈥?with 100 points. A 鈥渃ard鈥?is posted on the classroom wall with 鈥減aper and ink鈥?on it. The borrowing income of the moral education bank, a 'dark card' on the school website 'Terox Bank' platform, students, parents can always enter their own account password to query. Wang Zude said: 'The system can control people, but it can't influence people. Students are not puppets at the mercy of others. How can management be one-size-fits-all? Only by carrying out in-depth and meticulous moral education work can we spring the rain and moisten the hearts of students!' For more than 10 years The work of the class teacher has been excellent for more than 10 years of education and teaching. Wang Zude's research on education has gradually moved from spontaneous to conscious, from sporadic experience to a unique theoretical sublimation. He studied the 鈥淔our-Four-Three Implementation Strategies鈥?of school education, which made the school education and teaching work achieve remarkable results. In order to enrich the campus life, Wang Zude took the lead in setting up amateur basketball team, martial arts team, and Go group of interest groups in the class to hold a variety of cultural and recreational activities. In the golden autumn season, students are organized to go to the martyrs' cemetery to sweep the graves and educate them. When the spring blossoms, they will lead the students to the scenic spots to experience the magical beauty of nature... Through a variety of extracurricular activities and trainee practice, the relationship between the students is harmonious, the students' physical and mental health is happy, and the signs of complaining about learning disappeared. In the long-term educational practice, Wang Zude deeply realized that to cultivate outstanding talents with strong sense of social responsibility, innovation and practical ability, we must adhere to the principle of educating people, moral education first, ability first, comprehensive development, not only Good health and mental health. 'A single show is not spring, and the purple and red springs are full of gardens.' Under the inspiration of Wang Zude's touching deeds, there has been a wonderful story of educating people. The deep teacher-student sentiment makes youth shine in the sunshine of love. (Reporter Yu Yu) [attach]7303[/attach] Lu Fanwei: Mountain Leadership Education 'Leader' [Introduction] Lu Fanwei, male, Han nationality, born in May 1971, member of the Communist Party of China, President of Gongqing Hope School, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province . 23 spring, summer, autumn and winter, over 208 hills, 2,400 home visits, 46 teaching diaries, and 10,000 yuan donations. Lu Fanwei created a knowledge room for the children in the poor mountain ditch. Problems such as poor school conditions, aging teachers, more student turnover, and difficulties in managing left-behind children are often the true portrayal of rural education in mountainous areas. Xuzhuang Town, Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, which is located in the Yimeng Mountain area, is no exception. However, here, there is such a small school principal. For 23 years, from the teacher to the principal, he has step by step to solve this educational problem. Over the years, he has climbed over 208 hills, visited more than 2,400 students at home, wrote 46 teaching diaries of hundreds of thousands of words, and subsidized students with meager wages, totaling more than 10,000 yuan. He is the national outstanding teacher, Lu Fanwei, the president of the Zaozhuang Gongqing Hope School in Xuzhuang Town. In 1988, Lu Fanwei missed the college entrance examination for physical reasons. The dream of learning is broken, but he has a stronger desire: to be a private teacher in the village, to do everything he can to let the children in the mountains read the book and read the book! If you are thirsty, Lu Fanwei is diligent in learning, ask for counseling, and continue to practice preparing lessons. After unremitting efforts, he was admitted to Zaozhuang Normal School in 1989 as a private teacher. That is, from that day on, he made an oath to himself: dedicated his life to the cause of education, and taught and educated people as a lofty pursuit. Since 23 years of teaching, Lu Fanwei has learned the education knowledge with humility and has been studying teaching methods. In order to recharge himself, he obtained a college degree and undergraduate diploma through self-study training, and participated in provincial and municipal key teacher training. In order to teach his children, he sacrificed his rest time many times and went to Zaozhuang, Linyi, Laiwu and other places to ask for help. In 2009, Lu Fanwei came to Zaozhuang City Gongqing Hope School as the principal. At that time, the campus was dilapidated, weedy, the teaching building was leaking, the quality of teaching declined, and a large number of students were lost. Lu Fanwei started by changing the teaching building. In order to save costs, Lu Fanwei led the faculty and staff to do it. He himself took on the heaviest and most dangerous task of improving the waterproof rubber. Once, when standing on the edge of the roof to lift the waterproof glue, Lu Fanwei accidentally fell from the top of the building, hurting the liver, gallbladder rupture. In order to save money, Lu Fanwei did not go to a public hospital, but went to a private clinic to remove the gallbladder and repair the liver. 'Because of poor medical conditions, he was unconscious for many days and almost lost his life. After being transferred to hospital for treatment, he turned to safety after more than a month.' Recalling this, his wife Li Xiuying has been worried. Lu Fanwei adapted to local conditions, took local materials, and launched students to find strange stones, dig tree roots, and hold interest groups. The school then opened a special course on color clay painting, and organized such as 'red scarf small society', 'planning small community', 'science and technology small community' and so on. The quality of good education and teaching has been unanimously recognized by the society, and the original lost students have returned to the campus. As a poor township in the Yimeng mountainous area, Xuzhuang Town has a large number of villagers who go out to work and do business, creating a special group of 鈥渓eft-behind children鈥? For the healthy growth of these children, Lu Fanwei fully utilized the role of the resident school in the town, and explored a new way to build a rural children's palace and centrally manage left-behind children. Based on the Gongqing Hope School of Zaozhuang City, the village of Xuzhuang Town was established. , centralized management of left-behind children in the town. Lu Fanwei built a functionally complete Children's Palace based on the conditions of the school, and opened functional rooms such as keyboard, calligraphy, erhu, flute, chess, Chinese painting and dance, and recruited 22 counselors as volunteers among the town's outstanding teachers. . Lu Fanwei also launched 12 small towns in the town to set up a left-behind children care station to establish and improve the care system for left-behind children in the town. For Lu Fanwei, Gao Yulong, director of the Education Bureau of Shanting District, commented: 'He is particularly passionate about education and is good at solving problems in the development of education. He is the 'leader of the mountain' in mountain education.' (Reporter Yu Wei) [attach]7304 [/attach] Zhang Guowei: teaching and research complement each other [Introduction] Zhang Guowei, male, Han nationality, born in January 1939, member of the Communist Party of China, professor of Northwest University, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has always been working on the front line of teaching and has been climbing the peak in scientific research. He has won honors such as advanced individuals from the national ethics, advanced national workers, and outstanding national teachers. For more than 50 years, Zhang Guowei has been working on the front line of teaching and has undertaken teaching of eight courses including structural geology. Every class is carefully prepared and has new content every year. His class is lively and humorous, and the amount of information is large. In order to be able to listen to his classes, students are vying to seize the seats. Especially his reports and lectures are always full. Zhang Guowei spent a lot of effort on the training of master students and doctoral students. He said that the tutor should focus on developing students' thinking ability and scientific and moral qualities. Many of Zhang Guowei's students have been trained as academic leaders, academic leaders, Jieqing, and Changjiang scholars. Field study internship is one of the most important aspects in the teaching process of geology. Zhang Guowei pays special attention to the subjective initiative of students. During the internship, he insisted on going with the students and living together. Students who go out in the field are often too tired and unwilling to wait for more, but the students who go out with Zhang Guowei never complain, and take the initiative to ask for an extension of time and more tasks. The student said: 'Mr. Zhang is walking faster than our young people in the wild.' What is particularly touching is that in 2010, Zhang Guowei was hospitalized because of long-term overload work, but during his stay in hospital, he thought about it. Both are teaching and research work, and students see documents and materials piled up everywhere on the hospital bed. He also remembered how the teacher who led the field to arrange the itinerary, what the precautions were, and the safety of the students. In the field of scientific research, Zhang Guowei also made outstanding contributions. In the early 1960s, Zhang Guowei began to get involved in the study of the Qinling orogenic belt as soon as he graduated. In the past 10 years, he led the students to cross the Qinling several times before and after, and thousands of kilometers were completely on foot. His footprints have almost traveled through the gullies of the Qinling Mountains.鏃犳€箮锛岀啛鎮変粬鐨勪汉閮界煡閬撳紶鍥戒紵鍏锋湁鍑嗙‘鏃犺璇村嚭鏌愭煇鍦拌川鐜拌薄鍦ㄥ摢鏉℃矡銆佹嫄鍑犻亾寮殑涓€妫垫牳妗冩爲涓嬬殑鏈簨銆傘€€銆€銆€鍑犲崄骞撮棿锛屽紶鍥戒紵鍙備笌鐨勨€滃瘜閾佷細鎴樷€濈爺绌躲€佲€滅Е宀€犲北甯﹀博鐭冲湀缁撴瀯銆佹紨鍖栧強鍏舵垚鐭胯儗鏅紙1992锛?997锛夆€濈爺绌剁瓑锛屽娆″紩鍙戝鐣岃桨鍔ㄣ€備粬鍊惧績澶氬勾鐨勭爺绌舵垚鏋溿€婄Е宀€犲北甯︿笌澶ч檰鍔ㄥ姏瀛︺€嬪凡鎴愪负绉﹀箔鐮旂┒鐨勪竴閮ㄧ粡鍏稿法钁椼€傘€€銆€銆€浠栧厛鍚庡湪鍥藉唴澶栧彂琛ㄥ鏈鏂?50浣欑瘒锛屽嚭鐗堣憲浣?閮ㄥ拰涓嫳鏂囩増銆婄Е宀€犲北甯﹀博鐭冲湀涓夌淮缁撴瀯鍥句笡銆嬪悇1濂楋紙鍖呮嫭鍚堜綔锛夛紝涓荤紪鍚勭被鏋勯€犲浘浠?0澶氬箙锛屽畬鎴愮爺绌舵姤鍛?0浣欎唤銆傘€€銆€銆€鐩墠锛屽紶鍥戒紵姝e崗鍚屼富鎸佽礋璐b€滄澘鍧楁瀯閫犱笌澶ч檰鍔ㄥ姏瀛︹€濇垬鐣ュ挩璇㈢爺绌堕」鐩紝甯﹂鍏ㄥ浗鍗佷綑鎵€闄㈡牎鐮旂┒鍗曚綅鍜屾澃闈掍负涓荤粍鎴愮殑鐮旂┒浜哄憳杩涜鎴戝浗澶ч檰鏋勯€犳垬鐣ュ彂灞曠爺璁ㄣ€傘€€銆€銆€寮犲浗浼熶笉浠呭瀛︾敓鍩瑰吇鏋佸叾璐熻矗锛屼篃娉ㄩ噸瀵归潚骞存暀甯堢殑鍩瑰吇銆傘€€銆€銆€浠栦竴鏂归潰鍦ㄦ暀瀛﹀拰绉戠爺涓粰骞磋交浜哄帇鎷呭瓙锛屼娇鍏跺湪瀹炶返涓敾鐐兼彁楂橈紱鍙︿竴鏂归潰锛屼粬鐢ㄨ嚜宸辩殑涓€瑷€涓€琛岋紝寮曞闈掑勾鏁欏笀璧板悜鎴愮啛銆備粬璁や负楂樻牎鏁欏笀蹇呴』姝g‘澶勭悊濂芥暀瀛︿笌绉戠爺鐨勫叧绯伙紝浣滀负鏁欏笀蹇呴』瑕佹悶濂芥暀瀛︼紝鍋氭湁绱犺川鏈夊闂殑鍚堟牸鏁欏笀锛涜€屽彟涓€鏂归潰锛岃鏁欏ソ瀛﹀繀椤昏鏈夊ソ鐨勫闂紝杩欏氨蹇呴』瑕佽繘琛岀瀛︾爺绌讹紝浠ョ爺绌舵垚鏋滄彁楂樺厖瀹炪€佹悶娲绘暀瀛︺€傘€€銆€銆€鏈夌殑闈掑勾鏁欏笀浼氭姳鎬ㄨ嚜宸辩殑宸ヤ綔浠诲姟閲嶏紝浣嗕竴鐪嬪埌寮犲浗浼熺殑宸ヤ綔閲忔椂锛岄兘浼氭劅鍙逛粬灏辨槸鑷繁蹇冧腑鐨勯珮灞变笌澶ф捣銆?




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