m.scr888 apk 4.0 download:m.scr888,apk,4.0,download,锘,娈佃:锘? {娈佃惤} {娈佃惤} The official website of Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute, the first time authoritatively provides Shandong Province senior high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, self-s

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The official website of Shandong Education Admissions Examination Institute, the first time authoritatively provides Shandong Province senior high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, self-study, adult college entrance examination and other education admission examination registration and examination information. Shandong Provincial Education Admissions Examination Offices All Municipality Admissions Contact Telephone Administrative Regional Unit Name Consultation Telephone Office Address Lixia District Lixia District Admissions Office 0531-86553647 Wenhua East Road No. 44 (Wendong Road and Shanda Road Intersection Southeast) Shizhong District City Central District Admissions Office 0531-82029652 No. 162, Dawei Second Road, Shizhong District, No. 162, Yinyin District, Huaiyin District Admissions Office 0531-87911336, No. 251, No. 251, No. 251, Tianqiao District, Tianqiao District Admission Office 0531-86928280 Xiaoqiao North Road, Tianqiao District (overpass) South to the east Xiaowei North Road, 100 meters north) Licheng District Licheng District Admissions Office 0531-88023791 No. 68, Xinzhu Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, Changqing District, Changqing District Admissions Office 0531-87222260 Jinan Changqing District Education Sports Bureau (16666 West Road, Pingyin County) Pingyin County Admissions Office 0531-83101618 Pingyin County Education Bureau Admissions Office Jiyang County Admissions Office 0531-84235009 Jiyang County Education and Sports Bureau (118 Fuqiang Street) ) Merchants Office of Shanghe County, Shanghe County 0531-84883440, 84874045 Third Floor, Education and Sports Bureau, Qinghe County, Shanghe County, Zhangqiu City, Zhangqiu City Admissions Office 0531-83212772 Zhangqiu City, Mingshuishanquan Road, No. 1999, Shinan District District Admissions Examination Office 0532-82867969 No.27, Guanhai 1st Road, Shinan District, Shibei District, Shibei District, North District, Admissions Examination Office 0532-66751131, Qingdao Weinan Road, No. 93, High-tech Park, Laoshan District, Admissions Examination Office 0532-88996516, 88996517 Xishan District Government Building West Building Room 530 Lishui District Lishui District Admissions Examination Office 0532-87890004 Lishui District Jinshui Road No. 1309 Development Zone Qingdao Development Zone Admissions Examination Office 0532-86883586 Development Zone Zijinshan Road No. 34 City North Xinjiang Banshi North District Admissions Examination Office 0532 -66751131 Laoshan District, Lushan District, North District, No. 93, Laoshan District, Admissions Examination Office 0532-88996516, 88996517, Room 530, West Building, Laoshan District Government Building, Chengyang District, Chengyang District, Admission Examination Office 0532-87866066 Chengyang District Education and Sports Bureau (Mingyang Road No. 202) Jiaozhou Jiaozhou City Admissions Examination Office 0532-82233855 Jiaozhou City, Fuzhou South Road, No. 232, Jimo City, Jimo City Admissions Examination Office 0532-81726300 Jimo City Education and Sports Bureau Teaching and Research Office (100 meters in the North Gate of Jimo 28) Pingdu City Ping Degree Admissions Examination Office 0532-88368332 Pingdu City Renmin Road No. 81 (Hangzhou Road and Local Taxation Bureau has passed) Huangdao District (formerly Jiaonan) Huangdao District enrollment test Test Office 0532-86178607 Huangdao District (formerly Jiaonan City) No. 17 Zhuhai Zhong Road, Laixi City, Laixi City Admissions Examination Office 053288483778 Laixi Huanghai Road No. 9 Xichuan District Xichuan District Education Bureau Admissions Office 0533-5181294 District No. 201, Jiangmen Avenue, Zhangze District (100 meters from the middle and west of Suichuan) Zhangdian District, Zhangdian District, Admission Office 0533-2287683, 2282569 Zhangdian District, Heping Road, No. 9 (Zhangdian No. 30 West Road, South) Boshan District Mountain Admissions Office 0533-4181364 Boshan District Admissions Office (in the Boshan Experimental College) Linyi District Admissions Office in Linyi District 0533-7123626 No. 139 Guanzhong Road, Linyi District Zhoucun District Admission Office, Zhoucun District 0533-6412987, 7875976 Zhoucun District South Down No. 5, Hetai County, Huantai County, Yantai County Admissions Office, 0533-8264150 Jianshe Street, No. 3316 (Yutai County Education and Sports Bureau) Gaoqing County Gaoqing County Admissions Office 0533-6973644 Gaoqing County Qingcheng Road No. 65 (Education Bureau Office Building 2, West Building) Wuyuan County, Wuyuan County Admissions Office 0533-3229038 Wuyuan County, Shengli Road, No. 4, Zhongzhong District, Zaozhuang City, Central District Admissions Office 0632-3322234, Shizhong District, Zhenzhong District, Xuecheng Road, Xuecheng District, Xuecheng District Admissions Office 0632-4440600 Xue Urban area Education Bureau North Third Floor Admissions Office Wucheng District Admissions Office, Weicheng District 0632-7711916 Chengcheng District, Chengcheng District, No. 256, Taierzhuang District, Taierzhuang District Admissions Office, 0632-6611746, No. 139, Wenhua Road, Taierzhuang District, Shanting District, Shanting District Education Bureau Admission Office 0632-8812577 No. 31, Fuqian Road, Shanting District Tengzhou City Tengzhou Admissions Office 0632-5598310 Tengzhou Xingtan Middle Road No. 75 Dongying District Dongying District Admissions Office 0546-8221130 Dongying New District No. 1 Office Building 352 Room Hekou District Hekou District Admissions Office 0546- 3651189 Riverside Road, Hekou District No. 18 Education Bureau Office Building 4th Floor Admissions Office Kenli County Kenli County Admissions Office 0546-2523223 Kenli County Original Housing Construction Bureau Room 411 (opposite the East Gate of Shengxing Garden) Lijin County Admissions Office 0546-5621556 Guangzao County Admissions Office, Guangrao County, No.58, Liqiao County, Lijin County 0546-6441950,6451366,6922100 Guangrao County Education Bureau Oilfield Victory Education Management Center 0546-8554683 Yantai Development Zone Yantai Development Zone Admission Office, No. 28, Xicheng Shengtai Road, Dongying City -6396791 Development Zone, No. 502, Third Primary School, Ningbo Road, Zhifu District, Zhifu District Admissions Office 0535-6865580, 6685852 Fushan, 46, Ping An Street, Zhifu District Fushan District Admissions Office 0535-2136197 Fushan District, Yantai City Admissions Office Fuping District Admission Office, Muping District, 0535-8945678, No. 501 Zhengyang Road, Luan District, Laishan District, Laishan District Admissions Office 0535-6907325 Laishan District, Yingchun Street, No. 172, Xianglong International, 1426 Long Island, Long Island County Education and Sports Bureau 0535-3212600 Longkou City, Longkou City, No. 175, County Government Street, Longkou City, Longkou City Admissions Office 0535-8517583 Longkou City Experimental Primary School Office Building, 1st Floor, East Head Laiyang City Laiyang City Admissions Office 0535-72960807269991 Laiyang City, 57 Meihua Street, Laizhou City Laizhou City Admissions Office 0555-2257313 Laizhou City Cultural East Street 755 Penglai City Penglai City Admissions Examination Office 0535-5644130 Penglai City County Houdong Road No. 68 Zhaoyuan City Zhaoyuan City Admissions Examination Office 0535-8215332 Zhaoyuan City Luofeng Road No. 181 Qixia City Admission Office, Qixia City 0535-5211601 Haiyang City Admission Office, No. 510, Yuejin Road, Qixia City, Hainan City, China Lubei Section (Wufang Wuzhong South) Weiting District Hanting District Admissions Examination Office 0536-7251327 Hanting District Democracy Street No. 281 District Fangzi District Admissions Office 0536-7663947 Fangzi District, Zhengying Road No. 526 (outer northeast corner of Weifang Sizhongyuan) Kuiwen District Kuiwen District Admissions Examination Office 0536-8253319 Kuiwen District Shengli East Street No. 4719 High-tech Development Zone Weifang High-tech Zone Admissions Office 0536-8861163 Room 1136, 11th Floor, Innovation Building, High-tech Zone, No. 6699, Health East Street, Weifang High-tech Zone, Weifang District, Linyi County, Linyi County Admissions Office 0536-34560873212108 No. 2968 Longquan Road, Linyi County Changle County Admissions Office 0536-6221438 Changle County Business Community Building 1, Room 2, West District, Room 257 Qingzhou Qingzhou Admissions Office 0536-3220958 No. 801, Gonggongting West Road, Qingzhou City Zhucheng City Admissions Office 0536-6062789 Zhucheng Wenhua Road No. 21 (Education Bureau Office Building II Building 203) Shouguang City Shouguang City Admissions Examination Office 0536-5228033 Shouguang City Financial Technology Service Center Room 1006 Anqiu City Anqiu City Admissions Office 0536-4395062 Anqiu City Admissions Office Gaomi City Gaomi City Admissions Office 0536-2867929 Gaomi City Health Lunan First High-density Four Central South 200m Road Southwest Building 312 College Entrance Kechangyi City Changyi City Admissions Office 0536-7211432 Changyi Foreign Language School Binhai District Binhai City Admissions Examination Office 0536-5605603 Weifang City Binhai District Haihua Street No. 05421 Xiashan District Xiashan District Admissions Office 0536-3086986 Weifang City Xiashan District Taibaozhuang Street Xia Shou Street and Yunxia Road junction Rencheng District Jining City Rencheng District Admissions Examination Office 0537-221576121066802106191 No. 11 Taibai Road (Street), Rencheng District, Jining City, Yinzhou District, Yinzhou District Admissions Examination Office 0537-3413543 Yinzhou District Education and Sports Bureau Weishan County Weishan County Education and Sports Bureau Admissions Examination Office 0537-3181183, 3181184 No. 22, Xiazhen Culture Street, Weishan County, Yutai County, Yutai County Admissions Office 0537-6253530 South Section of Huling Third Road Jinxiang County Jinxiang County Admissions Examination Center 0537-8721232 Jinxiang County Examination Center Jiaxiang County Jiaxiang County Admissions Office 0537 -6822946 Wenshang County Admissions Office, No. 56, Central Street, Jiaxiang County 0537-7282188 North Section of Ningmin Road, Wenshang County, Lianshui County Admissions Office 0537-4239853 Lishui County Education and Sports Bureau Liangshan County Liangshan County Education Bureau Enrollment Office 0537-7322787 Liangshan County Education and Sports Bureau Admissions Office Qufu City Admissions Examination Office 0537-3353502 Qufu City Education and Sports Center, West Building, 2nd Floor, Zoucheng City Zoucheng Admissions Test Center 0537-5211851 Zoucheng Lushan North Road, No. 609, Taishan District, Taishan District Admissions Office 0538-6368566, 6276179 Taishan District Government Building No. 4 Building, Daiyue District, Daiyue District Education Bureau Admissions Office 0538-8566503 Tai'an City Yinyue District Education Bureau Admissions Office Ningyang County Ningyang County Examination Center 0538-5688734 Ningyang County Qixian Road No. 983 Dongping County Dongping County Admissions Examination Office 0538-2833213 Dongping County Education Bureau Recruitment Office Xintai City Xintai City Admissions Examination Office 0538-7222349 No. 961 Qingyun Road, Xintai City, Feicheng City Admissions Office 0538-3213904 Feicheng City Education Bureau, Zhiweihai City Admissions Examination Office 0631-5810205 Weihai City Cultural Middle Road No. 72 Wendeng District Wendeng District Admissions Office 0631-8452742 Wendeng District Century No. 84, Rongcheng City, Rongcheng City Admissions Office 0631-7562344 Rongcheng City, Chengshan Avenue East Section 99 Rushan City Rushan City Admissions Office 0631-6622397 No. 53 Xinhua Street, Rushan City, Donggang District, Donggang District Admissions Office 0633-8771300 Second Floor, Rizhao City Education Bureau (132 Beijing Road, Rizhao City) Admissions Office, Laoshan District, Laoshan District 0633-2612242 Wushan County, Wushan District, Wushan County Health Office 0633-5213680 Wulian County Admissions Office Jixian County Admissions Office 0633-6222481 Yuxian Houying Road No. 138 Laicheng Laiwu City Admissions Examination Office 0634-6210894 City Cultural North Road No. 20 Steel City Laiwu City Admissions Examination Office 0634 -6210894 City Cultural North Road No. 20 Lanshan District Lanshan District Admissions Office 0539-8187531,8184463 Lanshan District Lanshan Road No. 182 Luozhuang District Luozhuang District Admissions Office 0539-8268163 Linyi City Luozhuang District Education and Sports Bureau Hedong District Hedong District Admissions Office 0539-8384827Hedong District Administration Center, Inner District Education Bureau, 6th Floor, Yinan County Admissions Office, Yinan County 0539-3220438, No. 22-1 Renmin Road, Yinan County, Yucheng County, Fucheng County Admissions Office 0539-5321271, 5321270 Yucheng County Dongcheng New District Ludong Shoushui County Lishui County Admissions Office 0539-2251534 Chang'an Middle Road 77 Lanling County Lanling County Admissions Office 0539-5211620 Lanling County Education and Sports Bureau Admissions Office Feixian County Education Bureau Admissions Office 0539-2113400 Feixian Peace Road No. 2 Pingyi County Admissions Office, Pingyi County 0539-4211174 Pingyi County Admissions Office Yinan County Admissions Office, Weinan County 0539-7212779 Weinan County Education Admissions Office Mengyin County Education Examination Center, Mengyin County 0539-4271340 No. 105 Mengyu Road, Mengyin County Linyi County Admissions Office 0539-2132607 No. 11 Fuxin East Street, Linyi County Decheng District Admissions Examination Office 0534- 2100880 No. 28, Zhongyuan Street, Decheng District, Lingcheng District, Lingcheng District, Admissions Examination Office 0534-8221314 Lingcheng District Government Road, No. 151 Education Bureau Admissions Office Ningjin County Ningjin County Admissions Examination Office 05534426211 Ningjin County Education Bureau third floor recruitment office Qingyun County Qing Yunxian Admissions Office 0534-7088369 Qingyun County Education Bureau Office Building Linyi County Admissions Office of Linyi County 0534-2143010 Linyi County Education Bureau Admissions Office Qihe County Admissions Office 0534-5330842 No. 157, Sunshine Road, Qihe County Plain County County County Admissions Examination Office 0534-4211008 Plain County Education Bureau Office Building 1st Floor East Side Xiajin County Xiajin County Education Bureau Admissions Office 0534-3213123 Xiajin County Nancheng Street 240 Wucheng County Wucheng County Admissions Office 0534-6289261 Texas Wucheng County Education Bureau, Leling City, Education Bureau, Admissions Office, 0534-6262, 923, Leling City Education Bureau Admissions Office, Yucheng City, City Admissions Office, 0534-7266685绂笴ity Admissions Office Bincheng District Bincheng District Admissions Examination Office 0543-3806023 Binzhou Huanghe 5th Road No. 431-6 Huimin County Huimin County Education Bureau Admissions Examination Office 0543-5351864 Huimin County Gulou Street 39 Yangxin County Yangxin County Education Bureau of Admissions Office 0543-8223911 No. 529, Yangcheng 4th Road, Yangxin County No. 妫?Wudi County Education Bureau Admissions Office 0543-6337900 Wudi County Education Bureau (No. 186, Xinsan Road, Wuyi County) Zhanhua District, Zhanhua District Education Bureau Admissions Office 0543-7321085 Zhanhua District Education Bureau Admissions Office Boxing County Enrollment Examination Office, Boxing County 0543-2319003 No. 322, Shengli 2nd Road, Boxing County, 5th Floor, County Education Bureau, Zouping County, Zouping County Admissions Office 0543-4268091 Zouping County No. 39, Heshang 2nd Road, Dongchangfu District, Dongchangfu District Admissions Office 0635-8240484 Liaocheng Longshan Middle Road 3 Linqing City Linqing City Admissions Office 0635-5161778 Linqing City Education Bureau Admissions Office Yanggu County Yanggu County Education Bureau Admissions Office 0635-6217126 Yanggu County Education Bureau Jixian County County Admissions Office 0635-7321487 Qixian County Education Bureau 2nd Floor Admissions Office Luanping County Fuping County Admissions Office 0635-4260612, 4260608 Fuping County Xinzheng Road No. 224 Education Bureau A County Dong'a County Education Bureau Admissions Office 0635-5109826 No. 257 Shuguang Street, Dong'a County Guan County Guan County Education Bureau Admissions Office 0635-5231021 Guanxian Yucai Road No. 6 Gaotang County Gaotang County Admissions Office 0635-3919055, 2136058 high Tangxian Vocational Education Center, the fourth floor of the practice building, Peony District, Peony District Admissions Office 0530-5685895 Peony District Education Bureau Admissions Office Cao County Cao County Admissions Office 0530-3214934 Cao County Education Bureau Admissions Office Dingtao County Dingtao County Admissions Office 0530-2221565 Dingtao County Education Bureau Chengwu County Admissions Office of Chengwu County 0530-8611023 Chengwu County Xiannongtan Street East Section Road Beidan County Single County Admissions Office 0530-4692246 Single County Cultural Road Middle Section Education Bureau Admissions Office Juye County Juye County Admissions Office 0530-8214642 Juye County Education Bureau Admissions Office Yucheng County Yancheng County Admissions Office 0530-6583071, 6581390 Yucheng County Education Bureau Admissions Office Yucheng County Yucheng County Admissions Office 0530-2408077 Yucheng County Education Bureau Admissions Office Dongming County Dongming County Admissions Office 0530-7215327 Dongming County Zhanqian Road Education and Training Center.


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