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Through the above two paragraphs, I believe that the player has been able to grasp the position of the correct grip and the posture of the correct grip. Of course, the above is just a literal explanation. You may wish to try it yourself.

With the popularity of billiards, billiards games are also very popular. There is such a casual board game in the chess and card center chess and chess hall. Welcome new and old friends who like billiard games to play together. Let's download the chess game center chess and board game hall experience.

(3) After standing in the upper body position, the upper body turns to the right side and bends down, so that the shoulder is pulled up, the upper body is tilted forward, close to the table top, the head is slightly raised, and the middle part of the lower jaw is raised. Stick to the hand or the club, and look straight in the direction of the club.

The elevated support of the finger support is stable. From the index finger to the little finger, there are a variety of ways: two front and two (the middle finger and the ring finger are in front, the index finger and the little finger are behind, the wrist needs a certain tilt to balance the length of the finger. Not the resulting deviation), one after two (as shown), two-finger support (the ring finger and the little finger support, the index finger thumb retracted, a little bit about the benefits of this hand frame, the advantage is that it is easier to get around Stick the obstacle ball behind the white ball, and increase the height of the handgrip groove to the extreme. O'Sullivan often uses this elevated posture). The placement of the hand frame should be: one.

Keep your body balanced.

You can do it by keeping the handstand steady. I think you should have no problem.

But the third point in this section is not so easy for you.

Define the necessary conditions for the placement of non-bearing hands and hand frames (3) Axiom IV.

It is necessary to place the non-holding hand and the hand frame so that it can be straight, stable, and capable of exerting strength.

Now let's do an experiment.

Before doing this test, you have to give up all the knowledge of billiards you have already learned, especially the so-called 'correct playing position'.

For example, a person who studies martial arts, before you learn a new martial arts, no matter what martial art you have learned before, you must first abandon it and leave it behind. In a word, you must first clear yourself. Now the test begins: fix a point in the teeing ground and place the cue ball at that point. Now you are required to use the middle rod to hit the maximum force of the cue ball to the opposite bottom.

Hit ten times, each time recording the distance the cue ball is running. The tenth time that the cue ball is running the farthest, you have to remember which cue ball has eaten a few banks and finally stopped at which point.

Now move your hand frame a little (such as three centimeters or five centimeters) and hit it ten times. Similarly, record the distance each time the cue ball is running, and remember the one that the cue ball is running the farthest.

Now move your hand frame a little (such as three centimeters or five centimeters), hit it again ten times, and do the same record. Now compare, which round the cue ball runs the longest distance and the cue ball runs the longest distance. Try it out until you find the best distance from your cue ball when you can hit the maximum force. In order to increase the fun, you can compare with your companions or golfers to see who is strong, who can make the cue ball run the farthest (must hit the cue ball midpoint, that is, the middle pole.

Although hitting a high pole can make the cue ball run further.

). In general, you need to fight for the greatest strength: 1. Relax your body as much as possible; 2. Pull the rod to the fullest; 3.

The fastest shot.

At the same time, you need to do the necessary conditions for the placement of non-hands and handrails (1) and (2). After this experiment is completed, you will probably know how big your hitting power can be. And how far away your hand frame is from the cue ball, you can make the most power.

So, what is the purpose of our experiment? Here is the key.

Place the target ball on the five-point point (the black eight or nine ball is placed at the midpoint of the middle hole). The cue ball is placed on the tee line and a straight ball is used to hit the target ball into the bottom hole.

You are required to hit the above-mentioned handrail distance and the maximum strength of the middle or lower middle shot.

At this point, what is your accuracy? If you are accurate (for example, ten or more eight), and can play very beautiful, very standard fixed rod (after the cue ball hits the target ball, the silk does not move, firmly nailed in the original Land), congratulations on this, you have considerable billiard talent and potential. If you are not allowed, or if the target ball is in the hole, but the cue ball is spinning (added), and even the cue ball is running around, you don't have to be too sad, because most people can't do it.

It's not difficult to just ask for a five-point straight line, but it's a little hard to do it with a standard fixed rod. It's even harder to ask for the standard rod with the maximum force.

Because it is difficult for the average person to hit the ball with the maximum strength, it is difficult to make the club straight, which will cause the cue ball to be misaligned and impure, and naturally it will not be able to hit the standard rod.

Then, what should I do? So, someone puts a heart: practice! It鈥檚 hard to find the distance of the handball that hits the ball with its greatest strength, so I don鈥檛 believe that I can鈥檛 hit the midpoint of the cue ball! Practice, practice, From noon to evening, from night to late night, the first to report to the ball room every day, the last one left. The result is very regrettable, with little effect. So, began to wonder if his arm is not the same as others.

I can't why others can make a strong standard.

This is a true story that happened to one of my golfers.

In fact, billiards, don't be tempted, don't dig into the corners. Everything has a method. I told my golfer to move the handrail a little, move forward a little, not one centimeter, two centimeters, two centimeters, three centimeters, the same full bow hit the ball.

Finally, moving forward five or six centimeters, the cue ball was fixed, and the mosquitoes did not move.

Repeatedly tried several times, the effect is very good, the management is very positive, very pure. I told him that although it is not the distance of the hand that hits the ball, but this distance is the longest frame distance that you can straighten and stabilize, that is, the distance between your best hand frame and the cue ball.

Use this distance when you hit a normal shot. At this distance, although I can't make the most of my own strength, it is also a great force, enough.

The biggest power is to play the black eight-time kick-off.

It doesn't matter if you kick the ball.

At some point, the cue ball is far from the edge of the library, and there is no need to use a pole. When the distance of the hand frame is forced to be longer than the regular distance, it must not be full, and it must be smashed. Now my golfer can not only play a very beautiful, very standard five-point fixed-point, but also can pull the low-bar straight line, but also the high-bar to let the mother ball and the target ball fall into the bag, so that others are very envious. Seeing that he is so happy, I am also happy.

After talking for a long time, I think you already know what I want to teach you. Define the best distance between the hand frame and the cue ball.

The best distance from the cue ball is: When the full bow hits the ball, make sure that the rod is stable and straight, the distance that the hand frame is farthest from the cue ball. Explain again: if the distance between the hand frame and the cue ball is greater than the optimal distance, the full bow hitting force may be larger, but the output rod will be unstable, not straight, causing the cue ball to be misaligned and impure; If the distance of the ball is less than the optimal distance, the rod is stable and straight, but it does not have the strength it deserves. Ok, it鈥檚 your turn to actually verify it. You must find the best distance for your own hand frame from the cue ball as soon as possible. This distance is used for regular hitting and it is fixed to form a habit. In the future, you don't have to take care of other people's finger pointing at the distance of your hand frame. What is far, near, what is fifteen centimeters, twenty centimeters, that is only suitable for him. What you want is for you.

Finally, I will make a summary of the placement of non-hands and hand frames: one.

Non-hands and hands are the third support point for the body to keep the body in balance.

Don't lean too far, and don't obviously sit back; you can't lean left or right.

Playing all day, your arms and legs should not feel sore. The body is stable and it is easy to play. two. The hand frame must be stable to provide a stable running platform for the stick and hitting. There are many kinds of hand frames, stable and most important, and the unstable hand frame should be used less. There are a lot of famous masters. Because the hand frame is unstable, rushing to hit the ball, leading to mistakes, it is not uncommon to lose a good game. It is a good habit to develop a good habit: if the hand frame is unstable, it will not come out. Try to find a way to stabilize your hand.

The hand frame when the cue ball is attached to the library is difficult.

The practice method of the cue ball library in the middle section is very useful.

After the practice, you will benefit for life. It will even become your killer.

When the key is shot, the opponent is absolutely shocked!

Non-hands and hand frames should be placed so that they are stable, straight, and forceful. The distance between the hand frame and the cue ball is the key here.

The distance is too far, it is difficult to ensure that the rod is stable and the rod is straight; the distance is too close, the force is not penetrated, the rod method is limited, and the cue ball will have problems.

This is a contradiction. To find the best distance from the cue ball to the cue ball, do not mistake the regular ball regardless of the accuracy and position.

The standard position of the grip is described above, so we must understand how to hold the rod to make it the easiest and most beneficial when hitting the ball.

Usually the novice friend always holds the club tightly in his hand and fears that the club is lost. In fact, the player can't hold it too tightly during the game, because when we force the club, it will lead to Our hands and wrists are over-stressed and the movements are stiff, and the batting movements are uncoordinated. The result is that the player can't smoothly slide the shot to hit the cue ball on the table. The correct grip position should be (assuming the player It is the right hand grip. The thumb and forefinger of the player's right hand gently grip the club at the tiger's mouth. The center of gravity mentioned in the previous paragraph is 20CM-30CM, so that the thumb and forefinger form a shape similar to the ring. The club is the front part of the hand, that is, the thumb and the first two fingers. The other fingers are actually wrapped around the bottom of the club. The main purpose is to control the balance of the club and keep the club in linear motion.

Try to relax yourself.

The method above b is not absolute. You can still use the V-shaped hand frame. At this time, the root of the finger is basically in line with the edge of the table, and the guiding effect of the thumb is replaced by the index finger.

Billiards is a sport that is more and more polished. People who love billiards don't have to buy a pool table to practice at home.

Batting is an important part of billiards. Playing billiards is a popular casual game. Many friends will play a game. For novice friends, how to play billiards is a standard gesture for playing billiards. It's not very clear. Here, the chess game center introduces these novice friends to the standard posture and gestures of playing billiards. Whether you use your right hand to hold the club or use your left hand grip, the first thing we should master is the grip. The position of the grip allows us to easily and smoothly hit the ball during the game. I think that the grip is an important factor that must be paid attention to before the beginner can start playing billiards. Let's take a look at how to properly hold the grip. For beginners, our first step is to find the center of gravity of the club. Only by finding the center can we grasp the position of the grip and how to find the club. What is the focus? The method is that the player lays flat on the thumb and forefinger, then places the club on two fingers, and adjusts to balance by gravity balance on both sides of the club. At this time, the position of your finger is the center of gravity of the club.

After finding the center of gravity, we will move 20 to 30 cm from the position of the center of gravity to the tail of the pole, and grasp the hand of the familiar grip. This is the most suitable grip position I have mentioned.

Of course, not all shots use this grip method. When you encounter special play requirements during the game, you must adjust the grip position by moving back and forth according to the actual situation. In fact, I believe that everyone here should be empathetic. After all, every billiard fan will face such a problem, because you are also coming from this stage! In fact, don't care too much about standing, you can probably understand. The key is that the handle frame, the right arm, and the club are placed on the ball line. The left and right feet are free to have a shape. Otherwise, others feel that they are very amateur and awkward. It is most important to be comfortable and stable.


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