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Referrer: Source: Member Recommended Time: 2011-10-2710:05 Read: When most people are paying attention to you flying high, only a small number of people care that you are tired and tired, this That is! It is hard to love someone, it is harder to hate someone, and the one who loves and hates is the hardest.

The important thing is not where you are standing, but the direction you are facing.

Don't use your own needs to measure the giving of others, or you will always complain. If you don't understand it, if you understand it, just smile and don't say it.

Greed is the truest poverty and the truest wealth. Humor is the joy of laughing when a person wants to cry.

The so-called enemies are just those who force us to become strong. To see a person's mind, to see him; to see a person's worth, to see his opponent; to see a person's card, to see him. Let the man stop, wisdom makes the man stay.

Tomorrow is the fastest-growing piece of land in the world, because it is full. The right person who meets the right is a lifetime; the right time to meet the wrong person is a heartache; the wrong time to meet the right person is a ridiculous; the wrong time to meet the wrong person is a sigh.

You can get your heart with your heart, but it can be completely hurt.

Keeping distance can protect yourself, but it is also destined forever. Real good friends don't have a lot of topics to talk about together, but they don't feel embarrassed even if they don't talk together.

There is no other half of the 100 points, only two people with 50 points. The first time I laughed because I met you, the first time I cried because you were not there. The first time I laughed and wept because I couldn鈥檛. It is not about what kind of taste, but what kind of life is determined by taste.

Shaking hands with a handsome man, talking to a deep man, communicating with a man, and living with an ordinary man. Life is nothing more than making others laugh and occasionally laughing at others.

I am like a fly on a glass, the future is bright, but there is no way out. Don't forget what you once owned; don't get it more; don't belong to yourself; already reserved. It can never be a balance. If you want to be happy in love, you will be willing! Some are built by us, and we take it as real.

When you think you have nothing, you have at least time, time to heal all wounds, so please don't cry.

Expectations that can be met are worth looking forward to; expectations that can be realized are only available.

What is this? Just like a teapot, the butt is burnt red and whistling.

When you are addicted to smoke, only three people will be happy, doctors, your enemies, and cigarettes.

The secret of keeping is that there is a restless heart.

Nothing can be exchanged for health. It鈥檚 not a sin to eat it, but people who are fat have the right to gain weight! The slim behind is actually awkward. People who love you don鈥檛 care about your waistline! Try to taste the taste of long-awaited food, even if you die! The most terrible thing about losing weight is not hunger, but you are obviously not hungry but always feel that you have to eat something to be practical. Life is actually very simple, and today is tomorrow.

It's not difficult. It's hard to deal with people who try to get you to end single. It鈥檚 the best for people to ask for, but not to give up.

Let people die, it is the highest level of murder, even the forensic doctor can not identify the cause of death... The opportunity is like a hair on the bald head, you grab it and grab it, you can't catch it. Memory is like the water in the palm of your hand. Whether you spread it or hold it, it will still flow from the fingertips.

The fault is short-lived and it is a regret forever. It is unscientific to look at one life, and it is easy to see the disease.

Determine the state, the mind determines the pattern, and the vision determines the state. The encounter is the fate, the mutual understanding is the share, the love is the agreement, and the love is the true love.

Use to run, listen carefully, use thinking to develop, use, use to measure, use love to live. It鈥檚 like knitting a sweater between two people. It鈥檚 a needle and a line when you build it. Be careful and long. When you dismantle it, just pull it gently. When you can鈥檛 help but want to flow out, open your eyes and don鈥檛 blink. You will see the whole process from clear to fuzzy. In fact, the happiest fairy tale in the world is just the time to spend the oil and rice together. One person is willing and another person is willing to appear. Feelings are sometimes just a person's business, and have nothing to do with anyone. Love, or not love, can only be broken. This is an era when taboos have collapsed. No one can stop you. Only you stop yourself. The more you have your taboos, the less you will achieve.

There are many grades, and the most high-level inferiority manifests itself as a genius for bragging about what you do.

Bees are busy all day, praised; mosquitoes keep on running, people see people playing.

How busy it is, why is it important to be busy.

People who know how to find easy, know people to find, people who know how to find happiness! When you fall in love, you will feel steady when you fly to the horizon, because you have it; afterwards, you feel at home, because there is no direction.

Men should be grateful to women in their 20s who are with them. Because 20 years old is the lowest valley of a man's life, no money, no; and 20 years old, it is the most splendid season of a woman's life. The heart of man and man is the farthest and farthest, and sincerity is the middle channel.

Love is art, marriage is technology, arithmetic. The test can use fire, try women can use gold, try men can use women - often can not afford to try.

A woman's intelligence lies in her ability to appreciate men's intelligence. Life is a lamp, work is oil, if you want the light to shine, you have to refuel! Money is less than money, often just fine! People are few old, health is good! The family is poor, and the peace is good.

Love is a colorful balloon, no matter how strict the color, you can't stand the tip of the needle. A first-class lover can not only love a woman for a lifetime, but also love a woman for a lifetime! Love is like a photo, and it takes a lot of time in the darkroom to cultivate. Feelings can be like an alarm clock, can you stop by clicking? If the time of youth is spent in idleness, then remembering the years will be a sad tragedy.

There are few crops where there are many weeds, and there is less wisdom in places where there are more empty words. The heart is a two-bedroom house, one living and one living happy. People can't laugh too loudly, otherwise they will wake up the pain next door.

Don't start without preparation, don't have the ability, please don't promise. The promise of a man is like the teeth of an 80-year-old woman, and there are very few real ones.

Even if there are no flowers on the road, I can still enjoy the absurdity.

Love is empty and empty, and they are wandering in the street; people are empty and empty, singles are working hard; they are empty and empty, and they want to go crazy when they want to go; the empty bowls are empty and life is not easy. In short, all four are empty! Great success begins with a small decision. When you are in a hurry, you can see the world a little confused. You can't change others, but you can change yourself; you can't change the weather, but you can change your mood; you can't change the length, but you can expand its width.

Life is used to operate, not to be considered. Feelings are used to maintain, not to test. Love is for love, not for use. , is used, not used to measure. It is used to break, not to decorate. Is used to precipitate, not to challenge. The blind date is a distribution, called direct sales, and the hydrangea is the bead. Love, this thing, may not be a shortcoming, there will be no regrets, but if you do not measure, you can only regret.

Life is over, not coming out. Only those who live in the house can get more secrets.

The point is the smoke, but the smoke is the loneliness... The last thing that can be put down is the memory. No matter where I am, I am only one turn away from you. We saw it with one eye. Gray wall, but bravely fly with another eye, close. Man obedient woman, but if a man likes a woman, he will unwittingly listen to her words. Love is a lamp, friendship is a shadow. When the light is off, you will find that there are shadows around. A friend is someone who can give you strength in the end. The cynicism is sharper than the sharp weapon, and the whispering tenderness is milder than the sun. Positive people must have a insistence.

The most precious thing in the world is not something that you can never get or have, but something you have already got and can lose at any time! Indifference, sometimes not ruthless, is a tool to avoid being hurt. It is impossible to extricate, except for teeth and love. Most of the things that have been waiting for too long are not what you wanted. One layer of autumn rain is cool, and one flower falls with a scent of fragrance, which is the same as that of a young man.

Happy life nine words: hope, something to do, someone love.

The gap between jealousy and cleverness is not intellectual, but moral.

As long as the girl dances well, how can the corners be dug? The open-minded people do not entangle the past, the wise people do not stick to the present, and the people do not worry about the future. Women and women are friends, and they want to use green leaves. At the same time, they must also hide the safflower.

Morality can often make up for the shortcomings of wisdom, but wisdom can never fill the moral gap. There are three things in life that cannot be concealed: cough, poverty, and love, the more concealed, the more you want to cover it.

Yesterday was a cheque that was void; tomorrow is a promissory note that has not yet been redeemed; only today is cash, so that you can cash everything at any time.

People always love to deceive themselves because it is easier than deceiving others. If it is one, then accepting betrayal requires more courage. While you are watching other people, you are also the scenery in the eyes of others.

Always, there are many reasons for love in this world, but there is only one reason for separation - love is not enough. There are four passbooks in life: health, career and money.

If health disappears, other passbooks will expire. The difference between hating a person and loving someone is: one is on the lips and the other is hidden in the heart.

Three wishes in life: one is to eat, the other is to sleep, and the third is to laugh. Fashion is to make people with an annual salary of 8,000 look like an annual salary of 100,000. We always ask men to have the same look and the same ability. Can't afford to lift the weight and lift it.

Experiencing a love is like eating chocolate, even if you don't have to pay for chocolate, you have to pay for it.

The original woman can change under the interests, and the man can be taught.

Don't be afraid of temptation, you resisted it, indicating that you are a good person; boycott, indicating that you used to be a good person. Love is a brick, a mountain. There are not many bricks, one is spiritual; the mountain is not high, and it is enough to keep alive. To take the road of tomorrow, we must remember the road we walked yesterday and think about the way we are walking today. Great sadness, no tears, no words, no laughter. The money in our hands is a tool to keep freedom.

Before you go out, you are the master of words. After you say it, you become a slave to words.

Do you think that the most sour is jealous? No, the most sour feeling is that you have no right to be jealous. Have the courage to bow your head and have the confidence to look up. Occasionally you have to look back, otherwise you will always be looking for it, not knowing what you have lost. When I was a child, I felt that my father was not simple. Later I felt that I was not simple. Then I felt that my child was not simple.

The more you want to know if you are forgetting, the more you remember. Learning to add, pride to reduce, opportunity to take, lazy to be removed.

Three puzzles in life: thinking, unrequited love. Always curious as a child, changing like a young man, like a middle-aged person, as wise as an old man. The most urgent thing is the most beautiful scenery. The most hurt is the most true feelings.

Time is like a net, where are you scattered, where is your harvest.

If I can see my own shadow, I think it must be very good, because I left my happiness in front. People who are easily hurting others and themselves are always confused about the edges of the distance. Love is like a shoe on the foot. Only when you lose it, you know what it is like to walk barefoot! Deceptive people are at risk, and they should be cautious. Mature is not the heart is getting old, but the tears are spinning in the eyes but still keep. Can say The grievances of the grievances are not grievances; the lover who can steal is not a lover. Don鈥檛 say that other people鈥檚 brains are sick, the premise of being sick is that they must have a brain. Do everything is not ordinary, make everything simple It鈥檚 not easy to do things right. The direction of the wind is more suitable for flying. I am not afraid of people blocking, I am afraid that I will surrender. If you are angry for a minute, you will lose 60 minutes of happiness. Busy is a kind of happiness, let us have no time to experience Pain; running is a kind of happiness, let us truly feel life; exhaustion is a kind of enjoyment, let us have no emptiness. Life is like 'breathing' and 'calling' is a breath, 'sucking' is to sigh. Knowledge is like underwear, invisible, but very important. Very plump, realistic is very skinny. Marriage is like wearing a cotton coat for free, it is not convenient to move, but it will be very. When I was young, I took many photos and placed them in the air.


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