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Zhejiang Jiaxing Tenth School 2018 ninth grade last semester mid-term entrance exam scientific test questions other questions download Zhejiang Jiaxing City Ten School 2018 ninth grade last semester mid-term entrance exam scientific test questions Jiaxing City Ten School 2017-2018 school year last semester The relative atomic mass that may be used in the mid-term ninth grade scientific papers: 鈥?4Zn-65 I. Multiple choice questions (2 points for each question, 40 points in total. There is only one option for each question.) 1. Among the following four changes, one change that is essentially different from the other three changes is () A. Quicklime dissolved in water to form lime milk B. Concentrated sulfuric acid carbonizes organic matter. Concentrated hydrochloric acid is placed in the air to reduce the mass. Sodium hydroxide is exposed to air and the mass is increased by KNO3), which is also an important fertilizer in agriculture.

It belongs to......................................................()A. Nitrogen fertilizer B. Phosphate fertilizer C. Potash fertilizer D. Compound fertilizer As the composition of the object is mainly organic matter......................................................() A. Iron pencil case B. Pencil lead C. One dollar coin D. Eraser 4. As of October 9, 2017, China's Long March series of launch vehicles have flown 252 times. The latest Long March series of launch vehicles use non-polluting liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as propellants. Among them, liquid oxygen belongs to..................()A. Elemental B. Compound C. Mixture D. Oxide 5. Earthworms are a common food. Fresh clams will appear as a white sap when peeled, containing an alkaline substance - saponin, it will be itchy.

The following substances can be used to apply itching.......................................()B. D. ) A. Vacuum packaging: can make food not in contact with oxygen. C. D. 7. Add 1-2 drops of phenolphthalein test solution to the sodium hydroxide solution, then drip the diluted hydrochloric acid dropwise until the reaction is completed. The color change of the solution during this process is.................................... ................................................() A. Red 鈫?Colorless 鈫?Blue B. Colorless 鈫?Blue 鈫?Red C. Colorless 鈫?Red 鈫?Colorless D. Red 鈫?Colorless 鈫?Red 8. Xiaojin made a simple acid-base fire extinguisher as shown in Figure A, and carried out the fire-extinguishing operation as shown in Figure B. After the end, the following experiment was carried out on the residual liquid in the bottle: 1 Take a small amount of residual liquid in the test tube, add dropwise 2 drops of purple litmus test solution, turn red; 2 take a small amount of residual liquid and add appropriate amount of barium chloride solution in the test tube, there is a white precipitate, there is a large amount of residual liquid.................................... ..................()A. B. C. D. 9. In the inquiry experiment of soil acid-base determination, the following operations do not meet the requirements.................................() A. When sampling, local representative plots such as hillsides, farmland, and forests should be selected.

B. The sampling points are determined at regular intervals on the sampling plots. Do not sample at the roadside, ditch, or place where the fertilizer is deposited.

C. At each sampling point, the surface stones are removed, but the animal and plant residues are retained.

A. Check if the eggshell contains calcium carbonate. Check if the tap water contains chloride ions. Compare the density of edible oil and tap water D. Determination of pesticide residues in vegetables 11. In the following small household experiments, the slowest corrosion rate of nails is ABCD12. Among the following groups of changes, each conversion can be achieved in one step under certain conditions is........................() is ( ) A. 2H2++HCl===NaCl++O2鈫?CuCl2===Cu+FeCl214. Classification is a learning method that we often use. If the knowledge learned is classified in the form shown in the figure below, the options in the table correspond to the diagrams.................................................................. ..................( )15. As a green energy source, hydrogen has received increasing attention and application. However, there is still a problem in the use of hydrogen, which is the storage of hydrogen. Scientists have found through research that the method of converting hydrogen into metal hydrogen under ultra-high pressure conditions can solve the problem of hydrogen storage. The nature that you think metal hydrogen is most unlikely to have is....................................()B. The density is less than the general metal C. Can burn under certain conditions. Can react with dilute sulfuric acid. The one that does not correspond to the nature and use of the following substances is................................................ () Option Nature Use A Concentrated sulfuric acid has a dehydrating desiccant B carbon dioxide cannot be burned, also Does not support burning fire C salt can make cells lose water, pickled meat D slaked lime has alkaline neutral acid soil 17. To verify the production of 'Fe, Cu, AgB.34 C.12 D.1318. A and B plants The wastewater contains three of the following five ions (both plants contain one and the same ion): H+, Cu2+, K+, NO3鈥? OH鈥擨f both plants are discharged separately, they will cause serious pollution.

If the sewage from the two plants is mixed in a certain proportion, the sewage will become a colorless clear solution containing only one solute after precipitation, and the solute can be used as a fertilizer. The following analysis of sewage, the correct is..........................................................................................() A. OH and Cu2+ are from the same factory B. Cu2+ and K+ are from the same factory C. K+ and OH are from the same factory D. H+ and K+ are from the same factory. 19. As shown in the figure, the jar contains gas X, and the plastic dropper contains liquid Y. The plastic dropper is squeezed to drip the liquid into the bottle and oscillate for a while. The small balloon a expands and bulges. The above-mentioned phenomenon in each group of the following table is.........()XYAH2Ca(OH)2BCO2NaOHCHClBa(OH)2DSO2NaOHA. Adding silver nitrate solution to the aluminum chloride solution B. Adding water to the hydrochloric acid of pH=2. Add magnesium powder to dilute sulfuric acid D. Add dilute sulfuric acid to a certain amount of barium hydroxide solution. Fill in the blanks (this question has 6 small questions, 1 point for each space, a total of 20 points.) 21. Write the chemical formula of the substance on the horizontal line, and indicate the category of the substance in parentheses.

Ferrous hydroxide __________ () soda __________ () slaked lime ______________ () dry ice __________ () 22. Science is around us and is closely related to our lives.

(1) 鈥淪hari Gold Rush鈥?indicates that gold can exist in nature in the form of 鈥渇illing in 鈥渟ingle substance鈥?or 鈥渃ompound鈥?or 鈥渕ixture鈥?.

() The chemical equation for the change in CuO __________________________________. 24. The picture shows the series of changes in copper sheet A. The questions are answered according to the figure: (1) If the substance X in method 1 is a common gas (oxide), then X is ________ (filled in chemical formula); (2) writing method 2 The chemical equation __________________________________________; (3) The mass of copper sheet A, copper sheet B and copper sheet C are mA, mB, mC, respectively, and method 1 and method 2 are completely reacted, then the size of mA, mB, mC The relationship is _________. 25. Metal smelting is the conversion of metal compounds into metal elements. For example, copper smelting methods include: (1) wet copper smelting: Fe+CuSO4===FeSO4+Cu, which is the activity of iron compared to copper ________.


(2) Dry copper smelting: CO+CuOCu+CO2, which is the ____________ nature of CO. 26. The crude salt (containing impurities such as Na2SO4, MgCl2, CaCl2, and sediment) is used as a raw material to prepare a fine salt. (1) After water is dissolved, the sediment in the coarse salt is removed by a device as shown in the figure. The effect of the glass rod is ____________.

(2) To remove Na2SO4, MgCl2, CaCl2 and obtain a neutral salt solution, add the following reagents and operations: 1 add excess Na2CO3 solution, 2 filter, 3 add excess NaOH solution, 4 add appropriate amount of HCl solution 5 to join The order of the excess of BaCl2 solution to achieve the purpose of the experiment is ______________________. A.53214B.35142C.35124(3) The use of pH test paper to check whether the solution is neutral is ________________________________. Third, the experimental inquiry questions (this question has a total of 3 small questions, each 2 points, a total of 20 points.

) 27. A group of students in the inquiry group used H2SO4, Na2CO3, NaOH, and BaCl2 to conduct experimental investigations on the conditions and applications. (1) The two kinds of H2SO4 are mixed with the other three separately: in the experiment of Na2CO3NaOHBaCl2H2SO4, the evidence that the chemical reaction between H2SO4 and Na2CO3 solution can be directly observed is: __H2SO4 and NaOH 'no obvious phenomenon', but the chemical actually occurred. The reaction, the essence of the reaction is H+ and OH-H2O.

Similarly, H2SO4 and BaCl2 are _________________________________________________________.

The students concluded that the conditions under which metathesis should occur are precipitation or gas or formation. (2) Filtration of the original solution after mixing reaction. After testing alkaline and not Ba2+, SO42-, take a small amount of filtrate and add In the BaCl2 solution, no precipitation occurred, and then the phenolphthalein was added dropwise, and the solution turned red, and the presence of the filtrate was 28. Basic magnesium chloride [Mg(OH)Cl] is decomposed by heat, what is the product after it is decomposed? The small subject was explored.

[Conjecture] The product after Mg(OH)Cl decomposition may have: Mg, MgCl2, MgO, HCl gas, H2O, Cl2. The teacher told him that the product was one of the above-mentioned pigs, and suggested that Cl2 is a yellow-green irritating gas.

[Experiment 1] Take a small amount of Mg(OH)Cl into a large test tube and perform the experiment as shown in the figure. During the heating process, a white precipitate was observed in a sufficient amount of silver nitrate solution. After a period of time, the precipitate was no longer produced, and no droplets were formed in the large tube mouth, and there was no solid residue in the tube. It is inferred that there is ____ gas in the product after decomposition of Mg(OH)Cl, and no other gas. [Experiment 2] Take a small amount of the remaining residual solid of the experiment in the test tube, add enough dilute hydrochloric acid, no bubbles are generated. It is inferred that there is no _______ in the product after decomposition of Mg(OH)Cl. There is no ___________ in the product after decomposition of Mg(OH)Cl.

[Conclusion] The chemical reaction equation for the thermal decomposition of Mg(OH)Cl is ________________________________________________.

29. Determine the mass fraction of copper oxide in a copper oxide sample using the experimental apparatus shown below. (1)()() IV. Answers (this topic has sub-questions, sub-topics, and sub-points) When learning the nature of acid, the students found that the laboratory's industrial hydrochloric acid was yellow, and the teacher explained that it contained Ferric chloride was used to determine the content of ferric chloride in this bottle of industrial hydrochloric acid (assuming no other impurities). The students did the following experiment: 10 g of industrial hydrochloric acid was added to the small beaker, and then the solute quality was continuously added to the small beaker. The sodium hydroxide solution with a fraction of % is continuously read by the electronic pH meter, and the solute of the ferric chloride in the industrial hydrochloric acid is obtained as shown in the figure. Quality score (results retained to %) 31. After learning the chemical properties of metals, the science teacher arranged an extracurricular learning task: to investigate what kind of metal is the paint additive 鈥渟ilver powder鈥?sold by chemical pigment stores? Through a survey, a study group obtained three different results of 鈥渟ilver powder鈥? silver powder, aluminum powder and zinc powder.

In order to determine which metal it was, the study group brought a small package of 鈥渟ilver powder鈥?back to the lab and conducted the following experiments and analysis. (The chemical equation of the relevant reaction is: Zn+2HCl=ZnCl2+H2鈫? 2Al+6HCl=2AlCl3+3H2鈫? (1) Take a small amount of 鈥渟ilver powder鈥?in a test tube, add appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid, and observe that _____________ is produced. , indicating that 'silver powder' must not be silver.

(2) In order to further determine whether the 'silver powder' is aluminum or zinc, the study group calculated the mass relationship between the two metals and the sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid to produce hydrogen gas by theoretical calculation, and plotted as shown in the figure.

(3) Take the 'silver powder' (impurity is negligible) and add it to 50 g of dilute hydrochloric acid, which happens to completely react to form hydrogen gas. According to the above figure, 'silver powder' is _______. The solute mass fraction of the dilute hydrochloric acid used in the experiment was calculated.

32. The laboratory has a metamorphic sodium hydroxide sample (the sample contains only sodium carbonate impurities and the composition is uniform). To measure the mass fraction of Na2CO3 in the sample, Xiao Ming conducted the following experiment. 1 Take 3 beakers of the same quality and size, add 100g of dilute hydrochloric acid of a certain mass fraction, and add 3 samples of different masses to the above 3 beakers; 3 After fully reacting, weigh the beakers with an electronic balance and The total mass of the material in the beaker (assuming the gas produced completely escapes). The experimental data were recorded as follows: Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Experiment 3 Pre-reaction dilute hydrochloric acid + beaker mass (g) 150150150 Pre-reaction solid sample mass (g) 4812 reaction after beaker material + beaker mass (g) Chemical reaction occurring in the known experiment : NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2ONa2CO3 + 2HCl = 2NaCl + H2O + CO2 鈫?(1) A. Sodium ion B. Hydroxide ion C. Carbonate ion D. The value in the table of water molecules (2) is ________.

(3) Calculate the mass of Na2CO3 in the sample based on the data from Experiment 2.

Reference answer one, multiple choice questions (2 points for each question, a total of 40 points.

There is only one option for each question. ) Title 12345678910 Answer CDDABDCBCC Title 11121314151617Na2CO3___(Salt)__Ca(OH)2__(Alkaline)___CO2____(Oxide) 22. (1)___ Elemental (fill in 'single substance' or 'compound' or 'mixture'); () ; H2+CuOCu+H2O. ; H2SO4CuSO4+H2O;

;;;();;Ba2+ and SO42- combine to form BaSO4 white precipitate; ()+, Cl-, OH-.

28. [Experiment 1] HCl; [Experiment] Mg; [Experiment] MgCl2; [] Mg(OH)ClMgO+HCl鈫? 29. (1) Absorption of HCl gas and water vapor __; () solution questions (this topic has a small question, the title, the third question points, the third question points, a total of points) (2) solution: set industrial hydrochloric acid The mass of ferric chloride is m3NaOH+FeCl3Fe(OH)3鈫?3NaCl-------------------------1 points脳10%m-- -----------------------------------------------1 points m =g ------------------------------------------------ ---------1 solute mass fraction of chlorinated chloride 2Al+6HCl2AlCl3+3H2 鈫憁=g-------------------- -----------------------------1 The solute mass fraction of dilute hydrochloric acid is /50g=%-------- --------1 points 32. (1) A_;-----------2 points (2) _;-----------2 points (3 Solution: Let the mass of CO2 produced in the second experiment of Na2CO3 in experiment 2 be 150 +8g鈥?point Na2CO3+2HCl2NaCl+H2O+CO2鈫憁=g------------ ----1 minute to ignite MnO2.


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