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锘?p>8118 Guangju Taoyuan Forum 03008: Exposure Dehea 30 million into Real Madrid has told his teammates on the way home Fan Weichen / China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small Italy prepare for Europe The schedule of the cup was released at the end of May to determine the final list of the five people. After the forest sent away the veterans who did not want to be substitutes, such as Martin, Rubio and so on, the record was soaring. Unfortunately, Carl Downs, the former top three rookies, only Can be in the Timberwolves as the third line substitute, the first two are Pekovic and Garcia.

. 'When the tactical arrangement, he asked me to vote for three points, defensively don't enter the inside to block the big man, stand by. I can't do it like this. I just told you to play and see Jeremy and Nick not listening to the arrangement. I can't play the ball on the bench. I think I still listen to the coach. I will continue to listen to the coach's instructions, so that I can't get it.' I鈥檓 going to get rid of the reporter with the help of the team staff. Take the sister's Ferrari and leave the Toyota Center.

. The season continued. After the Christmas War, the Lakers ushered in a three-game winning streak, respectively defeating the Nuggets, the Clippers, and the Kings. When they played the Kings, they made Kang Jie amazed. Kang Yi said that Kang Yu said that he had a strong three-pointer. It became super strong and I saw it on TV, but I was shocked when I saw a strong three-pointer in a face-to-face. (To be continued.


) The national team is a real big money team. The annual sponsorship fee and national bonus are very attractive. They have been held by the Basketball Association. The Sports General Administration has long wanted to share a piece of cake. They are willing to help Yao Ming. The purpose is to it's here.

The warm-up - Oscar Jiangong inside the goalkeeper Brazil 3-1 away wins France Budenholzer is completely unprepared, playing the finals, this is his goal next season, this season his plan only how to deal with the first The second round is the strategy for the top four in the east.

This year, the Lakers' most dissatisfied with Scott is that Scott's pick-and-roll tactics are very strict. He doesn't follow the schedule and must follow the plan. Once the player does not execute, he will be embarrassed.

Champions-Neymar 2 goals Barcelona 2-3 Bayern total score 5-3 finals.

The team鈥檚 new aid, Haggis, was very impressed, both in training and on the court.

is very prominent, and Johnson and Alonzo-Ki are not at all level, this is a star-level small forward! It鈥檚 no wonder that Kupchak was so happy when he got him. It is said to be used to replace Kobe鈥檚 powerful people.


Black Horse Battle Wales wins thrills This time I really want to compete with England for the first time? .

Then Kobe and Duncan began a championship battle for more than a decade.

Western media exposure CCTV costs billions of euros to purchase the right to broadcast in the next five years.

Data reveals why MSN is the most selfless but Becker in the words of the Lakers' top fan, Jack Nicholson: 'This is Chamberlain, he does everything very well.

'Lin Liangfeng: Paya's interpretation of simple and efficient Romanian 1 legendary team has added, naturally left.

Dreya has a play in the Manchester United Champions League list? 5 New aids All the players in the 76ers selected Moody, I feel that Moody's talent is better than McAway, want to cultivate Moody, and ignore the data of McQuay's 22+7+7 this year. I want to send away the McAway, and now I finally reached a wish.

(To be continued.


) Liverpool's victory in the Golden Medal was broken in Seville's 3 consecutive Champions League tickets. If the Celtics have a chance to make the playoffs, they also recognize that it is not a bad thing to hang out every year, but This year the East is so wild, they want to play in the playoffs is basically impossible.

Eagle, Raptors, Knicks, Pistons, Magic, Hornets, Wizards, Bucks are in the top eight, the Cavaliers, Bulls, and the two teams are still in the top eight! Not to mention the Celtics! Spain announced the European Cup jersey number T9 jersey for 12 years. The only highlight of the first easy main Clippers is Griffin. He has an absolute advantage in the fight against Randall's beast. Randall is still far from Griffin.

Bundesliga - Kagawa Chuan Oubameiyan broke the door 3-2 to qualify for the European Union.

As for the outside of the two teams, it is not a level at all. The weakest Jeremy Lin is stronger than Moody.

Bundesliga 4 team contends for the European Union to lose the chain and defeat the first round of the Bremen finals.

After Duncan, Garnett and others retired, the Alliance completely entered the pattern of changing the dynasty. A large number of young teams began to rise. They were as strong as James. The Cavaliers he led could not even enter the top six in the East.

(To be continued.


) World-class performance conquers the body hot bird: Guoan fans surprised me.

Wesley Johnson left, I felt very sad, and the rest of the Lakers felt very sad.

In addition to Kobe, this team has the same experience for the first time. It is very uncomfortable to be separated from the teammates who won the championship together.

The first three quarters are all rebounding, defending, counterattacking, occasionally coming to the middle of the heads-up or inside the strong, it seems that there is not much difference with last season, the Knicks are also relatively loose on his defense, anyway, can not prevent As long as the force is far from the basket, they are all magnified.


The Lakers and the Spurs ended the second game. Between the third game, the Wizards and the Hawks had already played one game.


Hey! Milan 1-2 was weakened by the weak, and the old will be slammed 19 goals on the weekend. Jeremy Lin scored 11 points and 15 assists today and played very well. Among them, there was a lot of light, and 7 assists were passed to the team. Premier League - Sabre assists Falcao ball Chelsea 1-2 home loss. He should give Yaoyao the best food for all three meals. He can't bear to let Yaoyao eat badly, but he can only eat it when he eats it. Yaozhong can only watch it. Chinese food is the top food for ruining basketball players. Portuguese tour: C Ronaldo with the Champions League champion 1 position into a big short board This is the second time the family has been together Christmas, Komova is now a big belly, care by little love every day, little love is a super gentle person, Very good at caring for people, taught Komova a lot of things that mothers should pay attention to. Manchester City quit 15 points behind the Premier League's top six without a win. 164 League Cup - the door god even flew three points to Manchester City 4-2 Liverpool to win. The network is very important in the circle of nba. Angie was able to form the Big Three at the beginning. It relied on the history of the Celtics. McHale was willing to help Anji complete the reconstruction and send Garnett, who had already decided to leave the team, to the Celtics. Not a better Lakers. Azar 1 ball 2 assists Chelsea 5-1 Manchester City qualifying C Ronaldo position ball + lost Real Madrid 1-1 behind Barcelona 9 minutes to see the day is getting closer to the draft. The Knicks still didn't receive a quotation that satisfied him. It was a bit anxious to be a Zen master. If he really got to the draft day, he really chose a player. It will be difficult to trade to the people you want. 8118 Guangju Taoyuan Forum 03088 to change the name to change the name! Lippi kissed Suning to invite him to go out to teach Qin Bogang to join the vigorous team this time, earning a lot of money, his son is also a strong little nephew in the country to take over his domestic stores, the introduction of a strong brand to the country, grab Others have previously occupied the domestic market. (To be continued.) PFA Premier League best array: Blue Fox Tottenham rushed 8 seats Ozu A KUN defeated 135 to 91, the Lakers first win. The major leagues have ended in four major cups to unveil the last suspense. When Adam Silva read the name of the dragon war, he read 'Dragon War', not the 'War-Dragon' written on the big screen, but the pronunciation is not accurate, just like Stern called Yao Ming 'Desperate'. The purpose of the two is the same, to please the Chinese fans, open up the Chinese market, and deliberately call the dragon war according to the Chinese people's habits. It is worth mentioning that Kang Yu in the Warriors pressure Iguodala to become a small forward, and played very well, averaging 14 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. The most different from Iguodala is Kang Yu. I value it because he likes to shoot. Premier League new season schedule: Chelsea open the defending Manchester United first battle encounter strong enemy? Yes, Nash is already the deputy general manager of the Lakers. In the past year, Nash couldn't play the ball. The Lakers clung to Kobe and Monroe's thighs and won a championship. But he didn't idle, but quietly scored. Senior team members prepare for entering management after retirement. . After the game, **Victor invited Kobe to have a drink. The wine in the **Victoria wine cabinet is notoriously expensive. Kobe is pleased. Real Madrid announced in early June that Ancelotti had lost all three in the class. The three-double must have become the symbol of Kobe. If the rebound is strong, he can get three pairs. Milan announced that the youth training winger returned to the offer of 20 million to buy the Italian international. I strongly felt that Scott didn't want him to shoot many times. If it wasn't Kobe, he wouldn't let him vote as much as he did in the fourth quarter, but it was as strange as the first three quarters. . Kupchak departed for the Lakers to inform, Scott 'continues to be absent due to illness', the Lakers' game in the 'Grammy Journey', all the assistants of Madsen as interim head coach, Jim Eden, Rade - Lewis and other assistants. Messi returned to the team to put the words: the America's Cup won! Argentina is always popular, they are the champion team, last year they are enough to rank in the top ten in history, but no one can blow the 72 wins, the 01 playoffs 15 Winning 1 is the kind of strongness of the Lakers. 8118 Guangju Taoyuan Forum 03088 afternoon, vigorously choose fitness equipment to gain weight, the team trainer Jiadi will not get a break during the offseason, come to the strong home twice a week, help to measure the body data, and specify The new training program, but also to vigorously develop recipes, let the team dieters do well every day, before noon and afternoon meals. Sweden in the European Cup 24: Zlatan, and the only other thing that the team can let the sponsors look at is the team name, because the billboards on the sidelines have been sold by the Basketball Association. . If the Blazers decide to leave Lillard, Lillard will not renew the contract. If the Blazers trade Lillard to another team, Lillard will not give a contract renewal commitment. No one dares to trade with big chips. The Blazers will not trade big chips. Character 11 is a three-pointer riding the Savior! He is the first point guard of the world 176. Just as the Knicks have enough salary space to eat Aldridge and Lillard, the Knicks now only have Anthony 23.1 million, Priggioni 1.86 million, Hardaway 1.45 million, add up to less than 30 million, salary The space is too big to know how to spend. I don't know if the 76ers have accumulated more than half of the season's character, and they have made the Lakers a tragedy today! Lampard's weekend to welcome the Premier League to say goodbye to Mu Shuai's gift of the gods: the eternal legend, this is the so-called deterrent, as long as the vigorous play will play a role. . Strong barefoot one meter ninety-eight, wearing shoes about two meters and one, and Millsap and Deron old partner Boozer, wearing shoes less than two meters five, Horford wearing shoes is only two meters and eight. Compared with Monroe, this seven-foot center is a little shorter than half. . Xavier-Henry renewed his contract for three years and the third year was the player option. . 'It doesn't matter, I understand.' **Vicette heard some of Petinka's words, but he just wanted to fight again. If so, he can only give up. This is not to say that the city is deep, but that his heart is smaller than Scott. He must report this word very well. Since Scotty provokes him and deliberately suppresses him, he will definitely find a chance to return it ten times. Kurt made him marginalized. He decided to let Scott be swept out. Paul Allen is the richest boss of the NBA. Former Microsoft president, now being a dog, he did not explain the reasons, only to bear silently. Because people don't care how much you have to do, they only look at the outcome of the matter and then comment on the result. Therefore, when the Spurs are strong, they will be strong when Duncan has physical strength, and they are their substitutes. Unlike the past when the offensive time was over, the pot was similar to the jump shot, and this time it was equally picturesque. But the ball is in! At the end of the three quarters, Kobe got 25 points and 8 assists. Monroe 19 points, Randall 12 points, Anthony 23 points, Aldridge and Lillard each 15 points. . The Lakers didn't take a 2-0 lead and played the same, and the Lakers were in good shape. The Lakers' new 'Big Three' Kobe, Vigor, Monroe bombarded the bombs, and the three men scored 70 points to lead the Lakers to easily win. In the third game, the Lakers led 3-0. . Undoubtedly, the three men sent the contract online, which read the contents of various basketball associations to train three people. The last sentence is the focus. The three people in the NBA contract income are returned to the Basketball Association as a training fee for training them! : Duncan's last sentence wants to say strongly: The future of nba is yours. . On July 3, the first signing agreement for the free market was reached. According to Woj, Kehuai Leonard and Spurs reached a renewal agreement. (To be continued.) It is worth mentioning that the Celtics have selected four rookies in the second round. In any position, the Celtics will sell all the players in the middle of the season, and the rest will expire soon. They have selected 7 rookies today, and each position has a selection. It seems that next year. They are ready to go to the rookie lineup. . In the end, the Lakers beat the Hawks 132-100 in the fourth game, 4-0, swept the opponent and won the championship of 2014-2015! It鈥檚 really wonderful. The officials of these basketball associations are really rich and oily. What is the dig of the underground warehouse to store gold? It鈥檚 so moldy that the renminbi is so daring to take out the flowers. The son and daughter drive the villas in Europe to live in the villa castle...鈥?My strongest opponent has also left. It seems that I still won. There is a saying in the book of China that is recommended by Death. I don鈥檛 care if you are so powerful. It鈥檚 the best for you to live for a long time. In my opinion, At the end of the game, it was the most powerful, and it turned out that I was even more powerful.鈥?Kobe said on Twitter, it seems to be joking, but everyone can see the sadness inside. . (Enrique bluntly said that Messi is the only leader, Bu Shao: Of course he will miss him!) 8118 Guangju Taoyuan Forum 03008.

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