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7 number of complex three middle three groups: Western media: Navas will undergo surgery in the Netherlands next week Fan Wuchen / China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small Spanish before the game Training exposure De Gea will start fast! This is the speed that the inside line can have? Davis looked back at his own Aldridge and looked at him.

Aldridge is the first step to be a top guard! How to prevent this! . Kobe got 81 points on the slamming faucet at the beginning of the 12th year, which proves that he has the ability to create history, but history is to leave a lot of imagination space for people, and this opportunity to create history has been left to great strength. . Scott called a timeout, 50 to 75, and the Lakers trailed by 25 points. Going back to the room and vigorously taking a bath in my bathroom, Xiaoai really knows what to do after a game, and puts hot spring powder in the water. Hummels Royce will be trained to miss 75 parts due to injury! Since Lillard can't be prevented, Kobe can't help but think that it's the same. So Kobe’s small forward is Alonzo-Ki.

Cotney-Lee’s new contract will cost more than $11 million a year? . Before the game, Scott's defensive strategy was to let go of Bathen, Paul and Griffin who would take the ball to Kobe, who was responsible for not allowing Jordan to get close to the rim. . Zamorano: Zidane should continue to coach Real Madrid. The Blazers' defensive rotations are very good. They know that Kobe is the last shot. The rotation is very good. There are always two people in front of Kobe. Sami Watkins did not attend the training but went to the casino. Sassuolo denied that Atletico Madrid is interested in Fosarico. 'This is what you asked for. Don't complain about me again and let you play power forward.' Scott didn't show any expression, it seemed to be very casual. Sheikh Diallo will hire a broker to participate in the eagle trial tomorrow to withstand the hardships that ordinary people can't afford, and to sway more sweat than ordinary people. Kobe, James, Durant and others are stronger than others, and they are from unremitting Work hard. Moreno's hundred games and two red and one red, Shenhua away draw Jianye Kobe once again was double-teamed, this time he learned to squat, the ball was hanged inside, of course not to hang to Davis, Davis is and Luo Petz is fighting in the hand. James's total number of rebounds in the playoffs rose to 12th in the history of Carter played Alonzo-Ki, back to the Lakers attack, Alonzo-Ki received a breakthrough in the ball, three-pointer also Carter. Bailey: Messi is stronger than anyone's existence. When Uchevic's high-throwing ball is about to reach its highest point, it suddenly appears in the air, the big hat is sent out, a slap is on the ball, and the ball is directly fanned out. The outside world. Xie Feng: Guoan is a team, we must continue to win and move forward. I’ve finally tried the complete interview process as a team’s star player. First, I’m going to talk about the game after the game, then I’ll take a shower and continue to ask, in addition to the performance of the game, and the performance of the teammates. The opinion, the opinion of the opponent, which teammates pass the ball is best to get assists... The league added a malicious foul to Tony Allen. '...' Seeing that Yao Yao is a miser, it is very speechless. Dirk Nowitzki's total score in the playoffs surpassed Pippen. 'Of course, Jack is the son of my Tom Haydn, and will definitely become a big star in the future!' Haydn is also a man with an American dream. He used to be a basketball fan, but he didn't control the weight, and then grew to one meter. There is no longer after eight. But now his son also likes basketball very much, and his dream may be realized on his son. Can't move, Little Jordan has no other way, jumped up and threw the ball to the basket. . When the team often encounters other teams with outside defenses, the Blazers start to wave outside! . James rose to fifth place in the finals assists. 'Hey, swaggyp is going to be awesome!' Nick Young was replaced, he was very excited and finally hit the Clippers! Ferdinand: Rooney is the leader of England. Looking at the other side's cozy celebration, Monroe had no expression, and silently came to the frontcourt to get the ball. Western media exposure Lunte refused a huge contract from China. This is why the strong and Adeto Kunbo are so popular with fans. Now more and more people in the league are starting to make a reasonable first move to James. Close to, the player like this kind of primitive individual heroism is like a dinosaur in the civilized era. After the game: The Cavaliers took the eagle in the last quarter. Last summer, the same is true. There are not a few centers in the end of the current center. There are such techniques in the center. They go around with the teams and negotiate everywhere. Finally, the active players accept the contract with the second highest salary. In the Heat, I have prepared a lot of preparations for a long time, and I think that the team that is determined to win must be in a hurry.

The best-known example is the story of the general manager of the Rockets - Morey.

The requirements are strict! The German team requested a speed limit on the road next to the training ground.

There are a lot of three-point opportunities.

Bell shelled England: No results and arrogance! I vigorously continued to bump into it two or three times, feeling the resistance of the struggle coming from behind, and I strongly liked the feeling of crushing.

The number 7 in the 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, Simmons will meet with Nike and Adidas in the near future. Monroe turns left and drives Uchevic, then turns to the right half and turns to the right half. The body suddenly stopped.

The beautiful low step stunned Uchevic, and Monroe hit the ball and sent the ball into the basket.

Zhao Jiwei's shoulder injury has not healed and can't participate in the confrontation. 'Of course, how to write how to arrogantly, provoke opponents to let them lose their calm is not better.

' Fanny also wants to know that the Mavericks have spent a lineup of bosses, and then see the opponent dismissive, what kind of expression will be, Fanny decided to add fuel and anger to write a strong words.

Zhao Mingjian: I was in good shape last year, but KUKA is not optimistic about me.


' Shake his head vigorously, wrinkled his eyebrows, but immediately it was a mocking tone: 'I didn't expect you to be so lucky.

' Kobe got a regular rotation time and forced two fouls to get off.

Kobe thought for a moment, put on the rotation lineup in advance, and wanted to change the rhythm of the field by the impact of Henry and Nick Young.

After the game: The mistakes are more than the explosion, the Heat lost to the Raptors in time? Chapter 125: Pressure clothing.

'The current singles skill is still not rich enough, mainly because the outside shooting ability is too weak, this is not a tactical solution,' Kobe couldn't help but conceal: 'I am idiots thinking about picking up girls all day, more Take some time to improve your shooting ability. Not so much now, I am already scared at three o'clock in your age!' Leipzig coach: I hope that Kobe will also know his role in the Champions League. Can only do such a thing, come and hold Batum's clothes tightly, Batum can not push, Kobe this action is suspected of foul, but the referee did not blow! Western media: Barcelona will be involved in the acquisition of Berardi.

After the opening, he went straight to the other side of the basket and went straight to Gordon, who was leaning against Gordon.


75 flat! Hewedes: And Schalke wins more than Bayern, saying that Westbrook is fast, Ross is a lot of speed, in fact, Lillard's speed is also very fast, but he is not noticed. .

The seven-numbered three-in-three three-group '...' saw Yao Yao’s appearance as a miser, and he was very speechless.

Bellein: I don't know much about the outside of the national team. With Lillard hitting a free throw, 27 to 10, the difference is 17 points! The Lakers only get 10 points! .

The locals in Los Angeles will not go crazy to ask for a signature because they see a star on the road. There are so many big stars in the streets of Los Angeles. It is not worth seeing to see stars in Los Angeles.

The locals usually see their favorite stars. If they want to sign or take a photo, they will go up and ask if the star is free. Can you take photos or sign, of course, many stars will be happy.

Zhao Dapeng returned to the national team and went to several rounds after the suspension of Beilun training. The Lakers will play fast and the Heat will not be able to prevent it. Not only that, but the Heat’s own offense is also playing fast. The Heat’s current lineup has no speed. There are no three points. They have retired from the three-pointers in previous seasons, and they left the team. Their three-pointers are now at the bottom of the league. After playing fast, they hit the iron again and again. Several rounds were overtaken and the score was opened.


In fact, I was very good at the beginning of the season, and I voted very well. At that time, the strongest hit rate of the middle shot reached 46%, and now it is down to 44%. It’s all that after a while, when I tried to vote once, I didn’t continue to vote and slowly lowered.

After five o'clock, I just came back from the hospital and wrote a chapter quickly.

Drink a porridge and write the next one.

Sorry for a long time.

British media exposure Leicester City 10 million pounds offer Zhang Linyi '哔', referee whistle, blowing Bosh a technical foul! The referee now has zero-tolerance whistles. Bosh is not bored. He is now bored with the referee. He is now directly facing the referee. The bald referee who has entered the age of knowing the gods can’t bear it. .


Ola Depo ran out of the open space and caught the ball and hit the ball at the close range, taking the lead to score two points for the Magic.


Raffy and Owen are like them. They have never been in a team that should have so many goals. The pressure is quite great, but he is an old river and can adjust, so the bigger the better from the beginning of the season to the present. Is the most trusted teammate of James.


Jin Shuhao is a smart person. Although he was on the court, most of his tactics were controlled by him. But now Scott is slowly adjusting. He also sees what is coming. Now he trains more. It’s a three-pointer.

At the center, the opposite Gasol is called the strongest center, and he is Sacre.

Can't move, Randolph can only give up and continue to eat with the body, he wants to use strong footsteps to pass the power, but he forgot that the person behind him is not the bulky power forward or center, but a ratio He is more flexible and agile guard! But Blake didn't think that the ball was on his head. Blake and Kobe had been teammates for three years. Since 10 years, he has been working with Kobe. He knows that Kobe is so powerful. Even if he is 36 years old, he is still the most shooting guard. One of two or three strong people.

The 133rd chapter will be recommended by the way.


Monroe pushed back behind him, and Uchevic behind him was like an iron plate.

Menro was expected to be like this. When he first played with Uchevic, Uchevic was still a rookie, and he had already impressed Monroe with top physical quality and golfers. .


Paul is very talkative, the conversation between the two is a chat, basically no basketball.

Strongly thought that Paul told him to come out, there was something to say, but eventually Paul did not talk about basketball related things when he sent him home.

Dali and Paul became friends and have nothing to do with basketball.

: 'How do you not want the ball to continue to vote? Right, are you afraid of being covered?' Just as Bosh was still hesitating to ask for the ball, a strong, fluttering sentence was passed into his ear.


The Magic continued to attack, and Ola Debo did not enter this time. Monroe took his hands to the back and blocked Uchevic behind him. He easily took the rebound and the magic was the strongest in Monroe. In the hands of both of them, the future is bleak.

The game between the Bucks and the Rockets, and I thought of the Harden who made the foul. After Howard’s offensive due to a shoulder injury and a slight back injury, the Rockets did not lose the ball. Among them, the progress of Motel Yunus The factors, but the most important is the team's outstanding performance of the outside core James Harden, leading the Rockets to the best record of all teams in the new year, winning all.


'Hey, Tom has waited for a long time.

'The strong family is very familiar with the driver of the extended Lincoln. When more than four people in the family travel together, they all go to Beverly's high-end car rental car, every time this is called Tom Haydn. Fat black driver.

'Deadly... Chamberlain...' The sound of the lead dj sorghum led the fans to cheer again.

'The referee has your eyes stunned? He just pushed me, didn't you see it?' Bosh also regarded himself as one of the Big Three and thought he had the shelter of James. He continued to speak loudly and the referee was not ruthless. As the mood became more and more excited, his mouth was not clean. He finally understood the laughter of the audience, which was an encouragement of ridicule and ridicule.


(The luxury front line is difficult to stop losing, Quan Jian is so anti-talking about He Chongchao?) 7 number complex three three groups.

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