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Two or four days of good day, each issue: FA Cup - Rooney comeback new star break Manchester United away 2-1 West Ham Fan Weichen / China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard Xiaomei The basketball team announced the best defensive lineup Leonard, Green led Sophie Taylor to drive slowly behind him. Paul suddenly turned back and shouted: 'Are you happy, Sophie?'. Chen Yu looked at the man in front of his eyes and said: 'I will not marry you.

Paul, I don't know what I am doing, how can I fall in love with you, you look like a playboy now.

What do you think I am? Is your doll? '. 'Okay, rest, Chen Yu.

'Paul hugged her from behind, and the elastic hips were on Paul's lower abdomen, giving him a heat flow in his lower abdomen.

After Chen Yu woke up, a person curled up in a warm bed.

She vaguely remembers that Paul was there last night.

But others? Sitting up in a confused way, through the thick curtains, it is faintly visible.

Virtual shock! Norwich striker has returned to the team safely after the terrorist attack in Belgium. Paul smiled and said: 'One point, I am confident.

How are you doing recently, does it sound like you have a good time? ''I know.

'Peter Fonseca nodded and said, 'About the heart.'

As long as there is no one to command, he is confident to develop this company.

In fact, the few investments made by the company are very good. The only regret is that the company鈥檚 biggest profit in the past few days was used as a shareholder dividend.

10 million pounds, this is enough to do a lot of things.

C Ronaldo: I have been the 1st in football for the past 20 years and believe that I can write history.

Chen Yu suddenly hated and smacked on Paul's stomach through his clothes. 'You used to lie to me last time.


European preliminaries - Italy 2-1 wins Norway RVP Oolong Netherlands 2-3 negative missed promotion.

'Can he be tomorrow?' Carrera asked.

Messi refused to leave the trophy on the podium and turned away.

European Cup-Dell blasts the world wave England fills the ball in time 1-1 Russia Paul holds the microphone, looks around the audience, loudly: 'I am very happy to say to you here, yes, Leeds United is back Go back to the Super League! 'Exposing Farr's signing Chelsea has reached an agreement to rent a loan of 4 million weekly salary of 180,000 over the course. Sunderland's team song is playing, both players are playing.

The camera's lens was swept from the Leeds United coach.

I only saw a gray face with a hair, not head coach Paul Hall.

The Raptors' three-year, 18 million renewals. Casey led the team into the East. It was the biggest highlight. The two men's hands were slightly touched and they were released.

Andy O'Brien will not forget Paul's contempt for him, and let the assistant coach directly attend the post-match press conference.

Li Shishi announced that he would withdraw from the Korean professional chess club and express dissatisfaction with the payment of the money. 'Oh---' Paul secretly wondered what Garley would do in London? Khedira announced that he officially left Real Madrid or free to vote for Juventus Pirlo. 'Hello, Paul, are you free this week? We have a few coaches from Huddersfield.'

'Neymar into the real 2016 cover character Harvey advised less to change the style of the ball.

Leon smiled and said: 'I haven't seen you all night, Paul.

鍛?, this is my fiancee, Merylbeard.

'Juwen will meet with the 40 million Emperor Star within 24 hours or sign up.

Paul shouted and cheered on the sidelines.

Graham O'Brien didn't let him down, and the top five forwards in the entire Championship were extraordinary.

His rich experience is the key to this goal.

Messi 2 pass 2 shot Barcelona 4-1 Spanish Dibala free kick pass Juventus 3-0 Hao took 8 consecutive victories.

Car snow blue white, he said: 'There is nothing good about the game, it is better to go to the movies.

You said yes, Chen Yu.

' She looked at Chen Yushi, Chen Yuzheng was fixed to watch the TV screen.

The above-mentioned young head coach, who is wearing a black long coat, is holding his hands up and his eyes are firmly looking forward.

Paul is right: 'Buddy, you can think so best. After all, the biggest winner in the gambling industry is definitely the bookmaker.

Even if we are lucky enough to win twice, we will lose it for a long time.



Leeds United's second goal of the game, from their new aid, 31-year-old veteran Graham O'Brien.


Ozil: The three lions are too strong or win the championship in Germany.

A pause, reported Luo continued: 'Your expectations make me a little stressed, but I need to remind you that in the few years just entered the Premier League, our goal is not to win, it is unrealistic.

We still have enough time to realize the dream of making Leeds a giant.

'European Cup - Dell scored England 92 minutes to lose the ball 1-1 flat Russia. Both players' anger is rising, both sides are constantly fouling. It feels like being in a football field, not a football field The European Cup starts in Paris and attacks in 7 months. The form of the current list of the perpetrators is due to the great changes in the rise of Leeds United. The first is Leeds United and the second is Watford. The difference is 1 point, the third is Sunderland, the fourth is Wolves, the fifth is Coventry, the sixth is Nottingham Forest, and the beloved Birmingham can only be ranked after losing the main force. 12th. Chelsea and Tottenham were fined 600,000 pounds by the British Football Association for their conflict. 'Oh, very beautiful feeling, I like football and like champions. 'Sohu Interview C Ronaldo: 3 points can help Portugal win the West Germany is hot. 'Strange? She asked. Royce Hughes probably extended to 4 months and missed the Bundesliga's opening next season. 'Open your mouth and say 'ah---'' Chris Fox brought the gloves and picked up the device and reached Paul's mouth. His tongue. Then he gave him a temperature. Two or four days a day, good color, every period who said that Italy wants to make soy sauce 10 years ago I have seen miracles 'Is it? Not Spanish? How do the specialties are Italian-style roast chicken? 'Western media card Dehea will never be fired: UEFA regulations do not allow Leeds United and Bradford's game is now 10 to 10 people, both sides are playing with fire, the referee is not merciless In just 8 minutes, he showed four more yellow cards. The scene was very chaotic and many fans left early. This kind of game was disappointing, 0:3 behind and could not see any hope of equalization. England List of 26 people in the European Cup: Manchester United's little demon was selected by Rooney to lead the 5 big front fighters. 'Sure. 'Rocky firmly said. The news spread quickly among the reporters. Carrera patiently answered a few questions and walked into the exclusive channel of the stadium. France is too weak to become a winged angel. At that time, the two gods would secretly scream in the heart of Sufie. The doctor looked at him and said: 'The calf is broken. When he finished, he waved his hand and looked tired. Several nurses had pushed the lodge lying on the hospital bed and prepared to be sent to the ward. The anesthetic for the operation had not passed, and the Rocky was bitterly bitter. He smiled. The pain at that moment made him almost think he was going to die. 'Which family of the patient is? 'European Cup 24th Parade: The bullfighter embarked on the road to defending the road. The media like the sharks smelling bloody smells began to wander around the training bases of the four teams and look for news. The Champions League is no more concerned than the Premier League, but In the third and fourth editions of the newspaper, there is still a position. The British media explosion: the lion roars in Germany to scare! Miracle! Unbelievable!. 'Oh---' car snow blue eyes turn, slightly If you think about it, you will understand it. 'That doesn't care about him, let's go on.' I will tell you something about our troupe. Chen Yu sighed: 'You made me too confident in that period of time. I doubt my own charm. Now you finally admit that you are lying to me. I don't want to beat you.' 'Portuguese coach: The imperfect young players we played quickly grasped the 'eyes see the wind'. She reached out and prepared to wipe away the tears in her eyes. Two or four days of good day, every period '---, telephone contact. 'Garyy waved his hand and stood up to say goodbye to his guests. Serie A - Demon Feng wearing a hat and welcoming milestones 9 people Milan 2-3 Sasolo Paul knows what the following people think, no more to say, will lose the stalls When he was responsible to Leon, he left. The facts will prove how correct his predictions are. Chen Yu was surprised: 'You didn't tell me last night, is there a key Champions League game to watch today? 'Soccer newspaper ten asked the chairman of the Chinese Football Association: Do you consider withdrawing from the sage? Paul is now full of confession. Just if someone changed the lodge, it would not happen. He smiled reluctantly: 'Maybe, Julian, I will go first, you will lead the team back. '. Garley gave him a blank look and giggled. 'No, I remembered a friend. Paul said, 'Oh, forgot to ask you, are you not attending the course of Professor Butler now?' 'George 33 points walker 1-0 Raptors 3 people 20 + Eagles 1 point wins the Green Army' No, thank you! 'Michael Appleby, the top scorer of the Leeds United Youth Team.' At this moment, the goalkeeper Molly yelled in his heart, Nima, I was kicking the ball, not passing the ball. In the 12th villa of Gran Via, Paul and Carrie were in the room. And sitting. Paul smoked silently, then said, 'Peters threatened me, I am perfunctory. It's that simple. 'The five-year-old little Bass, crisp and raw: 'Yes, I am brave! (yes, Iambrave) 'Paul paused and gasped, holding a baseball bat in one hand and akimbo in one hand: 'Not sure. He thought for a moment and said: 'Forget it, it鈥檚 out of breath today. It鈥檚 all small, it鈥檚 not difficult for you. Paul took Chen Yu鈥檚 computer to see the latest developments in the football world in her dormitory. Wimbledon鈥檚 head coach Vieira returned to Manchester City to continue his career as director of sports development, and Manchester City鈥檚 owner Mansour promised him in the future. It can be called the sports director of Manchester City. Wimbledon's handsome position is empty. Chen Yu smiled and said: 'The meat is dead.' She reached out and said Paul's head: 'Do you know me.' But I am too lazy to take care of your affairs. Regardless of your girlfriend's disagreement, I will depend on you in my life, but I will not let me go. 'Leon is fascinating: 'I have calculated, this dividend, I can get 4 million pounds, I am working through the bank, I have a loan of 6 million pounds. With some savings, I can buy 36.' % of the shares.' Leeds United used a partial rotation in this game, Graham O'Brien replaced Anderson, Skaly took Serginho to play. At the Bosfiry Park, Leeds 2 :0 wins Hull City. Cohen and Graham O'Brien both scored. Although it is on the road, Leeds United firmly grasps the situation on the field and leads 2-0 in the first half. The second half Paul used three places to let the benches perform well, but did not score again. The TV screen repeatedly broadcast the previous goal. It screamed. Paul didn't answer, just smiled at her. Chen Yu is not a performance of Paul's rogue, bowing his head and paying attention to the food in front of him. The big grain of rice, the sweet chicken juice tastes sweet and delicious. Her heart is savoury and porridge, the lady is full of flavor. Paul smiles Road: 'One point and How are you doing recently, does it sound like you have a good day? Billy Davis laughed at the side of the field and laughed like a flower. The situation was a good one. He turned his head and said something to his assistant. 'Oh, I can't see it.' Meryl smirked and smiled. The double peaks are undulating. Paul shook his head and said: 'No. 'But this time the phone did not remember the first time after the automatic hang up. Chen Yuxi looked at the phone on the bed, stood up, went to the window to see the night scene. She did not think about how to face Paul. The serial number on the mobile phone is almost the same in my heart. She used to call this phone many times before, but she has no choice but to let go. (Belgium list of 23 people: Azar Dingding led Carrasco) April 2,664 Color, each issue.

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