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锘?p>Bai Miss Tornado 2014-2017: Gunde wants to sell its Knights shares Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size Super large standard Xiaolefu before the fourth game The whole team trains 'Sister, do you say that I don't join the national team?' I strongly sent the invitation letter to my sister and asked the agent's opinion. .

Strongly seeing the true combination of skill and physical defense, watching Kobe anti-Curry or Paul, is simply a standard defensive textbook. . On July 4th, the Clippers filed a deal with the Warriors, wanting to get the Warriors backup small forward Harris Barnes. The Warriors are also trying to get Barnes out. After venting three games, Kobe let the team return to normal play. Lillard's 40-point playoff career, the new high Webber is simply an increase in the small potato Robinson. When talking about the height of bounce, Weber can even compete with the power, jumping like a helicopter, flying first and then want to do something. The Lakers continued their road trip with a record of 33 wins and 15 losses. The fans recorded the video for Li Xiaoxu Qingsheng. The Knicks traded veteran Pablo Priggioni for Timberwolves shooting guard Kevin Martin. . Chelsea interested in Juventus defender Lichsteiner? . The players who have renewed their contracts have already renewed their contracts, and they have begun to renew their contracts with players with bird rights. They first completed the contract with Monroe for 5 years and 8500. Then, as strongly predicted, the Lakers used the mini-middle-term terms and the renewal of the Sacre, before renewing the contract with Monroe. The total salary of the Lakers plus Monroe's bird rights, just reached 64.83 million, Kupchak to the renewal contract is good, not leaving Wesley-Johnson and Alonzo-Ki is also planning within. Yatai Fengba made the first cap of the new season, and the 3 rounds and 4 goals led the shooter list. Liu Shunan joined Qingdao and signed a three-year contract. But other teams are not fools, knowing that you want to sell this lottery. All of them are sitting on the ground, and no team is willing to send the stars so easily to gamble their potential. After all, the champion may be able to drop water, and the stars that are played are real. Clay talks about Curry three points: Which one? Too many 'he's all the technology I used when I first entered the NBA at the age of 17, don't praise him too much, lest he hear pride.

' Every time Kobe is praised, he will use his own example to compare.

China Olympic team will go to Suzhou to participate in the G8 Nuggets in the seventh overall pick of the small forward Stanley Johnson of the University of Arizona, and a good technical and good small-scale forward, two meters and one foot height Not short, the Nuggets didn't want to rebuild after all, they fired Brian Shaw, hoping to find a new coach to use the current players to impact the playoffs.

涓敳: Fabiano hits the crossbar, Quanjian 0-0 and Dragon Battle are substitutes in the team, averaging only 13 points, but his popularity is terrible.

Sportsman: Tan Hai said that he would rather give us a card if he doesn't blow it in the future. 12. King: Wayne Selden, shooting guard.

Cramer: Menxing can give me enthusiasm, and the national team is not shocked.

'Go help me get water.

'Strongly disregarding Yao Yao鈥檚 complaints, let her go to the ground and tell her.

Neymar American vacation with a tennis star, Williams.

A lot of people thought that the Spurs had a chance to turn over before the game because the Spurs' excellent performance in the previous two years made them too much.

The fans of the two countries were chased by French hooligans! The European Cup is now the biggest hidden danger.

There is no doubt that the public opinion has been one-sided, and none of the things that the Basketball Association has done over the years has been popular.

The game between the Bulls and the Jazz, Jordan鈥檚 opponent is Utah鈥檚 doubles. Now Kobe鈥檚 confrontation is also 鈥淯tah鈥檚 doubles鈥? but 鈥淣ew Utah Doubles鈥?is in Atlanta.


A long time ago, I found out that he was harder than many people to train. No matter if others knew it, he was the hardest one. He always felt that it was natural for him to train hard, God. Let him come to this world is to give him a chance to succeed.


Overtaking odds: Evergrande won the championship, Dong Xuesheng ranked fifth in the Golden Boots.

The Blazers are about to lose the best two players in the team. They naturally don't want to lose other things, like more money, so they don't want to accept any premium contract. It's better to just pick the draft and at least one cheaper. contract.

One ticket is hard to find! The Liao basket ticketing system failed.

Komowa returned to the room, locked the door, and fell on the bed in a large shape. There was no tangled face on his face, showing a very happy smile, and a little bit of embarrassment.

Not desirable! TEDA foreign aid: Moreno has racial discrimination against me. 'How good a prostitute is. It is so cute when you look like a momo. It鈥檚 not enough to hold it all day long!' Qin Zaoer himself is a loli and also likes a little loli. , Cheng Tian and vigorously robbed Yaoyao.

Cech: I am responsible for leading the Czech Republic to the top 16.

Before the China Tournament, there are not many people watching this game in the United States. I don鈥檛 know that the force has changed again and developed a three-point ability. In the fourth quarter, this game saw a strong change like Curry. Points, seeing stunned.

The Chinese Taipei Basketball Association intends to renew Davis.

If they let them see the current ball-handling skills, they are expected to be even more crazy, but unfortunately in Scott's tactics, the strong position is lower than last season, I don't know how much, the ball is not his share.

Adams migraine is still on the scene: I am not a hero. Duncan saw James at the time. Just like seeing the power now, I suddenly decided that James is the future NBA king.

Bai Miss Tornado 2014-2017 is still handsome! Liu Xiaoyu celebrated his birthday with a low-key celebration. They came to Milwaukee and challenged the Bucks away.

Still handsome! Liu Xiaoyu celebrates his birthday in a low-key manner. Although other teams have given him more contracts, and the Lakers have more team options, Jeremy Lin has chosen to stay with the Lakers.

Tonight, Yatai Xiefeng is not worried about the old acquaintance Li Zhanghao: Guoan is not good.

175 is especially the Blazers, with a 9-game losing streak and the league's last.

There are a lot of strong teams this year.

There are 11 teams in the West competing for the playoffs, but it is difficult for three bad teams to win a game. The Jazz and the Nuggets have only won one.

The sun is better, 3 wins and 7 losses.

Klose: I have high expectations for Gomez? Barkley is a big mouth, O'Neill is responsible for funny, Kenny-Smith is the most professional, but he is a poisonous man.

These three people make up the best commentary team in the United States.


Wall is the offensive core of the Wizards. The task of organizing the offense is all on him. He is restricted and the Wizards' offense is greatly affected.

The Hawks easily won the game.

Bullsman Portis visits the professional sailing team in the West this season.

And those who were in the forefront of last season, only the Lakers and the Rockets are still strong, others like the Grizzlies, the Clippers have performed poorly, can only say that it is okay, the first ten games played very general.

Although this season started, it is obvious that the future development of each team will be seen.

Crespo may coach the Swiss Lugano team.

Saclay King Kong's big hat is sent out, and the ball is directly fanned to the Perry's arms that follow.


'The opponent is an eagle.

' Kobe saw the result of the game, was silent, didn't know what he was thinking.

Zhong Jia: Sun Ke wins the ball, Quan Jian 1-0 Xiaosheng North Control did not get married before, vigorously sometimes want to get married will be as terrible as his teammates said, but it is really time to get married.

Everything is so natural.

Bai Miss Tornado 2014-2017 'Carmelo, I decided, I want to join you!' Aldridge said directly, did not say anything else, it is even more impossible to tell Anthony to the Knicks is an alternative . (To be continued.


) Clay: To limit Robertson and Ibaka to play 'Yes, yes, I have to go home to play with Yaoyao. I rarely play with her after the playoffs, Kobe.' >

'I can't stand the locomotive of Kobe, although he is sometimes a locomotive, but there is no locomotive now Kobe.

. Unlike the fans, the two teams of different teams can meet up to 11 times a year in the playoffs. It is just a matter of luck. The two teams can meet in the playoffs and play seven games. Under normal circumstances, players of different teams can only meet two or four times a year, so Kang Jie will be so surprised.

The Chinese men's basketball team Rio Olympics officially released the Knicks with Aldridge bird rights, reached a renewal agreement, but not immediately rushed to the league, just like the Lakers retain Monroe and Sacred birds Like the right, leaving them the space for last season's salary, they can save the bird's rights. Aldridge's salary this season is 16 million, plus Lillard's salary of more than 3.9 million next season, the two add up to 2000. Millions of space, the Knicks have a lot of salary space to operate.


Hacris gives a strong feeling that it is the kind that can't run fast and jumps low, but it can put the ball into the basket.

The Rockets are more kind, using the second defense player Beverly as a chip to make the Thunder management feel better, Harden was taken away by you, and the dangerous Reggie Jackson was also taken away by you.

AFC Champions: Tashen meritorious deeds, Luneng 1-0 wins Hiroshima early qualifying 'Yes.

We are all old.

' Kobe didn't want to mention age, but he mentioned it, and his thoughts returned to the original.


**Victoria is in the second year of the Spurs head coach position. The little assistant who was next to the mad scientist Nelson Nielsen is now one of the best coaches in history. .


8. Celtics: Norman Powell, shooting guard.


According to the results of the doctor's examination, his drug addiction was not able to quit in a short time, and Sanders did not continue to play the game, saying that he did not want to play.

No way, the Bucks had to buy out his remaining three-year contract directly, which was considered to be a disaster.

But this way, the Bucks have become very amazing. The team's highest salary is that they renewed their contract early last summer. The point guard, Brandon Knight, who will take effect next season, has an annual salary of 7.8 million.

Adetokounmpo is getting more and more accurate this year, the inside singles are getting more and more powerful, the ability to cope with it is also enhanced, and the defensive progress is huge.

It can be said that it is an all-round improvement.

The fans feel that they are more comprehensive and have more scoring means, but they don鈥檛 know that it鈥檚 not fun to play like this.

Strongly this casual opinion made the unhappiness between him and Scott deeper. Scott liked Aldridge very much. Aldridge was in his eyes an enhanced version of David West, Monroe. Dedication can be used as Chandler.

Of course, this is only related to the team that has the lottery sign, and the Lakers can't touch it at all.

Speaking of this year, the Lakers have no first-round draft picks. This year, the Lakers鈥?own first-round pick was used to trade Nash. The first round of signings received from the Rockets was used.

'I am not the captain, our captain is waving a towel.

' Kobe laughed and pushed Nash to the first position. 'And I took the championship mvp more often than you took the championship.


The reconstruction of domestic basketball is in full swing, and the first season after the establishment of the CBA League will not begin long.


Kobe's ability in the playoffs is stronger than the big one, coupled with Kobe's paranoid nature of the playoffs recovery, the first two rounds of defense of the other side of the best outside the task was Kobe.

The task of defending against Thompson, Redick and Green was taken by Lin Shuhao and Johnson in turn. The first two rounds of defensive tasks are more to use their own speed and physical confrontation to prevent and defend.

: Compared with Tang Zihao in the American college sub-league, they are not the main force. Dragon, Kang Jie and Kang Yu are the core of the NCAA first-class league, especially the Dragon War, and Lalu - Morris took the NCAA championship together.


Strongly think that Yaoyao will be bored for two days to find a mother.

But Yaoyao seems to be more happy than vigorously. I strongly asked Yaoyao not wanting her mother? Kobe's ability in the playoffs is stronger than the strong, coupled with Kobe's paranoid nature of the playoffs recovery, the first two rounds of defense of the other side of the best outside the task was Kobe. The missions of Thompson, Redick and Green were taken by Lin Shuhao and Johnson in turn. The first two rounds of defensive tasks were more to use their own speed and physical confrontation to prevent and defend. . After the Magic got the super rookie of Lalu-Morris, the whole team was alive. The Magic team played a beautiful offensive basketball under the leadership of Morris. Morris was too good. He and Dragic鈥檚 double. The core play allowed the Magic to score 8 wins and 1 loss in the first 9 games. Second only to the Hawks, Pistons, and Warriors, ranked fourth in the league. Qin Zaoer is very secret about the location of the marriage. Even the people do not know it and implement an absolute secrecy policy. In case it is known to reporters. That's awful. For the content of this wedding, Qin Zaoer must be absolutely confidential. This year's league arrangement is very special. All the former defending champions, the opening game was carried out at home, the championship ring and the championship flag were all issued at home. . (Iqijier - Elliott rookie jersey sales first) Miss Bai tornado 2014-2017.

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