scr888 free play test:scr888,free,play,test,锘,娈佃,惤,C:锘? {娈佃惤} {娈佃惤} Counseling theme guides children to think through their conversations, small troubles, telephone connections, psychological comics, etc., and gradually feels ways and means of caring for others. Coaching goal 1.

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Counseling theme guides children to think through their conversations, small troubles, telephone connections, psychological comics, etc., and gradually feels ways and means of caring for others.

Coaching goal 1. Understand that others should be sincere, equal, and respectful, and be able to think about the emotions of others and learn to express their concerns in a proper way.

2. It is important to feel brave and strong from the earthquake incident.

Coaching difficulties: Using conversation, watching comics, making phone calls, etc., gradually perceive the use of appropriate ways to care for others, can consider the emotions of others, and understand that others should be sincere, equal, and respectful.

Counselor This tutorial is suitable for the third-grade elementary school students to prepare three pre-recorded videos; courseware.

Coaching Presets and Processes 1. Talk Import 1. Before the event, ask the classmates to smile at the classmates closest to you.

(Laughter) Happy? Seeing someone else's smile will make us happy. In life, when you are sad, when you are unhappy, when you encounter setbacks, what do you most want to get? S1: I hope to get encouragement from others.

S2: I want others to help me and care about me.

Board: I care about the students. It seems that everyone hopes to get the care and help of others.

At your side, is there anyone who cares about you like this, and how do they do it? 2. Students exchange talks.

(The focus is on getting students to talk about how they are being cared for.

)S1: When I am sick, my grandmother will give me medicine. I feel very warm. S2: Once I fell, the skin on my feet was also rubbed. The students came to comfort me. I felt very warm and very happy. S3: Once my test scores were not ideal, my heart was very upset. Dad came to comfort me. It doesn't matter if I say that the exam is bad. I can continue to work hard. My mood is much better. 3. Summary and revealing the problem, there are many people around us who are concerned about us. Especially when we have difficulties, with the care of others, we will feel particularly warm, and it is easy to forget the sad things.

Conversely, if you care about others, you will also feel particularly warm and happy. How to care for others? This is what we are concerned about in the subject of this lesson today. [Design purpose: The mental health activity class is very important to mobilize the children's emotions, let them tell the inner experience, from the things around the children, let the children experience the warmth and help brought by others. 銆?Second, activity one: watch the video, set the body to experience the feelings of others. Narrator of the video recording (Wenchuan Earthquake): Students, remember what happened on May 12 this year? Yes, at 2:28 pm on that day, a magnitude earthquake occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province.

In just a few minutes, the house collapsed and the entire city became ruined. The earthquake claimed thousands of lives in an instant. Many children who are as big as us have lost their fathers and mothers forever; many parents have lost their beloved children forever. They have no time to hug each other, and they can't even say goodbye to each other! 2. Classmates, looking at this photo, recalling the earthquake, what do you want to say in your heart? 3. Students recall, free to tell.

Presupposition: (1) I am afraid, I am afraid that such an earthquake will occur in Ningbo. (2) Compassing those affected, they hope to do their part to help them. (3) I feel moved, thanks to so many people to help them. 4. Yes, everyone will want to get the attention of others when they are in trouble.

There was a major earthquake in Sichuan. Many people care about the people there and help them through the storm.

[Design purpose: Through this link, let the children enter the situation, and feel the sorrow of losing their loved ones. When the disaster comes, with the care and help of others, you can alleviate the sorrow and feel the warmth. A little bit of care that everyone pays can help a lot.

When watching the video, many children have tears in their eyes, and the teacher can guide the child to speak his own words.

During the activity, the children have different opinions and feelings about the earthquake. Some feel afraid and some feel anxious. At this time, the teacher should comfort the child in time and tell them that they are afraid, sad, and anxious. Normal people, many people will have this feeling. 銆?Third, activity two: small troubles 1. In our experimental primary school, we also held donations and donations for children in the disaster area. Do you have two classmates? In the course of the activity, I encountered some minor troubles while reading the story and thinking: Have you ever been in the mood? If so, talk about what you thought at the time, and then how to do it later.

If you haven't met, what would you say to this kid? Worry one: Xiaogang: Children in the disaster area need my help, I really want to help them.

But I only have 20 yuan in total, which is why I have accumulated it. If I only donate 10 yuan, will the students laugh at me? Preset: S1: As long as we donate our love, no one will laugh at you. S2: He has already donated half of his pocket money and has tried his best. S3: If it were me, I would donate all my pocket money. Summary: Yes, everyone cares about the children in the disaster area. Some people think that they should donate all the pocket money. Some children think that they can do it as long as they try their best. The teacher thinks that these two views are correct, as long as We have done our best, and that is good. (Board: Do your best) Annoyance 2: Xiaohong: Every child has donated their own pocket money. I also donated my beloved extracurricular books to the children in the disaster area. I heard that Xiao Ming also donated a new schoolbag. No, I must donate more than him, so the teacher and classmates will say that I am a loving child! Presupposition: S1: Dedication is not to compare with others. S2: It is hypocritical to donate money for the praise of teachers and classmates.

Summary: Caring for others to be sincere, not for vanity, or for gaining benefits. (Board: Sincere) [Aim of the activity: Through judgment, analysis and discussion, let the children feel in the activity: care for others should be sincere and equal, and do their best when others need help.

During the activity, children may have different reflections and ideas. For example, some children think that they only have 20 yuan in total. It is good to donate half of their pocket money. Some children think that no matter who you are. How many pocket money should be donated and should not be kept by themselves. At this time, teachers should fully affirm their claims and guide the whole class to discuss.

銆?Third, activity three: telephone connection 1. The students helped Xiaohong and Xiaogang, and they were happy.

Next, let's meet a friend and listen to her story.

Little Story: This little girl is named Li Yue. She is a very cheerful and intelligent girl. Like many girls, Li Yue especially likes to dance and dreams of becoming a dancer. In this Sichuan earthquake, she was crushed under the rubble for more than 70 hours and lost her left leg. However, she did not give up her dream. At the opening ceremony of this Paralympic Games, Li Yue used his hands to dance again and showed the beauty and strength of Chinese girls to people all over the world. 2. After listening to the story, do you have any questions to ask her? Then we were on the scene and Li Yue sister telephone connection, ask the students to comfort and encourage Li Yue sister.

However, the time for this call should not be too long, because Li Yue鈥檚 sister needs rest and treatment.

So, let the classmates discuss it first, then let us send a representative, okay? 3. Student discussion. 4. Send a representative to connect to the telephone. Problem preset: A: Li Yue sister, hello! I heard that you have been pressed for more than 70 hours under the ruins. What is your mood at the time? Li Yue: I felt sad at first. I watched my classmates leave me alone. I was even desperate. But my desire to survive was very strong. Because my dreams have not been realized, I have persisted. B: How did you get through this difficult time? Li Yue: I just knew that my left leg couldn't keep it. It was very, very sad, because dancing is my dream, so I asked them to keep my legs, but life is more important. Later, many people came to comfort and encourage me, and I was not so sad. C: You performed a dance at the Paralympic Games. What is your mood like? Li Yue: At the beginning, I knew that I was going to participate in the performance of the Paralympic Games. I was so excited! In order to make myself perform better, I practiced hard and finally realized my dreams. I am so happy.

D: Li Yue, you are awesome! I hope that you can be stronger and live well, we will come to help you.

Li Yue: Thank you, little friend. I hope that you will face it when you encounter difficulties.

5. Through the telephone connection with Li Yue鈥檚 sister, what do the students have? S: I think Li Yue is very strong and very brave. S: I think Li Yue is a great sister! Summary: The students鈥?hearts are warm and comforting Li Yue鈥檚 sister, she will be very touched.

It seems that sometimes, the concern for others is a few simple and warm words (board: warm words).

銆怉im of the event: Through the dialogue with Li Yue鈥檚 sister, I will initially feel the importance of being strong and brave in the face of difficulties; I will visit Li Yue鈥檚 sister by phone and experience the feeling of Li Yue鈥檚 feelings when facing difficulties. Li Yue鈥檚 grief and strength, feeling sincere concern for others, and understanding that with warm language can also care for friends around.

During the activity, the children's response was very enthusiastic. They all rushed to talk to Li Yue's sister. When a classmate was talking to Li Yue, the other children listened and the activity reached its climax.

銆?Fourth, and thus, learn to care for others. The students talked very well. There were many children like Li Yue鈥檚 sister in the earthquake. Although they lost a lot, they still chose to live a strong life. Many people have lost friends and relatives. Life is so precious, we live. To be so happy, you should cherish the people around you, care more about the people around you, and give them warmth.

Students can talk about how we can usually care about friends and relatives around us. 2. Students discuss exchanges.

S: We have a child who quarreled with another child. I was very upset, and we all went to comfort her.

(The teacher asked the classmate to stand up and talk about his feelings) S: My father was in a bad mood, I dragged him to the community for a walk and made him feel better. (Teacher: It seems that sometimes companionship is also a good way.) S: My grandmother was sick a few days ago. I went to the hospital to see her, and my grandmother was very happy. \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip;3. Learn to care.

It seems that students are very concerned about the people around them in their lives.

There are many ways to care about others. Except what we write on the blackboard, let's see how the psychologist tells us.

Comic One: 'We express love like this' (human contact can alleviate tension and depression, and when others are sad, a hug can bring them unlimited warmth.

) Manga 2: 'Mother's Bamboo Forest' (Happy sharing with people will double, sadness and sharing will be halved. When your friends and relatives are not happy, listen patiently, share happiness and sadness with them, will Let them feel relaxed.

) Comic 3: 'Everyone plays together' (When your friend is upset, invite him to play together, you can let him forget the unhappy things, and be in a good mood.) [Aim of the event: watching comics through discussion and communication, There are many ways for children to realize that they care about others. Many small things are concerned about the performance of others.

When the children communicated, they mostly talked about their parents and classmates. The teacher should fully affirm their thoughts and encourage them to say what they are saying.

銆?Five, small classmates, take the initiative to care for others, will let others forget the sorrow, feel warm.

What are you doing with this class today? (Student exchange) S: I realized that caring for others can be done from a small place, such as a hug.

S: I have experienced the sadness of the Sichuan victims; S: I feel very concerned about others.

\u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Teacher: It seems that every classmate has his own different experience, as long as there is experience is the biggest gain of this class! [Aim of the activity: A mental health activity class should allow children to gain something in the process of activities. Each child's harvest is different and the feelings are different. Teachers should fully affirm their feelings and encourage them. Speak. 銆?Counseling and reflection The current students are all only children. I am the only one at home. I am used to being cared for by others. I rarely put myself in consideration for others and take the initiative to care for others. The mental development of students who have just graduated to the third grade is not particularly mature. They are purely and innocent, and are essentially willing to care, but in many cases, they are more concerned about themselves or Your own harmless things.

When personal interests conflict with the interests of others, it is difficult to care. More often, our young children don't know how to care, and their dependence on teachers and parents makes them more willing to listen to the opinions of teachers and parents than to take the initiative.

Let children learn to care, care for parents, teachers and classmates and others is an indispensable part of mental health education.

In the course of the psychological activity class, each child's answer is worthy of the teacher's affirmation and guidance. Many times, the performance of students in the classroom is not a lack of morality, but psychologically requires the attention of the teacher. Therefore, the whole activity process is inseparable from the students' psychological concern. Only when you want the students to think and use the mind to touch the heart, can you truly open the child's heart and present a colorful side in the classroom. Counseling activity review psychologist Hoffman has proposed an empathy study. He believes that young children can already understand the emotional state of others. Once children can distinguish themselves from others, they often help others in distress. The way to reflect this resonance.

According to Hoffman's theory, as the child's ability to develop, as the child grows, the child can gradually distinguish between the emotional state of himself and others. In addition to being able to experience the sadness of empathy, they can also experience Sympathetic sorrow (this emotion is not completely consistent with the emotions of others, but contains sad emotions and concerns for others), and can be more proficient in helping others in a proper way.

By the end of childhood, children's understanding of human beings increased with the increase of identity, and it is possible to understand and sympathize with the general living conditions of another person.

In the lesson of 'Learn to Care', the teacher borrowed the story of the ballet girl in the Wenchuan earthquake. The purpose of the teacher is to use the empathy mentality to help the students unconsciously realize their concern for others. There is a lot of encouragement for others, and there are many ways to care for others, sometimes just a simple greeting. If you start with a story and ask students to talk about feelings directly, the student's experience will not be so deep, and in many cases they are only involved as bystanders. According to the psychological characteristics of the younger children who are curious and influenced by the group, the teacher arranges the students to connect with Li Yue in the classroom. Let the students feel that they are in the face of difficulties, feel the grief and strength of Li Yue, feel the sincerity of caring for others, and understand that they can care about their friends in warm language. During the activity, the children's response was very enthusiastic. They all rushed to talk to Li Yue's sister. When a classmate was in conversation with Li Yue, the other children listened and the activity reached its climax.

Teaching design, activity leading: Huasheng.


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