scr888 kiss download:scr888,kiss,download,锘,Comrade:锘?p>Comrade Deng Xiaoping said that the biggest mistake in the past 20 years of reform and opening up is education. The phenomenon of 'Falungong' is also a concentrated expression of this kind of mistake. In the guise of qigong, Li Hongzhi

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锘?p>Comrade Deng Xiaoping said that the biggest mistake in the past 20 years of reform and opening up is education. The phenomenon of 'Falungong' is also a concentrated expression of this kind of mistake.

In the guise of qigong, Li Hongzhi publicized the 'theism' and 'the doomsday theory' among the believers, and engaged in personal worship, one-sidedly exaggerating some negative phenomena in the process of social development, using psychological suggestion to engage in spiritual control and use The legal awareness of believers is weak, and believers are besieging government agencies to achieve their political ambitions. In the society, there is only a market for liars such as Li Hongzhi. It is precisely because we neglect the worldview and epistemological education of dialectical materialism and ignore the popularization of knowledge in natural science, psychology and law. In the conversion classes and deepening classes of several 'Falungong' addicts held by the Central State Organs Working Committee, targeted work and psychological crux were carried out in a targeted manner, and good results were achieved. 1 Using the language of 'Falungong' as an entry point to communicate with 'Falungong' victims 'Falungong' addicts have long been 'not listening to the window, because they are influenced by Li Hongzhi's so-called 'two methods.' Turning to the Falun Wheel, many 'Falungong' addicts have read 'Zhuan Falun' several hundred times or even thousands of times. The mind is completely imprisoned in the circle of 'Falungong'. It is in a state of hypnosis, and Li Hongzhi鈥檚 instructions and 'Falungong' has formed a very obsessive and very stubborn belief. It is very sensitive to the language of 'Falungong' and is a god-like god. It cannot accept other information from the outside world. From a psychological point of view, human belief has three functions, whether it is correct or not. First, the role of choice, the information in line with this belief is easy to accept, the information that does not meet their own beliefs is easily rejected; the second is the strengthening effect, that is, the information that conforms to their own beliefs is easily magnified and appears constantly to prove the correctness of the original beliefs. Sexuality; the third is the role of spiritual sustenance. There is a certain belief in the mind that makes you feel safe and feels that life has meaning and it is difficult to give up.

Specifically, the 'Falungong' addicts, because they are obsessed with Li Hongzhi and his 'Falungong' arguments, they only choose to say 'Falungong' is beneficial, and they disregard the 'Falungong' argument. This is the choice of beliefs. At the same time, when 'Falungong' addicts hear, see or feel the information that is beneficial to 'Falungong', they will enlarge and spread this favorable effect. This is the strengthening effect of belief; In addition, when 'Falungong' addicts see 'Falungong' books, or do some 'Falungong' movements, or communicate with their friends, they will feel safe and comfortable. When they give up this lifestyle, there will be a loss. Or the feeling of a big disaster, this is the spiritual sustenance of faith.

It is precisely because of the obsessive beliefs of the stubborn mistakes of the 'Falungong' addicts that the transformation of 'Falungong' has become more difficult.

In response to the 'Falungong' addict's stubborn misconceptions about 'Falungong', the first and effective first step in the transformation work is usually to 'break the law by law' and use the 'Falungong' language that these addicts can easily accept. 'With the spear of the son, the shield of the attacker', these obsessed people realize the contradiction of 'Falungong' and thus doubt it, thereby destroying, disintegrating and destroying the false beliefs of these addicts on 'Falungong' and realizing The so-called 'broken shell' opens a channel for accepting correct knowledge and thinking methods, thus gradually breaking with 'Falungong' and realizing the basic transformation of 'Falungong' addicts.

2 Create a humane atmosphere of sincerity, respect and understanding for the fundamentally transformed 'Falungong' addicts.

'Falungong' practitioners are a relatively closed group, claiming to be 'practices' and 'cultivators'. They have been from the system for a long time, are out of touch with normal social life, and lack contact with normal people in social life. And contact, they are eager to integrate into society after the basic transformation, but there are also various confusions and doubts, and need sincere help.

Humanistic psychologist Rogers believes that a relationship that is beneficial to people has the following characteristics: sincerity, respect and understanding.

The so-called sincerity is to be a true self and express your true feelings.

Although it may not be possible because of the degree of familiarity and the degree of trust, but to say the truth, to do the real thing, not hypocritical, not artificial.

Strive to be easy and tangible at all times; the so-called respect is to recognize each person's unique value and respect each person's unique personality.

'Innately, my materials must be useful.' Everyone has their own strengths and characteristics. They must respect everyone, including themselves. The so-called understanding and understanding can stand from the perspective of others and understand the feelings and experiences of others.

Humanistic psychology and the famous counselor Rogers said: 'When these conditions are met, I become a friend of the assistant, who has been with him on the path of terrible self-exploration. He also dared to take the step.

鈥?Indeed, the 鈥淔alungong鈥?addicts have been greatly devastated by their long-term practice of 鈥淔alungong鈥? and their mental health and social adaptability have been greatly devastated. The original 鈥淔alungong鈥?addicts who have achieved basic transformation are like patients with serious illnesses. The same, or the patients who are recovering from serious illnesses, can only be properly restored in the spirit of sincerity, respect and understanding. Their mental health and social adaptability can be properly restored.

3 鈥淕iving people to fish instead of giving people to fish鈥?to cultivate and improve the independent thinking ability of the original 鈥淔alungong鈥?practitioners.

We know that the 21st century is a century in which the knowledge economy is beginning to emerge, and it is also a century of information explosion and information flooding.

The rapid development of science and technology, the rapid exchange and collision of various social concepts and values, the Internet, telecommunications, various media, and various interpersonal relationships have buried everyone in the ocean of information, how to float in the ocean of information. Getting out of the water, finding what you want, and determining your direction will be an important task for everyone.

In this era of rapid development and rapid change, what people need is no longer rigid knowledge, not absolute conclusions, but an independent method of scientific thinking, an interest and ability to continuously seek knowledge and learn continuously. The former 'Falungong' addicts have lost their ability to think independently and lose the ability to learn and accept new information and new knowledge because they have long been obsessed with 'Falungong,' so they face greater difficulties in adapting to life in the future.

How to improve and develop self-learning ability and independent thinking ability? Dewey, an American educator and pragmatist philosopher, believes that the most fundamental link is to play the learner's subjectivity, so that learners can actively participate in the process of learning activities, not just a passive participant.

For adults, a very effective way to develop the learner's subjectivity is to discuss learning. By creating a discussion atmosphere of safety, equality, trust and respect, everyone can speak freely without concern. Therefore, in-depth discussion based on topics of common interest and content of common interest.

In the intensive education class for the original 'Falungong' addicts of basic transformation, from organizers to our staff, we have always attached importance to the initiative of the students, and did not easily draw conclusions during the learning process, but encouraged the college. By listening to lectures and learning through self-study, students can get their own relatively satisfactory answers through their own thinking and comparison. It not only solves the confusion of many students, but also develops self-learning ability and independent thinking ability.

4 After the conversion class and the deepening of the educational study class, the participants generally formed the following consensus: 1) 'Falungong' is the devastating human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has a concept of health. The so-called health is Physically, mentally, and socially adapted to a state of perfection, rather than simply referring to a physiological state.

In other words, health includes physical health, mental health, and social adaptation. People who are physically healthy and insane or unable to adapt to society are not only a healthy person but also a very unfortunate person. .

It is true that some 'Falungong' practitioners have improved their physical condition by practicing 'Falungong'. However, with the continuous exposure of the 'Falungong' truth, it is widely recognized that there is a large number of 'Falungong' exercises in the society. Because of practicing this kind of practice, people have gone into flames or ill health, which has aggravated the physical illness or lost their lives. Moreover, others have embarked on the road of suicide and self-immolation.

So, from the first level of health, that is, physical health, the role of 'Falungong' in health is not guaranteed, and even the harm is greater than the benefits.

From the second aspect of health, mental health, the mental health of 'Falungong' addicts has been severely devastated. They blindly trust the so-called 'teacher' Li Hongzhi to make decisions in their daily lives. The right, such as reading books and doing things, is handed over to Li Hongzhi. It can be said that these 'Falungong' practitioners have been subjected to Li Hongzhi's spiritual persecution and spiritual control. They have closed their eyes to the rich information outside. He is insensitive, and only the 'teaching' of the teacher Li Hongzhi in his mind has become a robot without his own judgment.

From the third level of health, that is, social adaptation, 'Falungong' addicts have abandoned their families and careers, forgot their affection, human feelings, and even embarked on anti-social roads against society and against the government. Serious social maladjustment has caused great confusion and damage to families and society.

Therefore, from the three levels of health, the so-called 'well-fitness' of 'Falungong' is a typical illusion and deception. Practice 'Falungong' not only can not exercise, but on the contrary, it is the destruction of human health. .

The participants generally recognized this by deepening the study of educational classes.

2) Get rid of Li Hongzhi's spiritual control and initially cultivate a certain independent thinking ability. A basic point of view of dialectical materialism is to look at problems with systematic, dialectical and developmental perspectives. An important part of the scientific spirit is skepticism. The spirit of evidence, and an important sign of mental health is to maintain the independence of thinking, not blindly obeying, after various lectures, discussions and learning, the students have got rid of Li Hongzhi's spiritual control and began to think about problems with their own minds. Looking at various social phenomena, it has a certain resistance to some one-sided and superstitious claims.

3) Recognizing the deception of 'Falun Gong', 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance' and 'not participating in politics', determined to return to society as a law-abiding patriotic citizen, except for a few people with political ambitions. Some 'Falungong' practitioners are kind people. They have entered Falun Gong with the purpose of practicing 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance', 'not participating in politics', 'healing health, improving mentality', and most of them are It is a virtue to think that kindness, and many of them are proud of their goodness.

After learning, these former 'Falungong' addicts understood a famous saying in psychology: 'The road to hell is covered with goodwill.'

It means that many sins are made out of kind will.

In actual real life, we also know that sin is often not produced through the purpose of sin, and most people do not intentionally do bad things.

In many cases, it is because people have poor ability to distinguish, or the means used are not correct, and good things are done badly.

Therefore, people realize that pure goodness alone does not guarantee that what is done is valuable and meaningful. Only by improving one's discernment, by obeying the law, by working and living on the ground, Only in order to truly contribute to society can we truly improve our self-cultivation.

In summary, after the transformation of the Central State Organs Working Committee and the deepening of the educational study class, the original 'Falungong' practitioners' minds have been eliminated, the mood is cheerful, the understanding has improved, and they are determined to be in daily life. As a psychologist, as a psychologist, as a staff member in a deepening education class, I really feel happy for them; see the changes of the students. I am very pleased and proud to realize that I have played a role in the transformation process of the original 'Falungong' addicts as a staff member and using the psychological knowledge I have learned.

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