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锘縶Keywords}#Title Segmentation#

In 2017, in this work of the industry and commerce, we continued to establish learning-based grassroots organizations, people-oriented, adhere to the weekly learning system, and strengthen political theory, policy documents, laws and regulations. Study, strengthen the study of life and worldview theory, raise awareness, make everyone love and dedication, keep pace with the times, and keep making progress.

The following is a summary of the work experience of the 2017 Industrial and Commercial Office collected by Xiaobian for everyone. Welcome to read.

2017 Work Experience and Experience Summary 1 20xx is a colorful year in my life. Through the study and training in practical work, with the support and help of leaders and colleagues, I have made great progress in all aspects of my thinking, study and work.

In this year, I deeply felt the care and development of the leaders and the enthusiasm of my colleagues, and I have done a good job in my work. In this year, I focused on the following aspects to strictly demand myself and constantly improve my own qualities.

The following is a summary of the work and other situations of this year: 1. Political quality is the leader of doing a good job. With the help of the style of discipline at the beginning of the year to reorganize the big discussion activities and the recent opportunities for concentrated education and rectification activities, I thoroughly studied and understood the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and General Secretary Hu Jintao's speech at the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In conjunction with the speeches of the leaders of the provincial and municipal bureaus, they have contrasted with their own work, and there are still many shortcomings in the political quality.

The proposal of the five industrial and commercial enterprises has higher requirements for the level of administration according to law, the awareness of service development, and the responsibility for fulfilling their duties. Through study and education, I have carried out profound reflections and practically used my own world view, outlook on life and fame and fortune. Second, the quality of business is the basis for doing a good job. When I first entered the business system, I was not particularly familiar with the jurisdiction and daily duties of the industrial and commercial authorities. However, through the training of the commerce and industry office in one year, I had a new and comprehensive understanding and also made my own business in all aspects. The quality has been improved. First, in terms of registration, I have carefully studied the laws and regulations on the registration of the Provisional Regulations on the Management of Individual Industrial and Commercial Households, the Company Law and the Regulations on the Registration of Farmers' Professional Cooperatives, and are familiar with the process of registration of different market entities. In the market supervision, I actively cooperated with the inspection team in the market to carry out market supervision work, and detailed inspection records, so that there are traces of inspections, and there is no lack of supervision. Third, in terms of law enforcement, I have carefully studied Common laws and regulations such as the 鈥淚nvestigation and Prosecution Measures鈥? 鈥淔ood Safety Law鈥?and 鈥淎dvertising Law鈥?are familiar with the handling procedures, evidence collection methods, inquiry skills and legal application. Fourth, in terms of consumer rights protection, the legal awareness of the broad masses of peasants is not high. In the current situation of lack of awareness of rights protection, I cooperate with my colleagues to use the five-in and two-station work to actively popularize the Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws, and patiently handle the consultation, complaints or reports of the masses. Third, responsibility awareness is the fundamental requirement of our work responsibilities. The current industrial and commercial administration involves many aspects such as registration, daily supervision, and food safety, which are closely related to the interests of the people. This also means that our shoulder responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. We must always be in awe of the rights granted by the people. For example, in the face of food safety, we must not only take active actions to make the special rectification activities fall into practice; we must always take crisis awareness, formulate emergency measures, establish and improve a grid-based inspection system, and strengthen market inspections. In the face of the problem that merchants are not active enough to establish an invoicing account and implement the system for claiming the ticket, on the one hand, my colleagues and colleagues actively tell the merchants about the relevant requirements of laws and regulations, and raise the awareness of the business responsibility of the merchants; In respect, we will give full play to the role of the food safety demonstration store in the jurisdiction, and set benchmarks to further standardize the food business practices in the jurisdiction. Fourth, service awareness is a concrete manifestation of advancing with the times in the work. Secretary Lu Zhanggong once said: To change the way of economic development by changing the way of leadership, as an ordinary industrial and commercial administrative staff, it is necessary to focus on the big and small, and combine the transformation of business and industry with the transformation of economic development mode. Firmly establish the working philosophy of the overall situation of service development. In my daily work, I insisted on starting from myself, starting from small things, using the characteristics of young people to contact new things quickly and with strong comprehension, mastering the use of the provincial bureau's business system in a short period of time, and improving the self-employed households. The efficiency of the certification. At the same time, during the annual inspection, I patiently explained the operation steps of the online annual inspection to the responsible persons of the enterprises. For enterprises that are not skilled in computer operation, I took the initiative to help them complete the entry of the relevant annual inspection data and the annual inspection confirmation and report printing. Reduce the difficulty of online inspection of enterprises online. Fifth, experience the harvest. As a university student who graduated from school and entered the administrative organization, how to make a good transition from the student to the civil servant role, to make a good start and take the first step is very important. First of all, we have changed our understanding of discipline and system. We always take the 'Party Constitution' and the 'Civil Service Law' as the criteria, strictly abide by the various systems such as attendance, sales and false management, so as to prohibit the line, establish the concept of prevention of clean government risks, and actively accept colleagues. And the supervision of the masses to ensure integrity and integrity. Secondly, we changed our ideological concepts and work attitudes, changed our minds to be active, changed things and other things as we did things, and actively carried out the tasks assigned by our leaders and colleagues. At the same time, we must adhere to the concept of our teachers. Leaders and colleagues around us learn and learn from the broad masses of the people. Finally, I changed the method and angle of looking at the problem, learned to use the identity of the civil servant to identify the problems encountered in the work, and thought twice before doing things. At the same time, I strengthened the understanding and communication with the client in the work, and changed the position. Thinking and deep understanding of what the people care about is what industrial and commercial personnel should pay attention to. The above is my summary of work and life in the past year. In general, although I have achieved certain results in the work of the leaders and colleagues, I have achieved certain growth, but at the same time, I am soberly aware that I still have some shortcomings and deficiencies, such as: political quality is not enough. Solid, business knowledge is not yet proficient. Especially after adjusting to xx work, I deeply realized that there are still deficiencies and shortcomings in my way of thinking, legal knowledge, and handling skills. In the future work, I will continue to uphold the rigorous and rigorous work style, strengthen study, diligently think, actively practice, constantly improve my service awareness and level, and become a civil servant who can reassure the leaders and satisfy the people. In 2017, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of the branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, with the support of the various departments of the branch, we will conscientiously implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, build the characteristics according to the foundation The overall concept of creating quality products and being good first, highlighting the quality policy and experience concept of focusing on key points, producing results, ensuring development and increasing efficiency, earnestly implementing various work plans, uniting for progress, overcoming difficulties, and achieving new achievements in various tasks. The main work of this year is summarized as follows: 1. Work completion (1) Registration completion. By the end of the month, we have handled a total of newly established domestic entrepreneurs; newly established farmers' professional cooperatives; newly established individual industrial and commercial households; issued food circulation licenses; digital certificates. At present, there are actually domestic-funded entrepreneurs in our jurisdiction, which is a year-on-year increase compared with the same period in 2009 (hereinafter referred to as year-on-year); farmers' professional cooperative households and individual industrial and commercial households increased by 9% year-on-year. (2) The completion of the annual inspection of the enterprise. By the end of the month, the enterprise should be inspected annually, and the households that have been inspected annually (including the cancellation of the households after the annual inspection and filing) have already passed the pre-examination of the households that have not been inspected, and those who have not applied for the inspection, apply for the extension of the annual inspection households, and do not participate in the revocation of the individual-owned enterprises into the revocation procedures. The annual inspection rate is %, and the online annual inspection rate is %. (3) The operation status of each test point and test box. By the end of the month, the inspection points of the jurisdictions implemented a total of commodity inspection batches, monitoring tank inspection batches, and handling cases after food inspection, including large cases. Second, the main practices (A) establish a harmonious law enforcement concept, standardize business operations. In the work of the industrial and commercial authorities to conscientiously perform the functions of market supervision and administrative law enforcement, it is necessary to strengthen the crackdown on market economy violations and strengthen the handling of cases is one of the important means of maintaining economic order. The first is to strengthen the handling of violations of laws and regulations. In accordance with the requirements of the ten benchmarks for industrial and commercial administrative law enforcement, we actively carried out the attack and rape, and shunned the law enforcement concept. We firmly established the concept of politics, overall situation, service and harmony in law enforcement and handling cases, with the combination of rigid and soft, complementary and organic. In the way of combining, a large number of general minor violations of laws and regulations are not subject to the legal and policy bottom line, and flexible enforcement methods such as administrative warnings are used as much as possible. And through the regular release of the use of industry trademarks, through the trade associations to the majority of business operators to issue trademark legal knowledge and common easy to infringement trademarks and other information, the easy violation of the law warning release system into the regional trademark infringement rectification work, so that my jurisdiction is obvious There are fewer violations; fewer of the counterfeiting companies that visit us; fewer serious trademark infringements. The second is to strengthen food supervision. The supervision of the food market is related to the vital interests of the people and the prestige and image of the party and the government among the people. Food safety is closely related to the physical and mental health and life safety of the people. We have fully played a functional role in taking food safety supervision as a concrete action of the industrial and commercial departments concerned about people's livelihood. Strengthen the contact and cooperation with the local government and other departments, make full use of the network organization of the town safety inspectors for our use, widely publicize and guide food safety consumption habits, and strive to build a food market security prevention and control network that the whole society participates in. Enhance the initiative, pertinence and timeliness of the work, conduct regular and irregular food safety inspections on the food market within the jurisdiction, strengthen food testing, and strengthen the monitoring of commodity quality in the circulation field, giving full play to the role of rapid testing boxes. Intensify testing on all kinds of foods that the masses care about. (2) Strengthen publicity and promote the legal operation of enterprises. Propaganda and reporting work has always been a shortcoming of my work. I have scored relatively low over the years. This year, I have also taken some measures to change this situation. Such as task decomposition, quantitative management, the information indicators of the information and research are decomposed into the business lines according to the work focus of the whole work and the work content of each business line, and are included as an important content in the annual target assessment scope; Support the propaganda group, organize the comrades who usually write, and specialize in propaganda. As of the end of the month, we have completed the information points (not including the information published in 'Cixi Industry and Commerce'), research articles, propaganda points. (3) Do a good job in party style and clean government education, and enhance the ability to resist corruption and change. First, conduct in-depth study. Based on the principle of learning and teaching first, we attach great importance to the work of combating corruption and promoting honesty, and vigorously publicized and learned the guiding ideology, guidelines, policies and achievements of the central government on combating corruption and promoting honesty. We will focus on organizing the majority of party members and cadres to thoroughly study the spirit of the Party鈥檚 18th and 4th Central and 5th Central Committees, the 'Guidelines for the Integrity of the Communist Party Members and Leading Cadres,' the 'Party Constitution' and the 'Corruption Guidelines', and through the work of the party, through the party building column. The information position strengthens the education of clean government culture, adheres to the correct direction of public opinion, and creates a good anti-corruption work atmosphere. We have strengthened our ideals and convictions, and we have carried out in-depth study of the 'Corruption Guidelines' and strived to be the subject of education and discipline. We have guided the majority of party members and cadres to firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, and guide the team members. Treating power, status and self-interest, persisting in opposing the extreme individualism existing in minority party members and cadres, adhering to the correct direction of public opinion, actively promoting the exemplary deeds of party members and cadres who are honest and honest, self-denying, and arrogant, and carrying out demonstration education. Organize the majority of party members and cadres to conscientiously study the party discipline and discipline knowledge, strengthen the party's style and clean government education, and further carry out the 'Corruption Guidelines' and 'Eight Provisions on Extravagance and Waste' and other party discipline and discipline education. Organize party members and cadres to watch and watch the anti-corruption, party and political discipline education film and television recording photos '', '', and carry out positive and negative education for party members and cadres. The second is to strengthen integrity and self-discipline. Seriously implement the rules of clean government and clean and self-discipline, especially strictly abide by the eight prohibitions and 52 inaccurate requirements put forward in the 'Corruption Guidelines' and strictly implement the 'CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on the strict prohibition of the use of positions.' A number of provisions for seeking illegitimate interests. At the democratic life meeting, party members and leading cadres have made a commitment to integrity, carried out special treatments for leading cadres to receive cash, securities, payment vouchers and valuables, through self-examination and self-correction, mass reporting, and superior review. No problems were found in the leadership team members receiving cash, securities, payment vouchers and valuables, and illegal business enterprises. Third, the existence of the shortcomings and the next year's work plan 20XX years, our industrial and commercial institutes need to carry out a serious summary, from the system, methods, management, learning, and other aspects must be improved, on the basis of perfection to consolidate the results to make the politics of the whole Quality and professional quality have been greatly improved. The following work measures and arrangements are proposed: 1. Continue to adhere to the creation of learning-type grassroots organizations, people-oriented, adhere to the weekly learning system, strengthen the study of political theory, policy documents, laws and regulations, strengthen the study of life and world outlook theory, and improve Recognize, make everyone love and work hard, keep up with the times, and keep making progress. 2. Continue to promote the reform of service work, make the service more excellent, make the management more in place, and focus on the efficient service center to continuously improve the management business process and improve the service quality. 3. Adhere to the principle of grasping both hands and hardening both hands, correcting the unhealthy trend of the industry, eradicating the occurrence of corruption, establishing a good image, striving for the best civilized unit, and building the ranks of the team. 4. Adhere to various management systems, assess people, and assess in place to ensure the implementation of various reforms, methods, and responsibilities, ensure the smooth development of all work, and promote the full completion of all work tasks throughout the year. In 2017, the work of the industrial and commercial institutes was summed up. The 20XX year is a colorful year in my life. During this year, I deeply felt the care and development of the leaders of the bureau and the enthusiasm of colleagues, and better completion. I have undertaken all the work I have undertaken. In this year, I focused on the following aspects to strictly demand myself and constantly improve my own qualities. First, strengthen their own moral cultivation, pay attention to ideological and political learning, constantly improve their political theory and improve their political discernment. In the past year, I have always taken theoretical study as my important task, consciously doing diligent learning, trying to enhance party spirit, improve ideological and political quality, firmly establish a Marxist world outlook, outlook on life, values, and maintain a good moral trend. Always adhere to the important thinking of the scientific concept of development as a guide, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, improve their party spirit and maintain the advanced nature of party members. We will talk about politics and the overall situation, and firmly establish the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly and the correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Consciously use scientific theory to arm the mind, guide practice, strengthen the sense of innovation, development and service, so that the ideological understanding and own quality have been improved. Second, strive to improve their actual work ability, apply the learning results to the actual work, and guide the study through practice, and gradually improve their work ability. After this year's work, I have gained a deeper understanding of the industrial and commercial administration. Through the leadership of the words and deeds, careful training and support from colleagues, and close cooperation, I learned some methods and work skills to deal with problems. As the working face has increased, my understanding of work has deepened. I deeply feel the urgency of strengthening my own learning and improving my own quality. Therefore, while working, I constantly improve my working ability through self-learning. . I usually learn some professional knowledge, legal knowledge, informational knowledge, and legal norms and rules and regulations of the industrial and commercial departments in order to make up for the lack of knowledge. At the same time, I learn from my comrades around me. I always maintain a modest, prudent and open-minded attitude in my work. I take the initiative to ask leaders and colleagues to learn how to work hard, be realistic and pragmatic, and how to deal with problems, and apply what I have learned. In the actual work, in the practice, test the knowledge, find the deficiencies, improve yourself, prevent and overcome the tendency to learn and understand, understand the true skills at the grassroots level, and practice the real kung fu. Third, diligent and conscientious, love and dedication, based on their own work, and strive to improve their work level and work ability. The administrative administration of industry and commerce is a much broader job. In response to this situation, I actively study and study various books and magazines on industrial and commercial administration. Since the work of the unit, I have read through a large number of professional journals such as 'Industrial and Commercial Administration', 'Hebei Industry and Commerce', 'China Business News', etc. through various channels, and have targeted the work methods of the old comrades in the actual work. Learn and compare, and strive to find effective methods for market supervision, counterfeiting and other rights protection. In the daily work, we must strictly demand ourselves, conscientiously abide by the rules and regulations formulated by the county bureau, strive to improve work efficiency and work quality, serve the masses, do a good job, and have no late, early leave, and always stay in the workplace. I am serious about fulfilling my duties, not afraid of suffering and suffering, courageously accepting the challenges of various complicated situations, working hard to solve new situations and new problems encountered in my work, and constantly improving my own supervision and enforcement through efforts. Level and service level, constantly creating new achievements in the work to create new glory. Fourth, in terms of life style, I am diligent in saving, keeping in mind two must. Take the lead against extravagance and big-handedness, and take the lead in resisting money worship and hedonism. Cultivate a good life style and healthy life, talk about ethics, emphasize good conduct, maintain noble spiritual pursuits, get rid of low-level tastes, and follow the social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and resolutely resist the erosion of decadent ideas and lifestyles. Fifth, anti-micro-duration, honest and self-discipline, long-term thinking about greed, often self-discipline. In normal work and life, I always constrain myself with the requirements of the 658 ban, so that I can keep my head clear. In the construction of a clean government, we always adhere to our high standards and strict requirements. We must always be self-respecting, self-aware, self-inflicted, and self-motivated, and consciously strengthen party spirit. By strengthening its own construction, it has further strengthened the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, turning the construction of a clean government into a conscious action, running through the daily work, resolutely building the party for the public, law enforcement for the people, and consciously suppressing the unhealthy trend and corruption. The erosion of the phenomenon, the cultivation of a law-abiding law, the style of being honest and honest, to resist corrosion and never touch. Of course, there are still many deficiencies and problems in my work. For example, the learning is not deep enough, the knowledge is not comprehensive enough; sometimes the work standards are not high enough, the requirements are not strict enough, only the requirements are too good, not too hard, and lack of innovation awareness to dare to do so. These problems and deficiencies, I am determined to seriously overcome and work hard to improve in the future work. Be a qualified civil servant who is reassuring, satisfied, and proud of the organization.

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