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锘縶Keywords}#Title Segmentation#

2017-2018 Early Year of Chinese Biotechnology (People's Education Edition) Eighth Grade Book (Exercise): Select Healthy Lifestyle Information Download 2017-2018 Early Years of Chinese Medicine (People's Education Edition) The eighth grade (practice): choose a healthy lifestyle. The second section chooses a healthy lifestyle. The ability to exercise enhances the ability to improve 1. In the following practices, it is not conducive to adolescent development () A. Pay attention to adolescent health in daily life B When classmates gather, use smoking and drinking to promote C. Actively participate in sports activities, improve physical fitness D. Normal exchanges between male and female students, establish a sincere friendship. 2. The attitude that should not be in refusing drugs is () A. Resolutely refuse, never B. Reporting people who have drug abuse behaviors around them C. Have a sense of freshness, want to try D. Actively participate in anti-drug campaigns 3. Do you think that the following situations require psychological counseling ( ) A. Before the exam, I feel nervous B. Physical fatigue after strenuous activities C. Total suspicion Other students say their bad things D. After a conflict with classmates, they are in a bad mood. 4. The following statements about smoking and drinking are scientific () A. A cigarette after meals. Matching B. Feelings, drink a bite, affection, drink a bottle of C. Adults have a certain amount of alcohol to the body. D. Life is too short, you should be happy in time, want to smoke, want to drink and drink 5. The following about drug use The narrative, the mistake is () A. The best way to resist drugs is to stay away from drug users and places B. Someone becomes unsatisfied after taking drugs, indicating that drugs may damage his brain C. Using a syringe to 'drug 'People generally inject drugs directly into the veins of the human body. D. When someone sees tin foil, a lighter or a syringe, the drug addiction will occur. This is a simple reflection. 6. Drunk driving will endanger the safety of themselves and others. The reason is that alcohol will () A. Make the brain in excessive excitement or paralysis state B. Make vasodilation, increase blood pressure C. Make breathing faster, memory loss D. Affect food digestion and absorption, exercise fatigue 7. The following about smoking, The narrative of drug abuse, the mistake is () A. smoking causes the incidence of lung cancer to rise B. Smoking refreshes and promotes brain development C. Drug abuse once it is difficult to quit D. Drug abuse seriously endangers social stability 8. The following statement about health, no The correct thing is () A. smoking can not only induce Respiratory diseases, and possibly lung cancer B. Happy mood is the core of children's and adolescents' mental health C. Modern civilization diseases include malignant tumors, gonorrhea, diabetes and other chronic, non-communicable diseases D. Choose a healthy lifestyle, should From the time of children and adolescents 9. (2017 Chengdu, Sichuan) Adolescence is an important period of growth and development in life.

The following healthy lifestyles related to adolescence, unreasonable is () A. Balanced diet, pay attention to nutrition and B. Work and rest, scientifically arrange time C. Actively exercise, enhance physical fitness D. Shout and promote vocal cord development 10. The harm of drug use to human health is almost devastating. The following description of the harm to human health caused by drug abuse is wrong () A. Drug abuse can damage the central nervous system, causing multiple complications. B. Drug use can damage the reproductive system, and the fertility of drug users will decline. C. Drug abuse Damage to the immune system, resulting in low immune function, easy to get AIDS D. Drug abuse can lead to obesity, which can lead to coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases 11. When you enjoy food in the restaurant, or when the scenic spots linger, often encounter second-hand Smoke When you smell the pungent smell, turn your face to silently endure, or decisively stop and direct smoking, second-hand smoke can also lead to various diseases such as lung cancer and coronary heart disease.

The following picture is the result of a sample survey of all smoke conditions in different fields in China (ie, the proportion of days in which people have seen smoking in the past 30 days).

The following analysis is correct ( ) A. The health care institution has the lowest proportion of smoked conditions. B. The public places and workplaces in the city have more smoke conditions than the rural areas. C. Restaurants, rural and urban smokers The proportions are all 90%. D. In public transport, the difference between the rural and urban smoke conditions is the largest 12. 鈥淗ealthy eating, healthy living鈥? the following related narratives or practices, the correct ones are () A. Vegetables with 鈥渨orm eyes鈥?And the fruit pesticide content is small, you can buy with confidence. B. When the lower extremity rupture of large blood vessels, you should hold down the proximal end of the ruptured blood vessels to stop bleeding. C. The lysozyme in the body fluid can destroy the cell wall of many pathogens, belonging to the second to defend the human body. Road defense line D. Some people eat seafood will have an allergic reaction such as skin itching, and the substance causing allergic reaction is called antibody in medicine. 鈽?May 31 is the 30th World No Tobacco Day. In order to promote the health hazard of tobacco, Do not do 'uniform smokers', the students of the interest group explored the 'influence of tobacco extract on the heart rate of water sputum', and obtained the following data: group number 1234, tobacco leaching solution prepared with different amounts of distilled water, 50mL40mL30 The number of heartbeats in mL20mL within 10 seconds/times 3533374942 The following analysis errors are () A. In order to form a control with different concentrations of tobacco leaching solution, set clear water as the control group. B. One leeches can only be done twice during the experiment, ie Observe in clear water and observe in tobacco extract. C. According to the data in the table, tobacco extract has an inhibitory effect on the heart rate of leech. The higher the concentration, the stronger the inhibition. D. The nicotine contained in tobacco when burning tobacco. When tar and other substances enter the human body, it can induce a variety of respiratory diseases, and may induce lung cancer, so do not smoke. 14. It is reported that esophageal cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, and more than 40 new cases of esophageal cancer are found every year in the world. Million.

The figure below is the data obtained by the researchers on the pathogenesis of 1,200 patients with esophageal cancer.

(1) From the results of the survey, and are the main causes of esophageal cancer, the former will produce a variety of substances harmful to the human body when burning, such as. (2) Choose a healthy lifestyle for your health.

Health is not just about no disease, it should also be in good shape.

15. The figure below shows the relationship between the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the incidence of lung cancer in a certain area. Please complete the following questions according to the map.

According to the above picture, what conclusions can you draw (at least two points)? 16. In order to understand the harm of smoking to the human body, an experimental group conducted an experiment on the effect of tobacco extract on the heart rate of water sputum; The adult leeches with the same size and 10-second heartbeat range between 30 and 36 times were tested. The tobacco leaching solution was prepared by soaking 20, 30, 40, 50 mL of distilled water in four equal portions of tobacco.

The following table is the relevant data of the experiment: Group No. 12345 Tobacco leaching solution prepared with different amounts of distilled water 50 mL 40 mL 30 mL 20 mL The number of heart beats in 10 seconds/time 3533374942 (1) The problem raised by the group is .

(2) The data show that smoking firstly harms the human body's system, which in turn causes various chronic diseases. In severe cases, it can lead to lung cancer and coronary heart disease. (3) The data processing method for the number of heartbeats per 10 seconds is that the reason for processing the data is. (4) Experimental data show that as the concentration of tobacco leaching solution increases, the change in heart rate of leeches is. (5) Choose a healthy lifestyle. Start with me. In addition to not smoking, please write two more healthy lifestyles: , . 17. Some students indulge in computer online games. Long-term computer radiation has no harm to their bodies. Someone has done such a set of experiments: Randomly divide healthy male male rats into two groups of 8 each; Group A Placed in front of the computer that is not turned on, group B is placed in front of the computer that is turned on; other feeding conditions are the same. The experimental data was obtained after 60 days as shown below. (1) The question explored in this experiment: whether the computer radiation has harm to the body (2) The experimentally set variable is . A. Types of computer games B. Whether the computer is turned on C. Physical condition of the rats (3) Eight experimental rats were used instead of one rat for each experimental group. (4) It can be seen from Figure A that computer radiation affects the weight gain of the rats in the group and the normal development of sperm. (5) The data shows that long-term computer radiation is harmful to the health of rats, which has implications for our middle school students to explore innovations. 18. At present, lead pollution has become a 鈥渟tealth killer鈥?threatening the health of children in China. The main source of pollution is automobiles. Exhaust, home decorations, etc. To explore whether lead has an impact on human health, the researchers divided 30 mice with similar size and health status into three groups, and the experimental treatment was as follows. After 30 days, the experimental data obtained are shown in the table below. Group injection dosage injection method detection method A injection of 10 mg per kilogram body weight, subcutaneous injection every 3 days, once every 10 days, hemoglobin content, B content, lead acetate, mass fraction, 5%, glucose solution, C, % lead acetate, mass fraction 5% glucose solution (Note: lead acetate is a lead-containing compound) (1) If A and B are a set of control experiments, the variable is whether the injection contains lead acetate, then group A should be injected with the solution. The assumption you made about the experiment was to have an impact on the health of the mouse. (2) When the hypothesis does not match the experimental results, the correct approach is . A. Immediately negate the original hypothesis B. Modify the experimental data to make the conclusion consistent with the hypothesis. C. Record the truth and repeat the experiment again. (3) Compare the difference between the downward curves of the two curves in the following figure. The relationship between lead content and hemoglobin content in white mice is. Knowing the ability to practice and improve Adolescence is the developmental period. Smoking and drinking are very harmful to the body and affect the normal development of the body. Teenagers should not smoke or drink alcohol. Drug abuse can damage people's nervous system, reduce the body's immune function, and damage the heart and lungs. We should resolutely refuse, and never be contaminated. At the same time, we must actively participate in anti-drug publicity activities and report people who have drug abuse behavior. Mental health is not required for psychological counseling. It is normal to have a tight mood before the exam; after strenuous activities, everyone will feel tired due to too much energy consumption; they will be in conflict with their classmates, and their mood will be bad before the contradiction is resolved. So these are normal and do not require psychological counseling. The total suspicion of other students said that their bad words, indicating that the psychological is not healthy, to conduct psychological counseling. A small amount of alcohol in adults can relieve fatigue and promote digestion and blood circulation. But alcoholism is harmful. Smoking is harmless. As long as someone sees tin foil, a lighter or a syringe, the drug addiction will occur because of the complex reflection caused by long-term drug use. A small amount of alcohol can promote the central nervous system excitement. Under the action of the nervous system, the heartbeat is accelerated, and the red ear is red. The cerebellum plays a role in maintaining the balance of the body, so that the movement is accurately coordinated. Excessive drinking can inhibit the cerebellar function and appear unstable walking. Excessive drinking Alcohol inhibits the language center of the cerebral cortex, leading to unclear speech; it also suppresses the visual center of the cerebral cortex and creates hallucinations. Smoking can induce a variety of respiratory diseases and lung cancer. Drug abuse can damage the human nervous system, reduce the body's immune function, and damage the heart and lungs, which can lead to death. At present, in many developed countries and some developing countries, the main diseases affecting human health are no longer infectious diseases. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer have become the most non-communicable diseases that threaten human health and life. For 'modern civilization disease.' Gonorrhea is caused by bacteria and is a bacterial infection. The vocal cords in adolescence are in a period of changing sounds. Shouting loudly is not conducive to the development of vocal cords, and may also cause damage to the vocal cords. The harm of drugs to human health mainly damages the central nervous system, causing various complications; impairing the reproductive system and reducing fertility; causing damage to the immune system and leading to a decline in immune function. Diseases such as coronary heart disease and hypertension in item D are not caused by drug use, and are mostly caused by poor eating habits. The proportion of smokers in medical and health institutions is more than 30%, the lowest is the proportion of smoke in urban public transport, less than 30%; the public smoke in rural public places and workplaces is more serious than in cities; in restaurants, rural areas and The proportion of urban smokers did not reach 90%; in public transport, the difference between smoked conditions in rural and urban areas was the largest. During the growth process, vegetables and fruits may be threatened by pests and diseases. After the vegetables are bitten by insects, in order to ensure the quality and increase the yield, it may be necessary to spray the insects, especially in the later stage, the pesticide residues are more, so there are Vegetables and fruits of 鈥渨orm eyes鈥?may also have pesticide residues. Artery refers to the blood vessels that transport blood from the heart to the whole body. If it is bleeding from the lower extremity, it is necessary to stop bleeding from the near heart. The vein is the blood vessel that transports blood from the whole body to the heart. If it is bleeding from the lower extremity It is necessary to stop bleeding from the far end. Lysozyme in body fluids can destroy the cell walls of many pathogens and is the second line of defense to protect the human body. Allergic reactions are caused by excessive immune function in the human body. The substances that cause allergic reactions are medically called antigens, not antibodies. It can be seen from the data in the table that the tobacco extract has a promoting effect on the heart rate of the leech. The higher the concentration, the stronger the promoting effect and the faster the heartbeat, so the C term is incorrect. 14. Answers (1) Smoking and alcoholism (the order of the two can not be reversed) Nicotine and tar (2) Psychosocial adaptation 15. Answers (1) The higher the number of cigarettes per day, the higher the incidence of lung cancer; (2) The person who smokes non-filter cigarettes The incidence of lung cancer is higher than that of people who smoke filter cigarettes. 16. Analyze the harmful substances in the burning of tobacco first into the respiratory system, so smoking first harms the human respiratory system. When measuring, it is necessary to measure several times and then take the average value, which can reduce the experimental error and make the result more accurate. It can be seen from the table that as the concentration of tobacco leaching solution increases, the heartbeat of the leeches accelerates. A healthy lifestyle includes no smoking, no alcohol, reasonable diet, exercise, rest on time, refusing drugs, and actively participating in group activities. Answer (1) Does tobacco extract have an effect on water heart rate? (2) Respiration (3) Take the average to reduce the experimental error (4) Accelerate (5) Do not drink a reasonable diet 17. Answer (1) Male rats (2) B (3) Avoid accidentality and make the experimental results more reliable (4) B (5) should not stay in front of the computer for a long time (or should not play computer games for a long time).

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