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锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation#

Recommended person:Source:Article reading time:2013-07-3022:14Read: 1. Scorpion hit a lantern and blind people to relatives, after dark, his relatives are kind I ordered a lantern for him and said, 'It鈥檚 late, road black, you can go home with a lantern!' The blind man said with anger: 'You know that I am blind, and give me a lantern to take care of the road, not to laugh at it. Me?鈥?His relative said: 鈥淵ou made a mistake of thinking.

You are on the road, many people are also on the road, you are wearing a lantern, others can see you, you will not hit you.

'The blind person thinks, right! The first section tells us that the limited thinking is to think from your own perspective, the overall thinking is that you put yourself into the whole environment to consider. Systematic thinking about the problem, you will find that Your behavior will interact with others.

2, Columbus's eggs After Columbus discovered the Americas, many people thought that Columbus was just a coincidence, and anyone else could do it with his luck. So, at a grand banquet, a nobleman sent him a message: 'Mr. Columbus, we all know that the Americas are there, you just happened to go up first! If we go, we will find out.' In the face of blame, Columbus did not panic, he took the opportunity to pick up an egg on the table and said to everyone: 'Mr. ladies and gentlemen, who can put the eggs on the table? Who can do it? Everyone is eager to try, but they are defeated one by one.

Columbus smiled, picked up the eggs, and glanced at the table, and set the eggs there. Columbus then said, 'Yes, it's that simple. It's not easy to find the Americas, just as it is easy to set up this egg. But, you, who did it before I set it up?' Innovation from the essence It is a welcome to new ideas, new perspectives, and new changes. It is also a new perspective on issues. Many times, people will say, is this also an innovation? I also know it! Innovation is so simple, the key is that you dare not think, willing to do it. 3, frog phenomenon Some people have done an experiment, put the frog into a pot of hot water, the frog encountered a dramatic change, it will immediately jump out, the reaction is very fast. But put the frog in the cold water and slowly warm the water. You will find that the frog will swim in the water very comfortably at first. The temperature of the water in the pot is slowly rising. It does not notice, and still feels warm and happy. Once the temperature rises by 70 to 80 degrees, it feels threatening and wants to jump out, but it is too late. Because its legs don't listen, they can't jump anymore, and they have to be boiled. This is the story of warm boiled frogs. First, changes in the big environment can determine our relationship. Changes in the big environment are sometimes invisible. We must always pay attention to it, learn more, be alert, and welcome change, so that it will not be too late. Second, a comfortable environment is the most dangerous moment. Very way, maybe it is your most dangerous way of life. Constantly innovating, breaking the old model, and there is room for improvement. Third, to be able to perceive small changes in trends, you must 鈥渟top鈥?to think from different angles, and learning is the best way to discover change. 4. Three workers at the wall builder are building a wall. Someone came over and asked, 'What are you doing?' The first person said with a sigh of relief: 'Don't you see? Wall.' The second person smiled and said, 'We are building a tall building.' The third person While doing the songs, he is very brilliant: 'We are building a new city.' Ten years later, the first person built a wall on another site; the second person sat in the office and drew drawings, he became Engineer; the third person is the boss of the first two. The work at hand is actually a big start. Whether you realize this means that you can make a big career. 5, nails There is a bad-tempered boy, he gave him a bag of nails. And tell him that whenever he loses his temper, he nails a nail on the fence in the backyard. On the first day, the boy nailed 37 nails. Slowly, the number of nails nailed down every day is reduced, and he finds it easier to control his temper than to nail those nails. So, one day, the boy will never be patient and lose his temper. He told his father about this. The father said that now, whenever he can control his temper, he pulls out a nail. Every day passed, and finally the boy told his father that he finally pulled out all the nails. The father took his hand and went to the backyard and said, 'You are doing very well, my good, but look at the holes in the fence. These fences will never be restored to the way they used to be. When you are angry, say it. Scars like these nails. If you take a knife and smash someone else, no matter how many times you say sorry, the wound will always exist. The pain of words is just as unbearable as the real pain.' Often caused by some unstoppable stalemate, and forever. If we can start from ourselves and start to look at others, I believe that you will receive many unexpected results. Open a window for others, that is, let yourself see a more complete sky. 6. Two monks Two monks live in separate temples on two hills. There is a stream between the two mountains, and the two monks will go to the stream on the same hill every day to pick up the water. Unconsciously, it has been five years. Suddenly one day, the monk on the left side of the mountain did not go down the mountain to pick up the water. The monk on the right side of the mountain thought: 'He probably has overslept.' He did not agree. I know the next day, the monk on the left side of the mountain, still did not go down the mountain to pick up the water, the third day is the same, until a month, the monk on the right side of the mountain thought: 'My may be sick.' So he Climb the mountain on the left to visit his old friend. When he saw his old friend playing Tai Chi in front of the temple. He was very curious to ask: 'You have not gone down the mountain for a month, can you not drink water?' The monk on the left side pointed to a well and said: 'In the past five years, after I finished my homework every day, I will take the time to dig this well. Now, let me dig out the water, I don鈥檛 have to go down the mountain to pick up the water, I can have more time to practice my Tai Chi.鈥?We often forget to grasp the time after work and dig a bite. Belong to your own well, cultivate your own strength on the other hand. In the future, when we are older, we still have water to drink, and we can drink very leisurely. 7. Learn to give up Two people meet on the mountain to find beautiful stones. A back is full of baskets. There is only one stone in B's basket that he thinks is the most beautiful. A smiled at B: 'Why do you only pick one?' B said: 'There are many beautiful stones, but I only choose one of the most beautiful ones.' A smiles and says nothing, on the way down the mountain, A feels burden More and more heavy, and finally forced to pick one of the worst stones from the basket of stones, and when he went down the mountain, there was only one stone left in his basket! There will be many things in it, it is worthy of nostalgia, and sometimes you should learn to go. 8, look down the road that year summer vacation, chubby and his father to see, on the way to take the road of thirty miles, but also turned over a high mountain beam. After walking for more than two hours, I was still on the beam, and I was not willing to take a step when I looked at the far-reaching chubby. The father ordered in a majestic manner: 'Don't go all the way, look down the road, and get off the mountain beam.' No way, Xiaopang had to follow. However, after this, Xiaopang no longer looked at the distant destination again and again, but looked down at the road under his feet, constantly admiring the stones and flowers of various shapes along the road, and unwittingly went to the grandparents鈥?home. . When you move forward to a big one, you can break this goal down into countless small targets that are visible in front of you. The reason is simple: a person who cares about the distance must first learn to pay attention to the front. 9. Unchangeable Truth One year, the famous Harvard American, once had a professor gave a test question to a freshman who just entered school: One plus one equals a few? After a burst of laughter, the students thought: such a simple question, even a three-year-old child, it seems that there must be other deep meaning. So 85% of the students did not give an answer, and 5% of the students answered 'three'. As for the remaining 10% of the students, the answer is varied. So, the professor announced the final answer: 'Two!' After the students met each other, the professor said with deep meaning: 'One plus one equals two, this is a constant truth, can not, and will not be due to changes in external factors. Change.鈥?In fact, many things in the world have a virtual appearance, so let's see how we treat it. 10, the eyes of the wise man Radio invited a business wizard to be a guest host, everyone can listen to him to talk about the road to success. But he just smiled and said: 'I still have a test for everyone.' 'A gold mine was discovered somewhere, and people swarmed in, but a big river blocked the way. It is you, what will happen?' Some people say 'by detour' and others say 'going past.' The business wizards laughed and said, 'He finally said: 'Why don't you have to go to the gold rush, why can't you buy a boat to operate?' Everyone is at a loss. The business wizard said: 'In that case, there is only one pair of shorts left in the passengers. They will be willing. Because there is a gold mine in front!' What others do not want to do, others do not do, this is success. The way. Difficulties in the eyes of wise men often mean a potential opportunity. 11, the monk divided the porridge 鍍?more porridge, every time the meal, the monks swarmed, the poor porridge was already squeezed. Everyone is hungry. The monks recommended an elder porridge, which can be divided into porridge, for the sake of more porridge, some monks began to sneak a horse, plus the usual relationship has thick, porridge is more porridge, Less and less. Monks who are too hungry can propose to take turns to divide porridge. This is good, it鈥檚 my turn to stay half-dead, and others are hungry. The abbot Yunyou came back and decided that one of the monks would have the right to divide the porridge. Others could not be different, but the porridge was finally taken. Since then, the monks have eaten hot porridge equally. This story tells us at least three reasons: 1 Everything must have systems and mechanisms to regulate: 2 Institutions must constantly innovate and advance with the times; 3 good mechanisms are not necessarily complicated, and complex mechanisms are not necessarily good. 12. Success Bernard is a famous French writer and plays an important role in the history of French film. On one occasion, a French newspaper conducted a prize-winning quiz. Among them, if the Louvre, the largest museum in France, caught fire, the situation was urgent. Only one painting was allowed to be rescued. Which one would you grab? As a result, in the thousands of responses received by the newspaper, Bernard received the prize for the title with the best answer. His answer was: 'I grabbed the painting that was closest to the exit.' The best goal of success is not the one that is the most, but the one that is most likely to be realized.

13. The story of the bucket In the past, people used wooden buckets to drill well water.

One day, a man鈥檚 household bucket rotted a few boards, and no suitable board could be found right now.

He just found a few pieces of wood of different lengths and refilled the bucket.

But when he hit a bucket of water from the well, he found that the water in the bucket was less than before, and he was very puzzled. What happened? Upon inspection, he found that one of the newly replaced planks was extremely short, and the water in the bucket was pulled out from that place, and the planks that grew out did not work.

The efficiency of a system depends not on the highest efficiency of a body in the system, but on its shortest point.

So, in the system work, we must pay special attention to those weak points (short-term).

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