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(This article is synthesized from 39 Health Net, People's Daily Online, Family Doctor Online, etc.) Folk sayings that “more bone soup can supplement calcium” and so on. However, Professor Xue Yan told Phoenix Health that there is no scientific basis for drinking bone soup to supplement calcium. 'The results of the test show that the amount of calcium in a bowl of pork bone soup is only milligrams, and 1000 milligrams per day for adults. The amount of calcium on the left and right is far apart. If you only need to drink soup to satisfy the calcium supplement, then at least 400 bowls of bone soup should be consumed every day, obviously this is impossible.

” Osteoporosis is a progressive and irreversible pathological process that is difficult to restore normal bone structure and normal bone mass once bone loss occurs.

But as long as the early prevention is emphasized, osteoporosis is preventable and treatable. She revealed that many patients in the clinic did not find osteoporosis until after a fragility fracture, so osteoporosis is also known as a 'silent epidemic.' In fact, if you have daily life problems such as low back pain, limb weakness, leg cramps, shortened height (more than 2cm), spinal deformity (humpback, scoliosis), soft nails, and cracks, it may be bone. Loose performance.

Osteoporosis is caused by a variety of factors such as genes, gender, age, hormones, lifestyle, and diet. It is not a simple calcium supplement. However, calcium supplementation is necessary to prevent osteoporosis, in addition to other bone nutrition. Professor Xue Yan told Phoenix Health that “in addition to paying attention to calcium supplementation, it is also necessary to take into account the influence of lifestyle”. Osteoporosis What a good diet is closely related to the health of the body, diet will also affect the strength of our bones, the above introduces the ingredients of strong bones, older friends can eat some properly! Known as the silent killer 2, indirect hazard bones coup: quit lying on the TV reading books, sitting posture as far as possible backwards, tilt the back straight. Sitting posture is more beneficial to the bones. If you feel that you are sitting in an awkward position, you can listen to your body's wishes and sit comfortably on the back of your chair. 4. The incidence rate is high.

The most common complication of osteoporosis is a fracture. A slight external force can cause a fracture. For example, a cough can cause a rib fracture.

Osteoporosis in older people over the age of 60 is more likely to be complicated by fractures.

Lighter people will limit their activities, and they will not be able to take care of themselves for a long time.

Some young people have too much protein or fat intake in their diet to strengthen their muscles or entertain.

Although some fish meat is also rich in calcium, excessive intake breaks the balance of calcium and phosphorus in food.

Studies have shown that when the phosphorus content in the diet rises, the calcium absorption rate is lower and the excretion of fecal calcium increases.

There are many people in life who have symptoms such as backache and back pain. Are these symptoms of osteoporosis? The diagnosis of postmenopausal and senile osteoporosis, first need to rule out secondary osteoporosis caused by various other reasons, such as hyperparathyroidism and multiple myeloma, osteomalacia, renal bone Malnutrition, osteogenesis in children, metastases, leukemia, and lymphoma.

In 1994, WHO recommended a graded diagnosis of osteoporosis based on BMD or BMC (bone mineral content) values: normal BMD or BMC within 1 standard deviation (SD) of normal adult bone mineral density; bone Reduced quality to BMD or BMC decreased by 1 to 1 standard deviation from normal adult bone mineral density; osteoporosis is more than standard deviation of BMD or BMC compared with normal adult bone mineral density; severe osteoporosis is BMD or BMC The average bone mineral density of normal adults was reduced by more than one standard deviation and accompanied by one or more fragility fractures.

BMD or BMC can be measured in the central axis or peripheral bone in this diagnostic criteria.

'The cause of osteoporosis is complex, and simple calcium supplementation is not helpful for osteoporosis, and may even be counterproductive.'

Osteoporosis in patients with a very fragile state of bone quality, it is extremely difficult to deal with when fractures occur, intraoperative fixation is difficult to fix firmly, fracture healing and poor strength.

Elderly patients with long-term bed rest after fracture can induce a variety of complications: pneumonia, thrombosis, hemorrhoids, urinary calculi, seriously affecting human health.

Osteoporosis early prevention and early treatment is good Osteoporosis is not calcium deficiency, can bone soup improve osteoporosis? Phoenix Health also investigated the above issues. As of 9:00 am on March 3, 2800 netizens participated in the survey. Among them, % of netizens believed that osteoporosis is calcium deficiency, and 27% of netizens believe that osteoporosis is not treated. 32% of netizens believe that drinking bone soup can prevent osteoporosis.

Drinking bone soup can prevent osteoporosis? October 20th is the World Osteoporosis Day.

Osteoporosis is a common disease among middle-aged and elderly people, especially women. It is called “invisible killer” and its incidence rate is about % in China over 50 years old.

China has become the country with the most elderly population in the world, and osteoporosis has received increasing attention as a common disease among the elderly.

The disease is extremely prone to fractures, which can cause great inconvenience and pain to patients.

So correct understanding, early diagnosis, and early prevention are particularly important.

However, many people have misunderstandings about osteoporosis.

Is osteoporosis terrible? People who take certain drugs for a long time are prone to osteoporosis, such as steroids and thyroid hormones.

Menopausal women under the age of 65 have risk factors for osteoporosis (smoking, excessive alcohol or coffee, lack of exercise); The Blue Book says that China is the country with the largest population and elderly population in the world, and hip fractures in China in recent years. The incidence of the disease has increased significantly, and it is expected that the hip fracture rate will increase significantly in the next decade.

The current direct economic burden of osteoporotic hip fractures in China is already a huge number.

The Blue Book reveals that in recent years, only about one-fifth of patients with osteoporotic fractures have received anti-osteoporosis treatment due to lack of understanding and limited diagnostic conditions.

The attending experts called for attention to osteoporotic fractures, improve the diagnosis rate and treatment rate of osteoporosis, especially anti-osteoporosis treatment for patients with fractures, to prevent severe disability and even death.

Expert: Drink at least 400 bowls a day to achieve calcium supplementation. Bones, like other tissues, are constantly in the metabolism.

The calcium in the old bone is continuously released into the blood circulation and extracellular fluid. The exogenous calcium absorbed by the intestine and the calcium absorbed by human body weight are continuously deposited in the new bone.

The old bone is constantly destroyed, and new bones are continuously formed, maintaining the balance of calcium metabolism in the body.

Who is destroying old bones? Is a kind of 'osteoclast' at work; who is making new bones? It is a kind of 'osteoblast' that is working.

Calcium metabolism is the result of the action of these two cells.

Obplant osteoporosis is the role of osteoclasts over osteoblasts. At this time, calcium supplementation is like providing cement for repairing walls.

However, providing cement does not mean replenishing the wall, but also having the operation of a plasterer.

The drug acts as a plasterer and can interfere with the 'work' of the two cells.

Therefore, only the combination of drugs and calcium can effectively treat osteoporosis.

Pure calcium alone does not make osteoporosis better.

35-year-old is an important watershed 1, sea rice and other seafood products Professor Xue introduced: the first stage of prevention before the age of 35, the focus is to increase the peak bone mass, including three periods, namely childhood, adolescence and pregnancy Lactation.

This period is important, a reasonable diet, strengthening bone nutrition and aerobic exercise, as much as possible to increase the peak bone mass, the higher the peak bone mass, will delay and reduce the time and extent of osteoporosis.

Professor Xue said that in fact, many patients with osteoporosis are very light and not very obvious. 'There are no clinical symptoms in 1/3 to 1/2. Even in the case of vertebral fracture, some people are still not obvious. Symptoms.

' In life, many people who hear about who suffers from 'osteoporosis' will respond intuitively to 'the calcium supplement' or 'drink the bone soup to supplement', but osteoporosis really Is calcium deficiency? Can bone soup really improve? 4. Milk and other dairy products experts: Calcium supplementation may be effective in preventing osteoporosis. Anti-osteoporosis often comes silent. When fracture occurs, it is already a serious stage. .

The latest research shows that osteoporosis, which has long been considered a disease unique to the elderly in our country, actually existed in childhood.

In particular, there is currently no safe and effective cure in medicine to help loose bones return to their original state.

3, black sesame seeds and vegetables such as rapeseed also contains a lot of trace elements such as calcium, and the nutrients and therapeutic value of the ingredients are much higher than other vegetables.

In addition to the high content of calcium, the content of iron is also very rich.

During the use of rapeseed, it has a good effect of lowering blood pressure, strengthening bones and clearing away heat and detoxification.

The 7-symptomatic ultra-hidden study of osteoporosis found that bone mineral density was significantly improved after intervention compared with pre-intervention (P study showed that in the field of rehabilitation and prevention, rhythmic exercise for human health and disease rehabilitation It is very important.

Moderate rhythm exercise can improve the body's ability to take oxygen, enhance the body's metabolism, increase the body's absorption and utilization of systemic nutrition, thereby promoting human health and making the disease recover as soon as possible.

First, avoid excessive intake of high-fat foods and increase the burden on the body.

You should eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods.

Secondly, the recommended calcium supplement is 800-1000 mg per day.

In the diet, milk has a high calcium content and is easily absorbed by the body. It is the first choice for calcium supplementation.

Patients can make calcium supplements according to their preferences.

Finally, in addition to calcium supplementation, patients can get more sun, promote the synthesis of vitamin D, and facilitate the absorption of calcium.

2, big fish and big meat However, the expert's answer is to let everyone fall below the glasses, and the answer from % of netizens is wrong.

Black sesame is a very good calcium supplement food, which contains calcium supplementation and health value much higher than white sesame.

If you can take about three tablespoons of black sesame every day, you can fully satisfy your body's demand for calcium.

A survey by the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 81% of people over the age of 40 had abnormal bone health; 76% of people under 40 had abnormal bone health.

'When you realize that you need to see a doctor, you may not be able to leave the house and need your family to carry you to the hospital.

So the chronic killer of osteoporosis is more powerful than the acute killer.

” Professor Xue stressed that the idea of ??calcium supplementation has affected Chinese people for many years. In reality, many people have delayed the best time to prevent and treat osteoporosis because of simple calcium supplementation, which increases the complexity of treating osteoporosis. .

After the live broadcast, Phoenix Health has sorted out nine questions that netizens care about, and interviewed Professor Xue Yan - 67% of netizens believe that osteoporosis is a calcium-free smoking ban, alcohol is a daily care for osteoporosis method.

Smoking can affect the formation of bone peaks. Excessive drinking is not conducive to bone metabolism. Drinking espresso can increase urinary calcium excretion and affect the body's absorption of calcium. The above-mentioned bad habits should be avoided in the daily care of osteoporosis.

The second phase is after the age of 35, with a focus on reducing bone loss, which in turn includes menopause and pre-sensual periods.

The bone mass begins to decline after the age of 35. The main point of preventing osteoporosis is to eliminate or reduce the risk factors affecting bone health, minimize bone loss, and actively prevent fractures.

Adults, suffering from diseases that are prone to reduce bone mass;

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