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锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation#

Junior Chinese language teaching version 涔濈骇绾у唽鍐屽唽鍐屽瀛︽鍏璘nit妫€娴嬭瘯鍗疯祫鏂橠ownloads junior high school Chinese people teaching version 涔濈骇绾у唽鍐屽唽鍐屽瀛︽鍏璘nit妫€娴婽he sixth unit of the test paper test paper test name number of the first grade, the basic knowledge and application (a total of 22 points) 1, please add a word phonetic.

(2 points)Where is the 鐒?) look at its flag 闈?) morphologically beautiful () year () bearer () infinity 绐堢獣 () 绐堢獣 lady () 瀵ゅ瘣 () 2, you can say Do you mean adding words? (2 points) A, meat eater, can not be farsighted () B, the beauty of my wife, I, private () C, the heart of the solid, can not be complete () D, retrospective from it, road resistance and long () 3, find the word in the sentence, and explain its meaning (2 points) A, Xiaohui is not over, the meaning of the people from the pass.

B, the summer heat and the festival, the meaning of the first one. C, what is the meaning of 涓?涓?涓?涓?閫? D, one Yidong, the meaning of Nantong.

4. The following sentence is not an inverted sentence. () (2 points) A, why fight? B. This so-called victory over the court C, the rate of the sons and sons of the bears of the three husbands D, from the tour, just in the middle of the water 5, the following words in the same sentence with the same meaning of modern Chinese is () (2 points) A You can fight B, the palace woman is not private, the king C, why not flatten D, the stagnation of the leeks, the left and right flow 6, the following sentence is not translated correctly () (2 points) A, sacrifice Yuxi, Fu da Plus, you must believe. Translation: The cattle, sheep, pigs, jade and silk used to worship, I dare not falsely report, must be reported in truth.

B, the beauty of my wife, my private, too. Translation: My wife thinks that I am beautiful because she thinks that I am selfish. C, with the power of the monarch, the increase can not damage the hill of the father, such as the Taihang Wangwu? Translation: With your strength, even the hill of the father can not be dug, how can the Taihang Wangwu be? D, retrospective from it, road resistance and right.

Translation: Going upstream to pursue her, the road is tough and tortuous.

7. Write the sentences in the text as required.

(Seven questions for six questions, a total of 6 points) A, failed to plan.

B, food and clothing, and, must be divided.

C, and received a reward.

D, the first time, the group of ministers into the shackles.

E, 钂硅懎 鑻?.

F, 钂硅懎钀嬭悑,.

G, 钂硅懎閲囬噰,.

8. At the graduation party, the students gathered together, and some of them were indifferent to each other, and it was difficult to divide them; some were talking about life in the future.

At this time, please choose two poems (including songs) that express your distraction and ambition from the ancient Chinese poetry, as a parting gift to them.

(4 points) Example: (1) The mountain loop can't turn to the king, and the snow is over the horse.

(I don't care) (2) But the king of the world, won the name of the former.

(Thinking ambition) Parting speech: The first sentence (1) (distraction) (2) (Ideological ambition) Second, reading appreciation (35 points) (1), reading 'Zou Ji satir Qi Wang Nai' Select paragraphs and answer questions 1 to 5.

(13 points) Zou Jixiu has more than eight feet and a beautiful appearance.

The cloak of the clothing, the speculative mirror, said his wife and wife: 'I am with the city of Xu Gongmei?' His wife: 'Jun Mei, Xu Gong He can and Jun also?' Chengbei Xugong, the beauty of Qi Guo also.

Do not be self-confident, and ask the other questions: 'Wu and Xu Gongmei?' 濡炬洶: 'Xu Gong He can and Jun?' On the day of the day, the guest came from outside, and talked with him, 'I and Xu Public beauty?' Customer: 'Xu Gong is not the beauty of the Jun.

'Tomorrow, Xu Gonglai, despise it, think that it is not as good as it is; look at the mirror and look at it, and it is as far away as it is.

Don't sleep and think, 鏇? 'The beauty of my wife is my own, private and me too; the beauty of me is my fear, the fear of me; the beauty of the guest, I want to ask for me too.

' So I went to see the king, and I said: 'Chen Cheng is not as good as Xu Gongmei.

The wife of the wife of the court, the courtier of the courtiers, the courtiers of the courtiers, and the courtiers of the courts are seeking to be ministers.

The place where the Qiqi is a thousand miles away, the hundred and twenty cities, the palace woman is not a private king, the courtier of the court is not afraid of the king, and there is no demand for the king within the four realms: from this view, the king is very blind.

'Wang Wei: 'Good.

' is ordered: 'The sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sorrows.

'The first time, the group of ministers enters the city, and the door is in the market; after a few months, the time comes in; after the year, although the words are spoken, there is no way to enter.

Yan, Zhao, Han, Wei Wenzhi, all are in Qi.

This so-called victory over the court.

1. I can explain the following words.

(4 points) The appearance is beautiful () 鏆?鑰?鑰?鎬?鎬?鎬?鎬?鎬?) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

(2 points) The wife of the palace is not a private king. The courtier of the court is not afraid of the king, and there is no demand for the king within the four borders.

3. From the text, what kind of person is Zou Ji? (2 points) My evaluation: 4. In the text, the number of people who read the 'first-time', 'after a few months', and 'after the year' explains what? (2 points) My understanding: 5. Qi Wang accepts Zou Ji's advancement and finally 'beyond the court.'

In social life, the 鈥渟uggestion box鈥?of some departments is ineffective, and often the 鈥渢op leader鈥?has the final say.

If you are a disciplinary secretary, how do you plan to rectify this bad work style? (3 points) My approach: (2), read 'Cao Yu's Debate', answer questions 1 to 5.

(18 points) In the spring of ten years, Qi Shi cut me.

The generals will fight.

Cao Wei, please see.

The people in his hometown said: 'Where are the meat eaters, what is it?' Hey: 'The meat eaters are embarrassed and cannot be farsighted.

' is a sight.

Ask: 'Why do you fight?' The public servant: 'The food and clothing is safe, and the daring is special, and it must be divided.'

' confrontation: 'Xiaohui is not over, and the people are also from.'

'The public said: 'Sacrifice the jade, the courage to add, also by faith.

' confrontation: 'Small letter is not Fu, God Fufu also.

'The public servant: 'The prison of the little ones, though not inspectable, must be loved.

' confrontation: 'The loyalty is also.

You can fight.

When you fight, please.

'Public and multiply.

Fighting on the long spoon.

The generals will drum.

鍒挎洶: 'No.

'Qi people three drums.

Error: 'Visible.

'Qi Shi defeated.

The general will be Chi.

鍒挎洶: 'No.

'Looking at the rest of the line, looking at it and looking at it, he said: 'It's awkward.


It鈥檚 gram, let鈥檚 ask why.

Right: 'Fighting, courage.

One bang, then decay, and exhausted.

He exhausted me, so it鈥檚 a big country, it鈥檚 hard to measure, and there鈥檚 fear of Fuxi.

I see it as a mess, and I hope that it will be flagged.

' 1. I can explain the addition of the words in the following sentences.

(4 points)Where is the meat eater Xiaohui not the little prisoner 2. I can translate the following sentences in modern Chinese.

(4 points) 1 loyalty also.

You can fight.

2 suffocating, then fading, and exhausted.

3. Understand the blank.

(2 points) 1 'The loyalty of the loyalty' specifically refers to:

2 The reason for 'seeing the rest, looking at it' is:

4. What part of the content was written in this article? Combine your writing experience and talk about the author's intentions.

(2 points) My understanding: 5. Qilu's long battle is one of the famous battles in China's history with weak wins. In combination with extracurricular accumulation, you can cite two others to win weak and weak. Is there a victory for the war? (2 points) My accumulation: 6. What are the reasons for Lu鈥檚 victory? What is the deepest feeling you feel? Briefly talk about the actual situation.

(4 points) Reason for winning: My feelings: (3) Read 'Guan Yu', answer 1---4 questions (11 points) Guan Guan, in the river.

My lady, my gentleman is good.

Standing amaranth, flowing left and right.

My lady, begging for it.

Be sure not to ask for it.

You can swim and turn around.

Standard leeks, (1).

绐堢獣娣戝コ, (2).

Standard leeks, (3).

绐堢獣娣戝コ, (4).

1, please explain the following words with horizontal lines (4 points) A, gentleman good: B, staggered leeks: C, pleading: D, left and right :: 2, select the following verses in the text At 1234, keep the poetry complete, the correct order is A, bell and drum B, left and right C, left and right D, Qin Seyou (2 points) 12343, please find three idioms from the poem (3 points A, B, C, 4, the following statement is wrong () (2 points) A, 'Guan Yu' is selected from 'The Book of Songs 路 Qin Feng', is a poem depicting young women who love to collect leek .

B, 'Xing' is the main expression of this poem.

C, the structure of this poem is rigorous, undulating, four-character sentence runs through the whole article, the rhythm is cheerful, the form is neat, and the feelings are unrestrained. D. The verses often use the double-sound rhyming words such as 鈥淪tanding鈥? 鈥淭urning鈥?and 鈥滅獔绐曗€?to enhance the harmony of poetry. (4) Read the following texts and complete the questions 12 to 16. (15 points) 鈼?Yugong Yishan (excerpt) Yubeishan Yugong, who is 90 years old, lives in the mountains. Punish the mountain north of the plug, the entrance and exit of the shackles, and the gathering room and seek: 'I and 姹?姹?骞?骞?骞?, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , His wife offered a question: 'With the power of the monarch, I couldn't damage the hills of Kuifu, such as Taihang, Wangwuhe? And set up earth and stone?' Miscellaneous: 'Take the tail of the Bohai Sea, the north of the hidden earth.' The son of the son of the three bears, the rock is smashing, and the raft is at the end of the Bohai Sea. The neighboring Jingcheng鈥檚 wife has a deceased man, and he always jumps to help. The heat and the summer are easy to start. Luhe Quzhi laughs and stops: 'Why, you don't benefit. With the residual years, you can't destroy one of the mountains. Is it like earth and stone?' It is impossible to make a weak wife. Although I am dead, there are sons and sons; sons have children, and Sun has children; sons have children, children have grandchildren, sons and grandchildren are infinite, and The mountain does not increase, why is it not flat?' 1. Explain the meaning of adding words in the following sentences. (2 points) (1) Punish the mountain north of the plug, the entry and exit is also. Punishment: (2) The solid heart is not solid. Solid: 2. Write the meaning of the two lines in the modern Chinese, and pay attention to accurately express the different moods of the speaker. (4 points) (1) I and the 姹?鍔?骞?骞?,, refers to the south of Henan, up to Hanyin, can be? (2) The sons and grandchildren are infinite, and the mountains are not increasing, why not? 顎?3. Lieutenant Lieutenant General Yugong led the descendants to determine the feminine feats in stark contrast with the attitude of Zhimin; and mainly used the description method to express the plot content and shape the characters. (2 points) 4. In the ancient fables and myths that you are familiar with, what are the same meanings as 'Yugong Yishan'? Please write the title of the story, no less than two. (4 points) 5. After reading this story, some people think that Yugong is not stupid, and wisdom is unwise; but some people think that Yugong is really stupid, and Zhimin is a person with a mind. How do you think about this? Please write your true thoughts. The requirements are clear and the words are justified. (3 points) 顎夘€?, Masterpiece reading: (11 points) I walked into another room, but I was about to quit, and I was almost smothered by a terrible stench. My guide urged me to walk in and quietly told me: Don't offend them, they will hate you, so I can't even block my nose. The designer in this room is the oldest scholar in the college. His face and beard are pale yellow; his hands and clothes are covered with filth. When I was introduced to him, he hugged me tightly. How I wanted to find an excuse to decline his kindness. Since he went to work at the Academy of Sciences, he has studied how to restore human feces to food. He divided the stool into several parts, removed the color from the bile, evaporated the odor, and removed the floating saliva. Every week people give him a bucket of manure, which is about the size of a Blissian barrel. (1) The passage is selected from the literary classic '', the author is. (2 points) (2) The protagonist 'I' mentioned in the paragraph refers to the strange things he encountered at (local). (2 points) (3) What experiments did the scientists here do? Is this experiment scientifically based? Why is the author writing this way? (3 points) (4) In today's society, there are similar practices. Can you give an example to analyze? (2 points) (5) In the paragraph, what does the author want to explain? (2 points) 4. Composition (60 points) 1. Complete the following composition as required. (60 points) Tip: In a person's life, decisive and determined, grasp the opportunity, you may taste the joy of success; hesitate, look forward to the future, you may miss many opportunities, and even leave forever regret. No? Think about it, because you have the courage to grasp the opportunity, you may extend a helping hand when others need it most. You may have completed a complicated experiment with high quality. You may have said that the savings have been long. On the contrary, because of timidity and indecision, you may have lost an opportunity to show yourself. You may pass by a pure friendship. You may make the group lose the first place in a competition... ...please write an essay, write about similar experiences and feelings in your junior high school life, or talk about your opinions on decisiveness and grasping opportunities. Requirements: 1. The title of the self-made book is not limited. 2. The number of words is more than 600 words. Writing should be neat and punctuation should be correct. Reference answer: 21, Cao Yu argues seven, intensive refinement one, 脿菒3.b贸4.zh茅矛6.m菒 two, 1 crusade 2 participation in 3閯欓檵, the text refers to shortsighted 4 refers to pigs, cattle and sheep, etc. 5 is convinced 6 cases 7 can rely on 8 Defeat three, 1 conquest 2 will be 3 requests 4 planning 5 grace 6 must be four, eight, subject reading (a) 1. language description of the small prison, although not able to observe, must be the first worry of the world and worry, the world after The joy of Le Gurenren small prison, although can not be observed, must be love 7. Bureaucrats and nobles above a sad and happy people 8. Not because of foreign good or bad and their own gains or joys or sadness (2) Zou Ji satirizes Wang Naqi seven, intensive reading 121231A, 2C, 3B15. National body 'War State Policy' 497 political struggle in the Warring States period Western Han Liu Xiang eight, the theme of reading (a) 1. (1) No one (2) Looking for (3) Being a supervisor (4) A verbal truth 2. B3. B4. B (two) 1, 1 business 2 pairs ... said 3 profit 4 hard to plow the field 5 Enze 6 this thing, refers to the interaction with Qin proton. 2, 1 Lu Buwei in the business, see Qin Guo in Zhao Guo as a hostage. 2 Now I have a chance to support the monarchy to build a country and enjoy the grace of the future generations. I will try it out. Lv Buwei is a profitable businessman. He has a sharp vision and is good at catching fleeting opportunities to win profits. 4, 1 survey 2 Participation 3 is blinded 4 whispers 5, D6, Chen Chengzhi is not as good as Xu Gongmei, the wife of the court, the courtiers of the courtiers, and the courtiers of the courts are seeking to be ministers, all of which are beautiful to Xu Gong. Today, the place is thousands of miles away, one hundred and twenty cities, the palace woman is around, and the king is not private; the courtier of the court is not afraid of the king; within the four realms, there is no demand for the king. From this point of view, the king is very blind! 23 Yugong Shishan VII, intensive reading 1, ch猫nh猫shu膩ngj墨b臎n2, near the steep mountain chaos transformation 3, (1) death with no, no (2) 鍘漷ong, placement (3) Hui Tonghui, wisdom (4) reverse, return 4, C5, (1) punish the north The plug, the entry and exit. (2) Although my death, there are children; the child has a grandson, and the child has a child; the child has a son, and the child has a grandson; the son, the grandson and the grandson are infinite, and the mountain does not increase, why not? 6, A, auxiliary words, B, auxiliary words between the main subject, meaningless C, auxiliary words, D, auxiliary words, 7, A, pronouns, his B, auxiliary words, strengthen tone C, pronouns, his D, Pronoun, he 8, Yugong's wife is 'suspecting', Zhimin is 'laughing and stopping', a 'doubt' and a 'laugh', the attitude is completely different. 'Doubt' is out of concern and worry about Yugong. 'Laughing' is due to the contempt and ridicule of Yugong. The appearance of Yugong's wife promotes the development of the plot, and Zhimin is in the opposite of Yugong, reflecting the glorious image of Yugong. 9. (1) Question (2) Question (3) Affirmation (4) Consultation 10, (1) I will do everything in your power to level the two mountains, and let the road pass all the way to the south of Yuzhou to the south bank of Hanshui, ok? (2) The widow of the neighbor Jingcheng has an orphan. Just seven or eight years old, she jumped to help him. (3) You are simply too stupid! (4) The southern part of Luzhou until the south bank of Hanshui, there is no mountain barrier. 11. Zhisheng鈥檚 鈥渓aughing鈥?is a sneer, vividly drawing his own cleverness, highlighting his blame, contempt, sarcasm, and ridicule. Yu Gong鈥檚 'long interest' shows his enthusiasm and contempt for Zhimin. This passage is written in the 'top truth' method, which fully illustrates the unsettled truth of the children and grandchildren. Increased persuasiveness. Eight, the theme of reading Xue Tan Xue Yi 1, (1) poor: do, here is the meaning of complete learning. (2) Fu: No retention. (3) said: think, think. (4) Xie: Apologize, apologize. 2, (1) to, follow; in. (2); generation skills. 3, 'reverse' through 'return', return, go back. 4, (1) Qing, or Qin Qing (2) Xue Tan (3) Qin Qing (4) Yu Qinqing 5, (1) Xue Tan learns to sing to Qin Qing. (2) Xue Tan faces Qin Qing's superb skills and is not as good as himself. (3) Explain that there is no end to learning. If you try to stop it, you will not be able to achieve a profound situation. On the contrary, you will never be complacent, persevere, and strive to make progress. 24 verses seven, intensive reading 1, j奴ji奴y菐oti谩oh菐oqi煤w霉m猫is霉hu铆Ch铆x矛ng2, (1) 305 Feng Yazhen (2) Fu Bixing (3) 绐堢獣 lady, gentleman 閫?3, 鑽囪彍绐堢獣 lady used here as a verb, and the expression is used here as a verb, And the table makes the move 4, B5, (1) 'Guan Yu' writes a man's thoughts and pursuit process for a woman, expressing his pain and the joy of seeking for it. '钂硅懎' wrote a lover in the early autumn of the late autumn, reciprocating, fascinated, eagerly seeking the lovers he missed, expressing the pain of love for love.

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