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Xiao Yan looked at who was white and shook, and the elastic little hips let Xiao Yan swallow a sip of water

on the issuance of notice of Shandong Province in 2009 to implement the views of ordinary admissions colleges and universities work: to provide people: Read: 348 Time: 2009-5-717: 13:06 on the issuance of Shandong Province 2009 Notice of the implementation of the enrollment work of ordinary colleges and universities in the year of the Lu Zhao Committee (2009) No. 3 Municipal Admissions Committee, Education Bureau, all relevant institutions of higher learning, major enterprises, relevant departments of the provincial government: In 2009, the enrollment work of ordinary higher education institutions in our province should be Guided by the scientific concept of development, we will continue to implement the “Sunshine Project” for college enrollment, improve the working mechanism, strictly manage, purify the test environment, and maintain a good enrollment order. It is necessary to further optimize the service and improve the satisfaction of the whole society in the enrollment work of colleges and universities. At the same time, we must carefully organize and do a good job in all aspects of enrollment in ordinary colleges and universities to ensure fairness, justice, security and order in the enrollment work of colleges and universities.

According to the 'Notice of the Ministry of Education on Doing a Good Job in the Enrollment of Ordinary Colleges and Universities in 2009' (Teaching [2009] No. 2), the 'Implementation Opinions on the Admission of General Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province in 2009' is hereby printed and distributed to you. The notices on the requirements for the enrollment of ordinary colleges and universities in 2009 are as follows: 1. Increase the intensity of information disclosure and improve the “Sunshine Project” for college enrollment. The municipal admissions committees, education administrative departments at all levels and institutions of higher learning should further improve the open and transparent enrollment work system. To comprehensively promote the institutionalization and systematic construction of the Sunshine Project. Increase the intensity of information disclosure, clarify the basic content of information disclosure at all stages of enrollment, examinations, and admissions in colleges and universities. The qualifications for colleges, enrollment plans, admissions regulations, admission rules, admission procedures, admission results, tuition fees, etc. should be promptly and accurately The society announced.

Strengthen the examination and supervision of the college admissions regulations and the enrollment propaganda content. Only after the provincial education department has verified the requirements, can it be filed and officially announced to the public. We will continue to improve various special types of enrollment methods, and strengthen the leadership and supervision of special types of enrollment work for colleges and universities, such as recruiting students, art students, high-level athletes, self-selection admission, small language, and enjoyment of care policies, and implement a strict publicity system. Strengthen the construction of enrollment information management and service platform to ensure that all candidates can understand and inquire about the enrollment policies and related information of the relevant knowledge and instructions at all stages of college enrollment.

The relevant universities should strengthen the leadership of relevant professional (special) testing work, establish and improve the working mechanism of collective decision-making and mutual supervision such as enrollment, discipline inspection, and experts, and further standardize enrollment management.

Second, to ensure the safety of the exam, serious examination of the discipline Examination safety is the top priority of college admissions.

The municipal admissions committees should always attach great importance to it, continue to improve the joint system of national education examinations and the long-term mechanism for work security, strengthen the overall coordination of the comprehensive management of the examination environment, refine the work responsibilities of various departments, and improve the safety of the college entrance examination. The emergency response work plan will further improve the safety of the college entrance examination and the ability to handle emergencies, ensuring that the test is safe, smooth and smooth.

All levels of admission examination institutions should further improve and improve the confidentiality measures of the admission examination, strict system, strict operation, serious discipline, scratching the proposition and test paper printing, transportation, custody, examination implementation, marking and so on. The management and monitoring of the process, clear the tasks and job requirements of each link, to achieve the conditions to meet the standards, training to the post, measures in place, responsibility to people.

All relevant departments should make emergency response drills before the college entrance examination, organize a special security and confidential inspection, eliminate dead ends, and ensure that the examinations are safe and confidential.

Actively cooperate with public security, radio management, communication security, industrial and commercial administration and other departments, and strengthen information on organized gang fraud, hiring people to take the test or test, using the Internet and wireless transceivers to spread suspected disclosure or fraud information. Joint prevention and management of illegally selling high-tech cheating tools; full use of modern means to strengthen the management of the examination room, all test sites must implement electronic monitoring, and configure radio signal shielding equipment and invisible earphone detectors; The review work will strengthen the management and publicity of the information collection and confirmation links of the college entrance examination, and jointly review the characteristics of household registration and ethnicity with the public security and ethnic affairs departments; increase the intensity of the inspection and supervision work during the examination period, and take effective measures to strengthen For candidates' certificates and examination room management, strictly prevent high school education students from enrolling in the exams or taking exams; formulate effective emergency work plans and strictly implement the duty reporting system. Major issues should be accurately reported at the first time and quickly and properly handled to prevent The situation has expanded.

Third, strict management, and strive to maintain a good enrollment order. All cities, relevant departments and institutions of higher learning should follow the principle of treating both the symptoms and the root causes, carefully investigate all kinds of enrollment safety hazards, handle all kinds of emergencies cautiously and securely, and ensure college enrollment. Justice, security and order.

All colleges and universities must strictly implement the enrollment plan approved by the state for the current year. It is strictly forbidden to accept students without super-scale and violations. It is strictly forbidden to engage in fraudulent enrollment through confusing academic education and non-academic education.

The education administration department and the admissions examination institution should focus on strengthening the supervision and management of the enrollment behavior of private colleges and universities, strictly implementing the policy of enrolling students' enrollment qualifications, enrollment plans and electronic registration of new students, and not accepting the admission procedures of the Provincial Education Admissions Examination Institute. Candidates who arbitrarily recruit will not be eligible for electronic registration of new student status and electronic registration of future academic certificates.

Strengthen the confirmation of college students' admission information and further standardize the admission behavior of private colleges and universities.

Actively coordinate with the public security, industry and commerce administration and other departments to carry out special rectification actions against illegal enrollment agencies in a timely manner, increase warning publicity and investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations; further improve the enrollment early warning system, combined with the characteristics of work during different periods of admissions Targeted ad hoc early warning propaganda, make full use of the media and the 'sunshine college entrance examination' platform, and jointly organize special early warning education and policy propaganda with relevant departments to remind candidates and parents not to be deceived and avoid losses.

It is necessary to strengthen the examination of new students' enrollment qualifications, and continue to adhere to the comprehensive review and conduct of relevant subject culture test after the report, strictly investigate the imposters, and prevent the criminals from using fraud notices to defraud candidates.

Fourth, steadily promote the reform of college entrance examinations In recent years, combined with the implementation of the new curriculum reform and quality education, the province's admissions examination has carried out a number of reforms and achieved remarkable results.

This year, our province will continue to improve the system construction, standardize the work flow, and steadily promote the reform of the admission examination for ordinary colleges and universities.

One is to continue to deepen the reform of the admissions method.

Based on the pilot registration of some private higher vocational colleges in 2008, the scope and number of pilots will continue to be expanded in 2009.

The second is to continue to strengthen the role of comprehensive quality evaluation information for middle school students in admissions.

Universities should further improve the admission procedures and methods, enrich the admissions staff, carefully review the candidates' electronic files and comprehensive quality evaluation information, etc., and combine the results of the college entrance examination and the comprehensive evaluation of the middle school to select candidates. .

The third is to continue to deepen the reform of the examination content, so that the examination content is closer to the times, close to the society, close to the actual situation of the candidates, and pay attention to the examination of the candidates' ability to analyze and solve problems.

The fourth is to achieve the online assessment of all subjects.

In 2009, the province's foreign language and liberal arts comprehensive subjects will also carry out online marking work.

The assessment points should be prepared for the preparation work, and each city should organize the candidates to carry out the necessary adaptive training.

The fifth is to actively promote the construction of standardized test sites.

In conjunction with the actual situation of our province, we will study and formulate provincial standards for standardized test sites, and use 3-5 years to bring all test sites in the province to provincial standards.

V. Continuously optimize services to further improve the satisfaction of candidates and the society. Admissions examination institutions and institutions of higher learning at all levels should take candidates as the starting point and the starting point for doing a good job.

Strengthen the study of college admissions policy and the interpretation of policy-oriented lectures for candidates, and carefully train the lecturers to ensure that the interpretation of the policy is accurate.

Proactively strengthen the positive publicity and guidance, combine the characteristics of the admissions process in different time periods, grasp the timing, key points and methods of publicity, adopt various forms of policy regulations, application conditions, school conditions, integrity examinations, admission rules, learning channels, The basic content and requirements of the various stages of the admissions examination, such as fraud prevention warnings, are truthfully informed to each candidate.

Really solve the problems of lighting power supply, medical security, safety and security, candidates' accommodation and food and noise prevention during the examination, and create a fair, harmonious and good test environment and atmosphere for the candidates to fully exert their level.

Strengthen and improve the admissions examination service, optimize policy consultation, volunteer report, admission information inquiry and other services directly for candidates, continue to properly handle the examination and admission questions for difficult candidates such as disabled, and further improve the enrollment service level and quality of work. .

VI. Strengthening organizational leadership, serious work discipline, and resolutely investigating various types of irregularities The college entrance examinations are highly policy-oriented, involve a wide range of issues, have a large social impact, and are directly related to the vital interests of the people.

All relevant departments must strengthen their leadership in enrollment work by practicing the 'three represents,' implementing the scientific development concept, improving the ability to govern, and building a harmonious society.

Strict work responsibility system should be implemented. During the examination period, all cities and counties (cities, districts), counties (cities, districts) and test sites, test sites and invigilators must sign the responsibility. At the first level, the implementation is carried out at all levels, and whoever has problems will be held accountable.

The main party and government leaders at all levels of education administration, admission examination institutions, institutions of higher learning, and high school entrance examinations are the first responsible persons in the department, the region, and the admissions examinations of the school. They must adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making and “who is in charge of The principle of 'who is responsible' and the implementation of the collective deliberation system for major issues.

All localities and departments should conscientiously do a good job in reporting and petitioning, publish report and report mailboxes during the college entrance examination and admission period, set up a petition visit reception room, do a good job in letters and visits, widely accept social supervision, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of candidates. Fall to the ground.

According to the 'National Education Examination Violation Measures' (Ministry of Education Order No. 18), the various violations in the national examinations should be seriously dealt with.

The various violations of the candidates must be recorded in the 'Electronic Archives of Candidates' as an important part of the test record of the candidates' integrity.

For the staff of the education system that seriously violates the regulations, the unit or the higher-level competent department shall cancel the qualifications of the admission examination staff and revoke the post of admissions work, and shall be given disciplinary sanctions according to relevant regulations until the dismissal of public office; the circumstances are particularly serious and constitute a crime. , legally pursue legal responsibility.

The national public servants and other personnel who seriously violate the regulations or seriously damage the admissions examinations in the admissions examination should inform the unit where the non-compliance personnel are located and their superior authorities the facts of violations, and recommend that the violations of the education system should be taken seriously. deal with.

For colleges and universities that violate the rules, students will be disqualified from enrolling students in violation of regulations, and the illegal colleges will refund the fees they have paid in full. At the same time, according to relevant regulations, restrictions will be imposed or their enrollment will be stopped in the next year. Colleges and universities with serious plots will revoke their school licenses.

The heads of colleges and universities that enroll serious violations will be investigated by the discipline inspection and supervision department.

Serious violations and results will be reported or announced to the public through the media.

Attachment: Implementation comments on the enrollment work of ordinary higher education institutions in Shandong Province in March 2009 March 26, 2009 [Source:] [] [] [] [].

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