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锘?p>Hangshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, 2017 ninth grade entrance examination simulation language test questions download questions from the Hongshan District of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, the ninth grade of the middle school entrance examination simulation language test a 2017 language test simulation volume 1 time : 150 minutes total score: 120 points The answer is written in the answer sheet on the first volume (selection questions a total of 30 points) one, (a total of 12 points, each small question 3 points) A. 鎰ф€?(zu貌) into the sweating 娴?鐒?鐒?( (zhu贸) B. 鐚濈劧(c霉) Looking at the eyes to wear nits (m貌) C. 杈?( (zh菐n) (y霉n) D. Frustrated (j奴) 楣?楣?silent screen gas condensate 2, in turn fill in the words below the horizontal line, the appropriate group is why people Writing an article can have many purposes.

For example, for _______ information, to spread knowledge, for art, to create beauty. But there is a deeper layer, just like mining, for the new idea of ??_____. Of course, not every article can have new ideas, but articles with new ideas are definitely good articles. This is also the ideal of the writer ______.

A.Promotion and development pursuit B.Transportation and mining pursuit C.Transportation development chasing D.Public mining chasing 3. In the following items, one of the following diseases is B. Hubei Province plans to use 100 million transportation energy saving and emission reduction this year. Funds, purchase 1408 buses that are powered by natural gas. C. In order to allow students to operate in the laboratory, Wuhan invested nearly 100 million yuan to transform the 65 high schools in the city.

D. Wuhan Housing Authority will open a 鈥済reen special channel鈥?in the near future to upgrade the approval of special maintenance funds for old dangerous buildings. 4. The use of punctuation in the following sentences, the correct sentence is A. Treating all kind people should be true and tolerant: true, sincere, and not false. Ninja, wide tolerance, not tit for tat. On the scene of the 50th anniversary of the graduation, the old boy, the old man today, you took my hand, I took your waist, said, laughed, cried... The scene was really touching. D. The design of Shanghai Disneyland incorporates elements such as the ocean, forest mountains and deserts. Read the selection below to complete the 5-7 questions. Easy to read the classic Zhou Guoping 1 my reading interest, the first is to regard the humanities classic as the main reading, and the second is to read in a relaxed way. 2 What books to read depends on why you read them. The reason why people study is nothing more than three purposes: one is for practical purposes, the other is for recreation, and the third is for spiritual enlightenment and enjoyment. If it is for the third purpose, I think reading the humanities classic is the best choice. 3 There have been such works in the history of mankind. They directly concern and think about the major issues of human spiritual life. Therefore, they are of a human nature. At the same time, their influence has been recognized by generations. It has become a common wealth of all mankind, and thus a classic nature. of. We call these works a humanistic classic. On the road of human spiritual exploration, the humanities classic constitutes a great tradition, and no one who walks on this road can ignore its existence. 4 Seriously, it is not a matter of reading anything. The real reading must have the participation of the soul. It is the roaming of a human soul in a spiritual world constructed by means of text symbols. It is self-discovery and self-growth in this roaming process, and thus is a kind of individualized spiritual behavior. What kind of book is best suited for such spiritual roaming? Of course, it is a classic. Just open them and you will find a unique and complete spiritual world. 5 If a person does not have a spiritual need, it does not matter what he reads, otherwise he must be careful. Perhaps no era has as many publications as it is today, however, it is likely that today's people read less than ever. In such an era, one must especially understand rejection and exclusion before he can enter true reading. This is the reason why I advocate resolutely not reading the second and third streams or even reading books. 6 pairs of classics can also have different readings. A scholar regards classics as the object of academic research, and analyzes and interprets all the works of a classic or a classic writer from the perspectives of intellectual history, cultural history, and subject history. This is the scholar's reading. So as an ordinary person, how to read the classic? My experience is that regardless of the Analects of Confucius or the Bible, whether Plato or Kant, it may be read as a free book. In other words, the mentality and manner of reading should be easy. Don't take the shelf of learning and deliberately solve it. Don't read hard, don't read hard, read the books and chapters that you can understand and interest. On the point of being impractical and interesting, reading a classic is like a pastime. In fact, many people with a heart and soul are taking this as their best pastime. Whether you can feel the great joy of the spirit from reading the classics is almost a test of the quality of the mind. However, please remember that although the classic belongs to everyone, it never belongs to the public. The ease of reading classics is definitely different from the ease of reading popular fashion readings. Everyone can only go to the classics as an individual with a soul, not as a massless individual. If one day you are also enchanted by the wonderful pastime of reading classics, you will find yourself far away from all the entertainment of the mass entertainment. 5. The following is an inaccurate understanding of the 'humanities classics' () A. Reading the humanities classics can give readers spiritual enlightenment and enjoyment. B. Because of its humanistic nature, the humanistic classics directly pay attention to and think about the major issues of human spiritual life. C. The humanities classic has influenced readers from generation to generation and is the common wealth of all mankind. D. Anyone who walks on the path of human spiritual exploration cannot ignore the existence of humanistic classics. 6. One of the incorrect understandings of 'real reading' is () A. True reading allows a person's soul to roam in the spiritual world constructed by the word symbol. B. True reading is a kind of self-discovery and self-growth. It is a kind of personalized spiritual behavior. C. The classic hides the unique and complete spiritual world, as long as you read the classic is the real reading. D. Only when you know how to reject and exclude second, third-rate or even non-influenced readings can you enter true reading. 7. One of the incorrect understandings of the classic 'different readings' is () A. Scholars from the perspective of academic research, from the different aspects of the history of thought, culture, and history of the history of the classic research, interpretation and analysis. B. Ordinary people should read classics in a relaxed way and mentality, and read content that they can understand and are interested in. C. Mentally active people regard reading classics as a pastime. They cannot feel spiritual pleasure from reading classics. D. Easy to read the classics is a wonderful pastime, easy to read popular fashion reading is a recreational pastime. Third, (a total of 9 points, 3 points per small question) Read the following paragraphs of classical Chinese, complete 8-10 questions. 8. The incorrect explanation for adding a word in the following sentence is A or refers to a living or: or B. The safety of this country is also: Basic C. As its words. Learn: Both D. 榛?闄?闄?闄?杩? Intake 9. The following is the sentence of the line in the middle of the line. The correct one is that the slogan is not finished, and the shirt is smothered. Please press it. A. The rumor is not finished. 鎷?璧?/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / .There is no finale / 鎷?鎷?/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / From the beginning of the introduction / shirt, please say 10. The following understanding and analysis of the original text, the incorrect one is ()? A. Chen He saw the hidden crisis from the long-term peace situation. In view of the slack of armaments at that time and the particularly serious situation in the southeast, he played a request to take measures. At first, he did not understand it. Later, it turned out that he had a foresight. ?B. Other officials dared not blame the behavior of Tong Guan and others, but Chen Wo boldly impeached. He believes that his position has the responsibility to make a statement. At this time, he does not admit his advice. Once he is transferred to the matter, he is not his own job. The book bluntly said that the impeachment of the child was impeached by Huang Jingchen D. Chen He rushed into the shackles, pulling the emperor's clothes and forcing the emperor to agree with his opinion. Volume II (non-choice questions total 90 points) IV. () Translate the sentences in the text into modern Chinese. (4 points) The accumulation of famous sentences. (6 points), only incense. (Lu You, 'Bu operator, 鍜忔') is worried about the world. (Fan Zhongyan 'Deng Yueyang Tower') 3 I hope that people will last for a long time. (Su Shi 'Water Melody') 5, (22 points) Read the following article, complete 13-16 questions. The bamboo forest of the hometown The bamboo of the hometown of Peng 1 is a huge family, about seventy or eighty, and the bamboo is the big brother in the bamboo. In spring, the first bamboo is dedicated to people's tasteful bamboo shoots. In winter, the wind is bleak, the grass is dry, the mountains are desolate, and the bamboo of the green leaves is in the mud covered with snow, quietly gestating the size of the horn. Bamboo shoots, this is the winter bamboo shoots that are famous in the south of the Yangtze River. 2 To extract winter bamboo shoots, to have rich experience, we must pay attention to technology. Winter bamboo shoots are deeply hidden in the mud bottom. It is not easy to find it. I remember when I was a child, I used to take care of my father鈥檚 bamboo shoots for a lifetime. I often took me to Zhushan. He chose to go to the warm slope of the south facing the sun. The two eyes are like the instruments of minesweeping. They searched the ground carefully. He followed the slightly fat, and there were several ribbon-shaped cracks around the soil. The bamboo shooters called the blast, carefully planing with the hoe, and dug down the layers. A burst of exclamation to me: Wow, bamboo shoots! Bamboo shoots! I saw the tender yellow bamboo shoots sleeping like a doll in the mud! When the bamboo shoots are naked, the father will take out the steel chisel from the small bamboo basket behind it, and press it at the root of the bamboo shoots. With a gentle knock on the back, a smooth yellow and lovely bamboo shoots sprouted out unscathed. The father said: the winter bamboo shoots are tender, if you are not careful when ploughing the soil, the hoe will hit the skin and the meat will be broken, so that a good end of the tender bamboo shoots will be broken. My father is looking for winter bamboo shoots and the ability of bamboo shoots. Once, he took me into Zhushan, licking the skin color of a bamboo, then licking the bamboo branches, the bamboo leaves growing, laughing and pointing to the front of a piece of soil, there are bamboo shoots, he estimated to find, really see the explosion, I dug a bamboo shoot. 3 After the winter bamboo shoots, it is spring bamboo shoots. When I was a child, the thundering scene that I saw in Zhushan in the early morning was unforgettable. The boulder fell from the ridge, a huge spring bamboo shoot, a cluster of golden tassels on the tip (the mountain people called it Su head), and turned it up with enthusiasm, the piece was hardened like a hoe by the root of the wattle It is also difficult to get into the mud, and there are also a few new bamboo shoots. The newly turned bamboo hills are fertile, and the spring bamboo shoots are like a pagoda. They stand on the ground vigorously, and there are countless spring bamboo shoots. Some of the yellow Su are in the spring breeze, some have glazed dewdrops, some are bathed in warm sunshine 4 in recent years, the hometown has cultivated a new bamboo Leizhu, the advantage of Leizhu is After the bamboo farmers have carefully cultivated, the lunar calendar will grow a thunder shooter that is comparable to the winter bamboo shoots in October. 5 The price of the listed bamboo shoots is much more expensive than the pork! 6 The life of the hometown people can not be separated from the bamboo in the moment, up to the bean shed, as small as the broom, the bachelor pole, which is not a bamboo three-day meal. It is connected with bamboo, the amount of corn, the scouring of rice, the simmering of rice, the washing of pots, the chopsticks of risotto, and the bamboo roots and bamboo branches of the scorpion. Everything has bamboo in it! So people in their hometowns, even if they are poor, have to work hard to manage a small bamboo forest, from spring to autumn, weeding and weeding, fertilizing and watering, nutritious bamboo, winter grass and grass, careful The status of bamboo keeps warm, working hard all the year round, connecting his destiny with bamboo. 7 is not exaggerated at all. Everyone in the hometown has been inseparable from bamboo since the day of birth. When the small hairs are filled with straw, the sleeping nests are made of bamboo. When you are old, you can take a square chair in the car. There is a seat in the middle, like an ancient chariot. There are horizontal bamboo sticks before and after sitting in. Protecting the body is foolproof. Needless to say, it is made of bamboo. 8 When he grows up, he will use bamboo to make bamboo poles, and fly around it in the drying field. He will make a green gun bamboo that is slightly thicker than the pen tube. It will be made into a water gun, and the water gun will flood the stream with water. Push the piston, the water column is straight for three or four feet; make a machine gun, shake it, and slap the flies, the net bag that knows the glue, the paper crane in the spring and the small lantern that the Lantern Festival. A little more fish cages, cages, and bamboo shoots trapped shrimps. 9 grown up, but bamboo is not leaving the shoulders, and with the poles, the pillars, the baskets, the bandits, and the broomsticks all year round.

10 The hometown is connected to the bamboo like this until the heart stops beating. Read the brief summary.

(鍒?? Briefly summarize what is the scene in the first paragraph (6 points). The sixth paragraph of the article says that the life of the hometown is inseparable from the bamboo, combined with the full text, and can not be separated from the performance. In what ways.

(鍒? The full text of the author鈥檚 thoughts and feelings (points) shared bicycles have been popular in Wuhan since the end of 2016. The streets are always visible on the streets of Wuhan鈥檚 three towns.

The school is carrying out a comprehensive learning activity on the theme of 鈥渞ide a bicycle and travel green鈥?

17. The school is carrying out activities to use shared bicycles in a civilized manner. In order to expand publicity, please design a publicity channel for this event.

4 points) 18th grade (2) class held '' theme class meeting, how do you as a class leader should carry out this class meeting, please design an opening remark for this theme class meeting.

(minutes) seven, (50 points) 19. Read the materials below and write as required.

'Sleeping into the night with the wind, the things are quiet and silent.' The famous poems of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu vividly described the characteristics of the spring rain: quietly moisturizing the earth.

The ridiculousness of winter faded, the grass turned green, the trees were put on new clothes, and the colorful flowers made the world look bright and beautiful.

In the process of our growth, there is also such a 'spring rain', which quietly nourishes our body and mind, let us move from ignorance to maturity.

Please make a whole idea, contact the actual, self-problem, and write an essay.

Requirements: 1 In addition to poetry, the style is not limited, and the number of words is not less than 600 words.

2 rolls are neat and tidy, writing specifications.

No real name or school name may appear in the text.

The test paper 1 refers to the answer and then the thief made trouble, and people admire his foresight ability.

('After' '鏈嶆湇' 'See you' 1 point each, sentence 1 point) 12. (1) Zero into mud and dust.

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