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锘?p>Zhao Wenjuan, teacher of Sun Ji Primary School, sat in his bed.

Because of the limited conditions, the three new young female teachers from the school lived together in this dormitory converted from a classroom.

Leave or stay? Young teachers who are teachers in the villages of northern Fujian often face such entanglements.

The country is dying and the school is dying.

A picture of a dying and dying continually hits. The basic education in the rural areas of the north is not optimistic. The basic education in other villages is equally painful and bitter.

Young teachers are reluctant to stay in the country, and most of them are 'day reading.' The rural teaching is just a hungry rice bowl that they don't like at all. It is not easy for young teachers to stay and teach in a down-to-earth manner. On the evening of April 7th, Huang Yuan, a teacher at Wangzhuang Middle School in Guzhen County, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, returned to the daughter of the kindergarten in the town to prepare for home cooking. Huang Yuan, 27, lives with her daughter in the teacher's dormitory of the school. Last year, she resigned from her job at a private school in Jiangsu and became a language teacher at Wangzhuang Middle School through the unified examination of the Guzhen County Education Bureau. Her husband's family is in Guzhen County. On the weekend, she has to catch the shuttle bus. Her husband is doing business outside, and the children and in-laws are taken care of by her. 鈥淏eing a teacher here is more stable, but it is also poor.鈥?Huang Yuan said that since she was a teacher, her husband started to do business and hoped to earn more money. Wangzhuang Middle School is the only middle school in the town. The children in the town must complete the junior high school here, and the high school will go to the county. It takes about 40 minutes to drive from Wangzhuang Town to Guzhen County. The teachers here can only return home once or twice a week. The 65 teachers in the school, only 40% under the age of 40, the principal Hu Xinyun feels that these young teachers can not stay as long as they can stay in the classroom, and his 鈥渇amous words鈥?are written on the scrolling subtitles at the school gate: Seriousness is the level, responsibility is the ability, and implementation is the quality.' The problem of lack of young teachers is more obvious in primary schools. Ren Qingshan, president of Wangzhuang Town Center, said: 'Only 30% of the 141 in-service teachers are under 40 years old, one of which is a teaching point, and the five teachers add up to more than 300 years old. According to the introduction, the Wangzhuang Town Center School manages 10 complete primary schools in Wangzhuang Town and a teaching point with only one or two grades. The problem of aging of primary school teachers is serious, and young teachers are difficult to retain. Ren Qingshan said: 'Before 2000, the county unifiedly assigned teachers and unified a group of private teachers. After 2008, the county began to distribute again. Teacher, in the past two years, we have had more than 20 young teachers here. The problem of shortage of teachers has eased a lot, but it is not easy to keep these young teachers.鈥?Last year, there was a girl who passed the exam and was assigned to the village. The elementary school, her father took her to look at it, it is too inconvenient to go home from school, people did not report. For many teachers who teach in the local area, they also face such a problem: leaving or staying. Wangzhuang Town is a famous 鈥淧eanut Town鈥?in the country. The former site of Wangzhuangyi Primary School was once the station of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Now the school has moved to a building not far from the old site, with 19 teachers throughout the school. Wu Zhenliu is an English teacher here. The English teacher in the rural school is generally in short supply. Wu Zhenliu wants to teach English classes in the third to fifth grades. Her husband is also a village teacher and the child is 1 year old. Recently she and her husband are preparing to take the civil service exam. 'We want to try, my husband's family is in Huainan, go back to be a civil servant, the environment will be better, the treatment can be better. The child is small now, go to school or go to the city to read well, my mother is not good, I dare not use it. Too good medicine, we rent 1,500 yuan per year here, children's milk powder is nearly 1,000 yuan a month, and my monthly salary is more than 1,000 yuan.' As an English teacher, Wu Zhenliu feels that teaching is difficult: 'Rural children Many don't like to learn English. I don't think it is easy to learn. It is useless when some children go to the first grade. They say they have to go out to work in the future. They think that they are working more than teachers.' Xiaoli Primary School has been in succession since 2008. Four young teachers came. The school installed a thin partition at the back of the classroom to separate a small space for the teacher. The teacher must cook and sleep here. 'We really have no place, only the teacher can barely live. It is 11 kilometers away from Wangzhuang Town. All kinds of resources are lacking. Recently, the cement road was repaired. There is a private shuttle bus. It is much better.' President Chen Zhifei said that the past Every week, he rode his motorcycle to the town to pick up the teacher. He finally had a young teacher. The school had to find a way to keep them. There are two old basketballs in the corner of the school office. There is a layer of soil on the keyboard of the school. 'There are not a few teachers who will play the piano. Music, art, and physical education are all taken with us.' Say. There is a computer and two TVs locked in the classroom. The principal said: 'The TV and the computer should let the liners look at it. Last year we had a network here. Young teachers sometimes got something from the Internet to show the students. The teaching content is much richer.' There are several corners of the classroom. Big carton, President Chen patted the carton: 'There was a company that made donations. The result was some broken clothes, and some useless books. The students couldn鈥檛 use them. They could only pile up.' Zhao Wenjuan, a teacher at the elementary school, graduated from the Department of Mathematics. He also teaches mathematics in the school, and he has to teach more than 20 lessons per week. Her home is in Chengguan Town. Every time she goes home, she must ride from the village to the town, then take the shuttle bus to the county seat, and then take the shuttle bus home from the county seat. Teacher Zhao is 26 years old and is the youngest child in the family. 'Going to parents will always care about the boyfriend's problem. Every day here, the contact is too narrow, and it is not easy to find.' Teacher Zhao said that the things that are usually used must be bought from the county, each time from Back to school at home is carrying a big bag, and it is very difficult to reverse. A total of four young teachers were assigned with Zhao Wenjuan. Most of them graduated from the university and took the unified examination of the County Education Bureau. They were then assigned here. Three of the female teachers lived together in a classroom, with skin care products on the table at the bedside, with gas stoves and kitchen utensils in front of the window, and the only computer in the school, 3 people. Cooking, sleeping and preparing lessons are all in this room. 'The current conditions of the school are really limited. There are no teachers and dormitories. They can only do it here.' Feng Jiyun, the president of Sun Jixiao, said helplessly. Li Xin, a math teacher at Wangzhuang Middle School, came here from Hugou Township, Guzhen County in the 1990s. His wife is also a teacher and works in Yangmiao Town. Now they have decided to stay in Wangzhuang Town and have taken over their parents. The son is in the second day of Wangzhuang Middle School. For the current life, Li Xin said: 'It is more convenient to live in the dormitory of the school. The room rate is also saved. The monthly income of more than 1,000 yuan is enough. It is quite meaningful to face the students every day. The teacher鈥檚 job, I am afraid, will not give up easily.鈥?The rural school鈥檚 dying is not a blessing to the country. Young teachers are reluctant to stay in the country, and most of them are 鈥渄ay-reading鈥? The rural teaching is just a hungry rice bowl that they don't like at all. What are the benefits of staying in the country? The salary is not much, but the wind is coming in the rain, especially women, safety and love are big problems. There is a large group of teachers in the middle school. Everyone is busy together. The primary school has changed its taste. After school, guarding the lonely campus, and the blue light at night, this loneliness and desolateness is undoubtedly a torture. Staying too lazy to stay, will 'attract' outstanding teachers to give? The teachers of rural schools are so dying, obviously related to urban-rural differentiation, and related to the urban-rural gap, and the policy of tilting rural education is not relevant. The urban-rural divide and the gap will not be discussed here. The vast rural youths and laborers have left their hometowns to work outside the home, leaving the elderly and children and women at home for a long time. This situation has long been worrying for many years. Looking at the tilt policy alone, most of them are not flashy, either to make up a little bit of money every month to express their wishes, or to make a pepper to the surface to get a bamboo stick. I haven鈥檛 really been sincere for many years. For example, it is a complete tilt, the income is high and the distance between the city and the city is not too bad; all the staff members have not been in the country for three or five years of dedication experience. If these goods are really tilted, they will not believe that the rural schools 'attract' to the outstanding teachers. Li Lie, the 57-year-old president of Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School, became a State Council counselor and can 'tell the truth and see the truth' to Premier Wen Jiabao. In fact, the problems in the field of education have caught a lot, and many of the problems have long been heard. However, in recent years, rural schools have rapidly withered, and President Li may not know. There are still 800 million Chinese farmers, and their children in the country are still more than children in the city. Who dares to ignore the education of the children of farmers? The death of Xing Dan, the former widow of Cong Fei, was embarrassing. The three children between the ages of 15 and 19 were so ignorant that they would throw stones at the highway to take pleasure in the vehicles. Who would dare to say that there is no reason for the failure of education? In fact, even failures can't be said. They are said to have not even graduated from elementary school.

Country! rural! The most important shortcomings in the development of Chinese society! If the country is dying and the school is dying, this is not a blessing to the country.

However, a picture of fading and dying is constantly coming. It is not only optimistic that the basic education in the northern villages is not optimistic. The basic education in other villages is equally heartbreaking and bitter.

Look at the children who have escaped from the country and see the children who are still craving in the eyes of Su Mingjuan in the country. Their hopes should not be shattered. We must always be on guard.

The construction of rural compulsory education teachers needs to be strengthened Due to the urban-rural gap caused by the long-term urban-rural dual structure system, the overall quality of the teaching staff is not high, which restricts the development of rural education and economic and social development.

The problem is mainly manifested in the following aspects: The phenomenon of aging of rural teachers is prominent, middle-aged teachers are broken; the academic qualifications are basically up to standard, but the initial academic level is low; the academic structure is unreasonable, and the phenomenon of 鈥渢eaching non-learning鈥?is serious. The teacher-only rate is not high, which directly affects the quality of teaching and the improvement of the professional level of teachers.

The preparation and supplementary mechanisms of rural teachers are imperfect, the outflow of excellent teachers, and the problem of resource allocation for rural teachers are prominent.

There is a flaw in the teacher establishment system.

The current standards of preparation have enabled many rural teachers to teach interdisciplinary and inter-level, and even some classes are unable to start classes due to lack of teachers, and there is a contradiction of 鈥渟uper-compilation and lack of people鈥?

The second is that in many districts (counties), there are more migrant children in schools, some schools reach 70-80%, and students are more mobile. The current teacher establishment system is difficult to adapt to the students who are moving.

Thirdly, with the construction of modern rural areas, the townships were removed from the townships, rural schools were also merged, the number of students increased rapidly, and the teacher establishment remained unchanged.

The supplementary mechanism for teachers in rural schools is not perfect.

As the local normal schools are cancelled, the teachers in rural primary schools are difficult to supplement.

The reverse flow of rural teachers is even more inadequate for teachers.

The difference in teacher treatment (salary, subsidy, housing, training, promotion, etc.) and the living environment has led to the flow of excellent teachers from rural areas to economically developed areas in towns or other provinces, to better conditions and more income. The flow of schools flows to private schools that are well-paid.

The education administration department concentrated excellent teachers in urban areas to create 鈥渂rand schools鈥? which also led to the loss of rural teachers.

The following suggestions are made for this:鈥斺€擳he construction of rural teachers is not feasible for all levels of government to coordinate and promote.

All levels of government should place teacher training at the top of the list, and recommend the establishment of a special fund for teacher training, and can continue to invest.

鈥斺€?Scientifically formulate the establishment of rural teachers to solve the dilemma of 鈥渟uper-compilation and lack of people鈥?

Implement the integration of teachers in urban and rural areas, solve the problem of the inversion of the ratio of teachers and students in urban and rural areas, balance the allocation of teachers' resources, and promote the balanced development of urban and rural education. At the same time, we must proceed from the actual situation of rural schools and equip and match teachers according to the characteristics of rural areas. Ensure that rural schools are open and open courses, and actively promote the full implementation of quality education.

鈥斺€擨mprove the supplementary mechanism for rural teachers and broaden the channels for introducing rural teachers.

First, we must try to sign a targeted training agreement with relevant local colleges and universities to train teachers in rural schools, especially the current sounds of the rural schools, such as sound, body and beauty.

Second, we must increase the recruitment of outstanding university graduates, and introduce teachers in various disciplines in a planned manner, especially those who can work in rural schools.

- Form a two-way teacher exchange mechanism.

The backbone teachers in the city go to the countryside to serve, and the rural teachers go to the city to study.

- Improve the professionalism of the teaching staff.

According to the needs of the reform and development of basic education curriculum, the training objectives of the master's colleges and universities, the reform of the curriculum system, and the strengthening of comprehensive practical courses, science courses and other comprehensive and strong curriculum teachers, in response to the actual needs of rural teaching, training All-year primary school teachers.

Enhance the professionalism, relevance and effectiveness of teacher training.

Implement the 'Professional Ability Enhancement Project for Rural Teachers in the Compulsory Education Stage', strengthen the special training for rural teachers in the shortage of subjects such as sound, body, beauty and primary school English, and improve the inclusiveness of teacher training; vigorously build rural areas for compulsory education Teachers share, free teaching resources, enrich the network resources of teacher training, strengthen the remote training of rural teachers; implement supervision and evaluation of teacher training institutions, and improve the quality of training for teachers' training institutions.

鈥斺€?Effectively improve the treatment of rural teachers and attract and retain outstanding rural teachers.

In the aspect of professional title evaluation, formulate and improve preferential policies for rural teachers and implement performance pay.

Build rural teachers' apartments to improve living conditions and reduce stress in life.

Improve subsidies for rural teachers and subsidies, and set up 鈥渨ork permit for rural teachers in remote areas鈥?to encourage and attract teachers to actively teach in rural areas.

(Comprehensive China Youth Daily, People's Political Consultative Conference, etc.) (The article is from the half-monthly network).

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