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锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation#

2017 Shenzhen Xiaoshengchu language test paper (9) I. Accumulation and application. (40 points) 1. One of the following pairs of phonetic transcriptions is () (2 points) A. Withered (h\u0026eacute;) 韪眘tep (d\u0026ugrave;) 鎴涙姝?g\u0026aacute;) B. 浼?(zh墨)鎸?xi\u0026eacute;) disdain (xi\u0026egrave;) C. \u0026鍞?tu\u0026iacute;) 铚?( (ju菐n) 蹇愬繎 disturb (t\u0026egrave;) D. obstruction (n\u0026aacute; o) 宀?(ch\u0026agrave;) sleeplessness (q菒n) 2, each of the following There is no typo in the item () (2 points) A. Pulse is quiet and restless. B. Capricorn favors laughter and wind. C. Kamakura is generous and defeated D. 閾块數 lazy and prevents the paradise 3. In the following sentences, The one that uses the incorrect line of words is () (2 points) A. He is a computer expert, and those of us who are new to computer should be open-minded to ask him, not to be ashamed to ask. B. Every night falls, the snack street is full of people, very lively. C. The flag of the aggressor sang in the fortified fortress. D. Graduation is imminent, and now I want to come, the beautiful elementary school time is like a white pass, and it is fleeting.

4, the sentence in the following sentence is () (2 points) A. A serious and responsible work attitude is the key to a person's career success.

B. In the study, the teacher asked us to think independently, but also to cooperate with each other and actively explore.

C. Through social practice activities, we have reached out to the society and broadened our horizons. D. The primary and secondary schools in various places have established and improved the campus safety prevention work mechanism. 5, the following idioms used the same rhetorical technique is () (2 points) A. The grass is all soldiers, the music is not for the color, the guilty B. The anger is rushing to the crown, and the hair is broken. C. The mouth is the heart and the fire is not even the scorpion. D. The correct order of words is () (2 points) (1) Instantly, the edge of the large disc reveals a line of light. (2) The moon lost its silvery white luster and turned into a large bronze disc, hanging on the sky of the royal blue.

(3) Gradually, gradually, the moon has returned to its original appearance, seemingly brighter and more tidy than before.

(4) In order to see the eclipse, people waited on the open space in front of the house.

(5) At 8:17, a magnificent scene is presented to the people.

(6) The stars around it are twinkling, like a dazzling night pearl, emitting a blue-white light.

A.(4)(6)(5)(2)(1)(3) B.(4)(5)(2)(6)(1)(3) C.(4)(5 (6)(2)(3)(1) D.(4)(5)(6)(3)(2)(1) 7. In the following sentence, the sentence with the meaning of the other three sentences is ( ) (2 points) A. He can't tell you the truth.

B. Can he not tell you the truth? C. Can he tell you the truth? D. He can't tell you the truth.

8, in the following four sentences, the most neat sentence of the wind and flowers to dance is () (2 points) A. Thousand trees fall red B. Yunxiao Ma Tausheng C. Shan Gaoyue on late D. Spring to Bird can speak 9, explain the following underline words (4 points) (1) 鎷?light weight () (2) one against three () (3) hesitant () (4) 鍥浀 swallow () 10, write about the fable There are two idioms in the historical story (4 points) Fables (1) (2) Historical stories (1) (2) 11. Write sentences as required (4 points) (1) In the math test, we have encountered many problems. Everyone is restless and very anxious.

Change to a metaphor: (2) Li Ning seriously said to Xiao Ming: If you are late again, I will go alone.

Change to a paraphrase: (3) Imitation: Nature is like a book, with a wealth of knowledge, waiting for us to discover.

Nature like (), waiting ().

12, according to the characters, plots to write the title.

(4 points) (1) After five passes, six will () (2) 榛?钁?钁?( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( , addictive complete (2 points) (1) a thousand miles, ().

(2) Shushan has a road to the path, ().

14, ancient poetry and essays (6 points) (1) When the mountain flowers are rotten, ().

(2) Zi Yan: ( ), can be a teacher (3) (), does not teach Huma Du Yinshan.

(4) Wang Shibei set the Central Plains Day, ( ).

(5) Kyushu is angry with the wind, ().

(6) Don't exaggerate the color, ().

Second, reading (40 points) (1) Bamboo Stone (Zheng Yi) Biting the green hills is not relaxing, the roots are in the rock.

Thousands of thousands of blows are still strong, and the wind is east and west.

15, explain the meaning of the word (2 points) (1) Ren () (2) Er () 16, bite, this is the trick.

(1 point) 17. This poem focuses on the quality of bamboo.

(2 points) 18. The poem on the surface of this poem is actually written by the author and the author's style.

(2 points) (2) The joy of life In a hospital in San Diego, the border city of the West Coast of the United States, William \u0026middot; Matthew, who has suffered from trauma due to trauma for many years.

When sunlight enters the ward from the south-facing window, Matthew began to greet the pain from different parts of the body pain attacks always come in the morning.

In nearly an hour of torture, Matthew couldn't turn over, couldn't wipe the sweat, or even shed tears, and his lacrimal gland shrank due to the side effects of the drug.

The young female nurse covered her face for the pain of Matthew and did not dare to face it.

Matthew said: The tingling of the heart is unbearable, but I still appreciate it hurts me to feel that I am still alive.

In the first few years of Matthew's hospitalization, the body did not feel anything, no comfort and no pain.

After the doctor's careful treatment, a part of the nerves have been regenerated, and a signal of pain is sent to the central nervous system every morning.

It is ridiculous to find joy in the pain.

But in the situation of Matthew, you know that this particular pain not only brings joy to him, but also brings hope.

Of course an important premise is that Matthew is a strong-willed person.

In the past, Matthew has experienced countless days and nights without any perception.

If it is said that the pain is a broken wall, the unconscious is the dead desert.

The painful feeling made Matthew experience the existence.

In a sense, this is even a manifestation of value reflecting medical value and healing value.

Of course, Matthew is not a sickly masochistic madman. He takes pain as an opportunity to recover and enjoy all the feelings enjoyed by normal people.

No one can guarantee that poor Matthew can get this day, but he and the doctor work together in this direction, so he hopes that the pain will come as scheduled the next morning.

19, the phonetic transcription (2 points) Central () self-abuse () 20, the context of the explanation of the meaning of the words and the specific meaning in the text.

(4 points) 1. Cover your face with your hand: 2. Opportunity: 21. The main usage of the dash is 1 table comment, 2 table semantic conversion, 3 table sound extension or interruption.

Please judge the usage of the dash in the following sentence, and select the serial number in the ( ) after the sentence.

(2 points) A. When the sun shines into the ward from the south-facing window, Matthew begins to meet the pain from different parts of the body.

( ) B. The tingling of the heart is unbearable, but I am still grateful that it hurts me to feel that I am still alive.

( ) 22. Your understanding of the subject of joy in life (2 points): 23. In the essay, there is a positive description and a side description of the pain experienced by Matthew, and each one is selected.

A. positive ___________________________________________________________________ (2 points) B. side ____________________________________________________________________ (2 points) 24, Matthew why should appreciate his terrible and unbearable pain (2 points) ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 25, after reading the essay, you have Please feel free to write it in a simple and fluid language.

(3 points) (3) Earthquakes 1 The earth can be divided into three layers.

is the center of the core layer; intermediate mantle; outer crust.

Earthquakes generally occur in the earth's crust.

in the crust is constantly changing, the resulting action of force (i.e., internal forces), so that the earth's crust deformation, fracture, dislocation, so they earthquake.

super earthquake refers to the shock wave very strong earthquake.

But it happened the earthquake of 7% -21% of the total extent of damage is several times the atomic bomb, the super earthquake is very extensive and it is very destructive.

2 Global Plate Tectonic Motion Earthquake is a phenomenon in which the Earth's internal medium is rapidly ruptured and the Earthquake is generated, causing ground vibration within a certain range.

Earthquake is the rapid vibration of the Earth's surface, which was also called ground motion in ancient times.

It is like a tsunami, tornado, and freezing disaster. It is a natural disaster that often occurs on the earth.

The earth vibration is the most intuitive and common manifestation of the earthquake.

A strong earthquake in the seabed or coastal area can cause huge waves, called tsunami.

Earthquakes are extremely frequent, with an annual earthquake of about 5.5 million earthquakes worldwide.

The place where the earthquake wave originated is called the source.

The vertical projection of the source on the ground, the point on the ground closest to the source is called the epicenter.

It is the earliest part of the vibration.

The depth of the epicenter to the source is called the focal depth.

The shallow source earthquake with a focal depth of less than 70 km is usually called the Zhongyuan earthquake with a depth of 70-300 km and the deep source earthquake with a depth of more than 300 km.

For earthquakes of the same size, the degree of damage to the ground is different due to the different depth of the source.

The shallower the source, the greater the damage, but the smaller the range, and vice versa.

4 earthquakes are divided into two major categories: natural earthquakes and artificial earthquakes.

The natural earthquake is mainly a tectonic earthquake. It is due to the rupture of the rock in the deep underground and the displacement of the long-term accumulated energy. It is transmitted in all directions in the form of seismic waves, and the ground caused by the ground.

Structural earthquakes account for more than 90% of the total number of earthquakes.

Secondly, earthquakes caused by volcanic eruptions, called volcanic earthquakes, accounted for more than 7% of the total number of earthquakes.

A artificial earthquake is an earthquake caused by human activities, such as vibration caused by industrial blasting and underground nuclear explosion. High pressure water injection in deep wells and water storage in large reservoirs increase the pressure of the earth's crust and sometimes induce earthquakes.

5 According to the National Seismological Network, the earthquake in Wenchuan in 2008 was the most intense earthquake since the founding of China, with a focal depth of 33 kilometers.

B directly affected more than 100,000 square kilometers of severely affected areas, including county towns within 50 kilometers of the epicenter and large and medium cities within 200 kilometers.

As of 12 o'clock on July 4, 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake killed 69,227 people, injured 374,643 people, and missing 18,624 people.

The cumulative number of people affected was 46.24 million.

26, fast reading, give the correct answer, the wrong answer to play X.

(6 points) (1) Earthquakes are a common natural phenomenon, as usual as wind and rain.

() (2) Tectonic earthquakes are the most earthquakes in natural earthquakes.

() (3) The Wenchuan earthquake is a shallow earthquake.

() (4) The word frequent in the second paragraph indicates that earthquakes often occur.

() (5) The third natural section and vice versa means that the deeper the source, the smaller the damage, but the greater the extent of the spread.

() (6) The tsunami was not caused by an earthquake.

() 27. What is the description of the sentences in the text, please write them in parentheses.

(2 points) Sentence A( ) Sentence B( ) 28, the 4th paragraph is written around the sentence, please use it.

If you divide this natural section, how do you prepare to use it in the original text (2 points) 29, what do you read from the B sentence of the 5th paragraph (2 points) 30, please give This year's Lushan Earthquake on April 20th wrote a slogan to encourage people in the disaster areas to overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes.

(2 points) III. Composition (40 points) Please write an essay with the title 'I am no longer'. Requirements: 1. Complete the topic. 2, more than 500 words. 3. No real name or school name may appear in the composition. 4. In addition to poetry, the style is not limited. 5, the roll surface is clean and the writing is clear. 1.

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