scr888 malaysia agent:scr888,malaysia,agent,锘縶,Keywo:锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation# From 'Zuo Chuan \u0026middot; Zhuang Gong Decade': Fighting, courage also. One bang, then decay, and exhausted. Interpretation: The morale is uplifting when you first drum. The analogy is that when you are

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From 'Zuo Chuan \u0026middot; Zhuang Gong Decade': Fighting, courage also.

One bang, then decay, and exhausted.

Interpretation: The morale is uplifting when you first drum. The analogy is that when you are strong, you will work hard and finish your work in one go. 2, a word Qianjin (Lv Weiwei) from 'Historical Records \u0026middot; Lv Weiwei Biography': cloth Xianyang City Gate, hanging thousands of gold on it, Yan Zhu Hou Youshi guests have the ability to increase the word to the thousand gold.

Interpretation: increase the word and reward the prize.

The praises are exquisite and cannot be changed. 3, the word teacher (Zheng Gu) from Song \u0026 middot; Ji Gonggong 'Tang Shi Chronicle': Zheng Gu changed Qi Qi 'Early Mei' poem: a few branches open for a branch. I have to worship, and people use the valley as a word teacher. Interpretation: A teacher who corrects a word. Some good poems are more perfect after being changed by a person. It is often said that the person who changed the word is a one-word teacher or a one-word teacher. 4, a meal of gold (Han Xin) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Huaiyin Hou Lie Chuan': letter fishing in the city, drifting mother drift, a mother sees hunger, rice letter, actually drifted for dozens of days. Also: believe in the country, if you are from the food floatation mother, give a thousand dollars. Interpretation: The metaphor is a thick reward for those who have good for themselves. 5, Dongshan re-start (Xie An) from 'Jin Shu \u0026 middot; Xie An Chuan': Seclusion Huiji Dongshan, more than forty years back to Yan Wen Sima, tired of moving to the book, Situ and other important positions, Jinju relying on the crisis. Interpretation: Refers to the re-election of important positions. It is also like a metaphor after losing power. 6, the picture of the poor see (Jing Jing) from 'Warring States policy \u0026middot; Yan Ce three': Qin Wang said 杞叉洶: up, take the picture held by Wuyang.杞?Take the picture and take it. Send a picture, the picture is poor and see you first. Interpretation: The analogy develops to the end, the truth or the intention is revealed. 7, on the paper talk about the military (Zhao Kuo) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Lian Po Sang Xiangru Biography' records: Zhao Guoming Zhao Zhuo's son Zhao Kuo in the Warring States Period, when he was young, he learned the art of war, and he couldn't help him when he talked about his military affairs. Later he succeeded Lian Po as Zhao, in the battle of Changping. I only know that according to the military book office, I don鈥檛 know the workaround. The result was defeated by Qin Jun. Interpretation: Talking about snoring on paper. Metaphorical theory can not solve practical problems. It is also analogous to empty talk that cannot be a reality. 8, negative Jing please sin (Lian Pang) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Lian Po 钄?濡?濡?濡?濡?: Lian quite smells, the meat is negative, because the guests to the prime minister like the door to plead guilty. Interpretation: With the wattle, please sin to the other party. Said to admit mistakes to people. 9, retreat and daring (Hooking) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Yue Wang Goujian family': Yue Wang Gou Lu anti-country, is the pain of the body, the courage to sit, sit and lie, and eat too bold. Interpretation: Sleeping and sleeping on the firewood, eating and sleeping have tasted bitterness. Describe people to work hard and be strong. 10, followed by (Chen Sheng) from Han \u0026 middot; Jia Yi 'over the Qin': Zhang Mu as a soldier, unveiled as a flag. Interpretation: Cut the trunk as a weapon, raise the bamboo pole as a flag, and resist. Refers to the people's uprising. 11, three Gu Mao (Liu Bei) from the Three Kingdoms mid \u0026middot; Zhuge Liang 'Teacher's Table': the first emperor is not inferior to the minister, arrogant, and three servants in the grass. Interpretation: It was originally the story of Liu Bei, who was interviewed by Liu Bei in the late Han Dynasty. The analogy is sincere and invites again and again. 12, Xunzi can teach (Zhang Liang) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; staying in the family': the father went to the place, return, 鏇? 瀛哄瓙 can teach 鐭? Interpretation: refers to the cultivation of young people. 13, the four sides of the song (Xiang Yu) from 'Historical Records \u0026middot; Xiang Yu Ji Ji': Xiang Wangjun under the wall, the soldiers less food, the Han army and the princes of the soldiers.

The night of the Han army is all over the place, and the king is shocked. Hey: Han has already got Chu? There are so many people in He Chu.

Interpretation: The metaphor is caught in a situation of being surrounded by all sides and isolated and helpless.

14. Lao Dang Zhuang Zhuang (Ma Yuan) is from 'Han Han \u0026middot; Ma Yuan Chuan': Husband is a wise, poor and strong, and old and strong.

Interpretation: Although the age is old and the ambition is more vigorous, the enthusiasm is more sufficient.

15, pens from the 鎴?(Ban Chao) from 'Han Han \u0026 middot; Ban Chao Chuan': the husband has no ambitions, he is still effective Fu Meiko, Zhang Yi Li Gong exotic, to take Hou Hou, An Neng long-term pens? Interpretation: throw away the pen to join the army.

refers to the literati from the army.

16. The violent celestial things (Shangwang) are from 'Shangshu \u0026middot; Wucheng': This Shangwang Wang has no way, violently annihilating the heavens, and ravaging the people.

Interpretation: The original refers to the destruction of the innate nature.

After pointing to any ruin, I don鈥檛 know how to cherish it.

17, dark ferry Chen Cang (Han Xin) from Yuan \u0026 middot; Anonymous 'darkness Chen Cang' second fold: Fan Fanming repair plank road, you can dark Chen Cang ancient road.

This Chu Bing does not know that it is wisdom, and it is inevitable that the soldiers will be on the plank road.

After the Chencang ancient road, he was intercepted and killed him.

Interpretation: The metaphor uses an illusion to confuse the other party, but actually has another plan.

18, the food of the 鍡?(榛旀晼) is from 'Book of Rites \u0026middot; Under the Tan Gong': It is only for food that is not eaten, so much so! Interpretation: Refers to an insulting charity.

19, anger and rushing crown (钄虹浉濡? from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Lian Po 钄?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?濡?/p>

Interpretation: refers to angry hair straight up, with a hat.

Describe extreme anger.

20, the hand does not release the volume (L眉 Meng) from 'Three Kingdoms \u0026 middot; Wu Shu \u0026 middot; Lu Meng Chuan' quoted 'Jiang Bi Chuan': Guangwu as a martial arts business, hands are not released.

Interpretation: The book does not leave.

Describe hardworking and eager to learn.

21, Wei Zuo San (Confucius) from 'Historical Records \u0026middot; Confucius Family': read 'Easy', Wei three.

Interpretation: The leather rope of the bamboo slips was broken three times.

The metaphor is hardworking.

22, Mo Shoucheng (Mozi) from Ming \u0026 middot; Huang Zongxi 'Qian Ruanshan poetry preface': such as Zhong Rongzhi's 'Poetry', discerning the Ming dynasty, solid not to try to adhere to one of the standards.

Interpretation: It means that the mind is conservative, and the old rules are not willing to change.

23, the disease into the cream (Cai Yugong) from 'Zuo Chuan \u0026 middot; Chenggong ten years': the disease can not be done, on the top of the sputum, under the cream, the attack can not be reached, the medicine is not ambiguous, not For too.

Interpretation: Describes that the condition is very serious and cannot be healed.

The analogy is that it is irreparable.

24, one person got the way, the chicken dog ascends to heaven (Liu An) from Han \u0026 middot; Wang Chong, 'On balance \u0026 middot; Dao': Huainan Wang Xuedao, recruiting people in the world, the king of the country, the next Taoist, It is the Taoist sorcerer who will be Huainan, and the stranger will not contend.

Wang Hao got the road, the family went up to heaven, the animals and animals were all celestial, the dogs were in the sky, and the chickens were in the clouds.

Interpretation: A person has a face to face, and the whole family has even risen to the chickens and dogs.

The analogy is that a person has become an official, and those who have a relationship with him have followed suit.

25, high mountain water (Yu Boya, Zhongzi period) from 'Lie Zi \u0026middot; Tang asked': Bo Yaqin, aiming to climb the mountain, Zhongzi period: good, 宄ㄥ敞鍏嫢娉板北.

There is a stream of water, 鏇? good, 娲? 鍏?if the river.

Interpretation: metaphor for confidant or companion.

It is also a metaphor for the music.

26, mouth honey belly sword (Li Linyi) from Song \u0026 middot; Sima Guang 'Zi Zhi Tong Jian \u0026 middot; Tang Xuanzong Tianbao first year': the taboo literature, or Yang and the good, swearing and sinister.

The world said that Li Lin had a honey mouth and a sword.

Interpretation: The mouth is sweet, and my heart is awkward.

Describe the sinister dangers of the two sides, and more refers to the people who are snake-hearted.

27, the wind sounds cranes (鑻诲潥) from Tang \u0026 middot; Fang Xuanling 'Jin Shu \u0026 middot; Xie Xuan Chuan': Wen Fengsheng cranes, all thought that Wang Shi has arrived.

Interpretation: Describes panic or self-satisfaction.

28, Taishan Beidou (Han Yu) from 'New Tang Book \u0026middot; Han Yu Chuan Zan': self-healing, its words are big, scholars are like the Taishan Beidouyun.

Interpretation: A metaphor of high morality, fame, or outstanding achievements for those who are admired by all.

29, Broken Boat Shenzhou (Xiang Yu) from 'Historical Records \u0026 Middot; Xiang Yu Ji Ji': Xiang Yu is known to lead the river to cross the river, all sinking ships, breaking the kettle, burning the house, holding three rations, to show the soldiers will die, no one is reconciled.

Interpretation: The metaphor is determined to do everything in desperation.

30, East window incident (Qin Wei) from Yuan \u0026 middot; Kong Wenqing 'East Window Crime' second fold: I am a Tibetan god, turned into a stalker, in the Lingyin Temple, leaking Qin Taishi East window crimes.

Interpretation: The metaphorical conspiracy has been revealed.

31, Cheng Men Li Xue (Cheng Wei, Yang Shi) from 'Song History \u0026 middot; Yang Shi Chuan': See Cheng Yu Yu Luo, when the cover is forty years old.

See you in a day, when you are sitting down, you can鈥檛 stand up with you.

After the sensation, the snow outside the door is a foot deep.

Interpretation: Students respectfully be taught.

The metaphor is respected.

32, commonplace (Liu Yuxi) from Tang \u0026 middot; Meng Yi, 'The Poetry \u0026 Middot; Emotion' contains Liu Yuxi poetry: Si Kong is used to doing things, breaking the Jiangnan thorns.

Interpretation: It is not surprising that something is common.

33, dream pen flower (Li Bai) from the five generations \u0026middot; Wang Renyu 'Kaiyuan Tianbao legacy \u0026middot; dream pen head flower': Li Taibai when the time, the dream used on the head of the flower, the day after the day, the world.

Interpretation: The metaphorical writing ability has greatly improved.

Also described the article as excellent.

34, force paper back (Yan Zhenqing) from Tang \u0026 middot; Yan Zhenqing 'Zhang Changshi twelve Italian brush meaning': When it uses the front, often want to make it through the paper back, this success is also extremely.

Interpretation: Describe the strong and powerful calligraphy, the pen is almost to the back of the paper.

Also describes poetry and poetry, and the words are refined.

35, Chengzhu in the chest (text and can) from Song \u0026 middot; Su Shi 'text and can draw the valley of the valley': Therefore, bamboo must be first in the chest.

Interpretation: The whole picture of bamboo before painting is already in the chest.

The metaphor has made up its mind before doing things.

36, shirtless battle (Xu Wei) from Ming \u0026middot; Luo Guanzhong 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' fifty-ninth back: Xu Weiqi, flying back into the battlefield, unloading armor, squatting, scalpel, turning over the horse, come Fighting with Ma Chao.

Interpretation: shirtless.

The metaphor is on the scene, and activities are carried out without cover.

37, Ma Ge Wrapped Body (Ma Yuan) from 'Han Han \u0026middot; Ma Yuan Chuan': The man should die in the border field, and the horse body is also buried in the ear, how can he sleep in the hands of a woman? Interpretation: Wrap the body with horse skin.

refers to heroic sacrifice on the battlefield.

38, Huangpao plus body (Zhao Yu) from 'Song history \u0026 middot; Taizu Benji': the school's exposed blade is listed in the court: the army has no owner, willing to be too embarrassed.

Unsuccessful, there are Huang Yijia Taizu body, all of them are long-lived.

Interpretation: After the Five Dynasties, Zhou Wei, in the Chen Qiao mutiny, the subordinates will put him a yellow robe, and stand for the emperor.

After the metaphor, the coup was successful.

39, Luoyang paper expensive (Zuosi) from 'Jinshu \u0026middot; Zuo Si Chuan': So the luxury home competing to write, Luoyang is expensive.

Interpretation: Metaphorical works are valuable and widely spread.

40, backwaters (Han Xin) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Huaiyin Hou Lie Chuan': the letter is to make people go first, out, back water Chen.

Zhao Jun looked and laughed.

Interpretation: Indicates that there is no retreat.

The metaphor is a deadly battle with the enemy.

41, smelling chicken dance (zu 閫? from 'Jin Shu \u0026 middot; ancestral biography': in the middle of the night, smelling ridiculous chicken, 韫寸惃 鏇? 鏇? This is not a bad voice.

Because of dancing.

Interpretation: When you hear the chicken, you will get up and dance.

After the metaphor, those who are willing to report to the country will rise up in time.

42, the first out of Mao (Zhuge Liang) from Ming \u0026middot; Luo Guanzhong 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' thirty-ninth back: Straight must be shocked by Cao Gongdan, the first work of Mao.

Interpretation: The original metaphor is new. Now the analogy has just left the family or school to work. lack of experience. 43. The end of the return to Zhao (钄虹浉濡? from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Lian Po Yu Xiangru Biography': the city into Zhao and stay in Qin; the city does not enter, the minister please return to Zhao. Interpretation: This refers to Xiang Xiangru, who will return to Zhao Guo from Qin in good condition. After the metaphor, the original is returned to the person in good condition. 44, retreat three homes (Jin Wen Gongzhong ear) from 'Zuo Chuan \u0026 middot; Mekong twenty-three years': Jin Chuzhi soldiers, encountered in the Central Plains, its princes. Interpretation: Actively retreat ninety miles. Metaphor for concession and avoidance, avoiding conflicts. 45, Le Bu Si Si (Liu Chan) from 'Three Kingdoms \u0026 middot; 铚€ book \u0026middot; post-Biography' 瑁存澗涔嬪紩寮?'Han Jin Chun Qiu': ask Zen 鏇? quite thinking? Zen Buddhism: I don鈥檛 think about it here. Interpretation: The metaphor is fun in the new environment and no longer wants to go back to the original environment. 46, refers to the deer for the horse (Zhao Gao) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Qin Shihuang Ji Ji': Zhao Gao wants to be chaotic, fear that the group will not listen, but first set up the test, holding the deer to the second world, 鏇? Ma also. II smiles: What is wrong with evil? Deer is a horse. Ask left and right, left or right or silent, or say Ma to A Shun Zhao Gao. Interpretation: Pointing at the deer, saying that it is a horse. The metaphor deliberately reverses black and white, confusing right and wrong. 47. The finishing touch (Zhang Yu) is from Tang \u0026 middot; Zhang Yanyuan, 'The famous paintings of the past generations \u0026middot; Zhang Wei': Jinling Anle Temple, four white dragons do not point their eyes, every cloud: the finishing touch is flying. People think that it is a good thing, please click on it. Shun, thunder and lightning broke, the two dragons took Yunteng to go to heaven, and the two dragons did not see the eye. Interpretation: The original description of the painter Zhang Yi's paintings. When you write an article or a speech, you can use a few words to explain the essence at the key points, so that the content is vivid and powerful. 48, into the wood three points (Wang Xizhi) from Tang \u0026 middot; Zhang Huaiqi 'book break \u0026middot; Wang Xizhi': Wang Xizhi's book wish version, the workers cut it, pen into the wood three points. Interpretation: According to legend, Wang Xizhi wrote on the wooden board. When the woodwork was carved, he found that the handwriting penetrated the board three times deep. Describe calligraphy is extremely penal. The current metaphor analysis problem is very profound. 49, 璁?蹇?蹇?( ( ( 钄?钄?钄?钄?( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( Interpretation: Concealing the disease, not willing to heal. The metaphor is afraid of criticism and conceals its shortcomings and mistakes. 50, more than good (Han Xin) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Huaiyin Hou Lie Chuan' records, Liu Bang asked Han Xin how many soldiers. Han Xin replied: Chen is more than good. Interpretation: The more the metaphor, the better. 51, no crimes in autumn (宀戝江) from 'Han Han \u0026middot; 宀?Peng Chuan': holding the army neat, autumn did not commit. Interpretation: It means that the military discipline is strict and does not infringe on the interests of the people. 52, Wang Mei quenches thirst (Cao Cao) from the Southern Song Dynasty \u0026middot; Liu Yiqing 'Shi Shuo Xinyu \u0026middot; False 璋?: Wei Wu defensive martyrdom, the army are thirsty, is the 鏇? before the big Merlin, Raozi, sweet and sour can quench their thirst. The soldiers are smelling, and the mouth is out of the water. Interpretation: The original meaning is plum, so people want to eat plums will flow, thus quenching thirst. After the metaphor of desire can not be achieved, use the air to comfort yourself. 53. 闉犺含 鐦?( ( Zhuge Liang) from the Three Kingdoms \u0026middot; 铚€ \u0026middot; Zhuge Liang 'after the teacher table': Chen Hao tried his best, died and then. Interpretation: Refers to diligence and diligence. 54. The Three Chapters of the Law (Liu Bang) are from 'Historical Records \u0026 Middot; Gao Zuben': Old-fashioned fathers, three chapters of the law; murderers die, wounded and stolen. Interpretation: Originally referred to the law and the people's compliance. Subsequently refers to the conclusion of simple terms. 55, please enter the 鐡?(Zhou Xing) from 'Zi Zhi Tong Jian \u0026 middot; Tang Ji \u0026 middot; then the emperor gave the next two years': Xing Yi: This is very easy! Take a big shackle and make a prisoner, what is not! Jun Chen is a big man, and the fire is like a law, because he is a prosperous man: there is a kind of internal brother, please come here. Xing Yu fears that he will sin. Interpretation: The metaphor uses someone to rectify others to rectify himself. 56. Take one against the other (Confucius) from 'The Analects of Confucius \u0026middot; Speaking': If you don't take a trip, you will not be able to do it. Interpretation: The metaphor is analogous to one thing and knows many other things. 57. Xiao Cao Cao Sui (Xiao He, Cao Shen) is from 'Historical Records \u0026 Middot; Cao Xiangguo Shijia': How to represent Han Xiangguo, nothing to change, one to obey Xiaohe constraints. Interpretation: Xiao He founded the rules and regulations. After his death, Cao Shen was prime minister and still implemented. The analogy is in accordance with the rules of the predecessor. 58. The talent of the Eight Fighters (Cao Zhi) is from 'Southern History \u0026 middot; Xie Lingyun Biography': The world has a total of one stone, Cao Zijian has won eight battles, I have to fight, since ancient times and today share a fight. Interpretation: The metaphor is very talented. 59, Lu Hai Pan Jiang (Lu Ji, Pan Yue) from the Southern Dynasty \u0026middot; Liang \u0026middot; Zhong Rong 'Poetry' volume: Yu Changyan: Lu Cairuhai, Pan Cairu Jiang. Interpretation: Lu Ji's literary talent is like the sea, Pan Yue's literary talent is like the Yangtze River. A metaphorical and talented person. 60, the case of Qi Mei (Meng Guang, Liang Hong) from 'Han Han \u0026middot; Liang Hong Chuan': for people to rent, every return, his wife is a food, do not dare to look up before Hong, lift the eyebrows. Interpretation: Lift the tray as high as the eyebrows when delivering the meal. Later described the husband and wife respect each other. 61. Suspended beam thorn stocks (Su Qin, Sun Jing) from the Western Han Dynasty \u0026 middot; Liu Xiang 'Warring States policy \u0026 middot; Qin Ceyi': (Su Qin) reading to sleep, lead cones from their stocks, blood flow to the foot. Eastern Han \u0026 middot; Ban Gu 'Han Shu': Sun Jing character Wenbao, eager to learn, morning and evening. And sleep to sleep, to tie the rope, hanging beam. Interpretation: Describe hard study. 62, Qi Yiqi (Cui Wei, Cui Wei) from Song \u0026 middot; Qian Yi 'Southern New Book \u0026middot; Wu Ji': another two years, Cui Wei put Cui Wei, Tan said that the main door students, sighed. Interpretation: The metaphor of people with similar tastes is combined. 63. Jiang Lang was exhausted (Jiang Yan) from 'Southern History \u0026 middot; Jiang Yan Chuan': The drowning is in the middle of the five-color pen. Afterwards, there is no beautiful sentence for poetry. Interpretation: Originally, Jiang Yan had few names, and there were no good sentences in his poems in his later years. The analogy is diminished. 64, seven 鎿?seven vertical (Zhuge Liang) from 'Three Kingdoms \u0026 middot; 铚€蹇?\u0026middot; Zhuge Liang Biography': the bright rate of the South levy, its Qiu Ziping.瑁存澗涔嬪紩寮曘€婃眽鏅嬫槬绉嬨€? Laughing, even if it is more fighting, seven vertical and seven 鎿? and the light is still sent. Interpretation: At the time of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang was sent to the south, and the local chieftain Meng was arrested seven times and released seven times, so that he truly lost and no longer be an enemy. The metaphor uses strategies to make the other party convinced. 65, Mao Zedong self-recommended (Mao) from 'Historical Records \u0026 middot; Plains Jun Li Chuan' records: Qin army besieged Zhao Guodu City, the plains to Chu to seek help, the doorkeepers 閬?閬?automatically request to go together. When he arrived in Chu, Mao Yan came forward and stated his interests. Chu Wang sent troops to save Zhao. Interpretation: Mao Zei self-recommended. The analogy volunteered and recommended himself to work for a certain job. 66, iron scorpion into a needle (Li Bai) from Ming \u0026 middot; Zheng Zhizhen 'Mianlian rescue mother \u0026 middot; four \u0026 middot; Liu Zhai Ni': like a shovel grinding needle, the heart is strong and has a needle day. Interpretation: As long as there is perseverance and willing to work hard, things will succeed. 67, Mo must have (Qin Yu) from 'Song history \u0026 middot; Yue Fei Chuan': Fei Ziyun and Zhang Xianshu, although unknown, its body is not necessary. Interpretation: The original intention is maybe there is. The latter refers to fabrication by air. 68, Tao Li Man Tianxia (Di Renjie) from 'Zi Zhi Tong Jian \u0026 middot; Tang Ji \u0026 middot; Wuhou long-term first year': the world peaches, Li is known at the public threshold. Interpretation: There are many metaphorical students, all over the place. 69, Qu Gao and oligo (Song Yu) from the Warring States \u0026middot; Chu \u0026 middot; Song Yu 'To the Chu Wang': Merchants carved feathers, mixed with the levy, the country and the genus, but only a few people. It is the height of its songs, and its widows. Interpretation: The tunes are deep and there are fewer people who can sing along. The old finger is very rare.

The metaphorical remarks or works are not popular, and there are very few people who can understand.

70, open book is beneficial (Song Taizong) from Jin \u0026 middot; Tao Qian 'and the son and son are sparse': open the book, you will forget to eat.

Interpretation: Reading is always good.

71, the wall stealing light (鍖¤ ) from the 'Xijing Miscellanies' Volume 2: 鍖¤ 瀛楃鍦? diligent and without candle, neighbors have a candle but not caught.

Heng Nai wears its light through the wall and reads it with the book.

Interpretation: Originally, the Western Han Dynasty 鍖?鍑?鍑?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?绌?/p>

Used to describe the poor and study hard.

72, stunned (Lvmen) from 'Three Kingdoms \u0026middot; Wu Zhi \u0026 middot; Lu Meng Chuan' quoted 'Jiang Bi Chuan': Shibe three days, that is, more impressive.

Interpretation: It means that others have made progress and can no longer look at him with old eyes.

73, Wei Wei Zhao (Sun Hao) from 'Historical Records \u0026middot; Grandson Wu Qi Biography' Interpretation: Originally referred to as the method of siege of Wei Guo in the Warring States Period, the Qi army forced Wei Guo to withdraw the Zhao troops and save Zhao.

After the tactic of attacking the enemy's rear position to force the attacking enemy to retreat.

74, a promise of gold (season) from 'Historical Records \u0026middot; Ji Bubu Bu Li Chuan': get gold pounds, it is better to have a quarter of a promise.

Interpretation: A promise made has the value of a thousand dollars.

The metaphor is a lot of credit.

75, killing his wife and rescuers (Wu Qi) from 'Historical Records \u0026middot; Grandson Wu Qi Biography' Interpretation: In order to obtain the position of the general, he will not hesitate to kill his wife.

The metaphor is not to be in vain in order to pursue fame, but to make a success in order to succeed.

76, before and after Gong (Su Qin) from 'Historical Records \u0026middot; Su Qin Biography': Su Qinxiao said its 瀚傛洶: He Qiang and then Gong Gong also? Interpretation: Previously arrogant, and later respectful.

Describe changes in attitudes toward people.

77, do not learn no surgery (Huo Guang) from 'Han \u0026middot; Huo Guangchuan praise': However, the light does not learn to die, darker than Dali.

Interpretation: The original means that there is no way to learn.

Now it means no learning, no skills.

78, San Ling Wu Shen (Sun Wu) from 'Historical Records \u0026 Middot; Grandson Wu Qi Biography': Constraint both cloth, but set up the iron shovel, that is, three orders and five applications.

Interpretation: multiple orders and warnings.

79, painstakingly (Li He) from 'New Tang Book \u0026middot; Li He Chuan': It is a child to be vomiting heart is already! Interpretation: The metaphor uses exhaustion.

Multiple descriptions of the hardships of career, work, and literary creation.

80, near the water tower first month (Su Lin) from Song \u0026 middot; Yu Wenbao 'Qing night recorded': Fan Wenzheng Gongtang Qiantang, officers are recommended, independent inspection Su Lin not seen, is the poem: near the water tower Get the moon, Xiangyang Huamu Yi Fengchun.

Interpretation: The waterfront building first gets the moonlight.

The metaphor is preemptive of certain benefits or conveniences due to proximity to certain people or things.

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