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Of course, regardless of the choice as the starting point, Chen Zheng’s ultimate goal is to build a spaceship production company that can make spacecraft on its own, without having to set a long-term goal, as long as it meets the requirements of the solar system

Lu Education Edition May Fourth System 2015 Autumn Sixth Grade Language Book Guide Case 2 Unit 12 'Shi Shuo Xin Yu' Two Data Download Lu Jiao Edition May Fourth System 2015 Autumn Sixth Grade The second unit of the Chinese language guide book 12 'Shi Shuo Xin Yu' two 'Shi Shuo Xin Yu' two. Accumulate the words of classical Chinese and grasp the meaning of words such as 'Russian, happy, and unsuccessful,' in a specific context. 2. Combine notes, use reference books, unblock sentences, and understand the meaning of the text.

. Combine the words and movements of the characters in the text to taste and understand the character of the characters. . Grasp the main feature of this article, the characteristics of writing in Syria. Reciting essays.

'Shi Shuo Xin Yu' as 'a famous scholar's textbook' (Lu Xun language), teaches people to be righteous, honest and trustworthy, treat people with courtesy, and be elegant. Focus on the characteristics of the succinct language, resignation, and Syria.

Reciting the text.

Difficulties 1. What is Xie Taifu's comment on the two different 咏雪佳句? 2. Yuan Fang criticized his father and friend for being untrustworthy and rude. In the end, he did not 'get into the door'. Is there a rude instrument? The reading method is combined with the point method to extend the reading method.

In the first lesson, '咏雪' lead design students, we have a lot of clever children's stories in ancient times, can you list some? (Student A.) Kong Rong asked Pear, Sima Guangxuan, Wang Wei to comment on Li... Please tell the story of Wang Wei’s comment on Li.

(Teachers can also show small blackboard tips) Wang Hao is seven years old, tastes with the children, and sees the side of the tree, Li Shu, many children, and the children are walking away, but they are not moving.

People ask, answer: 'The tree is on the side of the road and many children, this will bitter Li.


This story comes from 'Shi Shuo Xin Yu Ya Ya Six', today, we learn together from this book '咏雪'.

(Board title), introduction of Liu Yiqing and 'Shi Shuo Xin Yu' students read notes 1, teacher added.

Liu Yiqing (403-444), Southern Song Dynasty writer.

Pengcheng people.

Song Zong's room, attacking Linchuan Wang, once served as the history of Nanzhao.

Love literature, recruiting scribes.

'Shi Shuo Xin Yu' was originally 8 volumes, and today is a volume of 3 volumes. It is divided into 36 lines of virtue, speech, political affairs, literature, Founder, elegance, knowledge, and reputation. It mainly records the speeches of the scholars of the Jin Dynasty. Acting, more reflects the ethics of the Shi people at that time, life and talk about the atmosphere of the release.

Lu Xun called it 'a textbook of famous scholars.'

The books are mostly rumors and anecdotes. They are mainly short stories. They are generally straightforward in writing, without any exaggeration, simple language, and resignation. They are the masterpieces of the six dynasty.

Reading '咏雪'1. Students are free to read the text, compare the notes, use the reference book to understand the words, read the sentences, and clear the meaning.

2. The students are divided into groups, and the group members discuss the difficulties in solving the words and phrases, according to the steps of reading-translation.

If there are problems that are difficult to solve in the group, they can be submitted to the class for collective resolution, and the teacher can give appropriate tips.

[内集] Family gathering.

Inside, refer to family.

Set, gather.

[Children] refers to the younger generation, here refers to the younger generation in the family.

[Speech thesis] Explain poetry.

Yi, reason, meaning, meaning of the article.

[Russian] Soon, for a while.

Snow (tight) [happy] happy look.

[Look] is similar, like.

[Poor (chà)] is roughly the same.

[Practice] compared.

[Not as] is not as good as it is.

[因] because.

Fu fùRussian é and snow zhòu xin xīn 然柳絮xù奕yì凝níng哉zāi reading pause Xie Taifu\\寒雪日\\内集, and children\\ 讲文义.

Russian and \\Snow, public\\Happy: 'What is the snow?' Brother Hu, \\': 'Salt salt in the air' can be drafted.

'Brothers\\曰: 'If not, the catkins start from the wind.


that is, the public brother, the innocent woman, the left general, Wang Ningzhi, and his wife.

Student grouping questions.

(1) Each group asks questions.

After dredging the meaning of the text, ask the students to read the text deeply and ask questions that are difficult to understand.

(2) Teacher induction issues.

The questions that may be raised are: 1 Xie family gathering poems, why not choose a good day, but choose a cold snow day? 2 How to understand 'Public Lecture'? In the end, does Xie Taifu think that the answer is the best? 3 compare snow to salt and compare it to catkins. Which one is better? Is there a better metaphor for describing snow? The students started discussions, expressed their opinions, and the teachers gave discretion.

1 Xie family gathering poetry, why not choose a good day, but choose a cold snow day? At the beginning of the article, 'Xie Taifu Han Xueji set, and the children's essays' is a short fifteen words, covering the rich content of the event's time, place, characters and subject matter.

Because of the 'cold snow day' and 'Russia and snow', it is possible to lead to the 'Snow Snow' incident.

What kind of atmosphere does the family meet in this article? Where do you see it? ((Inner set, happy, laughter) Contact context, the meaning of 'children' is different from today. The ancient 'children' are still younger generations, referring to the younger generation in the family.

The 'children' of today refer to children.

The 'four beautifuls' that the ancients valued are good things, beautiful scenery, appreciation, and joy.

The goodness and beauty of the place here are unrestricted to be understood as spring and Jingming, green grass, and in the cold weather of snowflake, it is inconvenient to go out, isn’t it a pleasure to have a party? The words “happy”, “laughing” and “le” in the article can be seen in a harmonious, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

2How do you understand the 'public laughter'? In the end, does Xie Taifu think that the answer is the best? There are different explanations for 'Gongda laughter': Some people think that Xie Taifu is satisfied with both answers; some people think that 'laughing' is a metaphor, 'le' is a metaphor; some people think that Xie Taifu is a 'cabbard' and 'laughs' fun'.

Although the article does not clearly evaluate the metabolism of Taifu, but from the end of the text to add the identity of Xie Daojun, it can be seen that the author clearly implies that reader Xie Taifu appreciates Xie Daojun's talent.

Intention to words, it is really intriguing.

3 compare snow to salt and compare it to catkins. Which one is better? Is there a better metaphor for describing snow? With 'salt airborne' and 'cabbard due to the wind' to compare 'big snow', each has its own merits. Some people think that 'salt air' is a good example. The color and the state of falling are close to the salt, and the catkins are grayish white. They tend to rise in the wind, even fly higher and farther, and the way of dancing with snow is different. The writing must first be similar in appearance and then in the same way as the foundation. Some people think that 'the catkins are due to the wind' is a good example. It gives people the feeling that spring is coming, and has profound implications. What is lacking in the word 'salt' is precisely the meaning. A good verse must have an image, and an image is the unity of the object and the meaning. The 'willow' is a good example of imagery. The classmates listed in the texts include 'goose feathers' and 'dandelion children'. On the basis of full affirmation, the teachers appropriately quoted other famous snow words, such as Han Yu's 'Spring Snow'. 'White snow is too late for spring, so the tree is used as a flying flower.' , Cen Shen 'White Snow Song sent the judge to return to Beijing' 'Suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms' and so on. 'Snow Snow' is a story about the famous Xie family in the Jin Dynasty. In a family gathering, Xie Daoyun showed his talents. Students are free to read the text and recite the text. Please close your eyes and imagine that there are snow fluttering in the air, and the snow is floating. Suppose you also participated in the discussion at the time. Please use the following sentence to write another sentence or two, and make a vivid description of the white snow that has been raised.曰: “Poor can be drafted” or 曰: “Not as expected” (1) “Sprinkle air gap can be drafted.” (2): “If you don’t want the flowers to float in the wind.” (3) “If you don’t dance like a goose feather.” (4) “The cotton wool can fly.” '(5) 'If the pear blossoms are flying in the sky.' 6 'If the heavens are scattered, there are hundreds of lotuses.' (7) 'The cherry blossoms fall off the difference.' (8) 'If the jade is quiet, it will fall.' (9) 'If not the white butterfly dance 'The second class will study 'Chen Taiqiu and Friendship'. Students read the text aloud and uncover the meaning of the text; put forward the difficult problems encountered in the reading, the teachers and students jointly discuss and solve; recite the text; inductively draw on the writing and language features of this article, accumulate words. The lead design has a young man trekking on the long road of life. When he arrives at a ferry, he already has “health”, “beauty”, “integrity”, “smartness”, “study”, “money” and “honor”. Seven rucksacks. When the ferry was out, it was calm and calm, and it was too long to say that the wind was rising and the boat was bumping up and down. Yu Gong said: 'The small load of the ship is heavy, and the passenger officer must discard a rucksack to make it difficult.' Seeing young people can't bear to lose. Mekong also said: 'There is abandonment and gain, and there is nothing to lose.' The young man pondered for a while and threw 'integrity' into the water. In the fable, 'integrity' has been abandoned, what does it cause you to think about? Students read the text, compare the notes, use the reference books, understand the words and sentences, and unblock the meaning. Then, in small groups, the group members discuss and solve difficult problems in words and phrases. And go. Select two students to repeat the text, pay attention to the completeness of the plot and the core content of the story, and other students' comments. Retelling the story in modern Chinese: Chen Taiqiu and a friend agreed to go out together and make an appointment at noon. Noon has passed, no friends come, Taiqi no longer waits and left. After Taiqiu left, the talent came. Chen Yuanfang, the eldest son of Taiqiu, was seven years old and was playing outside the door. The man asked Yuan Fang: 'Is your father at home?' Yuan Fang replied: 'When you haven't come for a long time, he has already left.' The man started his temper and said: 'It's not something! Make an appointment with others.' I walked together, but left others and left. 'Yuan Fang said: 'You and my father have an appointment at noon, you are not at noon, you don't talk about credit; for his son, his father is 'I am rude.' The man felt embarrassed and went down from the car. He wanted to shake hands with the Yuan. The Yuan did not return to his own door. Interacting with teachers and students, discussing texts, and reciting the texts of the various groups to ask the teachers to summarize the questions raised. The questions that may be raised are: (1) Is the concept of time in 'Japan-China' scientific? There is no precise timing instrument in ancient times. How to judge late? Ancient timed instruments are relatively simple, with wooden tables, leaking pots, etc. It is impossible to have precise time division. The 'Japanese-Chinese' here is the concept of time that was customary at the time - noon. This friend missed the time limit agreed by both parties, so he was late. (2) How should we evaluate the behavior of the three characters in the text - Chen Taiqiu? Please find out the basis from the text. Chen Taiqiu: Taiqiu She Goes - Can't tolerate those who are not trustworthy, let him remember the lesson, bear the consequences. What is the purpose of confessing 'Yuan Fang is seven years old'? (Or what is the intention?) The age of the Yuan Dynasty is young, set the following for the pen, to highlight its young wit, cleverness, courtesy, and integrity. What is the difference between the titles of 'Jun', 'Jiajun' and 'Yunjun' in the article? 'Jun' is a politely called each other, and it is 'you'. 'Zunjun' is a kind of honor for other people's fathers. 'Jiajun' modest words, said to his father. (3) Yuan Fangyi sternly pointed out which two points of his father's friend were wrong? Jun and his family are in the middle of the day. It is unbelievable when it is not in the middle of the day; it is rude to the uncle. (4) What kind of person is a friend? In the text, friends and Chen Taiqiu 'during the mid-day', the result 'not until', it can be seen that he said no words, no trustworthy; after the arrival, asked Yuan Fang 'respect the monarch is not?' is more polite; When I learned that Chen Taiqiu had left first, and did not reflect on his own mistakes, but angered Taiqiu, rude and rude, very rude, it can be seen that he is a lack of cultivation, rudeness; in the Yuanfang Yiyi After the criticism of the stern words, he 'squats' and 'gets off the train' and is more sincere and has the spirit of knowing the wrong and changing. Some students checked the relevant information and learned that the friend is an official with two grades higher than Chen Taiqiu. He is generally arrogant and rude to Chen Taiqiu. (5) What is the character of the Yuanfang? Reading Yuan Fang’s critical discourse on friends, we can see that Yuan Fang has a good family education and shows his quality of understanding and understanding. The Yuanfang’s “introduction to the vulgar friends” reveals the child’s straightforward character, the characteristics of the likes and dislikes, and the characteristics of his integrity. (6) When the friend 'squats' and 'gets off the train', is the Yuanfang 'introduction' not rude? This is an open question, and it can be affirmed or denied. The reason that is not rude is: Yuan Fang is only seven years old, we should not ask for full blame; a person who believes in blame and does not know self-blame and is a father, is inferior in his conduct, and should be categorically rejected by such a person. a long distance away. The reason that the Yuanfang has a rudeness is that people are not sages, can you have nothing? If you can correct the mistakes, you can still be a person with knowledge. How can you completely deny a person because of a person’s mistake? Forgive a person who knows what can be changed, does it mean that a person has a broad mind and is it cultivated? (8) Inductive theme: 'Chen Taiqiu and Friendship' tells the story of a friend of his father who was talking about his father when Chen Ji was seven years old. 1. Explain the words added in the following sentences. With the friend's line agreement Taiqiushe to leave the entrance, regardless of the look back and see the future, the hardships and the future, after getting off the train, pull the Taiqiu She to give up is not honest, honesty, credit, sing, sing, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, casual, casual 2. Translate the following sentences. 1 Taiqiu She went, after going. 1 Taiqiu no longer waited and left. After Taiqiu left, the talent came. 2 Jun and his family are in the middle of the day, but not in the middle of the day, there is no faith; it is rude to the uncle. You have an appointment with my father to start at noon. You are not at noon, you are not creditworthy; it is rude to marry his father to his father. 3 salt spray air gap can be drafted. Sprinkle the salt in the air. 4 If the catkins are due to the wind. It’s better to blow the catkins all over the sky.

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