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People's Education Edition Seventh Grade Morality and Rule of Law Book Exercise Ending Test 5 Data Download People's Education Edition Seventh Grade Morality and Rule of Law Book Exercise Ending Test 5 Ending Test Out of 100 points, limited time 60 minutes one, multiple choice questions (each question) 3 points, a total of 45 points) 1. After Xiaomei went to junior high school, she found that she had added a lot of troubles. The following troubles belong to adolescence. (1) I want to buy a pair of jeans, but my mother has to buy me sportswear. 2 The acne on my face is much more. I was ugly and a boy from the 3 classes wrote a letter to me. He said that he likes me, what should I do? 4How did my mother become so unreasonable? 123B. 134C. 234D. 12342. After entering junior high school, we are increasingly aware of the subtleties between male and female students. The following can correctly treat the relationship between male and female students () A. Since it is a sensitive issue, try to avoid B. No big deal, you can do whatever you want C. Falling down, respecting and understanding each other. No need to pay attention to the opposite sex classmates 3. In a museum, two children shake the glass exhibits hard. The parents on the side not only did not stop, but also took pictures with their mobile phones. In a planetarium, several children 鈥渃razy鈥?tapped to experience the fallen drums of the meteorites... just past the International Museum Day, At the same time that many museums are open free of charge, the exhibits are subject to 鈥渋ntimate contact鈥?and the museum is full of rubbish.

For this situation, you want to remind people () A. With the development of the economy, people enjoy more and more rights. Be shameful, understand honor and disgrace, and consciously abide by public rules. As a small master of the country, I want to do what I want to do. To correctly handle the relationship between collective interests and personal interests. Different emotions have different effects on people's physical and mental health and growth.

For the healthy growth of people, among the following methods, what you think is not desirable is () A. Be the master of emotions, learn to regulate emotions B. Reasonably venting bad feelings C. Be strong and silently endure negative emotions D. Actively and proactively cultivate healthy and noble emotions. In the face of good things, our hearts will have a beautiful feeling. The following can bring us beautiful edifications are () 1 deeds of heroes and heroes of ancient and modern China and foreign countries. 2 great rivers and mountains of the motherland 3 thrilling film and television works 4 elegant literature and art A. 234B. 123C. 124D. 1346. 'Flowers are born in trees, and they die when they leave; birds are in Lin Zele, and outliers are sad.' Your understanding of this sentence is () A. The collective is the home of individual survival and growth. Collective development is inseparable from the efforts of each member. The realization of personal interests will promote the development of the collective D. Do not pay attention to personal interests at any time. If a classmate fails to get the first place in the appraisal because of a classmate's disciplinary violation, you will () A. I feel that this is not my business. Do not care B. He didn鈥檛 have a collective sense of honor. C. Help him correct the mistake with his classmates. I feel that he is very personal and learn from him. 8. On December 3, 2015, Guangzhou Evergrande football player Gao Laite won the title of Asia's top scorer, but he said: 'This honor belongs to the collective, because football is a collective project. Players are part of the group. Good group, you can be good; if the group is not good, you can't be better. I haven't heard of any downgraded team who can still be the best shooter. 'The correct understanding of this passage is ( 1) The process of achieving collective goals also provides conditions for personal development and may be two people's learning, life and work are inseparable from the collective 3 collective interests and personal interests are essentially the same 4 to the collective interests, to sacrifice individuals Interest A. 123B. 124C. 134D. 2349. 'Three people can save energy, four people are more relaxed, everyone is united, and Pepsi can succeed.

'This sentence tells us that the reason is () A. Each classmate is a unique individual in the class B. Each classmate can find a position in the class C. The class has a goal, the students have The direction of the effort D. Unity and cooperation, in order to build an excellent class collective 10. An outstanding class should have the distinctive features of () 1 form a consistent goal and pursue 2 have multiple small groups 3 bear the common mission 4 good at Cooperation, full of vitality A.123B.124C.134D.23411. We are the masters of the collective, we should establish a sense of ownership, and strive to add brilliance to the collective = the following statement, the mistake is () A. Seriously complete the class to hand over to their own Task B. Just ask for the study, other things are not C. Actively participate in the activities of the class collective D. Consciously maintain the honor and interests of the class collective. Some teenagers believe that: one does not violate the law, the second does not sin, The law has nothing to do with itself: the mistake of this point is that () A. Denies that the youth is the main force of socialist construction. B. Denies that life cannot be separated from the norms and guarantees of the law. C. See China is a society ruled by law D. The citizens are closely linked to the law. 13. In order to gamble the debt, the unemployed young man Qian sneaked into the neighbor鈥檚 house of Wang鈥檚 uncle in the middle of the night and stole a piece of ancient painting worth more than 20,000 yuan. Someone was arrested by the public security organs and was sanctioned by the law. The ancient paintings were also returned to the original owner. This case shows that (1) the law protects the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. 2 Unemployed youth will surely embark on the criminal road. 3 If everyone is well protected. If you violate your own laws, you will be subject to legal sanctions. A.12B.14C.23D.3414. According to relevant statistics, the juvenile crime rate has increased significantly in recent years. Becoming a serious social problem. In this regard, our youth should () A. establish legal beliefs, consciously act in accordance with the law B. increase the punishment for illegal crimes C. refuse 'yellow, gambling, poison', refuse network D. Having rights and not fulfilling obligations 15. When the middle school student Xiaobin went to school through a book stall, the book stall owner enthusiastically recommended books to him and forced him to buy it. Xiaobin At first glance, it was obscene reading, and the boss quickly fled when he did not pay attention. Xiaobin, who came home, thought about calling the relevant department after repeated, and soon the book stall was sealed up according to law. This reminds us () A. To learn to protect themselves, Do not care about the business. B. Learn to use the rule of law to protect their legitimate rights and interests. C. Seizure of illegal book stalls according to law is the judicial protection of minors. D. The practice of the book stall owner only violates the relevant provisions of the compulsory education law. Non-choice questions (55 points in total) 16. [Going well in youth time] When you enter middle school, you will enter the door of adolescence and start the most beautiful spring of your life. In the face of youth, I am full of curiosity, dress up, cool, publicity Personality, but encounters criticism; facing life, I am full of expectations, worshiping stars, eager for the opposite sex, but indulging in fantasy; facing the society, I am full of passion, blindly follow the crowd, yearning for independence, but out of reality. (1) Among the above materials The performance reflects the characteristics of the contradictory psychology of adolescence (6 points). (2) Whether the style is cool, whether the personality reflects the independence of thinking (4 points) (3) How should we regulate the contradiction of adolescence? Psychology (6 points) 17. [Learn to regulate emotions] In recent years, a series of 'hands-on-door' incidents seem to tell us that more and more people have become 'angry birds': in Hanyang, Wuhan, a female civil servant chased the road and was supervised by the city. The staff dissuaded, and the female civil servant gave the city supervisor a slap in the face.

In Hangzhou, a young man has been slap in the bus because of the fact that there is no slap in the bus. Jinan, Jilin and Lanzhou have also had similar incidents. It seems that the slap in the face is not allowed to be slap in the face.

At the Beijing West Railway Station, a man was also beaten by a bus. Unreasonable troubles, cloaked with justice, the slap in the face, indicating that the temper of the Chinese people is getting worse and worse. (1) What kind of basic emotions are reflected in the 鈥渉ands-on-door鈥?incident (2 points) (2) Please use the knowledge you have learned to analyze the impact of emotions on people.

(4 points) (3) How should we regulate our emotions in order to avoid 'angry birds' (6 points). [I grew up with the collective] In the monthly civilized class selection activity, the seventh grade (1) class was unsuccessful. As a result, several classmates in the class started a discussion: Xiao Huang said: 'I just need to manage my own affairs. The class collective has nothing to do with me.' Xiao Li said: 'Without a civilized class, there is no health.' Growing up.' Xiaomei said: 'The class collective is a matter for each of us. Striving for a civilized class depends on the efforts of each of us.

鈥?1) Who do you think is correct (1 point) How do you think you can create a good class (6 points) (2) If you are a member of this class, you will create What do civilized classes do (6 points) 19. [Learn to do things according to law] Xiaoling, who is in the seventh grade, lives in the countryside.

Some older children in the village went to work outside the country after finishing primary school.

Xiaoling admired the way they had money and thought about it, and she thought about it in the city. So she left without saying goodbye and went out to work with friends. In this regard, people in the village have been talking about it.

Xiaoling's father: 'We are poor at home, and children go out to work to earn some money, and to supplement their families.

鈥滳ampus cadres: 鈥淚f you are so young, you will drop out of school, and Xiaoling鈥檚 future will be delayed.

鈥?1) Please use the legal knowledge you have learned to evaluate Xiaoling鈥檚 behavior.

(4 points) (2) Is Xiaoling鈥檚 father and village cadres correct? (6 points) (3) What should minors do in education (4 points) Reference answer 1 . D analysis: The stem requires the choice of due to the physiological changes and psychological changes caused by adolescence, 1234 is in line with the meaning of the question, so choose D.

2. C analysis: This question examines the correct knowledge of the normal interaction between male and female students.

A, B, and D are wrong; C is correct. So choose C. 3. B. Analysis: These behaviors in the title are not ashamed. It is a wrong act to not distinguish between right and wrong, beauty and ugliness.

For this situation, the statement in B is correct.

C is wrong. A, D have nothing to do with the meaning of the question. So choose B. 4. C analysis: This question is a reverse multiple choice question.

Negative emotions are detrimental to health, and the practice in C is not advisable.

5. C analysis: 124 is a beautiful thing, can bring a good experience and feelings, so choose C.

6. A analysis: The words in the title illustrate the importance of the collective to the individual's survival and development, and A conforms to the meaning of the question.

B and C have nothing to do with the meaning of the question. D is wrong.

Choose A.

7. C analysis: a good collective is full of care and love, C is the right way. A, B, D practices are wrong.

Choose C.

8. A analysis: While adhering to collectivism, we also recognize the rationality of personal interests and protect the legitimate interests of individuals.

123 is a correct understanding of the words of Gao Lat.

Choose A.

9. D analysis: This sentence emphasizes the importance of solidarity and cooperation, and D is the revelation of this sentence.

A, B, and C do not match the meaning of the question. So choose D.

10. C analysis: 134 is a remarkable feature that an excellent class should have.

Small groupism is an expanded individualism, 2 mistakes. So choose C. 11. B analysis: A, C, D are the expression of ownership, and B is the expression of lack of ownership.

Choose B. 12. B. Analysis: The viewpoint in the title is wrong. It denies that the law is closely related to our life. Our life cannot be separated from the norms and guarantees of the law.

Choose B. 13. B analysis: the ancient paintings can be returned to the original owner to reflect the viewpoint of 1 .

Qianmou鈥檚 legal sanctions have been reflected in the 4 points. 23 is wrong.

Choose B. 14. A analysis: Young people should establish legal beliefs to avoid illegal crimes, and consciously do things according to law, so choose A.

15. B analysis: A statement is wrong. B is the correct understanding of the case. The relevant departments have sealed up illegal book stalls in accordance with the law, which is a social protection for minors. C is wrong. The practice of the book stall owner violated the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Minors and other related laws. So choose B. Second, non-choice questions 16. (1) Rebellion and dependence; lock and open; brave and jealous. (2) The independence of thinking is not the same as pursuing uniqueness, but means that it is incomprehensible, has its own unique opinions, and accepts reasonable and correct opinions of others.

So the style is cool, and the personality does not reflect the independence of thinking. (3) 1 Participate in group activities, relax yourself in the warmth of the group; 2 learn to solve the troubles by asking others; 3 divert attention through cultivating interest, accept and adjust the ambivalence of adolescence; 4 learn self-regulation, become Your own 'mental health doctor.' Analysis: This question examines the characteristics of anatomical psychology in adolescence, the independence of thinking, and the method of regulating anatomical psychology in adolescence. These are the basic knowledge of the textbook, students can answer according to the knowledge of the textbook. 17. (1) anger. (2) Emotion affects our ideas and actions. It may motivate us to overcome difficulties, work hard, or let us stop because of a small setback.

(3) Change cognitive evaluation, transfer attention, reasonable catharsis, relaxation training, etc. Analysis: This question examines the types of emotions, the effects of emotions, and ways to regulate emotions.

These are all reproductions of the textbook knowledge, and students can answer them based on the textbook knowledge.

18. (1) 1 Xiao Li and Xiao Mei's views are correct.

2 Create an excellent class to do the following: establish a common goal and work tirelessly toward this goal; students should be responsible for co-construction (or dedicate their enthusiasm and strength to the collective); Unite and cooperate, help each other; and so on.

(2) I am very enthusiastic, I can be a class receiver; I am good at sports, I can be a sports committee member; I like painting, I can be responsible for class promotion; I like music, I can serve Class literary and art committee members; etc.

Analysis: Question (1), examine the relationship between individuals and the collective and how to create knowledge about excellent class groups. According to the collective life achievements, I and the collective knowledge of the growth of the collective, Xiao Li and Xiaomei's views are correct.

Creating a good class requires a common goal, a solidarity and cooperation of all members, and autonomous action and self-construction. Students can organize answers from these aspects. Question (2) asks students to discuss how they can contribute to the collective construction of the class based on their own personality characteristics.

19. (1) Xiaoling鈥檚 behavior violates the relevant requirements of the compulsory education law. It is illegal to fail to perform nine years of compulsory education.


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