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锘?p>The publication period of 'Yu Tao' is more than 40 days: On October 30, 2015, the topic will be declared, edited and designed, and the first trial will be completed. ??, the second trial?????, the third trial?, proofreading ???, red and red?, the topic of approval?????, apply for cip and book number?, final draft ???, prepress Color ???, proofing????, signing????, going to print?, the opening of the painting on December 12, 2015? ??? 顓?顎?顎?,, the album scheduled to be placed at the opening ceremony is far from enough ??, the audience quickly took away?? Many domestic first-line art critics who participated in the seminar liked this book??, I also continue to invite artists to invite me after completing this book????? .

This book is based on the successful design of books I met a good author:? This is an author editing experience has provided a picture album almost done zero prepress processing toned ????. As a university professor, Yu Tao鈥檚 writing ability is very strong. I am very smooth in reading the text in the editing work. He is also an author with experience in book design. The design requirements are clear and clear. The process of making books did not follow the regular publishing steps in the case of sufficient time? There were some work repetitions, but overall it seemed that I had a feeling of phoenix nirvana?????.

Thanks to Yu Tao鈥檚 trust????, let me be the responsible editor, and give me the book design honor for this book.

The book design of 'Yu Tao' first emphasizes the ontology of reading function, the sense of order of information, and secondly, the emphasis on contextuality and returning materiality in the expression of design language. The expression of the form, the artistic nature of the form and the scientific structure of the layout. I believe that the book is one of the most enduring and precious spiritual products of mankind. Book designers are not only the solution to the problem of reading function, but also the constructor of visual aesthetic form, the challenge of new media, the diversification of reading methods, the value of books as material forms. Constantly being questioned, but the reading needs are eternal? What we need to do is to make the book from the inside out, from the content to the form, and to complement each other. Enter the palace of art with the most perfect and noble posture. It is more interesting to put together Chen Qiuwei's work: I have created a series of paintings by the book that has been edited and processed, and Chen Qiuwei is the object of my book. Painting and artistic thinking and editing? Designed into a book? I am thinking about how we can go down in the future??? This constitutes a topic?

The most important thing for authors and editors in publishing is the time factor.

This book is written from the content of??, editing?????, design?????, production????, three trials?, proofreading????, printing the whole process of about 40 Tian ???, less than two months????, this is mainly Chen Qiuwei's editorial experience?? At that time, I deeply felt that Chen Qiuwei is a fast knife? Of course, people may want to force it???? Chen Qiuwei's design feeling also burst out during the editing process.

My 66 works and the partial map of each piece are all I have prepared in Beijing to be fixed on the page??, my life and creation process pictures are more than 2000????, let me be very Difficult to choose technically and contently? I only let Chen Qiuwei deal with it????? He has rich experience in drawing pictures. He has screened the pictures.

Arid lie] 闅?绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁 绯滆盁Together with the computer to do the subtraction????, and finally selected more than 360????.

I have 200,000 words in all my artistic thinking texts. I need to choose more than 50,000 words related to this batch of works. I will do the subtraction???? and then submit it to Chen Qiuwei for review. Do another subtraction????, so the efficiency is higher??, or benefit from Chen Qiuwei's experience????, we worked together around 6??, 7 times to complete the content and design Finalized?????.

This book can be successful. I think: not only because Chen Qiuwei is a good designer????, more importantly, he is an excellent book editor????, now the structure or information of the book The combing is very clear?

If I just want to find a good designer?, there may be highlights in the design?????, but I still need to communicate with a responsible editor to realize the idea of ??the text??? Is it a very hard thing? And I found that many designers will impose too many decorations on the book????, ignoring the reading function of books???, and as an editor, Chen Qiuwei pursues the reading function. ??

As a friend of many years?????, Chen Qiuwei has a lot more understanding of my work and text than other designers and editors?????.

An artist is a book? Is there a way to think about the form of a book? The key is what is the purpose of the artist's book???? Is it to convey his artistic life?? The summary?, these need to be through the designer's design language to complete the information that they want to convey to the reader????, in fact, is also a creation for the designer?

I have been a 40-year book?? First, I have a feeling today: the person who draws books and writes books is Yu Tao?????, the book and design book is Chen Qiuwei???, which makes them The book is able to complete the publication of a book with passion in just 40 days, reaching the ideal state of content and form.

I think that the length of time is not the key to determining the quality of a book?????, the key depends on how well they deal with the two problems in their bookwork: First, communication? ??, the second is to choose?????.

We have encountered a good time?????, and have made some books that have won national awards in content. The design of these books is also the result of continuous communication or game.

As a designer????, I often face a group of people who make a book?????, and even many of them are big names in various industries, for a book?????, They will make various suggestions????

If I am doing a book on the theme of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, there are leaders who say that Xiaomi Plus rifle????, and leaders also say that the Yellow River chorus????, turn the tide????, these images The specific concept of the instruction????, I can only go one by one to achieve the ??, but in the end can fully express the contents of the book is not this type of graphics?

I have met a lot of money authors?????, but he will impose a lot of his own design ideas for me to complete?? That design should not be my own design.

I have also met Huang Jiancheng????, Han Jiaying, such a high-quality author?????, Huang Jian is how I edit and design casually??, Han Jiaying is a famous designer himself, so they The books of the two have a good performance.

The skill of editing is also how to make trade-offs, such as?, I am a recent album of a famous artist????, it can be said that the artist鈥檚 milestone complete album ???, the artist鈥檚 There is a tough choice in the style of the seal. I just served as the design work for this album. But the editorial work has been carried out for 7?, 8 months has not been completed yet? I am in a state of constantly coordinating the opinions of all parties. ?? Some enthusiasts have only written or designed a few books????, constantly making comments????, maybe a kind of harm?

This complete album is reluctant to make content, making it difficult to make a special difference.

Now, it鈥檚 not enough to just say that the frame loading is enough????, there should be more general thinking??, designers from 2D?????, 3D?????, even 4D?????, Five Senses: Vision, Hearing, Olfactory, Taste, Tactile Sense, Interpretation of Artist's Works from Materials, Paper, Crafts, etc. Is it a creation? ??.

I think that some experts in the field of book design in China have indeed contributed to the development of Chinese book design. But now there is a problem?????, some designers may fall into a black hole: excessive Packaging and complex decoration?????, can also be said to be over-designed, and the reading function of book design is a bit lacking in nature.

The success of this book?????, communication and trade-offs are the most important places to summarize?????, it can be said that Chen Qiuwei's book is simple in style, very suitable for reading???? ?, naked back is very appropriate to the content of this book to open the need?, the design is hidden behind the work????, but it can be seen that it is meticulous????, cultural thinking design????.

Yu Tao's paintings and Chen Qiuwei's book????, I think today's posters with a book and a book are just a primer????, I feel that they can bring this two today's seminars. More thoughts coming out: reading????, writing books?, making books????, teaching????, selling books \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip;?, today is the world reading day????, we I know that Chen Qiuwei has done a lot of things, the national standard textbooks for primary and secondary schools, the university textbooks, the academic books, the awards for key books, and the prints. Some works????, to this seminar today, I feel that Chen Qiuwei has stood up in the design of books. At least the insiders are acknowledging that this work is his masterpiece of book design??? ??

Mr. Chen Xin talked about communication problems in the process of book design. In fact, it can also be expressed in terms of game relationships. How do you put the author's thoughts and designers' thinking into the design during the game? ??, the success of this game may be due to age????, experience?, or achievement? The key is the designer's self-confidence, and the self-confidence is strong????? The design ideal of your own??, the success of the game?, and the book is the key to doing it.

When it comes to the artist's summative ultimate album and staged growth album, the old artists are very concerned about their own things. There are editors who need to understand the life experience of the painter carefully????? What is the characteristic of the era in which the painter is located? In the process of the game, you must be familiar with each other to realize your own design ideals.

There is a practice of Dahongpao artist album in the art world? Is this editor and design of Chen Qiuwei鈥檚 album 'Yu Tao' more intimate? I think that after today鈥檚 seminar, can we create different Yu Dahong鈥檚 artist album brand ??? is worth looking forward to?

Chen Qiuwei's book design for this book? I personally think that there should be better performance in the awards. Of course, this involves the issue of the award mechanism. This issue can be discussed in future activities. ?, improve and improve?

If you look at the judging criteria of the world's most beautiful books, it is more important that editors and designers should first be an information organizer????, to integrate noisy text information into different categories. ??, the reader's reading process is like opening a drawer????, to get the artistic and logical double reading pleasure??.

This requires the designer to intervene in the editing process of the text beforehand, which is called editorial design????.

And most designers have to get involved in the early editing process is still very difficult?????, from this level, rather than Yu Tao chose a good designer? He met Qiu Wei, a good editor with both text control and design skills.

As a book designer?, Yu Tao鈥檚 work shows the form of the book after removing all the text content, which brings me great shock and sentiment????, some of our current books may be far from reading this fundamental The appeal is getting farther and farther????, on the form????, including material ???, process and structure of excessive chasing????, and even affect the basic reading function????, let the books come The closer it is to a material shell, it seems to be contrary to the inheritance culture of books and the function of disseminating knowledge.

The reading habits that many foreign people have formed for a long time????, let books become a kind of fast-moving goods????, and domestic readers seem to give reading too many other meanings??, this may be The root cause of the aesthetic differentiation of book design?

Current readers will choose to click on the search on the Internet. In a thumb-sized space, materials and crafts can't be touched. How to deal with the digital age? Design presentation????, is the problem we need to consider? After all, all sense of form should be based on the wider dissemination of content.

This book is related to architecture at two points. One is space???, and the other is time????.

Like a piece of installation work, then there is something imaginable and playable in time and space?

We have a problem now?? As long as it is old, it is good, there is still a problem???, a book is opened but it is difficult to put it back? Is it a time factor?

In the architectural design book?, the fonts and layouts are basically simple?????, one type of font in the end?, more emphasis on graphics-based?? Now there are also architects who publish books, reverse thinking? There is no picture ???, all are text?????, design to see things?????, architecture to see the experience?????.

China is very interesting? The paintings and sculptures of our Qin and Han dynasties are not realistic?????, we only have a lot of associations with the past history and culture, so the reading function is very important? We also have regrets when we read novels and movies.

When Chen Qiuwei made this book?????, I can see that it is very hard to do????, very familiar with the author??, very familiar with the work???, so the layout and cover presentation Is it better? We sometimes do design ???, don鈥檛 understand the design object, don鈥檛 even want to know?????, it鈥檚 a job, or always think that customers don鈥檛 understand themselves. Design style?? It is obvious that Chen Qiuwei is in a state of seriousness and hard work.

This discussion is more meaningful today. I think there is a difference between art and design?????, art does not need to be explained?????, but the design must be explained? We need to explain the design clearly. We talked about the design can't be done?????, if it is too much, it is out of the value of reading????, for example, Xie Ying talked about not going back. The book, which belongs to experimental exploration, has a certain value. In terms of commodities, once it has been done, it is worth considering.

As far as this book is concerned, we will have the first feeling of designing?????, most people may have such a design direction when thinking?????, from design thinking Speaking, is this expression a way of presenting? Will we have other ways to present it?

After Chen Qiuwei finished this book of Yu Tao????, the next step is to make my book? So I am very concerned about today鈥檚 discussion?????, I am the book completed by Chen Qiuwei. ????, I decided to ask him to make a picture book for me???, I know very well about Chen Qiuwei? Before, he hasn鈥檛 had any masterpieces of book design that I have approved. Even though he has done a lot of books, The design of this book is better than the books he won the National Book Awards?, those books are officialized, too popular, and Chen Qiuwei is in the interpretation of the design, and the book is in the exhibition of Yu Tao The scene is very harmonious, like a small installation? That is to say, the design of the book is consistent with the style of Yu Tao's work, but this style may not be suitable if it is used in my work. ?????.

I just said that the design can't be done. This book doesn't have the so-called literary art that is popular nowadays. Some books of the literary art are very beautiful????, very beautiful?????, but after opening ???, when I want to read it carefully, I always feel less or something more??

We talk about German design?????, emphasizing the functionality of the design, the artistic nature of the function? In the case of functional satisfaction, then consider the aesthetic form of the design?

For the artist?????, we have a lot of books to read?????, but how to make your own books is also appropriate????, in fact, still need professional thinking of designers? ? Of course, this designer is better able to combine text editing skills.

This book is visually comfortable.? The two separate volumes are also very good when reading. The weight is moderate. The text is very smooth in reading.

This book by Chen Qiuwei is not satisfied with all the design elements when the function is satisfied?, that is to say, there is no so-called design taste, it is very clean????? I think that the design taste may be a kind of harm to the book in the book??, there is no design taste. This is the master in the design?????.

This book shows that Chen Qiuwei is a very quiet state when he is doing this book?????, there is no utilitarian indifferent????.

Although it鈥檚 just over 40 days?????, but I don鈥檛 see a sense of rush.

The audience through Yu Tao鈥檚 book is a second-hand visual experience. As a designer and editor, Chen Qiuwei is also a creative artist. He must use design techniques, design elements, and editors. Knowledge smoothes the audience and establishes a channel to enter the understanding of Yu Tao's works of art. Chen Qiuwei's work is to restore the most essential things that Yu Tao's works can convey to readers.

I think that Chen Qiuwei has done a good job in designing the artist's work, reflecting a higher ability?????.

Yu Tao and Chen Qiuwei In the process of making books, I saw the pictures and texts of Yu Tao鈥檚 works on the computer of Chen Qiuwei鈥檚 office. The wonderful details of the works are displayed on the computer screen. Very shocking??, it seems that the album is basically reflected.

I think this book can be used to evaluate the four words of Ming furniture, thick, fine, elegant, and elegant.

Jane is from the pursuit of minimalism????, Chen Qiuwei's thinking on layout design??, the choice of fonts has achieved the pursuit of minimalism????; This book is in the hands of??, album Not thick? But the cultural heritage of the book is very thick?? Not only the works, but also the artistic text of Yu Tao, and the entire book design itself perfectly presents the cultural heritage?????, Chen Qiuwei also uses his design to incorporate contemporary ideas into it. The details of the binding are very rich. For example, the black line on the lock line is visually comfortable.???, paper selection ironing?? Fine?????; This book is suitable for me to read on hand????, unlike those big books????, you need to put it on your desk to see?????, want to see the work Take the book of paintings?????, want to see the art sentimental text, take the life perception of that?????, Yu Tao works very elegant????, Chen Qiuwei wants to do this book is still a bad A very difficult thing?????, Chen Qiuwei's design is perfectly combined with Yu Tao's work? The whole is very elegant.

The first time I got this book was on my bookshelf.?

Chen Qiuwei's book has three characteristics: First, the design is suitable for the readers to collect? The design size is suitable for the family bookshelf?????.

Second is good readability, and the function of information transmission is reasonable. The design of the two volumes takes into account the reader's reading needs, and can be read on hand.

The third is that this book is not publicized from the perspective of Wenchuang? It is suitable to become a piece of art in the cultural furnishings space.

Some bosses in the community buy a bunch of complete sets of books?????, placed on the bookshelf?????, it seems to have a culture????, and the group of artists on the bookshelf???? What is needed is a book that has both artistic and practical content? It can also be used in the current fashion to fit the art model.

This morning's discussion?????, I feel that it is very difficult to make a book? I also have the idea of ??making a book?????, next?????, I hope my book can also Please Chen Qiuwei work hard?

We have senior editors, excellent authors, well-known painters and designers here, all of them are first-class experts in the province, which is in the country, and this seminar is also A high-end forum??.

All of you are in the middle of the publishing process. I am doing downstream???? I want to talk about it from two aspects? The first one is extension: I am thinking about how to pass this way. A high-level seminar????, to promote the books completed by artists and designers? We can form an academic platform in the future?????, extending the meaning of the discussion? Space?, influence in the longer term????

The second one is expecting: Yu Tao's paintings and Chen Qiuwei's book design are very complete????, very high????, we can say that we found a good thinking path in the artist's book publishing. And method?, I am thinking about how to form greater productivity??, including economics, academics, and possibly some other unknowns.

For example, the academic value and economic value of Shi Jinsong's paintings, Liu Wenhai's valuable exploration in the field of teaching????, Dr. Zhou Gonghua's more exciting theoretical research? These existing elements can be deepened. Refining to form more valuable results? I hope that the results of this seminar will be more extended in the future cultural undertakings.

Today is the first-class expert in the field of book design. Ma Jiancheng is a leader in the design industry, and a well-known painter who needs to think about writing a book soon? The elite of downstream book sales.

I am a scholar??, the writer still can't talk about it????? From the perspective of the reader, including how I teach students how to read?????, I might ignore the book design?? ??.

As the first thing the readers are concerned about is the title of the book, the author, the publisher, the publishing house, the age, and what is the core idea of ??the book? According to the systematic reading of the cultural people of the past, this is also the case????.

Today is the World Book Day? I am very emotional? In such an era, in Changsha, Hunan, there is such a reason: there is such a book design work by Chen Qiuwei? The works of Yu Tao's paintings? Let's discuss them together. The people who are here are all related to the books. Today's seminars can be said to be event-oriented? A cultural event????.

In this incident, let us all re-expand a lot of thinking?

Why is the design of this era going to be a sudden emergence? This is the historical culture that has paid attention to the vision itself now?? The words and things are unified with the things of the world???? In fact, this is also human culture. A kind of restoration??.

According to Buddhism: Eyes, Ears, Nasal, Tongue, Body, Brain, Six Interconnections? This is the most complete state of human civilization. A good aesthetic state, or a production state of value creation.

So we say that people who read books only pay attention to content????, do not pay attention to visual?? Design people only pay attention to design, do not pay attention to content?????, or the over-design mentioned above Wrong?????, regardless of content or design will be unified in the sense of meaning????.

In the design of books, the most important thing is not the design itself, but the value and concept of design, thinking and aesthetics, all the elements are in it.

The designer of this book is using the design of a book as his work to produce?????, although he is engaged in practical work?, he has joined his own art?????, personality The design concept is inside?????.

From the reader's point of view, you can see the information contained within the book from the book design.

Readers need to obtain comprehensive information such as title, author, and publisher, etc., that is, from the integrity of the version, and should also be responsible for editing and book designers. And other information????.

Humans return to the state of intuition?????, when reading the book itself, these are intangible, and unconsciously grasped.

From the height of culture?????, there must be a new understanding of design????, but in the digital age?????, we actually encountered the book itself, this is Need a new judgment: the designer of this book reflects the information of the book and the author's information as the artist's work through design. The theme that the artist wants to explore is the materiality of the book in painting????, the designer is Efforts to unify the book and the materiality of the artist's work?????, the designer's understanding of the artist????, the understanding of the work is very rich? So I said that the incident itself is event-oriented? .

This is not just a good author?????, a good editor? These two are contemporary art????, a transformation of contemporary culture, and reading in the world Day ???, let's conduct a discussion on the theme of the book ???, in fact, is the understanding of the book????, we know that the book was only an image at the beginning?????, Cangjie has a saying : Cangjie created a hieroglyph according to the shape of the thing??, the day of the word ???, the national jubilation?????, moved to the heavens?????, the millet down like a rain???? , scared the ghosts crying at night????, that is, the 'Huainanzi' recorded in the rain of rain?????, ghost nights?????.

Creating words and moving the world?? In fact, it still touches our human information system.

When the book is replaced by digitization????, there is a feeling of a book? Only when the book becomes a waste??, only the book age?????, so Yu Tao can How to cut the book? How precious is our book in the past?

The current situation can be said to be a tragedy? The book has become a waste?????, is an era of books, reflecting the rethinking of culture and history.

From the current situation, books are illusory?, ruined, and how do we go back and find the core value of books in human civilization?

The language form used in the design of Chen Qiuwei's book, including the naked back, actually has a returning state?????, can be said to return to the state of returning to the real?????, returning to the original is not an aesthetic state? ?, is a state of understanding?????, it goes back to retrieve????, from Bamboo slips, reel????, line book \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip;?, the past said that the binding is to connect information stand up??.

Chen Qiuwei's book is returning to the materiality???????, back to the original contextual clues?????, to strengthen the display of the book state, this display has a contemporary art Dramatic, eventual and tragic? The purpose is to hope that everyone pays attention to the contribution of books and books to human civilization.

The significance of this book is extraordinary. It is not only a technical issue, but also a professional or professional issue?????, is a cultural issue?????, in Changsha, Hunan? A group of people here talk about such a topic????, this book goes beyond the meaning of participating in the awards, because the topicality of the book itself and the problems revealed reveal more meaningful.

Post-modern art and post-modern design can be said to return to the rationality of human beings. In fact, they are all looking for the original path of human beings?????. The design is finally opening up the creative wisdom of human beings?, but the designers of this book are revealing everyone in the way of personal wisdom? Design is a culture????

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