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The fine tradition of designer design In 1911, Alpha designed the 15HP Corsa racing car with a horsepower output of 45bhp. The 24HP's improved 12HP is also available, and the 12HP, which has been streamlined, is also a very good model.

There are 40-60HP and GrandPrix, both of which are two prestigious sports cars, the latter being the leader in the competition. AlfaRomeo is a famous Italian manufacturer of cars and sports cars. Founded in 1910, it is headquartered in Milan. Formerly known as ALFA (Anonima LombardaFabbrica Automobili, Lombard Automobile Manufacturing Plant), its predecessor dates back to 1907 when it was founded by Alessandro Darracq in Milan.

In 1916, Nicolas Romeo, a businessman from Naples, entered the depot and incorporated his family name into the name of the depot, becoming today's Alfa Romeo.

In 1950, the FIA 鈥嬧€媍reated a new tournament, F1, and the first Grand Prix was officially held at the Silverstone circuit in the UK.

The Alfa Romeo 158, named Alfetta, took the lead and smashed all the fans in the stands throughout the year. The bright red car was everywhere. All the championships of the season.

In the end, Alfa Romeo was crowned with the crazy record and became the first world championship team in F1 history.

In 1951, Alfa Romeo won again with the help of legendary driver Fangio.

Alfa Romeo GT At the end of 1932, AlfaRomeo changed hands again, this is the last time it was changed by FIAT.

(InstituteforIndustrialReconstruction) has acquired AlfaRomeo and announced that Alfa Romeo has withdrawn from the racing industry.

The company, under the leadership of UgoGobbato, has begun to modernize, especially its production line.

In addition to the mass production methods of the introduction of the assembly line, the company also began to produce trucks and buses.

In the mid to late 1930s, Alfa Romeo flourished and the motorsports returned to Alfa's pace.

In 1937, Gioacchino Colombo took over and replaced VittorioJano.

The motor sport was later influenced by politics.

Mussolini banned Italian drivers from entering France, and the 1939 MilleMiglia event was not held.

The government also requires automakers to produce a lot of war preparations, such as aircraft engines.

AlfaRomeo also started building a new factory in Pomiglianod鈥橝rco.

At the time, Alfa Romeo's products mainly included 8C2300, 6C1900, 6C2300, 8C2900, Grand-Prixsingle-seater, and 1935twin-engine.

Just like clothing, watches, jewellery, and even buildings and fighters, the design of a famous teacher is the most important factor in determining product functionality, aesthetic value, and originality. In a word, 'design' gives life to the product. value.

This is why the world's famous models are designed by famous artists.

The famous Esprit such as LOTUS Lotus was created by Giugiaro, the Monte Carlo of Lancia is from Broadcom, and all Ferraris are completed by Pininfarina.

The new model of the 1900 model since the Second World War was apparently designed to meet the fast-growing market, while the 159 series of sports cars were invincible in the world. They won the F1 in 1950 and 1951. world champion.

One of the 1900 versions was used by the Italian police headquarters to make its name known to Italians.

And the launch of the Giulietta sports car, let its reputation in the automotive industry reach a historical peak.

Italian cars have gradually brought their unique style and image to the world, and the Italians have made the world a unique design for the car.

Alpha Romeo can be considered an integral part of it.

In 1958, Alfa Romeo and Renault reached an agreement to jointly produce a car called 'Dauphine' (Wang Hao).

The Alfa Romeo team, which has been hidden for nearly 6 years, was re-launched in 1946. It was improved from the 158 sports car. It has 425 amazing horsepower (kW) 159 sports car. It held a GP competition in Geneva and it was difficult to wind around. On the building's runway, it won the championship at a speed of several kilometers per hour.

Since then, Alpha has linked his name to the sports car world until today.

Although the appearance of its models is different from those of super sports cars, its connotation still carries the blood of the sports car, and it lasts for a long time.

In 1915, Alpha produced armaments for a while because of the First World War.

However, Alfa merged with another group, which is the Romeo Group controlled by NicolaRomeo.

In 1919, when the war ended, the AlfaRomeo brand was finally born and began to produce a new round of products: Torpedo20-30HP.

At the same time, it continues to participate in sports car competitions.

In 1920, Alfa Romeo driver Campari drove the classic Alfa Romeo sports car and won the title of the 230-mile contest in Mugello, Italy. This is Alfa Romy. Europe's first trophy.

The Mugello Circuit between Bologna and Florence, with a 41-mile track, is a highly recognized arena for the car, and Alpha Romeo's first battle was a victory, and his peers only had the sigh of praise.

Kambali drove the p2 in 1924 and took the gold medal in the French Lions GP.

The technological innovation application in the unprecedented record of the GP competition. The company was first known for its special production of sports cars and racing cars. These cars were designed by famous Italian designers and have strong Italian style, elegant style and superiority. The performance has always enjoyed a high reputation in the world of racing.

Although it is a subsidiary of FIAT, it still retains its trademark.

Since its inception, Alfa's goal in building cars has been to produce high-performance sports cars and sports car cars. In the history of its founding, the car has indeed fulfilled its mission.

Alfa has performed very well in motorsports and has been in the TargaFlorio Competition, MilleMiglia 1000 Miles, Le Mans 24 Hours, European GP Grand Prix (F1 Grand Prix Predecessor), F1 World Championships, World Sports Championships Trans-Am, ETCC, DTM, BTCC and other major competitions have won the championship; in the car field, Alfa's sedan's strong sports car style is undoubted, especially in these years, Alfa faded out of various events, but more focused on the car Manufacturing technology is applied to the design and production of cars.

During the Second World War, the 158 sports car was carefully preserved until Italy was defeated in 1944, and the Mussolini dictatorship era ended. The Alfa Romeo 158 sports car reappeared on the track, but The factory logo of the head of the car has canceled the double knot symbolizing the monarchy's politics, and replaced the wave-shaped lines representing the democratic new students. This is the fourth time that Alfa Romeo changed the factory emblem.

In 1958, the first generation of Spider, named GuliettaSpider, was the famous young Pininfarina at the time. The power was provided by a double camshaft all-aluminum engine designed by Orazio Satta. The displacement was only 1290cc. However, it can produce 65bhp horsepower. His double-throat carburetor type can also produce 90bhp German horsepower, coupled with the five-speed manual gearbox of the time, which makes the GuliettaSpider have a top speed of 160km/h.

These may not be unusual today, 40 years later, but in the 1950s without electronic fuel injection technology, it was a miracle.

Even if he opened a 1958 vintage GuliettaSpider with today's expert standards, his performance and performance are still amazing. His throttle response is unusually brittle, accelerating the arrow like a bow, and the ring is not even The power assist is still brisk, and with the double suspension of the DoubleWishbone double wishbone structure, her steering is extremely accurate, giving the driver unparalleled confidence.

The philosophy of making cars and sports cars. When it comes to the name of Romeo, it is easy to think of the handsome boy in Shakespeare's pen and a legendary love.

The sports car with the same name naturally evokes the same amount of romantic feelings in our hearts.

Alpha Romeo's famous 'cannibalized dragon-shaped snake' logo also adds a bit of irresistible sexy tension to the name.

In 1910, when Alfa Romeo was founded, the founder created a logo based on the two Milanese logos: the red cross is part of the Milano shield emblem, used to commemorate the Crusades of the ancient expedition. The knight, the cannibalized biscoine pattern comes from the family crest of an ancient aristocratic family (visconti family), symbolizing the 'dragon snake' that the ancestors of the medieval Milanese lord Visconte repelled the suffering of the city people. s legend.

The two logos that represent the tradition of Milan and are not related in meaning are one of the most famous symbols in the automotive industry.

The words and spacing patterns of Alfa Romeo and Milan, which were added later, have undergone subtle changes in the development history of more than 90 years.

The most recent change occurred in 1971, the dragon-shaped snake became simple and abstract, the style of the logo was modernized, the hyphen between Alpha and Romeo was cancelled, and most importantly, the word 'MILAND' was gone - Does this mean that some sort of exclusionary local complex is weakening and will be replaced by a more open mindset. In 1914 Merosi designed the world's first DOHC engine for AlfaRomeo. In 1927, Jauo created the first six. The cylinder engine was further developed with the design of Superchange supercharged, integrated cylinder head and closed-tooth ratio gearbox. After the Second World War, AlfaRomeo, under the design of many famous artists, added Monocoe safety structure body to the history of the automobile. Four-wheel disc brakes, four-wheel independent suspension, and the world's first five-speed gearbox. GuliettaSpider, a legend of the 1950s, is now a treasure trove of European family members; at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966, Pininfarina published the second-generation Spider, called DuettoSpider, which has become a world-famous artist. Pininfarina, with a more confident and bold style, has produced a stunning generation of classics. Duetto has a slim body, and the concave lines on the side of the car are not only the creative creations, but also the overall power performance. The two headlights are so deep, like the eye holes in the handsome face, DuettoSpider's style, from From the 60s to the 90s, it has been deeply appreciated by the appreciators. Even the United States on the other side of the Atlantic feels the charm of the DuettoSpider. Dustin Hoffman opened in the classic 'graduate' is a 1970 DuettoSpider. DuettoSpider is not only a beautiful appearance, but also the performance of the world. Especially worth mentioning is that her engine is cast from all-aluminum. Alfa Romeo and F1 AlfaRomeo-8C-Spider In 1918, the war was squad, Italy was separated from the dictatorship, and the Alfa depot鈥檚 business was changed for the first time. Nikolay took control of the operation and rebuilt the factory in the aftermath of the war. His own surname is embedded in the factory emblem and becomes 'alfaromeo'. From then on, the squad of the racing world will be launched. In 1924, AlfaRomeo's P2 model won the first world championships. This legendary victory was recorded in the new logo that was used in 1925 - the new logo was surrounded by crown metal. The diameter of the Logo has also increased from 65 mm to 75 mm. In 1930, the logo diameter was reduced to 60 mm, and this program was adopted until 1945. AlfaRomeo is a 'DesignerCar' that is uncompromising. Because today's famous masters, all have played for AlfaRomeo, and even AlfaRomeo has created these car designers. From Bianchi Merosi before the Second World War to Broadcom, Pininfarina and Giugiaro after the war, all of them were famous on the AlfaRomeo. Broadcom designed the GiuliettaSprint for AlfaRomeo in 1954. In 1955, Pininfarina was commissioned to design the first generation of the Spider. In 1963, the 22-year-old Giugiaro also designed the GiuliaSprintGT for AlfaRomeo; AlfaRomeo designed the first generation of the highly successful GTV, which lasted for 13 years, and its derivative GTA and GTAM were the hegemons of the Continental Racing Circuit from the 1960s to the 1970s. UgoZagato, a growing slum in Milan, took advantage of the car's burgeoning development and founded the Anomina LombardaFabbrica Automobili depot on June 24, 1910, with the acronym Name, manufacturing cars and sports cars. The reason why Enkatu is called the 'natural hero' of the car world is because he pursues high performance and can also balance the actual financial balance. Therefore, the production of cars to supplement the huge amount of funds for research and development of sports cars, and the success of sports cars. The advanced technology, the transfer of the manufacturing of the car, laid the Alpha car factory 'car fine, sports car Jin' enterprise car-making philosophy, and avoided the dominance of other cars like the focus on the production of sports car manufacturers. At the end of 1995, Pininfarina published the third-generation Spider, Duetto Spider, and the 29-year history of the book was drawn. After the release of the new Spider, it was immediately praised by European car critics. The readers of the British 鈥淐AR鈥?magazine, which has always been known by the objective, have selected 51% of the unprecedented high-selling awards for the best design models. I have to decide: 'Even if Ferrari can't do better.' AlfaRomeo has combined the design of Spider and GTV into a twin model, which is tantamount to confirming that Pininfarina has no two masters. The new Spider adopts the typical design of the double-door two-seater opener. The style is bold, but there are still some nostalgia, so that the expert can see that this is the third generation Spider after Guilietta and Duetto, the new Spider. In addition to being significantly wider in appearance than the previous two generations, the wheelbase has increased significantly, which makes the ride comfort of the new GTV even better. The new Spider/GTV uses aluminum alloy multi-link and lower A-arm combined with anti-roll bar rear suspension. This system will generate negative deflection compensation during high-speed cornering to maintain the stability and tracking of the car body. The driver can almost feel the coordinated steering movement of the rear wheel and the front wheel in the high-speed corner, making the new GTV/Spider Almost four-wheel drive stability and grip. The most eye-catching on the new Spider/GTV is undoubtedly the sharp four round lamp holes, but don't think that the lamp head is followed by four headlights. In fact, the GTV/Spider headlights are made up of two simple heads. composition. This design also earned Pininfarina a number of 'BestFeatureDesign' awards. In 1972, Alfetta was the first to use the deDion rear suspension and the front-engine rear gearbox in an average weight distribution configuration: this revolutionary design greatly improved the grip of the front engine and Steering smoothness at high speed cornering. The front-wheel drive design used in most of today's production models is the beginning of AlfaRomeo in the 1967 Alfasud project. In 1966, the second generation of Spider designed by Pininfarina was born, named SpiderDuetto, and became the classic of the world's open-top sports car: in 1970, Dustin Hoffman was in the middle of a graduate, and it was a car. SpiderDuetto, Duetto's production continued until 1994, and is now a treasure of collectors around the world. In 1974, the second generation of GTV designed by Giugiaro came out. It attracted both the world's best and the sleek body. It also established Giugiaro's master position in the car. The second generation GTV continued until 1987. It was only after the year that it was discontinued. It is said that it is the most legendary Coupe model in the world. In 1995, Spider and GTV went into the same stream, and the unified design was dominated by Pininfarina. The sc2300 model (1932) is the second masterpiece of Weiturio. It combines the elegant style of Milan's humanities and features the powerful engine and high-efficiency transmission system that Alfa Romeo is proud of. The sedan became a pet that the European upper class rushed to purchase. Later, it was selected by Mussolini as a car, often accompanied by him to review the army or enter and fight. At the moznza circuit in Italy, the sc2300 temporarily replaced the tuxedo and easily won several major competition trophies. The successor to the p3 sports car is the Alfa Romeo 158 (1938), eight-cylinder 1500 ml engine equipped with a supercharger that can output 195 horsepower (kW). The car is invincible, it is the 'big wolf in sheep's clothing' that the fans and the racer look at each other! The GP contest held in Tripoli, Libya, in 1940, the Alfa Romeo 158 sports car, has two Before the end of the World War, the last GP competition in Europe. The Alfa Romeo team consisting of the 158/159 sports car, from 1946 to 1948, and from 1950 to 1951, played a total of GP35 games and held 31 championship trophies. Such a stalwart, great achievements, in addition to the design of the sports car, the figure of the Guardian, the other genius - enzoferrari (Enzoferrari) in the 1920s as the manager of the Alfa Romeo team, laid down The good foundation is also an important item in the credit book. Alfa Romeo Brera and 159 In 1979, Alfa Romeo returned to F1 after more than 20 years, representing a car of 177, and later introduced a modified 179 model. From the 1979 to 1985, in a short period of time, Alfa Romeo became the European racing team and competed in the national GP track, but the glory was no longer, and there was a heroic white-skinned sentiment. In 1983, the team entered the Formula 1 race in the name of Alfa Romeo and finished sixth in 16 teams. Benetton took over as a sponsor in 1984 and still uses Alfa Romeo. Body and engine. In 1985, Alfa Romeo, who was deeply affected by factors inside and outside the court, announced his withdrawal from F1, but continued to provide engines. In 1986, Alfa Romeo, who was caught in the economic crisis, was acquired by the wealthy FIAT Group and eventually became a brother of the former rivals Ferrari and Maserati. After officially withdrawing from F1, Alfa Romeo devoted himself to the RV competition. Glorious history Alpha's early 24HP AlfaRomeo also has a glorious tradition of being a strong engine that is good at making power. Since the start of the factory, the AlfaRomeo has successfully applied the competition experience to the development of the engine. Engine technologies that other automakers exaggerate or are working on today, such as dual camshafts, multi-valve design, all-aluminum engines, variable timing camshafts, counterbalanced shafts, independent ignition per cylinder, and used by German OEMs In 1997, the latest V6 engine's dual-fired ignition, AlfaRomeo was developed and applied to various models before the 1980s. To this day, AlfaRomeo has not given up its dedication to strong power. The engine of its latest MiTo is equipped with the world's first MultiAir electromagnetic hydraulic variable valve control system technology, which can explode 170 horsepower, and its The maximum torque is up to 250 Nm! This amazing data is close enough to a naturally aspirated engine. Note: The most important technical feature of the so-called MultiAir technology is the use of an electronically controlled hydraulic valve to directly control the intake valve, thereby enabling the valve intake to be opened multiple times in one intake stroke. (That is, the camshaft only plays the role of controlling the switch of the electronic control device, and then the time of the intake air is controlled by the electronic system to achieve the purpose of continuously variable intake air.) Enkatu chooses the glorious totem of Milan City - white red cross The coat of arms of the Autonomous Region of Milan and the dragon-shaped coat of arms of the Viscontil family of Milan merged into a brand new Alpha depot. I hope that after inheriting the glorious history of Milan, I will continue to carry forward and be blue. Therefore, the words 'alfa' and 'milano' are placed on the heaven and earth of the ring pattern, and they are always wary of the fact that they cannot insult the brilliant tradition of Milan. For more than 80 years, the excellent performance of the Alpha car has indeed competed with its totem. 24hp is the entrepreneurship of the Alpha car factory, full of Italian romantic classic flavor, smooth sales, bringing the great luck of the Alfa car factory. After July 1913, a series of successful sports car performances off the 'p2, p3, 158 and other super sports cars, on the track will 'Alpha is a high-performance synonym', quickly smashed into an immortal victory mark. So why is Alfa Romeo's first car in China going to be an SUV? The cowboy used three aspects to answer this question. The company profile changed. At the end of 1951, the Alfa Romeo team that won two world championships chose to withdraw from F1 and focus on the sports car race. In the years that followed. The team also achieved a brilliant record. During the period, Alfa Romeo, an engine supplier, also developed a Formula 1 racing engine for other teams. The company provided its flat-duty twelve-cylinder engine in the shocking car industry to the Brabham F1 team in England, and the Brabhambt46 GP car from Brabham, equipped with an instantaneous burst of 510 horsepower ( The powerful engine of kW) makes it easy to pick up the title of the Italian GP contest. Alpha Romeo Giulietta There is another special anecdote about the p3 sports car. In 1935, Luke Bazi designed a twin-engined p3 sports car in the driver's seat. In front and behind, the engine is installed. According to the theory, this double horsepower design should produce amazing speed. However, I have never seen the actual movement of this twin-engine p3, but this idea may be Alfa Romeo's 'Double Mars Plug Ignition System' car system. Like this logo, Alfa Romeo's style is so special, with a historical return in modern style, implying always innovation and technical perfection, with a poetic name, like a fairy in a dream. The Italian critic Wu Boto Eike once said: 'If other countries have created design theories, then Italy has created a philosophy of design, or created an idea.' In this 'design country', It is full of sexy fashion, furniture, top sports cars... Outstanding design makes the car no longer just a means of transportation, but a symbol of dreams and an entry beyond the ordinary world - Alfa Romeo is undoubtedly one of the best. The 24HP model was mainly produced between 1910 and 1920. Don't think that it is very bad for a long time. In fact, its displacement reached 4084cc. Now, for a 4-cylinder car, this displacement is incredible. Of course, the single cylinder at the time could be very large, so it made the amazing lung capacity of this 4-cylinder engine car. When the engine is 2,200 rpm, it can produce 42bhp horsepower, and the maximum speed can reach 115km/h. GiuseppeMerosi designed the 24HP to make it a speed- and car-resistant car and, more importantly, it has made Alfa Alpha's economic success a huge success. At that time, sports car enthusiasts sought the car because its design and workmanship were first-class. In the 1950s, in order to reduce costs, Alfa Romeo gave up the consistent manual manufacturing and focused on producing production cars. At that time, the company had two goals. The first was to establish an effective assembly line. The second was to use high-performance products to promote its brand in the victory of sports and competitions, so as to achieve better profitability. Alfa Romeo Pandion concept car When it comes to the name of Romeo, we will think of Shakespeare's handsome young boy and a legendary love. A sports car with the same name can naturally evoke the same amount of romantic feelings in our hearts. Alfa Romeo's famous 'cannibal snake' logo also adds a bit of irresistible sexy tension to the name. [Retracted-] Alfa8CCompetizione Alfa Romeo logo evolution Alfa Romeo MiTo In 1915, the industrialist Nikola Romeo (nicolaromeo) from the southern port of Naples, Italy, joined the Alpha car factory. In the same year, when the First World War broke out, Italy was involved in the war, and the 24hp car was also called into service, serving as a carrier and an ordnance. Later, the situation was tight and the Alpha depot was forced to stop production. AlfaRomeo was originally designed for the competition and only offered cars with the same characteristics to the public for some years. Starting from the founding of the factory, AlfaRomeo has a special purpose - to be famous in the world on the circuit, so it pays special attention to the performance and technology of the vehicle, and it is also destined that the AlfaRomeo models are designed by the famous contemporary artists, such as the 1920s. Bianchi, Giuseppe and Merosc, the technology used in the AlfaRomeo models at the time, were adopted by various car manufacturers today, such as the DOHC dual camshaft engine, which was the first development of Merosi in 1914. Alfa (Alpha) was founded in 1910, but its predecessor was another company founded in 1907 by AlessandroDarracq in Milan. Under the leadership of Mr. Cavalier Ugo Stella, Alpha produced a series of highly maneuverable products, which made it famous locally and became the more famous brand in the automobile market at that time. The earliest famous work was the Alfa model 24HP equipped with an inline 4-cylinder cast iron engine. The p3 sports car, Alfa Romeo factory codenamed TypeBMonoposts, joined the stadium in 1932, eight-cylinder 2600 ml engine p3 sports car, is the first truly single-seat GP car, set a new for this international competition typical. At that time, the car king, tazionuvolari, drove the P3 Alfa Romeo in 1935 and defeated the strong German team (by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, a representative of Audi Audi, the little miracle dkw , Horch horch, wanderer wanderer and other car companies), created a legendary scene in the history of the GP contest. Alfa Romeo TZ3Corsa In fact, in 1927, AlfaRomeo faced a bad luck, but its reputation in Italy and internationally saved its life, so that it will not die young. Nicola Romeo left AlfaRomeo in 1928, and the company introduced a six-cylinder engine 鈥?the new model is lighter, faster and more eye-catching. People's demands for cars have also become a symbol of passion and status from simple means of transportation. At the same time, the mass production mode of the assembly line began to be introduced. In 1929, Scuderia Ferrari was launched in Italy, representing the unprecedented attention of sports cars and racing models. At the time, AlfaRomeo had RL, RM, 6C1500 and 6C1750 models in addition to the P2 model. The designer from FIAT, Vittoriozano, designed the p2 racing car for the Alfa Romeo car factory in 1924. The p2 car with a 1987 ml inline eight-cylinder engine was used at thousands of times. In the 10,000-ml racing group, it was really a 'small witch', but the strong 140 horsepower (kW), but in 1925 won the first World Cup GP championship in Belgium. To celebrate this honour, the Alfa Romeo car factory has set a triumphant crown around the cherished car emblem, and has since moved to the glory of the Changsheng Army on the circuit, the brave record of the p2 car, Continued until 1929, the impact of the world economic crisis forced the team to temporarily withdraw from the game. In the 1920s, AlfaRomeo owned a group of European car racing fans, and Ferrari's founder EnzoFerrari was one of them. The father of the car did not say 'Ilearnfrom AlfaRomeo'. It shows AlfaRomeo's status as a veteran in the world of racing. After the Italian strongman Mussolini dominated the political arena in 1922, AlfaRomeo's reputation became even more powerful, becoming Europe's leading politician car. In particular, Mussolini wanted to take the victory on the racing track as a concrete manifestation of the country's glory and national excellence. Since then, it has become a unique and technologically innovative AlfaRomeo and a highly competitive German car. . In 1927, under the leadership of the then operator VifforioJano, AlfaRomeo's 1750cc DOHC six-cylinder engine, using the world's latest supercharged technology, began to dominate the car.

After the 2300 version of the engine model, it won four consecutive LeMans (Le Mans) and three MilleMiglia Grand Prix titles in 1931-1934.

Like many old car brands, AlfaRomeo has been involved in racing since its founding, and has not withdrawn from the track until the end of the 2007 WTCC season, during which the team was in the TargaFlorio, MilleMiglia 1000-mile race, Le Mans 24 Hours, The European GP Grand Prix (predecessor of the F1 Grand Prix), the F1 World Championships, the World Sports Car Championship, Trans-Am, ETCC, DTM, BTCC and other major competitions have won many championships.

The long battle of more than 90 years has enabled AlfaRomeo to accumulate a wealth of experience in the competition, as well as innovate numerous design technologies and introduce them into the various models launched, so AlfaRomeo is the pioneer of global automotive technology.

The design that is widely used in today's production models is very resistant to the early invention of AlfaRomeo.

With Italy's involvement in the Second World War, Alfa Romeo also encountered various difficulties.

Material suppliers are finding it harder to find, and the factory floor has been bombed three times in 40 years, 43 years and 44 years respectively.

The last attack led to the suspension of the Portello plant.

In 1945, the company's dilemma was alleviated because they finally had something to produce.

But the products are varied, including the engines of naval warships, aircraft engines, and even all kinds of rice cookers.

Fortunately, the car's production has also returned to its previous state, with the 6C2500 and stainless steel 158 models being the most famous.

158 became the 159 model in 1950, and the appearance did not change, but the engine improvement was quite large.

The past of the war allowed Alfa Romeo to better focus on the production of cars.

A lot of 2500 special editions made AlfaRomeo famous, and Pininfarina and Touring designed the body to earn a lot of points for Alfa Romeo.

The outstanding performance in sports cars and racing cars has made Alfa Romeo one of the synonymous with the legend of the car industry.

1950 can be regarded as a turning point for Alfa Romeo's reinvigoration.

Brand development The brilliant record of the racing world. At the same time, the new logo has changed with the disappearance of the monarchy and the establishment of the Italian Republic. The original Savoy dynasty has disappeared and was replaced by two wavy lines.

The diameter of the logo has also changed to 54 mm. In 1950, the logo was made of enamel brass.

This form of logo has been used for many years, starting at 1946 and ending in 1972.

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