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At about 20 o'clock, when Wang Xin led the investigation team to Hengshan West Road, he found a man walking alone on the road, and his physical characteristics were very similar to those of Zheng Chunji. Wang Xin and Zhang Lianjing informed the other group of immediate support and questioned forward.

Thousands of police officers searched and captured the whole city. 'At the time, my left arm and left hand were all blood, and the blood was on the clothes, but I didn't feel any pain at all. I thought I couldn't let him run!' Zhang Lianjing said The man ran into a supermarket and wanted to hold the hostage. 'The two staff members in the supermarket are very brave and struggle to fight with him.' The criminal suspect Zheng Chunji was unsuccessful in buying the weapon beforehand and borrowing money from his big sister. The relatives鈥?resentment was deep, and the criminal facts of cruelly killing the three victims were confessed. At present, Zheng Chunji has been detained and the case is under further work. Zheng Chunji was extremely embarrassed and had strong anti-reconnaissance ability, but he did not expect that he was arrested at the time of 14 o'clock on the 11th and returned to Jilin City for just over six hours. Ji Chunrui, the captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Longtan Branch of the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau, introduced the case: At around 14:35 on January 27, 2015, a major vicious murder case occurred in Longtan District, Jilin City. The criminal suspect Zheng Chunji is in the left door of the third unit, 6th floor, Building 214, Qing'an Community, Xin'an Street. His sister Zheng Mo Li (female, born in 1948), foreign nephew Jin Mofan (male, born in 1974), granddaughter of Zheng Mo Li A Greek (female, born in 2008) three people with an axe, sharp knife weapon to kill at home, after the person fled. The task force carried out the investigation work around the crime scene, carefully surveyed the scene, visited the witnesses in depth, learned the facts of the case in detail, extracted the relevant evidence in time, and carried out work around the surveillance video of the crime scene to retrieve the surveillance video around the scene.

Finally, after DNA comparison, Zheng Huji, the younger brother of the victim Zheng Mo Li, was confirmed as a major criminal suspect.

At 20:30 on the same day, when five police officers from the Gaoxin Police Station of Gaoxin Public Security Bureau patrolled to the vicinity of Longrun Building on Hengshan West Road, they found that a man's physical characteristics were similar to the suspect Zheng Chunji.

After discovering the police, the man managed to escape. The police did not care about chasing more than 100 meters to capture it.

During the arrest process, Zhang Lianjing (male, 32 years old), deputy director of the high-tech police station, stabbed his finger and arm by Zheng Chunji, who was arrested with a knife, causing the tendon to break. The police Wei Jingfeng (male, 30 years old) had an ankle sprain. During the work of 15 days and nights, the task force transferred the surveillance video along the route of Zheng Chunji's escape route, and successively transferred 482 hours of surveillance video of 98 probes in Jilin, Changchun, and Tumen cities; More than 20,000 vehicles; transferred to Changchun, Tumen, Qingdao, Yantai and other places to investigate Zheng Chunji's relationship, the journey of more than 6,000 kilometers.

Yesterday, the new culture reporter came to the supermarket where Zheng Chunji was arrested. Ms. Zhang, the owner of the supermarket, and her second brother, Mr. Zhang, are discussing the matter. Yang Qinglin said, 'We asked him his name. He first swears and swears. Later he lied to be surnamed Li. During this time, his right hand was always in the top, and when he asked him about his identity, he was nervous.

At this time, another investigation team had already arrived at the scene. When Wei Jingfeng asked for an identity card, he suddenly took a dagger from his clothes and stabbed him to the front of Wei Jingfeng. Then he threw his legs and fled west. Zhang Lianjing recalled that Wei Jingfeng had escaped from the past with years of experience, but his right foot sprained.

Everyone immediately pursued the hunt.

The man only said one sentence: 'This is the child of Zhang Xianguang.' He waited for Zhang to slow down and hurriedly turned away. It seems that Zhang Xianguang knows that he is guilty and that the French Internet cannot escape. He asks people to send their children to the old lady. Then, on the morning of the New Year's Day, a young man who claimed to be from Harbin fell from the sky and suddenly sent a 4-year-old boy to Zhang's mother. The task force successively investigated his relatives, comrades-in-arms, prisoners and nearly two thousand and three-level contacts. He found that Zheng Chunji lived in Liushu Village, Jiangbei Township, Longtan District, Jilin City. From 1984 to 1991, he was robbed. Traffic offences and fraud were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and containment.

After the release of the sentence, there is no fixed place, often living in the house of his eldest sister Zheng Mo Li and his sister Zheng.

More than 10 days before the incident, Zheng Chunji left Zheng鈥檚 home and went to the unknown.

After Zhang Xianming got the money, he first bought a dog for 400 yuan and gave him a local friend.

On the day of Zhang Xianming鈥檚 banquet, Zhang Mu, who had not been smashed for a long time, said to him: 'You give Mom a dog leg to return, and let the father (Zhang Mu鈥檚 current wife) look good.

'After Zhang Xianming's satiated meal, throwing it to Zhang's mother is just a pack of their leftover dog chop, and there is no more news.

Pursuit of 11:40 yesterday, the Longtan Branch of Jilin Public Security Bureau made a report on the '1路27' murder case: After 15 days and nights of fighting, the case of the Jilin No. 1 murder was successfully detected in 2015, and the suspect Zheng Chunji was Captured and brought to justice.

Yesterday, the suspect identified the crime scene.

While fully grasping the trajectory, escape direction and route of Zheng Chunji's action, the task force carried out work around his social relations and deployed police forces to conduct comprehensive monitoring and observance of their possible hiding places.

At the same time, work around his family and contact relationship, and gain in-depth understanding of his life resume, activity track and other related information; also sent police to the railway station, passenger station, out of the city network control, and strive to arrest the suspects Visiting hotels and baths in the city of Jilin City and posting notices of rewards, launching reports by the masses through the radio, launching social forces and expanding the source of clues.

The leaders of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Provincial Public Security Department also came to Jilin City to supervise the investigation of cases. The party member and deputy director of the Jilin City Public Security Bureau, Qi Huan, asked the Criminal Investigation Detachment and the Longtan Branch to go all out to break the case in the shortest possible time.

Yu Peiye, the head of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Xing Lianzheng, the director of the Longtan Public Security Bureau, set up a temporary headquarters in the Longtan Public Security Bureau Interpol Brigade, and immediately set up a task force to carry out various work.

Just thinking about catching people injured, the police did not feel pain. 'The criminal suspect Zheng Chunji, who is about a meter tall, has a strong posture. When he runs away, he wears a black hooded cotton suit, his lower body wears dark trousers, and his feet wear black. Army hook shoes...' Yesterday, Zhang Lianjing lying on the hospital bed did not hesitate to tell the suspect information in the investigation report, and the photo of the suspect was as clear as it was printed in his mind.

Putting the suspect's blade into the wine box and playing the film to replay the film in a documentary manner. Using the method of interpretation, multi-faceted selection of real materials and background materials, some major cases in the country since 2002 and their detection The whole process carried out little-known disclosures, which showed a comprehensive, intuitive and accurate display of the crimes and investigation process, revealing the psychological process and subjective factors of a few national staff and a few leading cadres going to crime. The objective reasons, as well as the seriousness of the violations of law and discipline, on the party's image, the dignity of the law and the interests of the people. It is a good law and education film.

The whole series consists of two parts: the black and the evil (top) and the anti-corruption case (below). Fighting the black and evil articles (on) the first disc: the female chapter of the tragic death mystery (the case of the kidnapping female chapter in Xinglong Town, Hebei Province) Second Disc: 929 extra large gun robbery case (Hubei Qianjiang robbery money transport car case) third disc: The death of Li Wenlan (the death of the widows in Erli Town, Chenggu County, Shaanxi Province) The fourth disc: Li Wenlan's death fifth disc: 118 huge explosion robbery (Shenyang City Explosion Robbery) Sixth Disc: (1) Extraordinarily murder Case (Taiyuan City Killing Relatives Case) (2) A Metal Chain (Gamma Ray Case of Lighthouse City, Liaoning Province) Seventh Disc: (1) SARS Killing Mania (Liaoning Jinzhou City 5..31 Case) (2) Xi'an Explosion Case (Xi'an Ballroom Explosion Case) (3) The Mystery of the Director's 'Death' (Jinan Manting Your Case) Eighth Disc: (1) Poisoning, Refusing to Pay (Wuhan Gui Chenghong Death Case) (2) Animal Father Rape Female (Jinan Wang Jinxiang case) (3) Duel in exchange for the death penalty (Jinan City Zhang Jie case) ninth disc: (1) Who is the murderer (Xiang Zhijun case of Xiangfan City) (2) True and false death (Zhu Zhixia case of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province) Disc: (1) Case of the county magistrate and secretary (the case of Yang Shengmao in Minle County, Gansu Province) (2) The win-win theory of the material director (Wuxi Huaying Zhongke) One disc: (1) Director of the Judicial Director's extra-large kidnapping case (Silver Jianjun Military Case in Cangzhou City, Shanxi Province) (2) The kidnapping case and the fraud giant (Wuhan Jiangguifang case) The 12th Disc: (1) The four-year kidnapping case of Shen Yu (Jilin City Jiang Lin case) (2) Counterfeit money is around (the 13th disc of Li Yun case in Xiangcheng City, Henan Province: (1) SARS robbery case (serial robbery case in Qingxu County, Shanxi Province) (2) Xiaotangshan was stolen (Beijing) City Xiaotangshan Gao Yingxiu Theft Case) (3) All kinds of SARS cases (Beijing case) The 14th Disc: Rape case 10 years Zhao Xue (Jilin Wu Yong case) 15th Disc: (1) Hidden accounting information, family members are arrested together (Hubei Wuhan Yang Minghua case) (2) The mystery of the suicide of the finance director (Xin Changchun, Zhongning County, Ningxia) (3) The director of the factory wants to be the capitalist (Xuanfulong case of Cangzhou City, Guangxi), the 16th disc: (1) 'Mu Ma' The main case of Xia Renfan (Shenyang Xiafanfan case) (2) The underground bank director gambled himself into jail (Lushanglin case of Baishan City, Jilin Province), the 17th disc: (1) 'Sacred' storm (Hunan Luzhou 'Sacred' case) 2) peasant woman 'reconnaissance' (Zhangquan case of Wuji County, Hebei Province) (3) Steel mites (Langang Li Kunmu) The 18th Disc: (1) Missing in the shelter (Anhui women seeking cases) (2) Hainan prison (Hainan Huangya Quan Huang Sheng case) the 19th disc: County Party Secretary Du Baogan's greedy road (Lu Baogan, Lusi County, Hunan Province) Case) The 20th Disc: (1) The Director of Education kills the mistress (Xu Jianxiang case of Qingshen County, Emei Mountain) (2) After the invasion of the gangster (Wuxi City murder robbery case) Anti-corruption case (below) The first disc: (1) Giant Greedy Li really criminal trajectory (Hebei Lizhen case) (2) Yunnan's first son (the son of Yunnan Governor Li Bo) Second Disc: Mianyang blackened the first case (behind Zhao Xiaodong's murder case) Third Disc: (1 County magistrate and red light district (Yiliang County, Yunnan Province, Chai Chunzhi case) (2) 19 years of breaking the case (Anshan Huangshan Xianyuan Town case) (3) Death penalty officer Li Shanyou (Hainan Li Shanyou case) fourth disc: (1) Construction Director Corrupt Life (Jiangsu Xu Qiyao Case) (2) Zhejiang First Corruption (Wenzhou Wang Tianyi Case) Fifth Disc: (1) Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee rushes to receive 'red envelopes' (Puning Ding Weibin case) (2) Department-level greed (Zhejiang Zhouhang case) The sixth disc: (1) the judge hired a murderous girlfriend (Luoyang Zhouji announced) (2) the political bureau of the Public Security Bureau was arrested (Henan Huaiyang County Renwei case) (3) The Public Security Bureau Officer (Heilongjiang Suifen Yangshouyi Case) The seventh disc: (1) Bribery in court (Jiangsu Changzhou Longzhiwen) (2) Director of the 'Two Coal Office' who is addicted to bribery (Xi'an Wangshuang) (3) Corruption criminals arrested in Russia (Liaoyuan Wang Debao case) Eighth disc: (1) Who will rule the judges to deceive (Hebei Chengde Yujunli case) (2) Lawyer's bribery court sanctions (Yichang Huang Zhenhua case) Nine discs: (1) The tragedy occurred in front of the police (Yang Haiping case in Wuyuan County, Gansu Province) (2) Three broken corpses (Xinjiang Hami Weixin case) (3) The daughter was killed by his father (Henan Xinyang Yiguo case) Tenth Disc: (1) The death penalty is still alive for 20 years (Shenyang Zhao Boyu case) (2) The black prosecutor is shot and killed (Jilin Baishan City Yushi family case) (3) Family gangsters are destroyed (Jilin Changyi District Yan) Brother's case) The eleventh disc: (1) the peasant woman begged to punish the murder (Anhui Jiyang history ceremony) (2) a dime caused a serious injury case (Henan Shaanxi County Zhang Dajiang case) (3) a leak case led to a large Topic (Beijing Li Mo) 12th Disc: (1) lending to the black boss (Tanyuan City, Wuyuan City, Hunan Province) (2) he threw two from the 'window' Billion (Beijing Summer Good Case) (3) Small staff gathers two million yuan (Zhang Dongliang case of Xiangyang City) The thirteenth disc: (1) The crime under the black umbrella (Xu Jie case of Shunchang County, Fujian Province) (2) Village Ba Jia criminal record (Shijiazhuang Mu Kuan case) the fourteenth disc: 101 Puyang extra large poisoning case (Henan Shuyang County Cao Qiang case) fifteenth disc: (1) the director of the recruitment of 'trick' to the family wealth (Guangyuan Wang Dongcai (2) The bribery guide fraud introduction door (Shanghai He Lizhong case) the sixteenth disc: (1) official hat wholesaler (Changzhi Wang Hulin case) (2) writer's two sides of life (Liuzhou State Taxation Bureau Director Yang Lifeng case) tenth Seven discs: (1) Fans of the loss of 15 million state assets (Xi'an Liu Tianrong case) (2) Shocking the misappropriation of public funds in Shanghai (Shanghai Taohua case) Eighteenth Disc: The rape case occurred in the 'police car' (Xi'an Sun Yan) Case) The 19th Disc: The underworld boss was sentenced to death (Zhang Xianguo, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province) The 20th Disc: The female prison doctor's price 'diagnosis book' (Xinjiang Wu Xiuhuan case) The police quickly rushed in and kicked the suspect away. And the weapon that was held by him was taken down, and eventually the police and the police joined forces to make it. After confirmation, the man holding the knife is Zheng Chunji.

No one was injured in the entire process. Detecting the documentary new culture (300336, shares it) The reporter asked why there was no choice to shoot at the time. Zhang Lianjing said: 'It was already dark, there were people on the road, we were worried about accidentally hurting others. When chasing the supermarket, there are also people inside, and small. The space is not suitable for shooting. So in a hurry, I think it is to win the knife.

鈥?After the suspects killed three relatives, the exiles Chunrui introduced that on February 10, when the investigation of the project was being carried out intensively, some people reported to the public security organs, and the suspect Zheng Chunji appeared in the Jiangnan area of ??Jilin City.

The Jilin City Public Security Bureau immediately organized more than a thousand police officers to block the card and search the city. At 15:00 on February 10, the Gaoxin police station was informed that Zheng Chunji, a suspected murderer in Jiangbei, appeared in the jurisdiction. The police immediately dispatched police forces to conduct bathing, hotels, Internet cafes, supermarkets, hospitals, abandoned buildings, snacks and other places in the jurisdiction. Intermittent troubleshooting. Because the suspect has a knife in his hand, the police are divided into two groups at the time of investigation, not far apart, so that they can support each other at any time. Director Wang Xin, deputy director Zhang Lianjing, police Wei Jingfeng, and auxiliary police Zhao Jiabo were a patrol investigation team; police police Xiao Xiaoli, Yan Yan, auxiliary police Li Donglai and Wang Xingjia were a team.

The '1路18' large-scale blasting car murder robbery case was successfully broken. Among the five gangsters, Zhang Xianming, Zhang Xianhui, Li Yanbo and Li Yanbin were arrested. Only Zhang鈥檚 'Boss' Zhang Xianguang was at large. The Shenyang City Public Security Bureau's criminal police detachment worked overtime and overtime. Through a lot of serious and meticulous work, the preliminary investigation and improvement of the evidence made a solid foundation for the conviction of the suspects involved in the '1路18' and '1路10' cases. The foundation also paves the way for the next step into the judicial process.

His right hand has been placed in the top. Due to the seriousness of the case and the bad nature, the Longtan Public Security Bureau immediately organized criminal investigation and technical personnel to rush to the scene to carry out exploration work.

At the same time, the Longtan Branch reported the case. The Standing Committee of the Jilin Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and the Public Security Director Li Haibin led the party members of the Jilin Public Security Bureau to the Longtan Supervisory Office to investigate the case and came to the front line to give instructions and promptly solve the case. Defeat crime and eliminate social influence. The police visited thousands of people to investigate 20,000 vehicles. After years of resentment, relatives did not borrow money to kill the case. The man ran and turned back to the police. Zhang Lianjing ran in the front, and the left arm was pierced. Then the man continued. run.

'I know the knife, but I can't take care of it, I just want to hurry to catch people!' When the suspect slashed his knife, Zhang Lianjing once held the dagger, but the suspect never let go, and put the knife After pumping back, Zhang Lianjing鈥檚 left hand was also scratched.


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