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Ji Ri Sheng Tengguo hit a Xiao: Albania coach: Kana鈥檚 red card is no problem Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard Xiaojin body was broken! Suning lost to Tokyo FC was the home of the season's first defeat to open the heart of the window. 'Hey-, man, you mean, you want to decide the team's tactics?'.

Leeds United鈥檚 captain at the time was Li Luoqi. He calmly persuaded the angry teammates. When he was back in defense, he was at the forefront of the penalty area. It was an unquestioned foul. Any questions. Chen Yu is full of shame and red, and he is not awkward. You are a big wolf.

It鈥檚 always cheaper for you. 'Tao Hanlin: Beasley is full of positive energy.' Since I am the boss of the Daily Mail, let them be quiet in the newspaper, TM.

Someone is definitely a ghost.

' Nick Underwood wants to go there on the side? Now the job is very good. Although it is a little tired every day, but it is still very happy, I have to deal with it. Playing football and playing football is a thing. Oh, my god, 1000 pounds a week, 30,000 pounds of signature fee, if today is not my lucky day, then I must have encountered a sb. 'Jin Yingquan: willing to return to the Japanese League, the remaining two AFC Champions Win. Paul said: 'Oh, don't talk to you, see the performance of Danny Carternet recently? Tell me what you think, Tony. He is now dissatisfied with Leeds.' Dibala: Although he missed the Olympics, he understood Juve's decision. '鍢?--' Paul froze, 'Stop, Teresa.' He answered him with a stronger feeling. Argentina national team jersey number announced: Messi No. 10. The golden body was broken! Suning lost to Tokyo FC was the first home defeat in the season 'self? Haha' Tony smiled and looked at the woman, she did not seem to know how tired she is to keep her smile. The more I saw it, the more I found out that Teresa was very tasteful. Big eyes, thick eyelashes, goose egg face, and a lady's hairstyle. Albania big list: Large Zaka Selected Updated: 2012-9-1914: 44: 17 of this chapter words: 5606 Liaolan invite American coaching training inside there are several reporters asked a few gentle questions Mourinho, He has been successfully shaped by the British media to become a star. There are also several people who have a good relationship among journalists. Liao Basket Center Director: I firmly believe that I will return to the home game 'Oh--, fat man, are you getting up?' Moore pressed the answer button, which sent a loud voice from the bald head. Liaoning Lectra Guangdong, once again advanced into the finals, 'I am alone,' Chen Yu kicked Paul with a foot and vented his dissatisfaction. Guo Ailun: Playing a job is a business. Paul laughed and said this, you are really gossip. 'My heart quickly passed, I have some business, I have some business, Liaozu vs Shenhua starting: Lu Zheng lifted the ban, Li Shuai returned to the main force. Paul nodded affirmatively: 'Of course' he put a finger,' I spent at the beginning of the season Nearly 80 million pounds to transform the team, not to be downgraded, you have to believe this. 'Sports water bottle don't forget to wash! 7 Wonderful move runners to prevent healthy corners. With two women, Tony went to find happiness, and the details are self-evident. 'Hey--, is this? Nick Underwood saw a file and went in. It was some video files, it was like a video of the team. There was also a folder with a friendly game. Click here to see it. The preview interface is A pair of breasts and hips are in a scene of a fierce battle with a macho. I am so funny, I quickly squinted at the coach who was drinking at the window and retired. 'Still, I really don't like the team in two rounds. Beat the Chelsea. If it is a game in the league, perhaps we have hope, after all, there are so many talented players in our team. However, the knockout system of the cup is a two-round system. I really can't be optimistic about our team. Hao Haidong: Can you play football with Ping Pong? This is not useful. 'Target - European stadium' Diagno winning ball Teixeira missed the opportunity, Suning 0-1 TEDA. Paul thought about it, too, just 'There is a small thing, squatting, maybe getting used to it, but you can help me warn the editor of the 'Daily Mail' to do things. 'Guo Allen walked into the university campus and sang again. Paul laughed at the old acquaintance. This reporter criticized me in the newspaper as soon as he got the chance. Who asked me to drive him directly out of Leeds United's Thorpe Arch Base Dunga: Hope The fans understand the reasons for Brazil's exit. 'Oh, what did you watch at the FIFA awards show? Who wins? 'Zou City Mingxiu training results the wife to sell Meng: Ming Ge handsome to me. Paul saw Wenger at the entrance of the passage, this is the first time he saw this outstanding master. Wenger white hair comb I am very meticulous, and his rigorous work style is very similar. Argentina vs Chile odds: Argentina is more optimistic that Irene smiles, softly said: 'Goodbye, Mr. Moore', she was very impressed by this fat drunkard fan. Aiji Shengteng fruit hit a Xiaodi Mazio: Vicenza intends to invite Inzaghi to coach Paul and stunned, remembering that he was a fan, when he became an Arsenal fan under the influence of Ryan Arsenal is a strong player in the Premier League. The champion is a powerful contender. The game is gorgeous and smooth. It is the representative of offensive football and technical football. At that time, he madly collected photos of his favorite stars, signed and watched the team鈥檚 actions. One move, every game played, wins and losses. Happy for her, tears for her. But now there seems to be no such passion, as he said to Dave Fogg, life is not just football. Detokunbo's streetball game smashed 64 points. Paul drank the beer. The cup was on the table and made a crisp sound. 'I don't plan to do anything, but if anyone plans to play football with me, I must be with you. 'The Rio Olympics basketball game commentary guest released. 'You don't look good, Paul' Carrera laughed very thief. Paul smiled and said: 'What? Isn't it just a massage, eating a meal, listening to a little song? What can be avoided. 'Zou Shiming Wei Wei WBO boxing gold belt professional boxing record 8 wins and 1 loss? 'Call--------------'. The 113th chapter Ricky-Williams Opening a marijuana gym 'I am optimistic about you' Paul pointed very seriously, and then patted Nick Underwood's shoulder with a slap in the face. Mirror: Dini hopes to join Leicester City this summer. 'Please enter' Paul Looking up at the table, looking at the door. Chelsea's head coach is Boas, but the players under his hand have long been the team when he first coached Chelsea. The main striker Torres has already retired. Team vip Spaniard Mata has left Stamford Bridge to return to Spain's pension, Ivan Green 鈭?novel Rivers press conference, sobbing a few tears Moyes does not break, as a representative of England's local coach, he The younger generation still had a lot of experience, and Sir Robson did the same. The auspicious day of the auspicious day, playing a shaw, Paul smiled and caught her. 'Of course, hey, you put the ring on the little finger.' 'Dior: Not every game is like the reality on the TV set like today. Arsenal has besieged Leeds for ten minutes. The situation is very dangerous. The central defender Glenn MacArthur is very excited. He is loud. Taking advantage of his teammates, 'Damn, how are you defending?' In the VIP box of Leeds United, Leeds United Chairman, Leon Lorimer is having a good time with the club鈥檚 CEO, Dean Carroll. Di Mazio: Inter Milan interested in two Sassuolo players Paul said calmly: 'One little girl, know what is evil? I just remembered that I had a very pleasant weekend.


Leon鈥檚 tone is so relaxed, as if it鈥檚 just a trivial little thing, but Paul didn鈥檛 see his right hand holding the phone tremble slightly, otherwise he would understand that he wanted to kick Kenbetz鈥檚 heart. Leon has changed.

All the people didn't take it seriously, it was normal, a corner kick before the end of the game.

Paul re-arrived to the side of the field and saw the corner kick. He kept saying: 'Be sure to hit in. You must get in.'

From the most fundamental point of view, I don't want to lose any game. All the games should be won.

Fare to the football star, Wang Jilian, Gao Hongbo, tribute to the commemoration of the teacher, 'please enter' Paul looked up from the table and looked at the door.


Paul Road is of course he, Paul Hart's vision is very bad, Manchester City team playing cards, David Weilan is not able to get out of the opportunity, we have contact with him, he asked the position of the main striker' said Here, Paul spread his hands. 'I can't guarantee it.

So the talk collapsed.


When John Brennan gently took the door, Paul rubbed his face with his hand. In the days to come, he still wants to witness how many people left? .

These thoughts passed the mind of McCain in an instant, and he decided to go it alone.

But it鈥檚 also a matter of skill. He gave the ball to Romeu with a good pass, then continued to insert, and shouted in the middle, Romeu鈥?Paul smiled and held her into his arms. , aiming at her delicate red lips, a kiss.

Paul smiled and looked around the hall, saying: 'Well, end.'

' He turned and left the coach's channel.

After not returning to the locker room, I received a call from Johnson. 'Paul, don't play with you, you have offended those reporters today.

' 'Oh, that's' Garley smiled.

A very standard beauty smile, very beautiful.

Paul suddenly felt that he was talking to Carrie today, eating snacks and afternoon tea, was he ignoring anything. There was a reporter who asked questions like this, and he was beaten by Mussett, who still has a personality. 'Your head is kicked.' Is it true that our victory is for the players to kick out and help? It鈥檚 a nonsense. When we meet Liverpool, we will pull them down and do our own thing. This is the most important thing. I think Manchester United still has the title. Strength.

' Nick Underwood took a taxi early in the morning to Leeds United's Thorpe Arch Base.

The base is very deserted and the youth team is on vacation.


Paul slammed the table down and stood on the ground. The road was like this. We ushered in a right back bench, a fourth central defender, to be younger, once Butler鈥檚 state fell, Can be used as the third central defender immediately, I sold John Brennan, originally intended to train Gary Holmes, and now it seems that he is still not qualified for my request.

Hey, just, you deal with it and see if there are any teams that will rent Gary Holmes and left-back guard Gary Middleton.

I will talk to them before this.


Paul frowned, and single men, especially old men, would not take care of themselves.

Knocking on the window, Paul asked Sophie to take a spare umbrella and hand it to Fogg. 'Be careful, Dave, you are no longer young, although today's rain is not very big, but Your body may not be able to resist.

': Sophie, as Paul's bodyguard, is naturally sitting in the waiting area outside the private room.


What Paul thought was another matter. He waved a waiter and gave him a tip. Who is the waiter? 'Okay, coach' Nick Underwood sat down in front of the computer and looked around and didn't see it.


A small newspaper in England suddenly revealed that Tony Brown did not return to Watford after the end of the game with Leeds, but went to Leeds City's most famous high-end hui, Li Fei Mo Hui.

The article is very concealed to the position of Rifei Mohui in a certain industry.

The reporter photographed Tony Brown鈥檚 photo of leaving Feifei Mohui on the second day.

'This is not an investigation, Paul, this is a naked face-playing behavior.

If we don't react, it will lower our prestige, among the players, among the fans, including in the club, so I have to look strong.

'Explaining the goodwill of Leeds United, the commentator of bbc TV, which has been played by Leeds in multiple games.


(The late friendly match, Bayern finalized the third opponent in the summer warm-up).

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